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File 136953505661.jpg - (242.45KB , 800x600 , 1366424558740.jpg )
378549 No. 378549
I'm finna get in that puss.

How do?
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>> No. 378551
Barrel roll
>> No. 378558
I got in a little shopping with my mom yesterday morning, the weather stayed perfect all day, and I even had a small herd of deer run through what I count as my ‘backyard’ in the early evening.

Yesterday was a good day.
>> No. 378559
File 136954610064.png - (234.24KB , 629x352 , NONICK.png )
>>person is depressed
>>asks for help
>>says she's not planning on hurting herself or others, just wants advice
>>one person responds by making jokes about her going to attempt to kill herself if she gets the slightest bit upset
>>other person jokes about her shooting up the school, asks how many guns she takes to school on a daily basis

That's...not helping. In the slightest.
>> No. 378563
File 136955082493.png - (104.25KB , 469x428 , angry trollface.png )
>have doubts and fears
>tell someone about them
>get "only pussies have doubts or fears" response
>that someone is your parent
>urge to kill rises
>don't want to go to jail
>> No. 378565
It is downright infuriating when people tell you to go to your parents for advice, and your parents don't give a shit, won't even hear you out, or respond with "well, MY problems are worse". This is why I never entirely bought that "family is everything" moral that keeps popping up in kids' films nowadays. Ugh.

Vent your rage in ways other than violence, and ask us instead. We're here for you.
>> No. 378566
Thanks, but no thanks; I'll rather ask God.

No, not the one from the Bible; I believe in a different kind.
>> No. 378568
That Middle Eastern date farmer one seems oddly specific.
>> No. 378570
creative outlets

should take up drawing if they havent already
like comics
maybe fantasy would do nicely
>> No. 378572
The family is everything moral is made so kids dont grow up to be like those parents in the first place
>> No. 378581
Does anyone really worship the god from the bible?
>> No. 378583
Maybe you just have shitty parents? Mine always heard me out and gave great advice.
>> No. 378585
Only ~ 3,744,000,000 people
>> No. 378587
I say the family institute is deeply flawed. It overemphasizes the importance of biological parents, while there is ZERO guarantee that they will be good people capable of raising a child.
>> No. 378589
while i do agree with you to a good extent, i think the institution itself isn't necessarily the problem so much as the misconception of what creates a good family unit in general and when/whether or not people should even be having kids.
>> No. 378590
I don't really think the 'institution' emphasized biological parenting more than it does GOOD parenting.
And if it does, man get away from that institution ew it sucks theres nothing wrong with getting adopted by a good family who cares what that implies augh
>> No. 378592
Finally out of the "coughing impotently and sounding like my vocal cords are webbed up by spiders" phase of being sick
Into the "hocking up big, thick, yellow-brown lugies" phase.
>> No. 378594
File 136960481175.gif - (486.06KB , 250x141 , ive-made-a-huge-mistake.gif )
>going to family party
>don't do my hair, don't do anything to be fancy since family (and also watching Arrested Development all morning)
>get to party
>totally more than just family
>uncle is talking to his friend
>"hey anon I want you to meet my friend's son"
>oh god why uncle
>why today
>he's cute, same general age
>I spaghetti everywhere
>and end up walking away
>> No. 378595
File 136960575018.jpg - (18.75KB , 248x240 , Happiness_FairyTail.jpg )
>spending all day watching The Original Star Trek through Startrek.com, wearing pajamas, drinking coffee

Life is pretty good.
>> No. 378596

Now I just gotta figure out where to zoom in.
>> No. 378598
File 136961267981.jpg - (123.79KB , 450x570 , eatdick.jpg )
>my fucking phone company/ISP
>> No. 378609
That'd work.

Fair enough. It's just frustrating when they say "stick to your family, no matter what" and your family's a bunch of passive-aggressive manipulative abusive fuckwads that you should under no circumstances hang around.

They are and I'm aware they are. I have decent extended family, though. At least.
>> No. 378616
File 136963562259.gif - (3.13MB , 425x323 , BLEAEAAEEEEAAAUGH BLAAAAAAUUUGH.gif )
>Facebook and Twitter
I talk casually about football, art and maybe comics.

I talk abit about myself and my feelings regarding my art sometimes.
Mostly art posting.

I can say shit I wouldn't say in either of the above.
>> No. 378618
It has been entirely too long since I had my last grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich
Jesus CHRIST these are delicious
>> No. 378619
I had a dream last night.

>an old female friend has invited me over to her country
>she casually makes a move onto me
>we cuddle and kiss
>we are cool with it
>then some guy who lives with her comes in, starts to cry and shuts himself in his own room
>a second guy comes in, he looks pretty pathetic
>while my female friend is doing something, he shows me a box
>in that box are photos from my female friend getting jizzed on, fucking other guys, being a general slut
>that guy tells me she posts that shit on a blog named freak vampires with some twist or something
>somehow fermale friend disappears and the pictures get stolen by a nigger
>i chase him down to some office complex which kinda looks like a yard sale
>for the remaining dreamtime I collect the fucking pictures so my female friend doesn't have to live through the shame and humilation

That was one weird dream. Freaked me out.

Was posting this in the old thread, damn it.
>> No. 378621
Three days ago I dreamt I was a vampire hunter. It was fucking frightening and intense and exciting. Your dream is shit.
>> No. 378623
>don't do my hair, don't do anything to be fancy since family
I think some people don't understand how important it is to be seen in your natural state. If they guy's anything like me, the first thing to come to mind would be "I could wake up next to a girl looking like that."
>> No. 378627
File 136966137269.jpg - (44.93KB , 640x480 , bruce angry.jpg )
How does one stop feeling cynical and bitter and angry and jealous.
>> No. 378628
File 136966276057.png - (40.38KB , 690x780 , keep-calm-and-let-the-games-begin-24.png )
Three days ago I dreamt I was a vampire...
>> No. 378632
Is been a long time (almost a decade) since I experimented the nuisance and pain of a strong cold. And this last weekend that just happened.
>> No. 378633
Thing is I feel more confident and relaxed when I think I look nice. I'm really shy so it's kind of like wearing a suit of armor going into battle
>> No. 378634
That's pretty common with women.

Most guys don't seem to realize that the makeup, clothes and accessories aren't always for them.
>> No. 378635
By realizing how silly all those emotions are, and seriousing up with the important ones like naivete, joy, and love.
>> No. 378637
by focusing less on putting the cause of your bad feelings on others and the outside and focusing on how you can respond to the world to make yourself happy and accept things for how they are rather than what you think they should be.


also listen to chaplain.
>> No. 378638
if you're wearing what you wear for you and not for other people, that's just fine.
not that how you present yourself shouldn't have an effect on other people. it does. it can't be helped. but people are most awesome when they're at their most confident.
>> No. 378646
There was a pebble in my bread. It chipped off a small bit of my molar when I heartily chomped down on it. And my dental plan ran out about two months ago. This is pretty shitty. I hate you, bread.
>> No. 378649
>> No. 378650
Where did you get the bread?
>> No. 378655
Wow this exact same thing just happened to me too, it was homemade bread and the "pebble" was a piece of the stoneware that got chipped off when I shoved it into the oven.

What are the chances we both lost half a tooth like this?
>> No. 378656
From a little bakery around the corner. It was whole grain bread, so it wasn't readily apparent as pebble until it was too late, obviously.
>> No. 378657

Oh, hello /b/
>> No. 378658
Same man, multiple personalities!
>> No. 378663
you realize you can sue them for medical bills?
>> No. 378664
No, really. Your dream was shitty and uninteresting. And my dream was fucking rad. I just feel sorry is all. Have some better dreams.
>> No. 378665
>get to girlfriends house while she's still picking the kids up from school
>let myself in and go play with my phone on her bed
>when they come in one of them asks "mummy is Hydra here?"
>remark later that they recognise my car now
>"...no, they ask that every day after school"

relayed to me on facebook:
>"Mummy will Hydra be here tomorrow?"
>"No darling."
>"But mummy, i love Hydra and he is part of our family."

>both of them have accidently refered to me me as daddy while distracted/excited
>> No. 378667
That's adorable.
You been doing better lately?
>> No. 378669
Wait they're not your kids? Full story plz
>> No. 378670
I'm guessing his lady came with a family already equipped.
>> No. 378689
File 136974301551.jpg - (27.07KB , 401x600 , tumblr_inline_mgc1vtKOpg1qelu6l.jpg )
Okay so on a hypothetical you get offered 500 dollars by a mother who claims her son had his knuckles crushed by a guy after he hit on him, she wants you to similarly injure the guy whom you've had unpleasant exchanges with with in the past to say the least.

What would you do?
>> No. 378692
I'd ask Sneaky Tiki to stop making up stories on the internet.
>> No. 378694
i hope they actually call you hydra.
>> No. 378696
Take the money, seduce the homophobe, lift the veil of denial from his eyes.
>> No. 378697
File 136975413048.jpg - (129.12KB , 500x551 , tumblr_lypwzkm4Q41r4xqamo1_500.jpg )
And I'd thank you for shatter my half truths so that I can finally realize I am a destitute 39 year old morbidly obese man living with his parents who is hideously pimply and alone.

