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File 138484671047.jpg - (1.22MB , 1368x768 , 39719167.jpg )
219343 No. 219343
I know the writing it's all over the place 2/3 parts of the time, the pacing can be awful at times as well (and the duration of some episodes is ridiculous), the animation can be pretty stiff when they aren't fighting (with plenty of clipping), some characters still need develoment and it's kinda like a sea of cliches.
Yet I liked it. The character designs are pretty great, their motifs are quite interesting, the world building is also intriguing as well, the action is great (Monty Oum, of course) and most of the time the ost is good (except the opening song, I can't fucking stand it).

And it seems that both /co/ & /u/ are united by this show lately(just like with Gunnerkrigg).

But anyways, let's talk about it. Specially the blu-ray is out and we have to wait for the next "season".
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>> No. 219350
The guy who makes this show isn't actually Japanese is he? He's an American of japanese descent who is a MASSIVE weeaboo and decided to make the most cliché low-rent american-anime ever?
>> No. 219353
RWBY Episode 1: Ruby Roseyoutube thumb
Judge by yourself.
>> No. 219354
I found the first few episodes to be pretty rocky. So-so dialogue, stiff animation, etc etc, but the fight scenes later on are amazing. I agree with you on the ost as well. Except for the awful opening song, most of it is pretty impressive.

Hesitantly optimistic. I think it has the potential to be great
>> No. 219358
>Unwatchable animation: The series
>> No. 219362
I think you're confusing it with "Where the Dead Go to Die".
Now that's some unwatchable shit.
You should also take in consideration that this is not only Monty Oum's first not-just-fighting animation, but also that the production team are just like 10 people. So yeah, they're trying their best despite their limitations.

I'm also quite cautious yet optimistic as well. The show is full of potential and I hope that Team RWBY improves a lot for the next part of the show.
>> No. 219382
It looks like on old video game cutscene.
I like it.
>> No. 219386
The 'rule' posted at the start of every /co/ thread sums up my feelings towards RWBY pretty well.

"It's okay to like it, it's not okay to tell us it's good."
>> No. 219390
I've never been a fan of rvb, but I'm hoping rwby follows its trajectory.
Basically unwatchable in the beginning -> pretty dang impressive animation wise by the end.
>> No. 219391
File 138491840638.png - (45.16KB , 868x272 , Capture.png )
>> No. 219394
I've never heard of this thing before. Anyone care to explain it?
>> No. 219395
It's a fantasy series created by the people at Rooster Teeth about 4 girls at a training academy to be monster hunters/protectors of the realm. It's characterized by each character having a unique weapon that is usually a mix of melee + gun (e.g. giant scythe that turns into a long range sniper)

They just completed their first season now. The entire series is on roosterteeth.com if you want to watch it there.
>> No. 219399
Animating the Rooster Teeth Wa…youtube thumb
RT Ladies RWBY Podcastyoutube thumb
>> No. 219400
I think I liked it for this reason. It's got this heavy nostalgia factor because it looks and feels like a JRPG I would have played over and over when I was 14. People whine about how cliche it is but I don't even care because the cliches give it this cheesy, sincere charm. They know it's cliche as fuck and they don't try to pretend it isn't or that it's ~subversive~. I think the characters are cute and the fight scenes are cool too so.

I was surprised to find that so many dudes watched it because it is totally a show meant for 14 year old girls and people who were 14 year old girls once in their lives, but in retrospect I really shouldn't be.
>> No. 219515
File 138515999926.jpg - (199.33KB , 950x513 , 38149326.jpg )
Heheh, and yesterday while I was reading this I was on a friend's house and he was playing Tales of Graces f. And it just strike on me...
>> No. 219524
>the action is great (Monty Oum, of course)
That hack has never figured out how to stage a fight scene, how's it going to be great.
>> No. 219531
I'm always up for fight scenes, so by all means post some.
>> No. 219532
You seem upset. What's with the harsh words?
>> No. 219533
I remember there being some mockery on at least his earlier videos (like Haloid) for having fight scenes ripped straight from movies like The Matrix while still advertising "original" choreography. Haven't noticed that in RWBY though.

And yes it really is like a Tales game, ridiculous names for the plebotium and all.
>> No. 219536
RWBY Episode 8: Players and Piecesyoutube thumb
>> No. 219544
Skip to around 6:00 for the fight to start
>> No. 219629
With expectations low from the trailers and the zero budget, I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this. I have a strong suspicion that it owes a lot to being able to go through all of the episodes at once; the four Jaune episodes don't feel like a dragged-out several week arc but instead a single decent saturday morning cartoon episode. I don't know if this is the right way or wrong way of looking at it.
>> No. 219633
Nah, just saying the guy's SO not that good.
>> No. 219635
I don't think he could plagiarize choreography this time since the way all the characters fight is pretty unique (i.e. using knockback from their weapons). It's pretty safe to say that he did the action in RWBY all on his own.
>> No. 219640
But yknow what, I guess it was inappropriate of me to come into the thread to just go out on the creator.
Sorry guys.
>> No. 219720
The first episode can offer you what you want as well.
Start at 2:40
RWBY Episode 1: Ruby Roseyoutube thumb
>> No. 221455
>> No. 221463
i blindly clicked one of the links to see what this thread was about

i assumed i was watching a 3d Custom Girl parody of the actual show until one of the girls started talking
>> No. 222770
File 139114789225.jpg - (45.82KB , 379x660 , Gray52eaa262e2893.jpg )
>RWBY Volume 2 will premiere at RTX2014, in Austin, Texas, July 4-6
>The volume's online debut will happen very shortly thereafter, and we will announce the date as soon as we have it
>Volume 2 will run for twelve chapters of about twelve minutes each, and what's more, each week's web release will contain an entire chapter
>Over the coming months, we'll continue to tease you mercilessly -- er, I mean update you on what we're up to with a series of production video journals, giving you a peek at who's involved, and how it's all going
>(brace yourself for the feels, believe me)

I'm ok with this.
>> No. 226032
File 139726728490.jpg - (226.46KB , 1680x1299 , FUCK YEAH REI.jpg )
New Intro from PAX East.
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