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File 137168230535.jpg - (607.13KB , 698x737 , Castle Guardian.jpg )
380108 No. 380108
You must fight the guardian.

What do you have in your house that you can use against the guardian?
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>> No. 380111
File 137168515462.jpg - (125.78KB , 700x500 , tknife.jpg )
My knives and guns?
>> No. 380120
Three swords, a dirk, a morningstar, several guns, and various knives.
>> No. 380121
File 13716982369.jpg - (92.90KB , 312x445 , 157.jpg )
Get rekt.
>> No. 380123
Harsh Language.
>> No. 380127
Saltwater or fresh water. Whatever that thing doesn't normally live in.

Pitch fork, bat, BB gun (as a club), long spade, pool cue, steak knife (large), paring knife (smaller, but much sharper), hammer, wrench, really long screwdriver, vokda and wine bottles, my car
>> No. 380129
Just salt.
>> No. 380131
If it's the guy in the picture, I'm not fighting him. He's adorable.
>> No. 380137
A fire extinguisher.

Barring that, I own a shotgun and a rifle, and I don't intend to give this short stack of Dagon a sporting chance for shit.
>> No. 380162
Clan tradition dictates that in order to graduate to full womanhood I must kill him with my own two hands and eat the body. Rip and tear, baby.
>> No. 380166
My dick. Wish me luck.
>> No. 380179
eskrima sticks. was that even a question?
>> No. 380181
Five dozen hungry cats!
>> No. 380218
What is the guardian guarding, exactly?
>> No. 380219
It says there right in the file name: it's a (sand) castle guardian.
>> No. 380220
pffft, large carp are like the only thing im particularly skilled at killing
>> No. 380256
If this were dwarf fortress back in the day you wouldn't have typed that.
>> No. 380320
He's Australian. Have you ever seen a dorf decapitate an alligator by throwing a koala at it?
>> No. 380347
No but I've seen a cat marry a turtle. The parents weren't too happy.
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