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File 137672730299.gif - (860.39KB , 250x250 , teen_titans_tumblr_inline_mrl6fc07pz1qz4rgp.gif )
214838 No. 214838
Justice League RIP!
The New52 Crime Syndicate vs. Whatever Villains aren't too afraid too fight the New52 Crime Syndicate!
Relic on the Rampage!
Threshold: Cancelled!
Dial H: Cancelled!
Demon Knights: Cancelled!
Batman vs. Supermain...in live action?!
Metamorpho comes to Gotham!
And the Teen Titans find themselves to be under a contract. A very Judas-ious Contract!
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>> No. 214864
And Green Lantern faces a threat that will change the corp FOREVER!!!

They mean it this time guys.
>> No. 214865
S-Shut up! Just you wait, we'll have one, two weeks tops of no new episodes, they we'll be back in business! With a new Magpie episode too, I'll bet! Yeah! The show will do fine!
>> No. 214866
File 137675232687.jpg - (139.45KB , 912x701 , 137579319159738-1.jpg )
>Grant Morrison writing Superman
>Grant Morrison writing Batman
Giant Monty Python foot repeatedly crushes Bruce several times.

>> No. 214868
File 137675267222.jpg - (35.93KB , 550x349 , richard-starkings.jpg )
>Grant Morrison stirred up a lot of chatter online with his claim, during Kevin Smith’s “Fatman on Batman” podcast, that Batman kills the Joker at the end of the classic graphic novel,Batman: The Killing Joke. Writer Alan Moore’s script, which tends to read as a direct communication to artist Brian Bolland, indicates otherwise.

>The moral to this story: Just because an author you like says something does not make it so.


Morrison can not into The Killing Joke.
>> No. 214869
File 137675269272.png - (147.37KB , 272x268 , 1332262199633.png )
For me both were fucking fantastic, Hell I've been enjoying his Batman since High school, makes me sad it's over.

I get that his Batman run was a lot more decisive for some people though, sad you didn't like it but hopefully something will pop up for you, it was actually the last DC book I gave a fuck about.

Grant Morrison on The Killing Jokeyoutube thumb

And reposting because EVERYONE should hear this.
>> No. 214871
File 137675327123.jpg - (1.84MB , 1020x1899 , tumblr_mrn6zlsqpS1qh7juco1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 214872
It's an interpretation, canonically it's wrong as Morrison himself says but it's easy to see how it's read like that.
>> No. 214873
File 137675388547.jpg - (227.04KB , 912x701 , 137579319159738.jpg )
I just meant that Superman keeps getting good endings (his New52 version even got to avenge his murdered parents, even though he simultaneously thought they died in an accident and didn't know Vyndktvx was responsible for their deaths) while Batman keeps getting 'reborn' (Thorgal, Return of Bruce Wayne, Incorporated) only to be horribly mauled when things start looking up.

You could argue that that's the point of Morrison's run. Still brütal though.
>> No. 214874
File 137675556230.jpg - (158.31KB , 647x960 , 1330021042171.jpg )
Oh I get ya, and yeah though I like that about Batman, it's sort of the same deal with Ironman, there is a joy in watching them struggle up from the bottom.
>> No. 214875
Any good way to get the shorts online?
>> No. 214878
Id get behind Beware the Batman if they just became the Outsiders.
>> No. 214881
>> No. 214886
Doesn't hurt that they included Black Lightning's main enemy as the big mob boss.
>> No. 214888
I'm tired of them constantly repeating Batman just starting out. I wan veteran Batman leading a team of a woman dealing with her sword made of souls, a prince defending his homeland, a teacher and father dealing with the superhero life, an adventurer stuck as a chemically power freak, and an amnesiac girl they just picked up.

Throw in Creeper or Plastic Man for comic relief.
>> No. 214917
File 137682916069.png - (326.71KB , 693x466 , Bewarethebatjezebel.png )
>> No. 214924
Even bald and no mustache, Alfred still manages to be Alfred by teasing Bruce and making vague dick jokes in the process.
>> No. 214926
I've always disliked Hulk-Metamorpho. Hopefully that will change if/when he comes back.
>> No. 214929
Yeah that was super awful but it's prety clear the "antidote" stabilized him.

At this rate I'd say we have a fair chance of Outsiders vs Assassins season finale.
>> No. 214931
Especially since Stagg foreshadowed Metamorpho. And we just got Tobias Whale.

If Halo and Geo Force get left out or replaced... then Halo and Geo Force get left out or replaced.
>> No. 214932
Especially since Stagg foreshadowed Metamorpho. And we just got Tobias Whale.

If Halo and Geo Force get left out or replaced... then Halo and Geo Force get left out or replaced.
>> No. 214939
Black Lightning on Outsiders

Anissa Pierce later joins Batgirl in a Birds of Prey team

oh for some Creeper, though Plas is the more likely choice since they've used him a lot in recent incarnations. Either one works to Juxtapose Bats personality.
>> No. 214945
>oh for some Creeper, though Plas is the more likely choice since they've used him a lot in recent incarnations. Either one works to Juxtapose Bats personality.

Which for Beware the Batman makes Plastic Man LESS likely.

It bugged more for a bit why a show devoted to doing lesser known characters (though, that line is pretty bullshit considering Ras) would use Metamorpho, who appeared significantly in both Justice League and Brave and The Bold. But, if they're building to the Outsiders, and use the Outsiders as a team as a replacement for having Sidekicks, then that IS novel.

As far as other members beyond Katanna, Metamorpho and the foreshadowed Black Lightning? I honestly think those three are enough for a show like this. If you get a larger cast than that then the focus and tone would probably start changing a lot. If you need a team of five, just replace halo with Batgirl and Geo Force with a Rock.
>> No. 214955
File 137686382979.png - (906.55KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-08-18-17h28m13s213.png )

I could see Mister Terrific taking Black Lighting's spot.
>> No. 214956
>> No. 214958
Would Batman throw Geo Force rock at Killer Croc?

I just would rather have an Outsiders cartoon than another Batman one.

Am I the only one that wants a JSA cartoon?
>> No. 214959
>> No. 214961
File 137686658457.jpg - (159.05KB , 673x1024 , 1371164828028.jpg )
When I saw some of Young Justice (especially the cameos from Jay and Fate) made me wish they'd adapt some of Johns' JSA Sith the old guard teaching a bunch of legacies. There's got to be one Wesley Dodd's noir episode.

Ok I want to like Justice League Dark but they should be a bit more imaginative considering the book centers around magic. It's getting better with the House of Mystery and the Black Room but don't be afraid to go Ditko era Dr. Strange crazy with it. Show how different magic can be and what not.
>> No. 214963
I have been thinking about what would happen if we got a new Superman cartoon and what it would be like. Then I started thinking about an ideal Superman cartoon for me. What if each season continued the story of Superman and his adventures, building his legacy? Furthermore, I imagine each season based off of a certain era or decade of Superman stories. The second or 3rd season could introduce the Legion and sow the seeds for the Justice League, one season would end with the death of superman, only to build up his return, and various characters from his history would show up, such as Mon-El, Superboy (less broody and a little more like his 90's iteration), Iron Munroe, and so on. Hell, if they wanted too, they could have the wedding of Clark and Lois in a later season. Overall though, it would be a celebration of what makes Spes so iconic and beloved and would aim to show people that he's not more interesting than he is given credit for. I don't know. what would you guys want out of a superman cartoon if we were to get another one?
>> No. 214965
A JSA cartoon would rock.
>> No. 214973
Flashpoint movie was bad.
>> No. 214982
Just like Flashpoint.
>> No. 215191
File 137720384466.png - (113.10KB , 545x595 , 1377195434257.png )
I remember when she used to be good. What happened?
>> No. 215193
She started having opinions that made you uncomfortable, judging by the pic you used to illustrate your point.
>> No. 215195

I'm not uncomfortable just confused given the pantheon god of justice is kinda a grey area for gender basis of anything.
>> No. 215196
She's odd. Atom was good. Secret Six was good. Deadpool was good. Batgirl is shit. The Movement is lame as all hell. Maybe she's just gone crazy like most comic writers seem too. I still find it hilarious Demon Knights introduced a transgender character in a better, more organic way with out even trying. Medieval Seven Samurai did a better job at this than the SJW.