Clearly the only true answer.
>> No. 378699
Take the money, kick the homophobes ass, fuck the homo kid to make him feel better.

Also when you're done fucking him go to his fridge, steal all his butter and leave. I've done this twice and never been caught.
>> No. 378704
File 136975743911.png - (153.95KB , 755x516 , tumblr_mmk61qF4Vo1qf4eupo1_1280.png )
Ingenious but why steal the butter?
>> No. 378708
Pass. Vengeance is dumb, and other people's vengeance is double dumb.
>> No. 378712
There is a butter shortage in Norway, it's worth it's weight in gold over there.


My plan worked perfectly btw, I scored almost $2000 out of the deal.
>> No. 378714
File 136976129353.jpg - (176.40KB , 433x750 , tumblr_mlm5fd8QCC1so290xo1_500.jpg )
That....is fucking fascinating.

I haven't been this taken back since I learned about the canola oil conspiracy.
>> No. 378722
I feel like I'm stupid because questions don't really go far beyond their answers for me.
>> No. 378728
Knew too many awesome things were happening.

Guess whose mutant power really is cancer. >:(
>> No. 378729
File 136978230065.jpg - (93.38KB , 500x722 , tumblr_mn9uk4ns3s1r05wk4o1_500.jpg )
FUCK, what's the plan now Kid?
>> No. 378731
Put up with my orifices being violated and hope by the time I actually get anything my MAGNIFENT ROBOT BODY will be available.
>> No. 378732
File 136978320896.gif - (0.96MB , 326x184 , tumblr_mjtqfdZ71A1qhptjvo1_400.gif )
We'll put Doktor on it right away, would you like it with or without a sombrero?
>> No. 378733
>> No. 378741
She means she went and got her predisposition for cancer checked out. I don't think she means she has cancer at this moment.

As for robot bodies, we're not too far away. In fact, we're not too far away from repairing biology.
>> No. 378745
>In fact, we're not too far away from repairing biology.
Not sure what you mean... we already have medicine.
>> No. 378747
I meant to say MAGNIFICENT ROBOT BODY but my phone is a derp.

This. I have the gene that causes the cancer that runs in my family. Probably won't show up for another decade or two, looking at our history.

Also I've always wanted a robot body, anyway.

Why is this even a question.
>> No. 378751
File 136978878039.jpg - (41.28KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mjpunquE2y1qaogl0o1_500.jpg )
Man, Kid Hate we are gonna robro it up
>> No. 378752
Therapy that addresses the genetic derp that contributes to growing superfluous cultures or immortal growths.
>> No. 378753
What kind of cancer are you getting?
>> No. 378754
We are not even remotely close to robot bodies.
>> No. 378755
File 13697900989.jpg - (59.95KB , 500x638 , tumblr_mjsg17TAPg1r1cxsno1_500.jpg )
>> No. 378756
i got nothin to complain about so i guess i just lurk here now


oh heres one i forgot
>want to get rid of a couple of plushies because my ex gave them to me
>give them to the kids
>the iron man one is now the boys single most prized posession
>> No. 378757
I guess that depends on your haggling definition of 'remotely close'

With nanotechnology and biocompatibility, how long do you honestly believe we are from replacing major organs?
>> No. 378758
Oh you mean gene therapy? We've had that for decades now, even if it is a bit expensive.

Main problem is UN and retards ban us from doing anything more.
>> No. 378762
It's a surprise! But probably colon/butt cancer.

Also possible: thyroid, ovarian, uterine, esophageal, gastric, etc...
>> No. 378764
Oh, I thought you meant some transhumanism shit. My bad.

I do think that robotic replacements are less practical and farther away than lab-grown organs though. A titanium pump is no substitute for a biological heart, even if it is impressive, basically because it can't respond to signals as living tissue can and it can't grow. They did manage to save a little boy earlier with a tiny titanium heart (http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/24/us-italy-heart-idUSBRE84N0XZ20120524) but, even if at this point the artificial one was sustainable over a long period, he would need several surgeries as he grows up to replace it, because it cannot grow with him. (This "heart" can apparently pump 1.5 litres per minute; an adult pumps about 5 - 5.5 litres per minute.) Hearts are also fairly simple organs, really, and an artificial heart mostly sounds impressive because you will die immediately if anything goes a bit wrong with it. But consider a robotic filtering organ like the liver or kidney, or a lung, or an intestine. Dialysis machines are fuckhuge for a reason: these organs actually have very complicated functions that we can't make machines with the same capacity as a fist-sized kidney unless they are significantly larger than your head. There's an "artificial" kidney being worked on right now that can fit inside a person, but it's... it's really more like a box with living kidney cells inside, it's not a mechanical thing in its own right.

Robotic parts have their uses too though, just not when it comes to transplants. Bionic limbs are way fucking easier than growing a whole foot in a lab.
>> No. 378765
I don't give a shit.

Full-on robot or bust. YEEEEAAAAAAH.
>> No. 378766
Hey, you're going to have a robutt
>> No. 378767
Bite my shiny future ass.
>> No. 378773
<3333 keep us updated please~
>> No. 378775
I don't get people who start a conversation with you and yet don't really want to say anything about their lives or what they like, and respond to everything with "good" or "not much".
>> No. 378780
File 136980270543.png - (41.80KB , 300x300 , 1366160402484.png )
I'm deciding on a new 27" monitor for gaming. I've looked at the ASUS VG278HE but the reviews cite backlight and color bleeding, despite the attractive 144hz. I also looked at the Benq 2720T, which had better reviews than the ASUS overall, but it seems a bit pricey.

Can anyone in this field help me out?
>> No. 378787
I just noticed that despite ">you will never have a gf" frog in OP's pic, the man's hand has a wedding ring on it.
>> No. 378792
I bought a guitar and a motorcycle.

Am I cool yet.
>> No. 378793
you are officially the apex predator of dat ass, miley.
>> No. 378801
File 136981892239.png - (177.68KB , 683x683 , 1368637712696.png )
Wait, is Bea really the sole mod now? I need to know if I should keep on shittalking her behind her back or not.
>> No. 378802
You should never shit talk people behind their backs. You should always bring your posse and do it to their face, in a snide, derisive manner.
>> No. 378805
Oh god I just saw the Kid Hate stuff and freaked out and then freaked out slightly less.

Take the prevention is the best cure Angelina Jolie methodology and go implant your consciousness in a Big Dog.
>> No. 378807
Wait, does her being the sole mod mean you shit talk her behind her back less, or more?
>> No. 378808
>Oh god I just saw the Kid Hate stuff and freaked out and then freaked out slightly less.
yeah this
I'm really sorry Kid Hate, I hope your mutant powers remain latent and never really develop.

I just want a badass robot eye that can see in infrared and zoom in and shit.
>> No. 378809
File 136982460139.jpg - (139.40KB , 550x407 , 1291403083679.jpg )
Keep on doing whatever it is your think you're doing. You monster.
>> No. 378810
Oh, and Kid Hate, you have my best wishes. I've had family members with cancer too, and a friend of a friend is currently battling it.
>> No. 378812
Pablo 4 Mod Campaign 2013
>> No. 378814
Bard is still around, right? As slow as this place is, how many mods does it need?
>> No. 378816

come at me, Bardo
>> No. 378819
Tobias, I swear, one day I will punch you in your lazy fucking face.
/roommate problems
>> No. 378820
Let's hear your platform. Dazzle us.
>> No. 378828

Your shitposting doesn't fit this board
>> No. 378829
You mean this off-shoot of 4chan? Put a sock in it. You might want to try tumblr, if you only want other people praising your precious special self for being super-interesting.
>> No. 378831
File 136983678075.gif - (0.99MB , 468x356 , why dont we have both.gif )
see image

or you could always become a tripfag
>> No. 378833
My life is really boring but something interesting always seems to be going on and I don't know how that happens.
>> No. 378845
Use your imagination.
>> No. 378849
because you draw in people as interesting as you who might actually have enough money to do things with you?
>> No. 378852
>might actually have enough money to do things with you
that sounds fun
>> No. 378858
Where'd you get that idea?
>> No. 378859
I want to die
>> No. 378860
yeah. been there a bunch this last few years.
wanna talk about it?
>> No. 378861
To die or to be dead?
>> No. 378862
>>have literally no spending money
>>friends keep badgering me to buy games
>>"it's only $200 for the console, the game is $60, and there's a monthly fee of--"
>>what part of literally no spending money do you not get

funny thing is this has been happening for years and I've had friends stop talking to me, claiming I'm a spoiled rich asshole, when they spend 10x more money than I've ever had
>> No. 378867
What could possibly give them the impression that you're rich?

