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379970 No. 379970
So, I have been thinking: which of those sites is better to write blogs on? If you don't feel like not doing it, give the pros and cons of each site.
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>> No. 379972
If you can afford it, buy some hosting and use a Wordpress installation that you can customize to your heart’s content.

If you can’t, use Blogger/Blogspot. (Just remember: Google owns Blogger, and the NSA/PRISM leaks implicated Google as a cooperative company, so…yeah.)
>> No. 379973
I used to have a WP account (for a class project), but I murdered it. I don't remember paying for it.
>> No. 379979
They are both illegal links to post.
>> No. 379995
>> No. 380945
File 137282495239.gif - (0.96MB , 500x281 , Po aren't you excited.gif )

I will write articles when I feel like it.
>> No. 381068
Yes! I finally made my first post. Feel free to read and disagree.
>> No. 381073
As usual, you frame valid points and invalid non-sense through your own predisposition as a complete tool.
>> No. 381075
i wrote this blog in middle school. i regret it.
>> No. 381076
File 137307063040.jpg - (300.98KB , 550x906 , rf just as planned.jpg )
>> No. 381095
I just have a Tumblr for reblogging things, I don't blog my own stuff. I'm not really that interesting/people don't agree with me often.
>> No. 381145
I don't use tümbler as a "social media" website; I just post images on it.

You are the second person who actually answered my question. It is too late for me now, but thanks anyway.
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