I wish I still had her tweet congratulating Bendis on killing Wasp. Not sarcastically. Also what is she doing writing Red Sonja if she is sensitive to how women are portrayed in comics? I just kind of dislike her. She did write a great Bane though.
>> No. 215197
>what is she doing writing Red Sonja if she is sensitive to how women are portrayed in comics
Maybe she sees potential with the character. The fact that a character has been used in ugly ways in the past doesn't mean it can't be redeemed--look at how much more human and just flat out good Power Girl has become in recent years compared to the walking tit joke she had been for so long.
>> No. 215198
Or she likes money. Powergirl has always been all over the place. I remember when she always had a massive chip on her shoulder during JLE.
>> No. 215211
I just realized my ideal Superman game could be cookie cut out of Saints Row 4.
>> No. 215212
I can see that, the Power mechanics seem to work really well.
>> No. 215213
Can you make Superman in the character creator?
>> No. 215214
If you want to put the time into it sure. Cept I don't think they have the curly hair.
>> No. 215220
Not the exact S but they have a really similar one.

There is a mod being made for the whole costume right now anyway.
>> No. 215225

*sigh* well at least it isn't Bale again.
>> No. 215226
File 137727626641.jpg - (189.92KB , 577x879 , Action-Comics-15.jpg )
Just base it on Morrison's Action Comics run.

Bold, brash, heartfelt and enormous.
>> No. 215227
File 137727680691.jpg - (874.72KB , 600x1050 , 1328760702607.jpg )
Seriously, incredibly not difficult.
>> No. 215230
File 137727880128.jpg - (56.06KB , 578x887 , Lobo_1377277878435.jpg )
Ooooooooooooooooooooh, looks like the super 90s trappings of the New52 hit Lobo so hard he went the other way:

>> No. 215236
I'm not sure why at this point, but I somehow am still shocked by how terrible the Nu52 is.
>> No. 215237
File 137728258826.jpg - (105.79KB , 726x900 , lobo.jpg )
RIP The Main Man, least till he comes back to knock this Raiden looking putz through a wall to retain the title of Last Czarnian.
>> No. 215238
File 137728362037.png - (587.44KB , 500x707 , tumblr_mjgn3pr86z1qamb41o1_500.png )
Umm, Raiden a character known for his girlish features...is actually a hundred times more manly than most characters now.

Revengence remember?

You can't even compare that abomination to even Raiden, this is full on Nowe tier terrible girly bitch.
>> No. 215241
Slobo: the new 52 edition
>> No. 215243
File 137728639514.jpg - (939.69KB , 1500x2336 , JL_23-2-Lobo_y4aa74uk62_.jpg )
Weird that they would choose to introduce his new look in a one-shot which uses a brawnier, more familiar design on the front cover. I guess that's the imposter Lobo? Even though they show two earlier Rocafort designs which have the same body type. Speaking of which, how many other characters were fucked up so badly that the company just flat out said, "Nope, surprise, that was actually all a clever ruse! Here's the REAL deal!"
>> No. 215244
I think the design I find must utterly confusing is Mister Freeze.
>> No. 215245
did they mess him up like Captain Cold and give him ice powers too?
>> No. 215246
File 137728845923.jpg - (171.93KB , 712x1164 , Mr-Freeze-New-52-Batman-e1329530573440.jpg )
Way worse than just that.
>> No. 215247
Gotham kinda killed all my hype for All-Star Western.
>> No. 215249
At least we still have Injustice Lobo.
>> No. 215250
Hey! I wonder if Tiki is- oh yeah, he's mad about this all right
>> No. 215251
About what? Lobo? I guess I sorta am but it's just like "How are you still not learning your lesson?"

On that note what are DC's recent numbers?
>> No. 215253

In other news something fun.
>> No. 215258

The hell is this? How does DC still keep doing this? Also, two of the other designs Rocafort put out in that article are miles better.

Man, I am glad I'm not invested in this.
>> No. 215259
So glad I quit on the high note of Morrison's Batman.
>> No. 215262
File 137730143196.jpg - (59.03KB , 578x846 , lobo_A_kr.jpg )
And yes, Lobo Space Ronin would have been okay and if written well fantastic.
>> No. 215264
The hell is this? Why does DC pay people to mangle their character designs?
>> No. 215265
Isn't their staff now a bunch that spent the '90s making DC knockoffs?
>> No. 215266
This does not look like a tough and crude space hunter dude.
It looks generic.
>> No. 215267
Actually it's the guys who were REJECTED in that era.
>> No. 215268

The fucked up thing is DC rejected two good designs and actually asked Rocafort to fuck up the design.
>> No. 215273
File 137730822954.jpg - (860.07KB , 779x1200 , heytiki.jpg )
Hey, Tiki.

Look what's actually happening now.
>> No. 215274

Shit goes down that is bad enough for them to leave the country and that doesn't count as a massive spoiler? And it turns out it was all a trick by Batman,Superman and Wonder Woman to get a few undesirables out of the country and into Coastal Avengers obscurity.
>> No. 215276
Also unnecessary taking jabs at Alpha Flight Exactly who the hell is he talking about anyway with that crap acting like they are a team of Super Mounties or something.
>> No. 215282
File 137731231569.jpg - (691.57KB , 1071x1647 , 143.jpg )
In lighter news, are they doing anything with Shazam again? I just finished Curse of Shazam, and the nu52 Captain Marvel's actually a lot better than I thought it'd be. I want to see more of it, it's exciting and Billy's WAY more likable than he was presented at the very beginning.
>> No. 215293
Ben Affleck is Batman!? Angry Rantyoutube thumb
Joe, what are you doing?
>> No. 215299
being an annoying clueless faggot?
it's really nothing outside par for him, I have no idea why you're surprised.
>> No. 215301
File 137734300272.jpg - (1.02MB , 800x1067 , 8381508644_783f77e22d_o.jpg )
If that's whole line up it's a fucking insult.

Like fuck, really? Catwoman?
>> No. 215302
File 137734618195.jpg - (212.28KB , 1024x1433 , 1328759584298.jpg )
Okay so my theoretical Superman game.

Saints Row engine, similar graphics and maybe modified art, it all works and is easy to model while looking good.

Metropolis hub world where you can mess around with things like Alien incursions, subterranean invasions, earthquakes, Super villain operations, etc.

Powers and abilities are all upgradable, head powers (laser eyes, freeze breath, etc) are your main weapons in addition to punches (think the Saints Row wheels) and your big damages are in the grenade subwheel.

There are alleys, phone booths and anywhere people can't see you to change into Clark Kent, as Clark your powers change from the action style to investigation style and you can take missions at the Daily Planet to investigate and learn and you get graded on how well you investigated based on how Perry reacts, do good and you see people reading the paper all over the city, poorly and the daily planet liters the streets.

As Kent in the hub world instead of Alien invasions and the like you see muggers, vandals, bank robbers, etc, the challenge being to stop them without revealing yourself.