Is your last name money? Like Thadd Money?
>> No. 378869
I'm Jewish and my dad works in the science field.

He has to teach and work on science papers for me to even afford to go to college. I rarely get to buy games, and there's a stipulation that they need to be out for awhile for him to even consider it. I can only go to a con if it's nearby, and cosplay is usually not an option. Meanwhile, she's buying all of these new games and travelling across the country in a custom cosplay and shit.
>> No. 378870
I think I may be beginning a depressive slump.
Anyone know how to stave it off before it hits hard?
>> No. 378873
Broaden your horizons. Watch energetic movies and documentaries. Talk to people you know.

>B-but I'm clinically depressed

>> No. 378885
Are you taking on student debt, or paying your way through school check by check?
>> No. 378892
He's paying for me. That's why all of my money needs to go to books and meals.
>> No. 378916
Just as an aside, it's important to not expect meds to be some kind of magic wand that will make everything better--not that you were suggesting that. Depending how serious the depression is, you need to put in a lot of work too.
Broadening your horizons and talking to people you know is good--I would say that the biggest mistake I've probably made in my fifteen-some years of being morbidly depressed is not getting out more, talking, and building some kind of support system.
I've tried essentially every combination of meds known to man, many talk therapists, hypno-therapists, hospitalizations, ECT, TMS, self-help programs, volunteering to help the needy to feel a sense of fulfillment, etc. and flushed thousands of dollars down the drain to no effect, with professionals merely shrugging their shoulders and labeling my case as "treatment resistant." I know that from being a support system for someone else how powerful it can be to have someone there unconditionally (who doesn't require payment), and I feel that that's what's been missing from my efforts to recover.
There are many resources available, some of which are free to use--the national suicide hotline is free, and there may be some free depression support groups near where you live--but this kind of outside help is ultimately limited and can't replace the bonds you have with circle of friends or other support involving people who actually know you as a person.
>> No. 378926
File 136993453671.gif - (779.00KB , 350x193 , worried.gif )
I had a really vivid dream last night and it was really intense and sad and I haven't been able to shake that feeling off all day.
>> No. 378927

Got some pixelart finished this morning. :D
>> No. 378954
File 136996736588.jpg - (68.95KB , 768x676 , youwin.jpg )
>> No. 378960
Pretty sweet. I've been experimenting with sprites in pickle.

>> No. 378968

Huh. Never seen that program before. (I use Paint Shop Pro.)
>> No. 378984
I'm at A-kon 24 today.
Katie Tiedrich (creator of Awkward Zombie) is here too, in the artist ally. She's really cool. Brought a Awkward Zombie book from her.
>> No. 378999
File 13700388763.jpg - (185.41KB , 640x480 , HNI_0017_MPO.jpg )
Well it was nice to get out and do something other than go to work. Time to go back home. Here is a pic... if it uploads.
>> No. 379002
File 137004023187.png - (80.33KB , 441x742 , creeper.png )
Saw this on my fb newsfeed. He doesn't even know the girl (a Limecrime model).
>> No. 379004
File 137004111811.png - (816.05KB , 650x1155 , comic40.png )
I like her, she's one of the rare videogame webcomics who I still find consistently funny whether it's the gags or the actual art. Let alone a female doing a videogame webcomic, which is also pretty cool.

Has she actually been on 4Chan? I think I've seen her posting OC on /v/ back when it was marginally less shitty.
>> No. 379007
She was in a /co/ artist drawfag charity event last year.
I guess so.
>> No. 379008
Holding a fruitless idea for too long can bring a man down.
>> No. 379009
Don't I know it.
>> No. 379018
File 137005676556.jpg - (25.61KB , 450x408 , stop-stop_jokideo.jpg )
>artist asks suggestion for something to draw
>suggest /d/chan violently sodomizing a spaceship full of 'grey' aliens.
>they draw it.

I'm not sure whether to be proud of this or ashamed of it.
>> No. 379022
Sometimes I feel like I only matter to people when they need something specific. A pair of hands to help, someone to entertain them when I'm bored, someone to try to forcibly mold into themselves (so many people trying to coerce me into liking everything they like, or going down their career path instead of trying to figure out what I like), someone to like the Facebook page so they can win something.

They don't really need me as a person. I'm sorry if this seems selfish, but I wish people needed me specifically, or wanted me to be friends with them in particular.
>> No. 379025
Ashamed. You're not that much of a newfag.
>> No. 379026
I've been on /co/ since day 1.
>> No. 379028
You are your usefulness. There's nothing wrong with that.
>> No. 379031
Mindwipe would draw anything and you know it.
>> No. 379032
Extra ashamed then.
>> No. 379036
File 137009618643.jpg - (31.09KB , 456x480 , 100_4650.jpg )
Grampa, grampa! What was it like back then? Tell us!
>> No. 379043
Perhaps. I'm just worried because I've had people tell me "I talk to you because you're always online," or "because my best friend isn't online," or I get asked to help because I happen to be in the room. There's nothing people need me specifically on, nothing where I could do something I happen to be good at. I'm inter-changable with anyone else who happens to exist.
>> No. 379045
File 137011233789.png?nsfw - (78.75KB , 1120x600 , capture-14.png?nsfw )

Interestingly enough, it wasn't me, it was ICS.
>> No. 379050
I'm digging the highlights on her tentacles.
>> No. 379054
Aaaaand now I have a potential stranger in my house. Owner was looking to rent out the newly-empty room, but I didn't know he had made an agreement with someone already. He knew some things that he would know only if the owner had reached an agreement (like the owner leaving a key for him in the grill outside), and I had talked to him over e-mail, but I had no warning he was moving in.

The owner just got back to me that it's legit, but it's still rather unsettling.

Fuck I wish I could afford my own place. XP
>> No. 379055
File 137013979012.jpg - (41.80KB , 495x537 , mayli.jpg )
>Really cute Whasian girl from an upper-class family who does hyper-grim abuse porn.
>Gets posted on /v/ all the time.
>Tons of personal information getting posted on a thread tonight.
>It turns out she goes to my school now.

*mission impossible music plays in the background*
>> No. 379056

Well of course it was him.
>> No. 379057
That's okay. Someone will find you and decide they want to hold only you.

Make him your friend.
>> No. 379058
Drawfaggotry, everywhere! Avatarfagging.
We didn't have one dedicated Men's Rights Advocate waging a propaganda war against the definition of feminism that'd screw up every thread!
>> No. 379059
p o s
>> No. 379063
File 137015747368.gif - (144.32KB , 468x351 , 1367820408890.gif )
I think In got roped into a date. Roommates' friend apparently has an interest in going to comiccon with the passes she bought and she doesn't mind me going with her. I don't know that she actually likes me, I feel like we've spent 5 minutes together and I didn't make that much of an impression. Still, better than going alone. Guess I'll just play it cool.
>> No. 379064
how the fuck did i miss? pfffff

guys. guys. guys.
guys. exercise is great.
>> No. 379067
Ferrous are you drunk again
>> No. 379068
does he stop drunking?
>> No. 379071
File 137017079045.png - (918.72KB , 1360x768 , Screenshot (3).png )
I did it.

He didn't know Bowler-Hat Billy.
>> No. 379072
i was tipsy when i posted this. it's clearly missing a word.

i went a little bit too far too fast by the time i intended to post more.

don't play catch up with a plus4chan mod. apparently they go H.A.M.

my body is never sober.
>> No. 379076
File 137019147068.jpg - (33.11KB , 210x217 , happy-tears-16772.jpg )
I finally found somewhere that sells grape soda. I'm so happy.
>> No. 379077
File 137019489153.jpg - (95.67KB , 450x269 , Zuberfizz Grape Soda.jpg )
>> No. 379079

What is going on in Ireland making it so you can't easily find grape soda? Did it get outlawed or something?
>> No. 379080
Grape is a really uncommon flavour over here. It's just not popular. Same with bubblegum and watermelon, to a lesser extent. Sadly they are all my favourite flavours. Iced tea too, it's just not something we drink in the UK much. It distresses me greatly, I just want grape candy and soda and drank forever. :(
>> No. 379081
perhaps the gal is asking about The Republic of Ireland. sorry to hear the UK has bad taste in candy drinks. at least you have lots of Indian food?

god i'm hungry.
>> No. 379089
Ugh, foreign savages.