You can visit Lois for dates and she has a kind of Pandora's tower relationship style where you can go on dates, give her cool alien stuff you find on missions or from probes to other planets you launch at the Fortress, have breakfast really cute stuff.

Jimmy can also be visited and given upgrades to his watch as well as discussing game secrets, Jimmy serves the purpose of your back up and can be called for assistance, all his various bizarre forms can be found and given to him to unlock, call turtle boy or Kid Doomsday for help! (Supergirl is pretty much the same but late in the game due to her being so beast)

If you fly out of the map instead of an invisible Wall you go to visit Ma & Pa or the Fortress of Solitude.

Ma & Pa have farm work that needs done, your rewards are simple EXP and a little money, but those are secondary to cute scenes you get with you and pa having a lemonade or a beer after finishing up work served up by Ma happy to see her boys doing so well.

The fortress is used for Lore on alien planets through a fun little minigame and getting some neat swag for the fortress as well as switching super suits.

You apartment is also upgradable but with far more earthly objects and you can switch your various business as Clark there.

And that's my ideal Superman game.
>> No. 215306
AF seems to only now to get killed by the next big threat, which pisses me off actually.

Imposter Lobo is looking pretty good now. Especially since he got blackout drunk and passed out on Stormwatch's conference table.

JL of Canada. Really? I wonder if they'll get some Canadians only to kill them/ignore them afterwards like everyone does with the actual international members of New 52 JLI? I miss August General in Iron Rocket Red and Godiva. I also wish they brought back the German squad of Rocket Reds they introduced.

I love old comic covers like that. Same with the shit Gold Key did.
>> No. 215312
The american-centric nature of Big 2 cape comics is pretty lame, you have a whole world of potential and you squander it by only featuring most non-american heroes as cannonfodder or to make petty nationalist snipes at them. Its even worse when they take their cosmic stuff, a whole UNIVERSE of potential with varied alien cultures and species and miraculous cosmic phenomena and drag the whole thing to centre on Earth.
>> No. 215314
File 137736237157.jpg - (1.08MB , 800x1067 , 8381568448_a57987f02c_o.jpg )
I remember when comic covers were good.
>> No. 215315
File 137736248393.jpg - (1.90MB , 2560x1983 , binc_06_021-022.jpg )
One of the many reasons why INC was so fucking cool.
>> No. 215317
As reviled as Scott Lodbell is, I still liked what he did when he actually put a super-Mountie in Alpha Flight.
>> No. 215318
It is bad. I love seeing other heroes from other countries. Provides a neat perspective on their world.

It's sad the Justice League does more in Gorilla City than all of Africa. Still wish Dwayne got to introduce Anansi from Static Shock into the main universe.

I loved August General in Iron and Rocket Red being buddies.

There are some cool covers today but its a bit rare to see stuff that stands out.

I'd enjoy a Ranger or Nightrunner book. Especially if one of Ranger's villains is just a Mad Max style biker gang.
>> No. 215334
I've wanted to see more of Nightrunner for a while now.
>> No. 215335
File 137738543571.jpg - (1.33MB , 2560x1955 , Batman Annual #28 043-44.jpg )
>> No. 215353
So I thought Dial H was officially over, but theres a Dial H cover in the Evil is Forever event ads. Is it getting one more hurrah?
>> No. 215376
Seems like it. The issue is advertised as a coda to the series, and I doubt anything tremendously relevant to the big Forever Evil event will be tied to Littleville or the dials. It's probably the only one of these one shots that has me excited. 20 artists and 20 villains, gotta see how that turns out.
>> No. 215407
File 137755841682.gif - (0.97MB , 500x345 , tumblr_molhbzvm3M1sux8d5o1_500.gif )
>Superman/ Wonder Woman book is an attempt to target women

Oh man this is gonna get shut down so hard.
>> No. 215411
>woman need romance
But Supes already had Lois! Wondy had (some of the time anyway) Steve!
>> No. 215412
He means the new book, not the ship itself. That's a trainwreck for reasons we already knew.
>> No. 215435
I know. But if DC wanted to push more romance, they didnt need to make a totally new book for this stupid couple.
>> No. 215440

train is already leaving the station.
>> No. 215442
File 13776257621.jpg - (32.67KB , 328x400 , lois lane tnas.jpg )
They could have brought back a previously existent book people like..Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane except since you are trying to attract women call it something like....Lois Lane Star Reporter and do this thing where you you focus less on her relationship and more about journalistic integrity in the modern world where the relevance of such a thing is of drastic vital importance, but hey no women would wanna read that ehh? maybe her relation with Superman being one less based on romance and more on respect where she has to contemplate what goes into reports on him, reports on him being a decidedly VERY small portion of the book.
>> No. 215443
File 137762654518.gif - (1.23MB , 320x240 , fuck this im out.gif )
>> No. 215445
File 137762668919.gif - (1.00MB , 245x184 , tumblr_m9y3okwL871r4jopqo2_250.gif )
Oh yeah Way you understand women so well.
>> No. 215455
File 13776335094.jpg - (74.37KB , 600x466 , 20120822c_image_png.jpg )
>> No. 215460
They're trying it here because both leads are dollar signs. Doesn't mean it'll be good or bad, but it's obvious why.

People tell me good things about Soule's Thunderbolts and people tell me absolutely nothing about Soule's DC work. And Daniel has been getting better (on art) with every book he's done in the last few years.

You know what? That actually convinced me to pick up the first issue. Because of this:

>Cunningham: Does the cover imagery work for you? The stuff that we’re showing? I mean the…I mean I’m really curious. Like Lee asks, what you said, if that’s not what you’re looking for, what specifically are you looking for? Or is there anything specific?

I mean, it'll probably turn into stale bread and be completely forgettable, like the last few things from DC I've given a shot, but honestly? That's the attitude I'm looking for. I agree with the position of writer of the article.

Plus, I have a hard time imagining this having more romance than say, an average issue of Spider-man. Because super-hero comics are already soap operas, this just actually puts both of the romantic partners in the title.
>> No. 215461
What perplexes me about DC's design sense is this: Artists will have to draw these characters about 100 times an issue from every angle in every pose interacting with other characters from every angle in every pose. So why do they constantly heap a bunch of unessesary details onto their characters that just make it harder to ink color and keep on model?
>> No. 215462
What perplexes me about DC's design sense is this: Artists will have to draw these characters about 100 times an issue from every angle in every pose interacting with other characters from every angle in every pose. So why do they constantly heap a bunch of unessesary details onto their characters that just make it harder to ink color and keep on model?
>> No. 215469
Well yes, it's what you get when cover artists design all your characters.
>> No. 215473
Earth 2 is pretty decent at design, other than Jay's weird helmet (especially since there were plans to give him the original helmet and he'd have a perfect excuse to have it).
>> No. 215505
File 137770346817.jpg?spoiler - (35.23KB , 278x400 , x-menmisfits05s.jpg?spoiler )
All I can do after reading that is cross 8 fingers and say:
Please be in shojo style, please be in shojo style!
>> No. 215509
File 137770408242.jpg?spoiler - (112.47KB , 421x348 , fabio_romance_novel.jpg?spoiler )
But this art style works too.
>> No. 215514
It's drawn by Tony Daniel. So, it'll look like a typical dc comic. Help, Daniel was the one people were getting mad at in the article you linked.
>> No. 215547
Johns must not have enjoyed the Fuck Yeah Seaking meme.
>> No. 215548

>Well, I never knew I'd be writing a Wonder Woman comic, so there you go! As for how this shake-up changes her place in the greater universe… Looking at the big picture, there's something in the DC Universe that's referred to as a Trinity. And we're reinforcing that, shifting what it means a little bit. There's those three things: there's a human, an alien, and now there's a god. That third part has become something else. NOW there's a trinity. We've set that up, we've given her this power… And now everyone, go play with your toys!

So does her becoming a god of war really work? Seems to break the idea of the Trinity right apart really.
>> No. 215549
Didn't Rucka make her a Goddess of Truth years ago?
>> No. 215550
That was Byrne in 1997. And when she was a god, she was basically replaced as Wonder Woman by her mom. So she was never both a god and active in the DCU at the same time.
>> No. 215551
Was but later banished because she couldn't just sit by and let earth suffer. Her mother also took over duties at the time as wonder woman. I'd find that more interesting really them dealing with another Wonder Woman. Thing is making her God of War by Ares, that just seems off. Athena makes sense and would add to her want to be a good representative of her people since it would bolster that connection.
>> No. 215552
Giving wonder woman more power isn't going to fix the issues you have with writing her as a character DC...

didn't she have a super saiyan form in Nu52 before this that made her stronger and faster than everyone?
>> No. 215553
>>Anyone else appreciate the hilarious irony the ambassador decked out in the stars and stripes of the US is now also a God of War? It got a chuckle out of me.
>> No. 215555
Yeah but was based on the long ago canon idea her bracelets restrain her power.
>> No. 215556
File 137778334421.jpg - (192.31KB , 912x701 , 137778222898385.jpg )
You should really be reading Larfleeze. Best New52 comic out right now.
>> No. 215558
Isnt Azzarello leaving WW soon? If so, I imagine she'll be retconned lickety split and we'll never seen those gods again.
Also First Born was really really lame
>> No. 215561
As far as I can tell azzarello won't be leaving the book any time soon.

Have you guys read the book? Because this is obvious set up to explore Diana's character and see how she handles the situation. It's not supposed to be a perfect fit, its a strange situation she didn't intend to get into.

And really, Azzarello clearly does not give a Shit what any other book does.
>> No. 215564
That's not how you spell All Star Western.
>> No. 215569
File 137781830116.jpg - (186.18KB , 912x701 , 137762329999330-1.jpg )
>> No. 215581
Oh, Pulsar Stargrave, whatever happened to your magnificent disco pecks?
>> No. 215585
File 137783190799.jpg - (49.73KB , 816x372 , Rakete-Auslese.jpg )
Well I've never heard anyone offer to poop in someone's bed before.

I'm so happy there are German comic characters who aren't Nazis.
>> No. 215612
ASW would fare a lot better if editorial wasnt shoving Batman down our throats in this (and every other) book
>> No. 215614
oh shit new larfleeze today?
>> No. 215616
oh shit new larfleeze today?
>> No. 215666
File 137796509968.jpg - (71.98KB , 676x1046 , 1377958714347.jpg )
Gail you almost topped Firestorm there.
>> No. 215669
I cannot wrap my head around how Firestorm, the most offensive, racist and terribly written out of all of the original 52 has not been cancelled and is still going just as awful as it was when it started if not worse.
>> No. 215670
>> No. 215671
Thats a pretty tall order, can you explain to someone who hasn't read it why Firestorm N52 is those things?
>> No. 215672
Ronnie is a racist dirtbag, Jason is also a fucking dirtbag who hates crackas and together they use the God particle to fuse into Firestorm since the matrix has been retconned out of existence.

It turns out everyone has the stupid fucking thing and there are Firestorms EVERYWHERE.

So much so that a bunch of racist caricature Muslim terrorists who begin attacking America for Allah and blowing things up.

That's where the legendary line "WE'RE BREATHING PEOPLE!!!" comes from.

It's just...flabbergasting.

I never heard anything about it being cancelled.
>> No. 215674
File 137796761450.jpg - (209.11KB , 620x954 , firestormv4_14cover2.jpg )
Oh good, it thankfully was cancelled, it also apparently has some of the lowest sales of anything in the new52, even for the cancelled stuff.
>> No. 215675
New 52 Captain Atom was a better Firestorm book than the actual Firestorm book. It got cancelled.

I still like when Nate first cut loose with his power. He didn't use it in a fight. Didn't need to destroy something. What did he use all his power to do?

He cured a young boy of terminal brain cancer
>> No. 215683
So did Jonah just kill wild dog in the latest asw? Cus that looked just like him. Also already bored of Jonah in modern times
>> No. 215697
File 137799726356.jpg - (638.34KB , 1200x1229 , 1377975141239.jpg )
Well all of a sudden New 52 seems kind of good.

Wild Dog? Someone remembered him? At least fighting Hex was a more dignified end than his last death.
>> No. 215698

I really disliked that Diaz decided it was a great idea to take all of Martian Manhunter's powers and gave them to Superman, who is now pretty much Martian Manhunter.
>> No. 215700
File 137800021352.jpg - (30.92KB , 584x431 , 1377975292714.jpg )
He wrote bios for these? I can't stop laughing at the image of J'onn waving his sleeves around. Cyborg looks retarded, I love when he is fucking giant, this looks like that guy from IT Crowd with a bunch of Apple products.Green Lantern is less threatening since it operates like Care Bear Stares. Power Girl just looks bored. Also making the black guy the guy who runs fast, good job there.

Here's the legion of doom. Metallo is a Megadeus, Huntress is on a team of villains and Sinestro shares my reaction.
>> No. 215702
File 137800246441.jpg - (85.92KB , 900x831 , 1377917925395.jpg )
Oh man. I just read what he did. Wtf with Superman. Cutting Victor's father out his origin just so he can jack off to more transhuman shit. Karen is just Superboy with tits. J'onn is angst. The hell? Glad he left Aquaman out.

Why does he feel the need to just shove all these different minorities into different characters like he's checking off a quota? I loved Stan Lees and Kubert's black Batman because he's a badass pro wrestler going up against gods.. I love New 52 Alan Scott because he's more heroic than New 52 Superman. I love Ryan Choi Atom because he's a brilliant yet fresh face dealing with crazy new shit all day. I say make a good character first instead of worrying about "oh oh we need an Asian".

Also Earth 2 might get dragged into the next big event. DC why must you destroy what I love?
>> No. 215708
Forget Huntress. Why is Professor Bobo there?
>> No. 215711
That's Grodd. Apparently.
>> No. 215713
>Cutting Victor's father out his origin just so he can jack off to more transhuman shit.
That and hypocrisy to make multiple cleavage-bearing costumes after making an entire strip mocking them reminds me of the inescapable self-indulgent vibe to Diaz's work that really irks me. I'm not entirely sure why; plenty of authors drop in shamelessly masturbatory things in their stuff and I usually don't react beyond a passing "Oh [X]". Maybe it's the hypocrisy part.
>> No. 215716
Has Robinson left Eath 2 yet?

Earth 2 feels like the kind of book inherently tied to the style of the creators, and when one leaves, so does what made it interesting
>> No. 215717
File 137801194848.jpg - (11.19KB , 250x251 , flex_mentallo_7788.jpg )
Pretty much. I am actually angered at his suggestion that Dr. Strange looks goofy. His redesign for him was pretty much that weird red coat he had in the 90s.

Robinson will get to tie up shit with Steppenwolf though. The guy coming on has been doing the Injustice comic and when he got a little freedom on that book he did pretty well.

Ok just read pic related. Morrison is a strange man but with a bunch of interesting ideas. Hypersluts has entered my vocabulary.
>> No. 215743
Nameless villain rolled up in a car and started shooting random people. Looked just like wild dog. Jonah shoots him in the head
>> No. 215749
File 137804813771.jpg - (143.17KB , 620x624 , GLC4b.jpg )

I dunno, I think Superman's design is pretty good. He also turned Amanda Waller into Vandal Savage. I feel like for every good idea Diaz has, he weighs it down with some really shitty ones that are different for the sake of being different (Especially Martian Manhunter, how do you get that so wrong?)