Also, tea mixed with whiskey is dope as all shit.
>> No. 379090
Whiskey is one of the few spirits I don't like at all.
>> No. 379091
I'm mixing it with a wood-scented oolong and they complement each other perfectly. Normally I just use whiskey to get drunk really quickly or test my resolve.
>> No. 379092
So it's not some fantastic, unusual artificial or natural grape flavor. It's just the plain ol kind that tastes vaguely like sweetened vomit.
>> No. 379093
cough syrup, maybe.
i've been working in lab with the main chemical that creates that puke smell, butyric acid... and i imagine it creates that same great taste.

vomit is more akin to cheese than any fruit flavor, artificial or not. i wonder what the chemical complex is...
YUP. it's an ester of a carboxylic acid.

okay. if you get really low quality artificial grape, maybe they somehow still have the carboxylic acid in there? i dunno. or maybe you're just really familiar with vomit that's been combined with alcohol. that also spontaneously forms esters that are more fruity and less stringent in scent and taste.

i won't judge.
>> No. 379094
I've never had grape flavoured anything that tasted like vomit. Hershey's chocolate on the other hand, wow. Vomtastic.
>> No. 379095
Yeah grape-flavored anything except some brands of grape soda is terrible.
I feel for you and your lack of watermelon-flavored things though Tooth, watermelon candy da bes.
>> No. 379096
WTF is grape soda?
>> No. 379098
Have to agree with you here. My most hated artificial fruit flavors have always been grape and cherry, although lots of people seem to love cherry. Poor misguided souls.

Sounds pretty obvious. Grape-flavored soda.
>> No. 379100
Do you mean drank?

Purple drank?
>> No. 379101
I'm sure you're joking, but here's some links for the benefit of >>379096


I'm sure they both taste equally disgusting.
>> No. 379111
File 137022415787.jpg - (142.80KB , 640x480 , HNI_0030_MPO.jpg )
Who wants crapy 3DS pictures?
You guys do of cource.
>> No. 379112
File 137022454878.jpg - (120.88KB , 640x480 , HNI_0026_MPO.jpg )
And I'm going to give them to you all so so hard.
>> No. 379114
File 137022662171.jpg - (124.28KB , 640x480 , HNI_0023_MPO.jpg )
Look who's not being.....as useless as before. Yeah, I'm actually doing something for a change.
>> No. 379115
>Hating grape soda

Wrong opinions general.
>> No. 379116
I've been horny 24/7 for like close to two weeks now, this is getting really annoying.
No idea why.

I'd put this in the sex thread but I feel like it's for slightly more mature discussion than OH GOD WHY WON'T MY BONER GO AWAY IT'S LIKE I'M 13 AGAIN
>> No. 379119
File 137022974695.gif - (458.81KB , 175x149 , drop your panties.gif )
>haven't had decent sex in almost a month
>probably won't have sex again until September or beyond
>accustomed to having sex daily

I know that feel better than I care to, brother.
>> No. 379120
Why September specifically?
>> No. 379122
I move back from my shitty hometown to the city when university starts again.
>> No. 379133
Nah, that's fine for the sex thread.

Would you say it's better to have had sex and then not get it for some time, or to just never have had sex to begin with? (Not that I would know the first one, cue cue.)
>> No. 379145
Any chance of you going to LA again?
>> No. 379151
Mathematicians are in fact the worst people.
>> No. 379152
>> No. 379153
and detail your proof
>> No. 379158
File 137025750396.jpg - (41.75KB , 534x436 , sleepwell.jpg )
tl;dr: Childhood trauma of teachers that wouldn't teach, books that are unhelpful without somebody to explain what's going on, parents that assumed a bad grade meant you were lazy and deprived you of anything not-studying stuff you didn't comprehend on your own until your grades miraculously improved (and they never did, because the teacher never taught) and too much time spent shitting blood and sleepwalking from the stress it caused you from studying stuff you couldn't comprehend on your own.
It has left me with a raw, seething hatred of people that know, but refuse to explain, and instead lob books at you. When you have difficulty comprehending new, complicated concepts from books that don't feel, don't care, or what have you, they don't help. And the more books you read looking for help that don't alleviate the ignorance just becomes a time wasting, punishing, stressful amount of goose chasing. Cannot describe how angry it makes me. Cannot even fathom the depth of my own anger over it without shutting down, or risk a meltdown either in violence or my own insides starting to liquify themselves. So far, there's been nothing close to violence. At least I have esomeprazole to deal with GERD now. The years where stress equaled flare ups and the parents equated 'wigging out from acid related pain' with 'misbehavior that needs immediate disciplining to assert control and correct' were quite unpleasant.

Unfortunately, I need to teach myself this shit in order to learn something that'll let me make enough to escape this unwinnable situation I'm stuck in. The longer I go without somehow managing to learn this shit and become a competent programmer, the longer I have to live the way I do. And all that implies.

On a related note, I came up with a fun and cathartic side project to do alongside my self study! It's an idea for a novel, in the vein of Stephen King's Misery. It's about a math teacher that gets kidnapped by a monster. His escape will depend on his ability to teach.

sleep now.
>> No. 379164
Well, I went six years without sex and didn't seem to miss it. Virgins pretty hung up over that shit though, so for me I'd say it's probably better to have sex then go through a dry spell.

lmfao no
>> No. 379169
i see.
but those aren't mathematicians.

save it for the sex thread.
or spend it on me. i have another suit and tie photoset.
>> No. 379170
Any thread in /sci/ about:
a.) learning maff
b.) computer science
c.) learning math for computer science.

"Maybe you're just not self-studying hard enough/ Not gonna hold your hand/ Maybe you should consider being a janitor if you can't figure it out yourself."
Shit like this just reinforces my experience that most everybody with a heavy math basis may as well be Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory. And yes, I realize what trash that show us.
>> No. 379171
Dreams have been weirder than usual lately.
>Sex dream with the accompaniment of the Jersey Devil
>College added to city in my head
>Naruto/Rescue Rangers crossover "Use your rasengan, dale"
>> No. 379175
File 137028081221.jpg - (67.02KB , 500x373 , nbupll.jpg )
>first murder on my family's home island since 1968
>it's gruesome as fuck
>> No. 379177
I feel the same way. I had art teachers point to professional work and just say "Do that." When they did it wrong, it was "Do it again". I get that art is an incredibly hard thing to explain how to do, but no class should have the teacher just say "Do whatever they're doing".

What's even more frustrating is that I had people insist I was bullshitting, because they'd never taken an art class before, or they wer e blessed with only ever having good teachers, so they were claiming "teachers don't do that". Well, they shouldn't, but some do.
>> No. 379186
>> No. 379196
...what about NYC?
>> No. 379197
Oh yeah, I'd go back to NYC. It's the only part of America that I've been to that I actually enjoyed to some extent.
>> No. 379200
File 137030148823.png - (208.64KB , 512x384 , we'll see honey we'll see.png )
That's funny. I'm like the exact opposite.
>> No. 379203
>> No. 379205
File 137030284753.gif - (1.05MB , 320x240 , t0kLc0c.gif )
>> No. 379207
I'm getting offered to go to uni in LA is what.

But ffs I'd love to live in NY.
>> No. 379211
NYC is great, probably my favorite place I've ever been. I wouldn't want to live there, but somewhere I could easily visit it on a whim, like Staten Island, I'd be so down with that.
>> No. 379212
The Venture Bros. Season 5 Pre…youtube thumb
>> No. 379217
But really you should all come to Europe and forget this NYC riffraff. I probably won't have my own flat after the summer like I did last year so you'll have to come visit me one at a time. I can feed you though.
>> No. 379218
>I can feed you
That's what she said.
>> No. 379219
Could anyone explain me how autistic is an insult?
>> No. 379225
File 137031287746.png - (318.58KB , 799x448 , no see.png )
no. see...
>> No. 379226
File 137031289999.jpg - (66.90KB , 1600x883 , that's the whole point.jpg )
>> No. 379228
When they say that, they're saying that you are aggressively lacking in social awareness.
>> No. 379229
File 137031349283.gif - (495.49KB , 499x206 , docamyexcited.gif )
>> No. 379234
I that for real?
Well, now that's silly.
And pointless.
>> No. 379236
File 137032005710.jpg - (42.78KB , 500x377 , tumblr_mnteq0XSFn1s5rsdao1_500.jpg )
>Hey, wanna see a movie?
I suppose. What?
>Now You See Me.
That magic one?
>I'm not sure if it's magic or science
>Or what the hell's going on there
Looks cool, time?
>Eh, you can choose. I'm open tomorrow.
Alright, I'll check later. Hey, Wreck-It Ralph's still at the Rainbow. We can see it Wednesday or something.
Why not?
>Because I told you, I'm done watching baby Pixar movies.
Pixar didn't make it.
>Doesn't matter. I'm not watching anything under R.
>> No. 379237
File 137032026349.jpg - (65.63KB , 790x535 , 579827_10152723027815327_1529616406_n.jpg )
see image.

haven't we already been through this like... months ago... with the same friend?
>> No. 379238
File 137032048840.png - (37.71KB , 478x183 , sum n00b i guess.png )
>> No. 379239
He never fucking stops though.
>> No. 379240
File 137032160330.jpg - (8.27KB , 300x168 , i cannot abide useless people.jpg )
>> No. 379248
>>I can feed you though.
I can't refuse an offer like that. Time to go to Scotland!

Oh, the haunted house I'm working at as agreed to teach me/send me to classes on how to make props, makeup, masks, molds and various other fx stuff. That'll be over time though, not all at once.
I think it'll be neat.
>> No. 379249
Right. I should, yeah.