Speaking of Martian Manhunter, I kinda dig his Nu52 design. it's one of the very few that doesn't offend my good taste horrible.
>> No. 215751
Superman would work for like a Golden Age look. Slamming Vandal Savage and Amanda Waller and having Parasite join in a freaky three way just kind of seems like a waste of characters.

I'd be fine with New 52 J'onn if he wasn't as serious. I always like that you had this guy who had every right to be angry and angsty but he doesn't let it get him down. I mean Supes makes a big deal about Krypton but he was in diapers when it was destroyed, J'onn saw everything he loved ripped from him. I loved his character in New Frontier. He was also good in JLI. Why he never got a Lantern ring for hope instead of Flash I don't know.
>> No. 215752
Wild Dog? As in the guy in the "Wilddog" sports jersey who fights terrorists? He's not a villain.
>> No. 215758
The only thing really wrong about the New 52 Martian Manhunter design is that it doesn't have the collared cape, which was a big element of J'onn's silhouette until they started fucking around with him a few years ago.

Otherwise it's mostly his old costume with pants instead of shorts, which is generally an improvement.
>> No. 215761
Because Barry had just come back to life and they wanted to push LOOK IT'S BARRY on everyone.
>> No. 215763
Because Barry had just come back to life and they wanted to push LOOK IT'S BARRY on everyone.
>> No. 215766
But J'onn and Walker could have been bros. Either him or Supes would have been better candidates for hope.
>> No. 215769
J'onn is serious. Even in New Frontier, he was serious. He can be lighthearted, but generally he's a more tragic and dark interpretation of the alien who is brought to Earth after the destruction of his home planet.
>> No. 215778
I guess serious is the wrong word. He's less brooding than Batman is what I mean. He'd isn't completely consumed by his loss. He also feels at home on Earth. I mean he changed his whole appearance to fit in. I don't think the new 52 version shows a lot of that.
>> No. 215801
I know, didnt stop Palmiotti from turning him into a villain and killing him
>> No. 215807
File 137809330211.jpg - (489.60KB , 911x1280 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
Hmmm. That shitty.

DC, why sit on an entire universe perfect for comics. Other than the Kelly miniseries there's been nothing. Maybe IDW would do it. I'd give my arm for a Larry Hama Johnny Quest.
>> No. 215816
Why do you people give these companies your money when they do shit like this?
>> No. 215818
File 137812252618.jpg - (46.21KB , 1000x1000 , 1377979054686.jpg )
This asides, All Star Western has been the best.

Once that, Earth 2, Batman 66, Aquaman and Vibe are cancelled I have no more interest in DC. Besides I'm not some loyalist, there's Marvel, ID, Image and Valiant stuff I'm into.
>> No. 215826
Damn I ment IDW. I also like some of Archie's Sonic and all of the Megaman stuff. Superhero stuff from them is good too.
>> No. 215843
I don't think the guy was Wild Dog. Having just read it, it's a reference to his look at most.
>> No. 215854
File 137817120830.jpg - (40.51KB , 400x620 , Green_Lantern_v_3_21.jpg )
Ok what happened to her? Why did she like shrink and gain a different skintone?
>> No. 215998
posting from REG /co/


>Dear Batwoman readers -

>From the moment DC asked us to write Batwoman — a dream project for both of us — we were committed to the unofficial tagline “No Status Quo.” We felt that the series and characters should always be moving forward, to keep changing and evolving. In order to live up to our mantra and ensure that each arc took Batwoman in new directions, we carefully planned plotlines and story beats for at least the first five arcs well before we ever wrote a single issue. We’ve been executing on that plan ever since, making changes whenever we’ve come up with a better idea, but in general remaining consistent to our core vision.

>Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married. All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end.

Crap..I'm scared. What if Simone gets it.
>> No. 215999
File 137836227333.jpg - (40.47KB , 295x286 , horseshit.jpg )
>> No. 216000
File 137836227395.jpg - (155.92KB , 863x752 , Mr Bones.jpg )
>> No. 216001
Well, people have been wondering why the book is so shitty, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise editorial is sticking their dick in it.
>> No. 216002
File 137838298372.png - (255.77KB , 500x374 , tumblr_mrwibjPEZJ1qa8zbgo2_500.png )

It's like watching a house fire.

"Wow, it all just burns down."
>> No. 216004

>DC does something stupid and awful.
>Number of people surprised: 0

The only good part of DC is Vertigo.

I remember when my pull list was almost 90% DC and Marvel, and now... My only DC books are vertigo, and the only Marvel books I have are Thor: God of Thunder (Which after a great first couple of arcs, I'm waiting for Aaron to make it worth my while again), Deadpool (Surprisingly good, the best the character's been in years), and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Which won't last, since they're doing that stupid 616 crossover soon, which means I will suddenly have no reason to read it).

Like, I'm almost exclusively grabbing books from Dark Horse, IDW, and Image.
>> No. 216006
Can somebody fire Harras and Didio please, along with all the other people responsible?
>> No. 216007
The problem is those guys are in charge of fire and hire.
>> No. 216008
File 137839260055.png - (36.64KB , 499x209 , williams and bendis.png )
>Williams admires Bendis' work
>his work

>> No. 216012
Explain plz.

Outside of the non-JHWIII art & the weird mess with the kids (right before the Wonder Woman crossover), how else was it shitty?
>> No. 216013
File 137840975236.png - (144.38KB , 400x295 , Iron-Sheik-FACK-mini.png )
>> No. 216015
I'm glad people are keep their eye on the ball and not getting distracted with the "It was just the marriage" thing. Its the overall bad habit with DC of 11th hour editorial mandates that are really starting to bug people.
>> No. 216016
File 137841554276.png - (918.56KB , 851x651 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.png )
It's not like this is new. Look at how McDuffie was treated during his JL run. Robinson left Earth 2 because of the same shit.
>> No. 216017
File 137841754166.jpg - (405.63KB , 625x865 , enhanced-buzz-10658-1340208538-2.jpg )
>> No. 216018
File 137842243998.jpg - (12.13KB , 480x360 , toby and maggie.jpg )
I'm shrugging hard here. Maggie Sawyer was established as gay all the way back in '88. She was given a girlfriend, Toby, and their relationship not only lasted for years, it managed to cross mediums and get (slyly) included in STAS.

I always thought that breaking up Maggie and Toby so that Maggie could date Batwoman was frankly kind of offensive. Apparently gay people are so rare that the only way to find Kate a girlfriend was to break up what might've been the longest-lasting gay relationship in comics.

So now they were trying to do something that would make this new relationship more sturdy, and DC nixed it. Kind of sucks, but on the other hand when your title killed a relationship so one of the characters could be freed up to date, it seems kind of ridiculous to get upset when you try to cement the new relationship in place and get denied. You're kinda sitting on the precedent.
>> No. 216019
Didn't she leave Toby when she left for Gotham?
>> No. 216020
Yeah, they broke up 2005ish when Maggie showed up in Gotham Central, 6 years before they even had her and Batwoman interact.
>> No. 216021
In fact Maggie and Toby broke up before Kate was even created!
>> No. 216022
i had misread and thought it was about Batgirl, not woman.
>> No. 216024

Oh wow, you scared me for a minute there.
>> No. 216029
File 137843551558.jpg - (29.61KB , 193x320 , the+creeper+Jonboy+Meyers+low+res.jpg )
Jackie, Jackie. Why do they keep trying to turn you into a demon?
>> No. 216030
File 137843861314.jpg - (39.45KB , 500x372 , from 52.jpg )
>They broke up years before Batwoman!

Yeah no. They were still together prior to Kate showing up.

Shit, their relationship was mentioned in the very same series that had Kate's first appearance.
>> No. 216031
Er....this one doesn't seem that heinous to me? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm against exploitative scenes in comics, but "In a bathtub" sounds like a valid reason for her to be nude and "with electrical instruments dangling precariously close to killing her" seems like a sufficiently dramatic moment to explain why we're actually seeing it. It's not like she's just hanging out naked for no reason or worse, for the purposes of titillation. And I would imagine it would only be, at the artist's preference, "implied nudity," with bubbles or murky water for the sake of modesty.
>> No. 216034
But why necessitate a situation that involves nudity (like a bath) to begin with?
>> No. 216039
It's the toasters over the tub I don't like, but it's Harlyquinn so it's not what you'd call out of character.
>> No. 216041
God Simone really needs to get off her Tumblr high-horse and be fun again. I don't blame tumblr for many things but fuck it ruined her writing.
>> No. 216045
>Amanda Waller to appear in Arrow
>She will, of course, be thin

I really can't understand people willing to give DC a single red cent.

How do you sleep at night?
>> No. 216046
This may come in handy...
>> No. 216047
>Waller not being played by Pounder

Well that just isn't right.
>> No. 216050
The Harley thing wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the context of DC being such a shitshow. vOv

DC what happened to you goddamn.
>> No. 216051
>3/20/2013 - Josh Fialkov quits both Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns before his first issues hit the stands. Rumors swirl that editorial wanted to kill off the Green Lantern John Stewart, but if it was ever planned (DC denies it), the company has decided against it...for now.

Well that explains all the posturing and build up to killing him.
>> No. 216058
currently being run by hacks that couldn't get jobs there back in the '90s. Now they want to remake it in their own '90s image.
>> No. 216059
When Rob Liefield thinks you are a clusterfuck he'd rather not waste his time on something is wrong.
>> No. 216062
An accurate description on DC's current state.
>> No. 216063
>DC what happened to you goddamn.

WB took more of an interest.
Bob Harras came in.
Eddie Berganza's still there.
Identity Crisis was held up as example of how to write comics.
They declared war on everything that made them fun in the 90s.
"Legacy" has gone from being one of the company's selling points to being something they despise.
And yes, Tim O'Neil over at whenwillthehurtingstop hit the nail on the head with his essay on the homogenization of DC.
And really, the Nu52 in general has just been a clusterfuck of terrible terrible TERRIBLE ideas. The few good things do not make up for all that bad. Not even remotely. Change can be good, but change purely for the sake of change can go suck a lemon, and that's the foundation of this new universe. Change everything you can because you can.
>> No. 216069
While tumblr's user interface makes it excellent at magnifying things (for better AND worse), I don't think it's the reason for Simone's quality nosedive.

Put simply, over the years she fell into a habit. DC would hand her lemons, and she would make lemonade.

DC has stopped handing her lemons. These days they hand her shit. Actual handfuls of fecal mater. And she ends up making shitade out of it.

She's a socially minded writer, when very few other writers are, so she feels responsibility I think. And have a look at what she's had to deal with. She poured a lot of love into The Atom only to have Choi killed off in an incredibly stupid way then sidelined for good.

She was given a fucking horrible status quo on Wonder Woman and tried to make the best of it. The run had other problems too, but in the end she tried not to seem like she was tearing down the work of the last couple writers, when really they just needed their work torn down hard. And now the Perez incarnation of WW has been wiped out and instead of WW's two moms getting married, one of them doesn't exist, the other one's a criminal that turned a blind-eye to bigotry-fueled massacres and slave trade, and the Amazons have been turned into the most sexist thing in comics. That'll weigh on ya.

Her Firestorm was dreadful, but the premise she was handed - okay, take the mantle away from the black guy and make him share it with the white dude - was pretty damn insulting and wrongheaded.

And Batgirl, well, Batgirl might be the most discriminatory comic ever launched.

Her current output reeks of "trying too hard" and I feel like that's because NO amount of trying is going to make up for what's going on right now, and in trying to counterbalance ridiculously stupid things she ends up looking ridiculous herself.
>> No. 216073
File 137852087931.jpg - (163.14KB , 1105x859 , 1377922826521.jpg )
A horrible premise doesn't mean it has to be fucking horrible. You could you know try to do something good with it. I'll give you Wonder Woman because she came on at a really awkward spot. The rest is on her head.

Also the new 52 Amazons are sexist?
>> No. 216077
There's a massive difference between something that's "a horrible premise" because it's just bad writing, and something that's a horrible premise because it's discriminatory. If a socially minded writer finds themselves having to write for a book that's the latter, it's highly likely they'll attempt to make up for the things they can't change through excessive hand-wringing elsewhere. I would say that the fucking awful "race relations" nonsense in Firestorm was Simone's way of trying to deal with the inherently regressive idea of taking the black character that had inherited the Firestorm mantle - one of the few minority characters DC had in a solo book - and making him half-give it back to Ronny. A better job could have been done by someone not so sensitive to what was wrong about the idea in the first place. Similarly Batgirl might've been better in the hands of som... no, Batgirl would've sucked no matter who was on it, nevermind.

And yes, the Amazons are painfully sexist. Azzarello merged the most sexist myths of the Amazons (some myths about them weren't as bad. He didn't use those myths) with the sexist myths of the Sirens to create some sort of hybrid ubersexism. Not that the book doesn't have strengths elsewhere, but damn, the Azzarello Amazons currently make the Amazons in Amazons Attack look good.
>> No. 216079
Honestly, there wouldn't have been any problem with Firestorm because Ronnie was back and sharing the name with Jason if the lead up to that happening in Blackest Night/Brightest Day was so fucking awful, and if Simone hadn't turned both of them into racists.

Jason regularly bonded with white characters while he was the 'main' Firestorm, including Professor Stein, Firehawk, and even Ronnie himself, having partially survived being exploded by virtue of being part of the Firestorm Matrix.

But then they decided to bring Ronnie back to life fully. By way of Blackest Night. By having him murder Jason's girlfriend in one of the most horrible ways I've ever seen in a comic. And then they jammed them together as the NEW Firestorm and WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO FUCKING READ THAT? ONE OF THESE TWO CHARACTERS FORCED TO SPEND TIME TOGETHER TURNED THE OTHER'S GIRLFRIEND INTO SALT!! Seriously, forget any kind of race issue. When your characters are starting out with that kind of baggage, you have nowhere to go creatively, ever, that could make up for it. It would be like a buddy cop movie about a Nazi and a Jew, or a sitcom about a rapist and his victim. You just fucking can't turn it into a workable premise, because no reasonable audience could possibly accept the characters willingly spending time together. And forcing them together repeatedly to get the story rolling will always feel artificial.
>> No. 216081
File 137854453083.png - (874.92KB , 633x470 , 1377348571294.png )
She's so hamfisted with trying to appeal to this group or that that she forgot to write a story. Look at Ryan. He was an awesome hero that just happened to be Asian. We didn't have to be constantly be reminded of it. Conversely look at the trans character in Batgirl. Had nothing to add to the story, just an empty gesture to look progressive. And she's patting herself on the back do what she thinks is the first trans character in DC. It's like she didn't read Doom Patrol.