I should just save up and go back there once I'm done with uni or something.
I don't know. One the one hand, on the other hand, all that crap.
Being serious here, I want to study animation, and I'm being offered a school in LA. From there I don't know what.
I want to live in Vancouver, I want to live in New York. In Toronto, in London.
>> No. 379251
>people who are really against bigotry regarded race/gender/etc and present as being super open-minded
>but are complete dickwads concerning religion
I don't think I have a face and don't feel like looking for one, but

every time.
>> No. 379256
>mention this to a friend
I'm upset.
>> No. 379258
Yes and no. These days you can never be sure if by "christian ideas are being suppressed" they mean somebody trying to quietly pray somewhere in public was accosted by Youtube Atheists, or if they're rationalizing not being forced to say under god when they salute the flag as a form of suppression of religion/religious culture.

Many would agree that going out of your way to bother somebody who's talking to imaginaries on their own time and to no harm is an instigative prickish thing to do, certainly.
>> No. 379259
I didn't mention Christians or oppression whatsoever. I pretty much just said "wow it's really lame when people are really anti-bigotry when it's about sex/race/whathaveyou, but are really bigoted themselves about religion, I dunno why people have to be jerks about anything."
>> No. 379268
I guess I got it now.
>> No. 379270

there's the baseline social supposition that in any form of communication that both/all parties involved are capable of engaging with the other parties at a level that goes beyond implicit verbal communication. this requires communication through any of the following:

subtext (indirect language), acknowledgment of context (what the situation is or the history of the people they've been through), body language, empathy (feeling for another person), sympathy (acknowledgment and similar feeling based on having experienced something similar), and of course... basic listening skills. not simply waiting to talk for example. acknowledging what's been said by another person.

right. so... if all of that seems rather obvious to you, my bad. but if someone is lacking in all of those faculties whilst in communication with other people, the other people will feel as though they are not actually being engaged in complete conversation. they're not actually being seen or heard.

the dis is doubly awful. 1) it points out a lack of faculties that would allow a person to engage the world in a more meaningful way 2) it places blame for miscommunication and offense solely on the person who lacks those faculties.

if we do wish to continue treating things like autism and aspergers as immutable handicaps, then to be understanding of that is to stop using those words as disrespects. however, i think there's this underlying notion that people have that people who lack empathy or social awareness are just not trying. it's frustrating for everyone and unless we stop treating people with those kinds of handicaps as not meeting the baselines social standards, society will keep making them just as unseen and unheard.

unfortunately, that also means having separate standards that not just accommodate but also normalize and facilitate healthier interactions with people of varying social awareness and social handicaps. people aren't ready for that.

hence the reason that people use words like autistic and aspy as disrespects. people just don't see how much it sucks and it hurts.

that said, i'm hyper empathic. it exhausts me. it drives me nuts. too sensitive to social cues and others' needs. i can't even imagine what it would be like to lack this aspect of me. just the same, when i communicate with people who don't see the full orchestra of ways i speak and only hear me for what's on the surface, i feel invisible. rejected. disregarded. i learned to get over that since i'm not the goddamn center of the universe, but i'm using that as an example of why people may react that way to people who lack social awareness. there's a lot going on and "clumsy people" can knock things over and break them without even knowing it. i'm trying to distance myself from that negative narrative, but uhh... i've been burned before and i'm still working on it.
>> No. 379272
I need to start a high protein diet to go along with my workouts, but I have no idea where to begin or even how to plan out meals.
>> No. 379273

I still haven't seen any convincing studies showing a beneficial link between increased protein consumption and muscle gain beyond the daily recommended amounts.
>> No. 379274
Say what you will about /fit/, the wiki is not at all lacking in sources.
>> No. 379275
I can't find anything on there about gaining weight when you have an anxiety issue and can't eat very much. Been looking for a year or so and I've found little to no information.
>> No. 379276
Gaining/losing weight is way simpler than people make it out to be.
If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight.
If you can't eat, you can't really gain weight.
>> No. 379278
I'm really hungry until I actually see food, and then I think "If you eat, you're going to throw up." So I lose my appetite.

I don't have a tendency to actually throw up (although I feel almost constantly nauseous), nor do I have a fear of being "fat". Sometimes I actually fantasize about being heavier than I've ever been. I've never been a heavy eater, and I have people always trying to shove more food on my plate.
>> No. 379283
That's the basics, and it's a good start for anyone. However, quite often it's not as simple as that; for instance, if you have a gluten allergy or your body has a hard time processing something or any number of things it can cause your body to store more energy (fat) than it otherwise would, so just eating less/exercising more doesn't always cut it.

Additionally, if your exercise gets to a hardcore level, you actually have to increase the number of calories you take in so the body can keep up with the energy expenditure and muscle development.

So a better way to put it would be "eat healthier/exercise more", because often a major issue isn't eating too much, it's eating mostly junk. Toss the simple carbs (or was it complex? I forget), take less pasta/chips/whatever and more fruit/veggies, switch to lean meat, avoid HFCS, etc.

Then there are things like depression that can stop one from even starting simple improvements that would need to be addressed before or in tandem with nutrition and exercise.
>> No. 379288
>explicit verbal communication
>> No. 379301
i'm not saying that my solar panels are dodgy or you did a shit job of installing them
i'm just saying that since i turned them off the fucking curcuit breaker has stopped being tripped EVERY FUCKING DAY

oh wait no that is what im saying
>> No. 379302
File 137040203517.jpg - (46.33KB , 402x337 , burnout1.jpg )
I feel like I've had my knee caps and shins busted and been told the only way to escape is to stand up.
>> No. 379307
File 137040970323.jpg - (65.25KB , 650x429 , Male-Chinese-water-deer-standing-on-grass-showing-.jpg )
>Deer with fangs exist
And I have not heard of this in all my 24 years of life how?
>> No. 379309
And you have, of course, been doing this for years.
You didn't just start because your school has a gym and some over-enthusiastic training students.
Nope. You know your shit, don't you.
>> No. 379314
File 137043033652.jpg - (282.92KB , 1360x673 , Condylura_cristata.jpg )
I don't know, anon. Seems like your interest in weird animals wasn't as big as you thought.
>> No. 379327
I don't have a school?
That's just really basic stuff. Health disorders aside, if you burn more fuel than you have, your body has to take some from its stockpile(fat) so you don't fucking pass out. If you have an excess of fuel, your body adds it to a stockpile(fat) until you need it. More or less.
That was strangely hostile, Freeg.
I didn't really mention anything about health or exercise at all, I boiled it down to as simple as it gets.
>> No. 379328
File 137044617577.jpg - (40.38KB , 640x480 , tumblr_mkq3tmoyAh1r9zy3co1_1280.jpg )
One of you just non-ironically reblogged an Andrea Dworkin quote on Tumblr.
>> No. 379353

i have no idea who that is
>> No. 379356
Just link (or screencap to avoid IDing) us; I don't want to jump through multiple tumblrs just to find it.
>> No. 379360
>>re: Tumblr

There's certain things I post very, very infrequently, but when I do, I get an insta-unfollow from at least one person. Fucking Tumblr Savior it if it pisses you off that much. Just because something isn't a "trigger" doesn't mean you can't savior it if it pisses you off.
>> No. 379364
What is it?
>> No. 379365
Movies/shows containing but not focusing on Benedict Cumberbatch (I think he's a good actor, that's it.)
Homestuck (mostly just because I like how people interpret the characters' faces and body shapes when the canon art can be really nondescript).

I have Benedict and Homestuck tagged so people can Savior it if they so desire. I'm more likely to tag things I know people DON'T like, so they can skip it.
>> No. 379378
hawhaw i thought you were someone else i recently unfollowed for a second
nm you're probably a cool person that i don't already follow :[
>> No. 379379
>Looking at my personal failures as defining, rather than to be overcome
I think I know what I did wrong.
>> No. 379380
You're not supposed to beat your head in with your own failures and flaws until you believe you're a horrible person?
Dang, can't even do that right.
>> No. 379381
File 137048591590.jpg - (132.89KB , 630x922 , tumblr_mnw8dhR3sg1qbxd6qo4_1280.jpg )
W-why did I NEED to save these pictures of Hugh Dancy with pumpkins?
>> No. 379383
Soooo my mum developed extreme rheumatoid arthritis in just a few days and now she's basically disabled until they can find a medicine that works for her. It's terrifying. She can't grasp anything, can't open doors, can't even pull her blankets back over herself if they slip down in the night. She's been like this for over a month now, I only moved back home for the summer a few days ago but I would have came earlier if I had known it was so bad - especially since my piece of shit sister has decided that throwing temper tantrums with her bf is more important than looking after our mum who has basically been trapped in the house until I came back.

It's really scary, especially because she went from healthy to bedridden in about a week. She's only 50, which although that's old to develope rheumatoid arthritis (it usually happens in your 30s apparently), it's far to early to have your body crippled like this. She's naturally really independent and active, I see the way she looks when she has to call on me to dress her in the morning, to brush her hair or open the bathroom door. It shortens your lifespan considerably too. I hate this.
>> No. 379384
File 137048723725.jpg - (20.00KB , 441x295 , Rheumatoid-arthritis-inflammation.jpg )
rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most dreaded things I can possibly imagine and is one my kill myself if I get it list.

I can only pray you can find her a medication that works, I've heard of some herbal anti-inflammatory supplements that might be worth looking into.
>> No. 379391
some of these words are more helpful than others, tiki.
most of them are rather... unhelpful.

thanks for telling us. i'm sorry you have to deal with this without the support both of you deserve. keep us updated. and, i don't know how, but let us know if there's anything we can do. is there any other family nearby that would be able to help?
>> No. 379392
Those are some quality pumpkins.
>> No. 379402

I've had rheumatoid arthritis since I was like 12.

I think mine was a mild case because I never had to deal with anything like that. Still, I know what it's like to be in pain with it. It was a pretty awful time. Thank God I don't have to deal with it anymore. I mean, I get stiff, but I've never experienced anything like I did when I was a kid.
>> No. 379415
File 137051430632.jpg - (72.28KB , 464x749 , tumblr_mnw8dhR3sg1qbxd6qo1_r1_500.jpg )
Ahh sorry, it's not nearly as bad as I mad it out to be provided it's treated, it just scares the bejeezus outta me.

>> No. 379434
>> No. 379456
is hannibal nearly as good as people are making it out to be or is this another dexter type ooga booga badass show

fuck tumblr
>> No. 379460
File 137056442253.jpg - (89.56KB , 900x506 , Hannibal-BTS-Potage.jpg )

The serial killers are super horrifying, check out The Shrike's Antler room.
>> No. 379461
I enjoy it but dislike Dexter, so there's that. It's lovely to look at if nothing else.
>> No. 379469
I've only namefagged once, so probably not. I can link you to my blog anyways, if you want.
>> No. 379470
File 137056937781.jpg - (151.95KB , 500x647 , tumblr_mnrt7bjoTU1rhg748o1_500.jpg )
like crazy pretty.
>> No. 379472
yes please. i like people. you are people.
>> No. 379475
File 137057143751.jpg - (224.26KB , 1519x818 , 482_max.jpg )
Man, I was wondering why tumblr wasn't in love with Sir Hammerlock from BL2 when he owns and is like all the minorities (gay, black, and disabled???).

Turns out a lot of people assume he's a white guy with a tan because of the accent. What.
>> No. 379476
File 137057149826.jpg - (193.57KB , 1058x1103 , 269_max.jpg )
Also look at this adorable chubby concept Hammerlock. Look at him.
>> No. 379477
maybe they think he's a cultural appropriator since he doesn't speak 'black'.
>> No. 379479
I thought he was space-Indian for a while.
Both chubby Hammerlock and the second from the left in the first picture are rly nice though.
>> No. 379497
Dude that guy looks fucking awesome. Second one from the left reminds me of Demoman from TF2 personally.
>> No. 379498
I'M interested! :)
>> No. 379499
>> No. 379501
Tumblr doesn't really respond to real application of their concepts. The reality takes from the magic.
>> No. 379521
What I thought was a mole is actually a third nipple.
Guess I'm a mutant!
>> No. 379522
>> No. 379524
I dub thee Trinips
>> No. 379525

I have two extra, but they've so small compared to the main ones that they're barely noticeable. Not like when I was a little kid and they were almost half the size.

Strangely, nobody except one of my cousins even bothered to mention it, and it's not like a thousand people didn't see me with my shirt off at one point or another.
>> No. 379526
I gotta a negligible third nipple as well, it's very common actually.
>> No. 379528
File 137062594491.png - (40.36KB , 356x376 , why.png )
It is very hard for me to remember that I am actually a human being, and not a series of services that loses all value when it isn't needed at the moment.

Maybe it's hard for you to remember that too.

If so, here's your reminder that you are, in fact, a person.
>> No. 379532
Why the fuck would I want to always have a value? Sometimes being worthless is the best part of my day.
>> No. 379539
It's frustrating when you're genuinely being nice to someone, or trying out a new show or game because they started talking about it a lot, and they claim you're being fake or bullshitting to try and get brownie points from them.
>> No. 379542
I learned my dentist has died. Not sure how, just that he was a late 40s, early 50s guy.
Pretty sure he was overcharging me for everything and intentionally doing a terrible job with my mouth. Can't prove it. And now I never will.
>> No. 379545
How do you comfort people with a dead parent?
>> No. 379546
in my experience, sex works.
>> No. 379548
Went to the doc Wednesday, he talked to me briefly about my anti-depressants and how to wean off them. 10 days at half dose, 10 at a quarter, and then I'm done.

Of course, I'm two days into the first phase now, and I'm having a depressive day. These are days when I just can't be fucked to do anything at all completely, am fairly glum, and find pleasure in absolutely nothing. Thing is, these happened once a month even when I was taking the medication at full prescription, and my understanding is that SSRIs take a week or two to leave the system, so it's highly unlikely this is related to lower intake. Still, talk about coincidental timing...
>> No. 379555
You're a pretty strange person, Larry.
I like it that way though.
>> No. 379556
>Apparently my IP address is for some town in India.
Am...am I invincible?
>> No. 379559
Oh shut up.
>> No. 379560
File 137066327852.gif - (146.11KB , 460x240 , slowpokeand__.gif )
Did I do something to offend?
>> No. 379563
Hey Tooth, Here's some info for you. Since you're going to be personally helping your mom, you might want to try this stuff out.






How to Do Hand &amp; Foot Mass…youtube thumb

Physical Therapy Treatments : …youtube thumb



Sorry I can't help out more than this. I'll try looking again for more info after I'm over this cold.
>> No. 379573
I've bought Fanta for the first time in like 15 years or so. Tastes like birthday party at the bowling center.
>> No. 379579
probably pandering
>> No. 379580
probably the pandering
>> No. 379584
probably the panda
>> No. 379587
File 137071519656.jpg - (2.71MB , 4320x3240 , IMG_0890.jpg )
I wasn't trying to pander, I like Larry.
I phrased it pretty stupidly cause I'd just woken up but the general message is true. He's weird, but I don't dislike it.
>> No. 379590
File 137071709636.jpg - (6.93KB , 164x179 , panda face.jpg )
don't worry about it
i think anon just misses his old panda
>> No. 379591
This MILF moved in next door recently. She does this sort of baby sitting thing, I think. Earlier this week I noticed a ball in the back yard, but I was too lazy to go out and get it. I finally went out there today and grabbed it. I looked over the fence to see if anybody was there and then I saw it. She was just laying there on her stomach just in her thong tanning. After I picked up my jaw, I figured I'd just ask if the ball was hers later and not make things awkward when we cross paths in the street. As I stepped away I knocked something, luckily it didn't really make any noise and by the time I had put it back curiosity had the best of me. I looked again, and she had flipped over. And man did those nipples looked delicious! This really brightened my day.

And I thought this kind of thing only happened in movies.
>> No. 379595
File 137072108018.jpg - (52.28KB , 500x391 , haw.jpg )
>> No. 379599
File 137072712221.jpg - (146.69KB , 817x1000 , Give_her_the_dick.jpg )
What are you waiting for? Autism to be cured?
>> No. 379604
File 137073401185.jpg - (17.22KB , 266x289 , showmethembowels.jpg )
That ball would be a great ice breaker to eventually ball her.
>> No. 379605
Although imagining a dude standing over a half naked milf holding some random toy and asking her if it's hers is probably the most spaghetti inducing moment I can think of.
>> No. 379606
Thank you T&H, that was very kind.
>> No. 379607
Well rheumatoid is easier to treat than some other types, so there's hope. Although the drugs can have shit side effects.
I had a friend with it but she died long ago of unrelated causes (heart problem).
>> No. 379611
That'd be one heck of a /r9k/ green text story to read.
>> No. 379613
Requesting tips on maintaining friendships with two people who you recently discovered both hate each other.
>> No. 379614
Oh god why do people get angry, drama-causing drunk at parties.

Why can't everyone be happy or at worst sleepy.

>> No. 379615
File 137076221893.jpg - (224.19KB , 500x373 , tumblr_ml1an8UQm91r9zy3co2_500.jpg )
This is the closest reaction image I had to "profound feelings of pride, jealousy, and fremdschamen."
>> No. 379616
I thought about asking if the ball was hers when she was on her stomach, since a lot of women at least unstrap their tops so I thought it might not be to awkward but when I saw her on her back I decided against. She seemed to be enjoying herself, I didn't want to ruin her day. I also have a girlfriend, so I wouldn't have done anything anyway.