Also the Amazons aren't really that sexist. I mean look at how the ancient Spartans acted. They were assholes. They owned slaves, the killed weak offspring, they considered combat the only reason to live. Now give them vaginas and isolate them for centuries. The Greeks were dicks. They were progressive in some respects but for the most part they were not the nicest bunch. Then you add in the Amazon's typical distrust of men then their behavior is understandable. I mean did people expect another Mary sue utopian society?
>> No. 216084
Dropping my dc comics. The jh Williams thing was the last straw. I don't even read bat woman but this is like the 15 high profile writer\artist they chased off with executive meddling and arnt showing any signs of improving. The only dc books I follow now are ww, flash, and asw, all which have become mediocre anyway. Was holding out thinking they'd improve
>> No. 216085
File 137856555611.png - (112.13KB , 500x325 , tumblr_ms6925P6jV1rgzwcgo2_500.png )
Flash is SO PAINFULLY mediocre too.
>> No. 216086
>someone else who dislikes new52 Flash

Oh thank god, the sycophants were getting nauseating.
>> No. 216087
I've just started that series. It gets bad?
>> No. 216088
File 137857364812.jpg - (144.91KB , 634x994 , Matches_Malone_004.jpg )
Someone I've wondered is will we get Matches in Beware the Batman?
>> No. 216089
Oh god yes, it starts out awful too, giving the Rogues powers being a disgusting example of how the book misses the point.

Where it gets just...not even terrible but just completely a chore to get through is the Grodd battle.
>> No. 216090

Damn, sucking to be Kate.
>> No. 216091
File 137857536436.png - (143.33KB , 500x425 , tumblr_ms6925P6jV1rgzwcgo1_500.png )

Quadruple fuck you DC.
>> No. 216092
>Today, Dan DiDio told a packed hall at Baltimore Comic Con that heroes shouldn't get married. And he explained how heroes have to sacrifice their personal lives. And that is why Kathy Kane wasn't allowed to marry Maggie Sawyer in Batwoman. But of course, Aquaman is married to Mera. Isn't he? She's referred to as his queen, and before the New 52 relaunch of the title two years ago, they were a married couple... but actually in the series so far since then, he has never once referred to her as his wife, only as his queen. You might have thought the two would go together. Apparently not. I was just assured by a senior DC executive that, quite deliberately, "Aquaman is not married in New 52". And never was. No Mephisto needed.


And the hits just keep coming.
>> No. 216093
>Also the Amazons aren't really that sexist.

The Nu52 Amazons really are incredibly sexist. The Spartan comparison doesn't hold up. Obviously, the Spartans are not in any ongoing comics, but more importantly they were a male dominated society on a planet where male dominated societies are the norm, not the exception. That is a crucial context. If the Spartans were in an ongoing comic right now, it would not be a comic published in a society where men have historically borne the brunt of gender inequality and discrimination. We aren't talking about what a real-world group of women did thousands of years ago, we're talking about a modern depiction of a female-dominated society in a culture where that's nigh unheard of. And while it's frankly inaccurate, the modern perception of the Spartans is that while they may have been brutal, at least they were honest about it. The Spartan stereotype may try to kill you, but he would be openly hostile, without any attempt to mislead and betray. The nu52 Amazons show up naked, seduce men, have sex with them, then slaughter their unarmed victims. Women that just want your seed then stab you in the back to go live in a sexist anti-male society where men are sold into slavery because it's either that or kill the boys as infants for the crime of being male. Like something out of an MRA handbook.

Not saying the book doesn't have other strengths, not saying it was deliberate or indicates Azzarello is sexist himself (like I said, he just crossbred two sexist myths and got something more sexist than the sum of its parts), but it's still probably the most sexist thing currently in comics.
>> No. 216095
File 137858148336.jpg - (29.72KB , 465x280 , Mephisto-everything-that-is-wrong.jpg )
Shit like this is why it boggles my mind when you people actually give DC and Marvel money for their rags. Its like they go out of their way to crap on you.
>> No. 216097
This. We can argue until we're blue in the face about whether or not someone else could've done a better job, and maybe her writer's well really has run dry, but every one of her last few assignments has been "Hey Gail, here's a turd. Polish it."
>> No. 216101
File 137858465739.jpg - (76.25KB , 1280x1200 , 1378576781552.jpg )
Probably. I mean how else will Wayne keep personal tabs on crime.

I didn't actually mind Cold having powers. ll admit I haven't read Flash since Waid's stuff so I'll owe up to not being the biggest Flash fan. The Grodd fight was bad though? I was kind of looking forward to it.

I sort of see your point. Didn't these Amazons come from women who were oppressed by men? Or am I confusing it with the animated movie? I mean they have to keep the population up and the fact that Diana was shielded from it ment on some level Hipolyta knew it wasn't right. They were isolationists though. Which sometimes breeds some very hateful thinking.

However Diana doesn't want anything to do with it. Which I think makes her more heroic. Still I could see how it looks from another perspective. It makes the Amazons look like femnazis as opposed to their normal peaceful way of life (well peaceful for a group of warrior women)
>> No. 216102
I wouldn't call it terrible, but Barry is a boring straight man and the plots move really, really slowly. Plus, it seemed like the writing team wanted to build up Barry's world bit by bit, maybe for a longer mega-arc, but then came Rogues/Gorilla Warfare and things seem comparatively generic now. Like, the Gorilla Grodd one-shot showed a Central City with super-intelligent gorillas and people working together in the aftermath of an invasion. None of that was seen in the series itself, which disappoints me, because nothing about Central City stands out as a setting. And it irks me when I'm supposed to just accept that heroes and villains have this longstanding relationship as rivals, but none of that is established in the story itself. Grodd is a stronger antagonist than the Rogues for this reason alone.
>> No. 216103
The deal with The rogues is that they are intended to be akin to Batman, that is human beings who can hack their way in a super powered world and rather then being lame are stronger for it, rising to the challenge of their adversary and banding together each a threat to him on their own, an organized force that even the Flash has trouble staying on top of.

In keeping with this theme they have a set of established rules which minimize risks to their organization like not killing the Flash since rather then getting him out of Central it would bring the whole Justice League down on them.

Given them powers diminishes a number of unique facets of the DCU, It diminishes human accomplishment parameters, it makes the Rogues and drastically smaller threat since they no longer have a cornered dog sentiment and really the list gets larger with each rogue.

Lets take Captain Cold for example, where once he would kill people for calling him Mister freeze he now FUCKING IS MISTER FREEZE, so you have two characters who are exactly the same? Guess which one no one is ever gonna give a fuck about.

Hint: It's not the one who is considered one of Batman's most famous enemies.
>> No. 216104
File 137858666162.png - (553.15KB , 1280x1396 , tumblr_msqr12FVvY1rrkrgko1_r1_1280.png )
Barry is such a fucking non-entity it makes me really miss the actual Barry would do Disco night with Bruce Wayne and Karaoke with Diana.

but hey, it's a no fun allowed universe so it could be worse.
>> No. 216105
Ok I'll admit that does take something from them. I dug the part of Blackest Night with the Rogues pinned in the prison with a bunch of Black Lanterns on them. Didn't they try giving them powers before? When the demon was offering deals to supervillains?
>> No. 216106
Yup, and they told him to go blow.
>> No. 216107
>Didn't these Amazons come from women who were oppressed by men?