Also autism doesn't need to be cured because its the future of humanity. Imagine being raised in a world where everybody has down syndrome, that's probably why they get so frustrated all the time.
>> No. 379621
Fuck TF2, the quality of players has really gone down. Half of both teams are either AFK, running repeatedly into walls, or goofing off. For the entire game my own heavy kept trying to punch me.

And admins won't kick any of them...
>> No. 379626
hey so did that p4c reading group thing end up going anywhere while I were gone?
>> No. 379627
>> No. 379628

Well it's summer now so did you guys discuss topics or whatever?
>> No. 379631
File 137081484230.jpg - (36.50KB , 701x467 , 136093552763.jpg )
note to self stop being a shitfuck you dirty little freak you
>> No. 379634
If I were homeless, I'd probably play a lot more D&D.

Because, they don't know any better. Educate them.
>> No. 379635
My situation is looking grimmer and grimmer. but I can't find a way out.
>> No. 379636
No, you won't take a way out.
>> No. 379637
I won't try to do the homeless thing in rural fucking Maine or put myself in prison. Those are not ways out.
>> No. 379644
File 137083572344.jpg - (93.21KB , 500x688 , tumblr_mnsmfpVhwn1rybualo1_500.jpg )
Ram, legit, take out a fucking loan and leave.

This shit is basic tier, you take a loan you get a place, get on your feet and start paying it back, then on thanksgiving you kick in the door and take a shit on her turkey.

>> No. 379647

sometimes you just gotta run man. It's not easy to leave family but sometimes you have to ask whether they are the reason whether you're sinking or swimming. It may take a lot to extricate yourself from the bullshit your folks are involved in but you have to measure that against never being free to have your own dreams.
>> No. 379649
not yet. want to go hard science or soft science? my personal topic of interest is "bioenergy" as studied by legitimate western academics, but i'm good with most topics.
>> No. 379650
Just get a loan and leave dude.
>> No. 379653
Right, a fucking loan is just easy as pie to acquire. I have no fucking credit. I have no fucking car. I can't have or get any of that shit until I leave. I can't leave until I have that shit. Who the hell is going to give out a loan of any size to a fucking unemployed and immobile person with no credit? "Get a loan." May as well just say "Stop being poor."
It takes a lot. I don't have a lot. I don't even have a little.
>> No. 379656
Have you actually been denied a loan?
>> No. 379664
DIE MONSTER UNI - Synchronspre…youtube thumb

The love of my life is voicing one of the monsters from the new Monster's Inc movie for some reason, everyone better go see it to support him. :3
>> No. 379665
File 13708906066.jpg - (26.69KB , 345x285 , nuhhhhh.jpg )
>people liking my dumb Xbone-tan doodles
>> No. 379667
Let's Gripe about Horror (Part 1/3)youtube thumb

Let's Gripe about Horror (Part 2/3)youtube thumb

Let's Gripe about Horror (Part 3/3)youtube thumb

Still sick, can't think, have horror gripe.
>> No. 379671
Good news everyone! I just booked a wee holiday to go visit my bff which is awesome on its own, but also brings my next dick's eta to mid-June instead of September. Happy days.

So uh, anyone in the Worcester area?
>> No. 379673
Oh my gosh I didn't think that dude could get any more kawaii.
>> No. 379674
File 137091499445.jpg - (280.38KB , 1280x837 , feels good man.jpg )
He is a fucking kawaii dude, right?
>> No. 379680

I dunno, what's the rest of /baw/ think? It has to be stuff people actually want to talk about. You could bring in anything related to the topic, though. Research papers are game if you can explain them succinctly enough.
>> No. 379683
I had one of those "you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back" moments, and it's haunting me. Making me uncomfortable.

I've struggled with an anger problem pretty much all my life. It's been awhile since I've actually lashed out at anyone, but the fact that I even still have these thoughts makes me really ashamed of myself. The big trigger seems to be when someone tries to make me or someone I care about feel like less of a person, like they don't deserve basic human decency. And I want to lash out at the person who said this to me, directly or indirectly, or said it to the people I love, take the person and burn then in whatever place would be the most uncomfortable, beat the hell out of them on national television. But I'd be no better than them if I did that.
>> No. 379699
File 137098800354.jpg - (48.98KB , 575x367 , 100000-Years.jpg )
In 100,000 years we will all be moe anime characters
>> No. 379700
First off, get a credit card and be responsible with it. This is 2013: someone will give you a credit card--it might have a TERRIBLE interest rate, and you might even have to go with one of those with no rolling balance, but using it responsibly will build your credit.

Second, you sound an awful lot like someone who has given up and just wants people to listen to you complain rather than someone genuinely trying to find a way out. There are generally options, even for poor people, in civilized countries. There are government assistance programs, youth hostels, and even just couch surfing that will give you a way out if that's what you really want. I don't think my sister's name has ever been on the lease of any residence, and she hasn't lived at home since she's been 18.

Also, the government actually puts in place programs for young people with no credit--First-time Homeowner and First-Time Car buyer programs are available everywhere in the US. They don't reduce the amount of money you'll pay, but the government essentially acts as a co-signer so that you can get loans you don't normally qualify for, and get better interest rates on them. This is setting aside issues like food stamps and low-income housing.

It may not be easy, but it's doable if you have the will for it.
>> No. 379707
I'm being oppressed on /cog/!
My crude and disdainful comments are being removed.
If peace is only kept via the silencing of disagreeing minds being spoken, it's not a peace at all.
I hope you're being paid well for your obedience, dogs.
>> No. 379710
I had sex with you're mum.
>> No. 379711
You could always try not being a condescending asshole/troll. That might help.
>> No. 379712
You also waste precious oxygen, but I forgive you for both.

I'm not looking for help.
>> No. 379714
this is the most 13 year old post ive ever seen in my whole life
>> No. 379715
File 137100215152.png - (199.07KB , 627x616 , btard.png )
>> No. 379717
You're still the guy who said that games where you play as a female character are sexist for excluding men, right?
>> No. 379718
But there's a date there silly head, this post is merely hours old.
I wish we were all half as not chicken as that guy.
Games where you play as female are sexist? No, I don't think that. Usually those have options for either gender. I'm more on the side that special or different treatment for a sex is sexist, be that calling for more female characters specifically because they're female in smash bros or having Leon be beheaded and torn in half from a chainsaw while Jill is literally suspended in air by a buzzsaw and comes down off it without any kind of visible damage.

(and nothing of value was lost)
>> No. 379719
I farted in my sleep loud enough to wake myself up. Then I came here to tell you. Now I sleep again. Goodbye +4.
>> No. 379720
if you're in a BAR and the BOUNCER throws you THE FUCK OUT

Maybe your presence is not construed as productive, useful or enjoyable.

This is an argument I always love to see people make on forums; "I should be treated fairly". lol no, you don't actually have any right to be treated fairly, you have a right to obey and try not to piss off the people who govern your continued existence here. If they say your ass is out, they have the digitally-coded weapons to back that statement up. You don't, and if you do, good job wasting them on a bunch of people who just really wanted to get away from you.

Think twice and play nice.
>> No. 379721
remember when people on the internet being shitty and nonsensical was meant to be a joke?


actually i don't.
>> No. 379722
lol 2late
>> No. 379724
>Leon be beheaded and torn in half from a chainsaw while Jill is literally suspended in air by a buzzsaw and comes down off it without any kind of visible damage.

How do you know this had anything to do with gender? I know you're banned, but I just had to ask, because you're just reaching and creating a reason as to why this happened.
>> No. 379725
hes a troll and or 13
its a toss up really
>> No. 379727
Gender-ifying a lot of stuff never made sense to me. I always liked a lot of things not intentionally marketed to women, unless they intentionally tried to chase me away. I mean, it's just money in the long run. If a person is old enough to buy whatever you're selling, it means they like your work.
>> No. 379728

And you’re a bear.
>> No. 379730
Guys I think he may be mentally challenged in some way.

Not sure if the banhammer cares, but don't make fun of him. Don't let the internet turn you into an asshole.
>> No. 379731
y'know some of us do this internet thing to let our inner asshole out. I mean, I try not to do it in smaller communities but I kind of get being a random asshole. I've certainly watched that attitude tear apart a community or two though.
>> No. 379732
that's not an excuse. having mental issues doesn't give you a free pass to intentionally act like a twat and it doesn't mean that nobody is allowed to call you on it.
>> No. 379733
When I admined the forums for a now-defunct-but-once-popular Pokemon fansite, we had a particular issue with a user named "BjarniCool". He would sometimes act like an asshole, but would quickly apologize if someone called him out on it. His IP traced to Iceland (Greenland? I forget. Somewhere north with a different language than English) and he claimed to be autistic or the sort. Since he would apologize quickly, we would tolerate him. Now and then he'd get a day or two ban so he would cool off after something riled him up.

After a few of these bans, and one particular case of drama he caused (I can't remember what), I and the other admins decided that, while we pitied the guy, the drama, friction, and general problems he caused was far more negative on the community than any positivity tolerance towards him might bring, and he was banned for good.

tl;dr: Even if someone has a serious issue, their inability to act like a decent person can cause a lot of problems for everyone and it's not worth dealing with the schisms just to claim "tolerance" or something.