No. But writing a story about victims of abuse turning into radical anti-male bigots really wouldn't help. Mind you, from the real world perspective that's what happened. Prior to Azzarello's run they were victims of abuse and they were rebooted into violently anti-male bigots. Cowardly ones, too. But this is beating a dead horse, suffice to say prior to the reboot Simone was given the task of redeeming the Amazons following Amazons Attack. She didn't do a very good job, partly because she didn't want to look like she was insulting the other writers' work. And after her run, the Perez incarnation was canceled, and the story about Wonder Woman's two "moms" finally getting engaged (something that had been building for years and years) didn't happen. And instead the Amazons are not in a good place at all. Throw in the fate of Choi, the setup of Firestorm, the fact that DC took away its most successful minority hero (who takes something away from handicapped people? Honestly?), the thinning of Waller and Etta, hiring Orson Scott Card, and everything else going on right now... I think it's fair to say that the nosedive in Simone's quality is at least partly due to the fact that DC is no longer a healthy working environment, particularly for someone that tries to be socially conscious.
>> No. 216108
To be fair, the version of the Creeper most people seem to be aware of is his animated incarnation, and he was basically Freakazoid.
>> No. 216109
Ah. I remember Killer Moth becoming some retarded giant monster and Joker selling his soul for cigars. They were really good cigars. That's about the only other thing I remember from that event.
>> No. 216112
BTAS Creeper was awesome.
>> No. 216113
File 13785925754.gif - (110.56KB , 391x614 , 1378583309573.gif )
Oh ok. Honestly the way I see it then is the Amazons are just a hostile isolationist nation. If Azz had just left the immortality part in we could have avoided this. Then again since he's drawing from myth, well myth wasn't the nicest thing in the world. I mean compare comics Thor to the sociopath that was the myth. There's no real way to positively spin what happened to Arachne. I mean with the Amazons you take culture filled with hostility and hatred and put it in a bubble, well its not going to progress much.

Amazons Attack was such garbage. So much so that Incredible Herc did it better.

I'll agree that she had been dealt some shitty hands (why the hell couldn't there be two Atoms is beyond me). I just feel she tries too hard to be progressive. At the end of the day Ryan was a hero, we didn't need to be reminded he's Asian all the time. Just like how Alan Scott, possibly more Superman than Superman, just happens to be gay. Or Sir Ystin happens tobe trans. It doesn't become their whole character is what I mean.
>> No. 216114
Turning Alan Scott gay was completely retarded.
>> No. 216115
Alan Scott being gay is REALLY dumb for a lot of reasons so you should leave that out of your examples.
>> No. 216116
File 137859513261.jpg - (94.89KB , 1007x650 , 1377921744721.jpg )
Did you see what they did to him before Flashpoint? Like right before?

Right now Alan is awesome. Loses the love if his life? Soldiers on because he doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. Offered the power to help? Immediately accepts and makes his engagement ring the way to focus his power in honor of what he lost. Tempted with the opportunity of reuniting with his dead love? Tells the Grey to fuck off because he's a stronger man than that. Stuck in the middle of two group of heroes ready to fight each other? Tells them to stop fighting because there's a villain to fight instead of each other.

But an Oni? I mean that's really out there.
>> No. 216117
File 137859730525.jpg - (46.22KB , 206x320 , 808147.jpg )
Seriously I know a lot of people dislike what happened with Earth 2 getting rid of history but the JSA was pretty much FUBAR before that. I mean Guggenheim fucked it up so much.
>> No. 216118
Jade was the only human woman to ever canonically be a Green Lantern.

Obsidian was one of the first openly gay characters in comics.

Rebooting the JSA in such a way that they no longer exist, and coming up with a new version of their dad that's gay (after promoting that a Green Lantern would be gay, and leaving out that it'd be one in an alternate reality, and the least relevant of the lot) was pretty much DC somehow managing to find the least progressive way possible to reintroduce a long-running character as being gay.
>> No. 216120
File 13786004943.jpg - (595.43KB , 1280x2010 , 1378597964839.jpg )
Would I have liked them to be back? Yes. However I think Robinson did a good job with what he had. Alan is pretty much a composite of both Alan and his son. Frankly I think it could have been way worse.

I wouldn't have minded a new Infinity Inc. with the same focus on legacy. Take John's approach with having a bunch of new blood but have it work off Earth 2' formula if separate teams so we don't end up with the clusterfuck that JSA turned into.

What's the opinion of the theory that Earth 2's Batman is Hourman pre-formula?
>> No. 216121
Nick are you being deliberately obtuse? How can you be missing the point being raised by the other poster so badly.
>> No. 216122
File 137860239287.jpg - (226.91KB , 800x1193 , GL_Corps_Quarterly-06-29.jpg )
No one is arguing it didn't turn out as well as it could have, but that it's fucking garbage in the first place.
>> No. 216124
What do you mean? I mean I know losing Jade and Obsidian sucked but Earth 2 was very different from JSA when it comes to age. Alan was no longer the old warhorse. That's why no kids. Honestly I think Alan being gay is fine. It's certainly not the worse thing Alan went through.
>> No. 216130
File 137860559854.jpg - (418.62KB , 975x1500 , skimask gun.jpg )
>I just feel she tries too hard to be progressive.

I already said I felt she's "trying too hard," but I feel that the reason for that is that she's extremely bothered by the fact that DC is fucking up royally when it comes to social issues, right across the board. You brought up Alan Scott as an indicator that it's not THAT bad, but it is, because "gay Alan" only came about by getting rid of DC's most prominent gay male character, AND it was the tepid anticlimax of a publicity stunt about rebooting a Green Lantern as a gay character, AND he's off in an alternate reality where he can't meet the rest of the DCU or anything. "It could've been worse" doesn't change the fact that the closest thing to a step forward from DC in years was actually one step forward one step back. Meanwhile they're completely screwing the pooch just about everywhere else, managing to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Hey, remember when Mr. Terrific, leader of the JSA, was a big deal OUTSIDE that book as well as in it? Well don't hold your breath waiting for him to appear elsewhere ever again.

I give it a year before Milestone chars get used as cannon fodder in some "event" book.
>> No. 216132
Why does a Green Lantern have a gun?
>> No. 216133
Because 80% of Green Lantern stories have a point where "OH NO, THE RING'S OUT OF POWER/DOESN'T WORK/IS MISSING"
>> No. 216134
Ok I get what you're all saying.

I can still like Alan and Earth 2 right? I love that book. Although I will admit I'm hesitant with Robinson leaving, not due to the new writer (I've seen some of his other stuff and he's not bad) but due to what kind of control editorial will exert.
>> No. 216140
He's a criminal Muslim from Detroit.
>> No. 216142
To go with his "I'm gonna rob you infidel" ski-mask.
>> No. 216144
It's pretty disappointing that one of the more consistent elements of Geoff Johns' impact on the Green Lantern mythos was the establishment of the most powerful weapon in the universe being even worse at holding a charge than my crappy laptop is.
>> No. 216152
Green Lantern losing his power like, every day, is a pretty consistent element of Green Lantern.

Johns just took away "Yellow" as the excuse they used to justify it half the time.
>> No. 216156
"Having to recharge the ring" being a long time thing does NOT justify the near constant announcements of "9% charge" "3% charge" in EVERY Green Lantern fight scene. Particularly with the increase of decompression in comic book storytelling, there should be at least some fights where Green Lanterns AREN'T running on fumes. I mean, there have to be some fights where they can take the time to make sure they aren't going to run out before they start fighting, right? But since Johns took over not only is that not the case, there's a basically a blinking friggin' light announcing ahead of time that it's going to happen.
>> No. 216236
This STILL pisses me off.
First because I loved both of those characters, but it also set Kyle Rayner back to ridiculous lengths which just makes me gag on top of everything else.
>> No. 216237
This STILL pisses me off.
First because I loved both of those characters, but it also set Kyle Rayner back to ridiculous lengths which just makes me gag on top of everything else.
>> No. 216919
They are. And Christ that series is bad.
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