(Of course, BjarniCool might have been a master troll, but he never tried to come back so if he was, he had his fun and moved on.)

Internet anonymity can help to release frustration that builds up in real life, and everyone gets that asshole moment onlin, but letting it consume you just makes you part of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. His posts had been deleted in /cog/ (no ban) and if he had figured out he was shitposting and stopped, nothing more would have happened to him.
>> No. 379734
I just don't think it's right for a chan to have different rules than 4chan on what gets you banned and what doesn't. Anti-feminists on 4chan? Eh, whatthefuckever, opinions. Anti-feminists on Plus4? NOPE 3 day ban, you shouldn't have been talkin shit.
>> No. 379735
Shitposting is bannable on 4chan.
>> No. 379736
this is a website. posting anything anywhere is a privilege. these are not the same boards as 4chan's boards. these sites are hosted by people, not by THE people.
fair? we have global rules. we explain them to people as they post, not always talking to them as grown ups but certainly giving them opportunity to adjust their language and become acclimated to the people here.
so that's still a kind of fair
but we're not 4chan
or 7chan
or whateverelsehaveyouchan
and the mods have the right to enact the rules here essentially however they see fit so long as they're allowed/asked to be mods
because that goes with the job

and if that makes you uncomfortable, i'm sorry, but that's just a matter of how it is. different places. different rules.

the only kind of shitpost we accept here apparently
>> No. 379737
my mother literally told me that maybe i should stay home and clean my room instead of spending every weekend at my girlfriends

and im going to literally ignore her
>> No. 379739
Parents are weird when it comes to significant others.

>>Mine complained because they didn't want me spending as much time with my ex.
>>We literally saw each other maybe once a week.
>>We broke up because we couldn't see each other that much.
>>Now they're complaining I never go out and spend time with people.
>> No. 379740
Wait until you get married, it's 10000 times worse.
>> No. 379745
I am so glad my family is so emotionally stunted we can't hold conversations about this kind of thing.
>> No. 379748
bumping this idea.
is anyone else participating? if so please reply. we rallied quite a few people before. i forget who they all were since it was so long ago and such a fluid process.
>> No. 379750
Job interview at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. I might miss it entirely.
>> No. 379751
the first rule of plus4chan is "dont be a dick"
>> No. 379752
File 137106522380.jpg - (62.49KB , 400x600 , 1116379-nightwingcvr93.jpg )
>> No. 379753
Being anti feminist is your prerogative, most women are.

But expressing that opinion in a shitty manner? That's banworthy.
>> No. 379755
File 137106813014.gif - (0.96MB , 323x224 , panda.gif )
>> No. 379756
If you believe women deserve to be treated better than as property, if you believe women should be able to vote, and if you think women should have jobs outside the home, you're a feminist. I think most women are feminists.
>> No. 379757
If you believe women deserve to be treated better than as property, if you believe women should be able to vote, and if you think women should have jobs outside the home, you're a normal person. In the west it's normal to believe in sexual equality.

This isn't the 1920s, feminism has evolved into a very dark path, and is now a net negative for womens rights.

Watch some of these vids, the person covers the entire situation very well.
>> No. 379758
these are fucking great
>> No. 379759
>feminism has evolved into a very dark path

are we doing that thing where we lump everyone into a group because we lack the ability to critically think about things and must think in binary
>> No. 379760
>lump everyone into a group
IDK, youre the one who lumped every decent person into being a feminist, regardless of if they agree with the ideology or not.

You tell me.
>> No. 379761

Wasn't me. You're 0 for 2, champ.
>> No. 379762
You're talking to the wrong Anon.

That's just the core of what feminism is to me. There are a lot of people who agree with the core, and then disagree on every other aspect.
>> No. 379763
More like people agree with the core, hear the word "feminist" and immediately think of the (excuse me for using Tvtropes terminology) "strawfemminist" everyone has an idea of.

I've seen people say things like, "I believe women should have equal rights." or "I believe women should have choice over what goes on in their bodies." and then immediately turn around and say, "I'm not a feminist, though!
>> No. 379764
hey. feminism is important.
please be a feminist. im askin u very nicely.
also please dont base your life views on a youtube personality's opinions thats very unhealthy.
>> No. 379765
there are reasons to be critical of feminism but those reasons are not because you as a dude feel threatened by the idea of women having the same opportunities as you or bc you are looking for reasons to feel victimized so the conversation is about your hurt feelings and not real problems
>> No. 379766
i wrote a long thing about feminism and before i could send my computer crashed.

feminism is about fixing unhealthy narratives and inequalities such that both men AND women will benefit. sexism/misogyny hurts everyone okay?
>> No. 379767
Appreciate the sentiment, but in my opinion the entire mindset that sexual equality is some abnormal thing that requires a movement to be viable... is holding society back. It also implies sexism is normal.
If someone truly believes in equality, it'll be easier to fight for it by simply treating equality as a normal thing, and dropping the idea of feminism.

I'm pro-equality but con-feminism, hope that makes sense.
>> No. 379768
File 137107767225.jpg - (43.31KB , 450x337 , 13295_10150198730330105_1479460_n.jpg )
Here's a pic to cheer everyone up.

Didn't mean to cause a discussion, it just kind of cropped up.
>> No. 379769

Except these things are still issues today. And as an above poster pointed out, it's not *just* about women.
>> No. 379771
we're using the same word to talk about different things i hope you realize

feminism is a word that has historical value but has come to mean dealing primarily with replacing the established historical patriarchal systems and ideas that are embedded in our culture with ones that aren't so subversive to over half the population.

let me just go ahead and do this:

The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

but since this isn't the politics thread and there isn't a feminism crapshoot discussion thread where everyone gets upset at the name but don't understand the principles and how many generations of feminism deep we are (it's a sophisticated world out there), i'm just going to self-sage and stop posting about this because internet arguments don't fucking go anywhere and just make me angry.
>> No. 379772
also people losing their shit over wii fit trainer being in smash bros because she promotes "fat shaming"

christ i hate people sometimes.

like... a lot.

i hope they die from salmonella taco shells.
>> No. 379773

That image that's going around is from a satire tumblr. No one is upset over fat shaming.
>> No. 379774
thank god.
i got poe's law'd again.
>> No. 379775
that very idea crossed a dark corner of my mind the second i saw the video

that one may have been satire but there will be others that are not. hell that post probably got a bunch of people who were otherwise unaware mad at her
>> No. 379777
File 137108125977.jpg - (53.89KB , 500x500 , 164644_486301478110566_1049721247_n.jpg )
>The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
Again, that implies women are less than men and have to catch up, and in my personal opinion I don't believe that's constructive.

We obviously have vastly different views of feminism and won't agree on this... so enjoy this cat joke.
>> No. 379778
Your "views" involve using a different definition of feminism from the actual one, though. That's like saying "We have different opinions about what 'sandwich' means." There is an official definition, and it is not qualitative, so your opinion on it doesn't matter. If it differs from the official definition, you're simply "wrong," not "agreeing to disagree."
>> No. 379779
>implies women are less than men
no it doesn't
it implies women and men are viewed and treated differently and often women get the shit end of the stick

if you don't see how that's already happening i think we have something that goes beyond a definition issue.

ignoring the problem because it shouldn't even be there doesn't make it go away.

>> No. 379780
>Again, that implies women are less than men

Except it doesn't. Not getting the same rights/respect/whatever means...you aren't getting the rights/respect/whatever. It doesn't make you less, it means people think less of you. There's a difference.

>We obviously have vastly different views of feminism and won't agree on this

Some of that has to do with the fact that you're wrong, so entirely wrong with your definition. An actual definition with history behind it has been posted in this very thread.
>> No. 379782
Feminism in it's true sense fights for the rights of women but is inherently beneficial to both sexes. I don't understand what the big deal is.
>> No. 379783
File 137108609746.jpg - (122.28KB , 500x1050 , 1d3.jpg )

Plz? ;~;
>> No. 379784
i don't know

we're allowed to talk like adults, sometimes. that song is painfully old and so is the meme. also, i'm really over the "______ intensifies" meme. both memes are lazy with the same punchline and so overly done that the humor has been bleached from them both. no fun allowed
>> No. 379785

"Fem" scares people for some reason and causes them to have kneejerk reactions.


Hope the online is decent for the 3DS version.
>> No. 379786
once upon a time I got into a vicious argument with a stranger who thought that

>misandry is a very real threat
>male privilege doesn't exist
>even if it does, the sacrifices of the men on the Titanic negate it
>fighting off a rapist isn't really that hard because his female friends beat him in friendly tickle fights all the time
>women are predisposed to want children because he sees a lot of women on his facebook newsfeed with babies

I don't talk about feminism on the internet anymore
I shouldn't have to "prove" that there's a wage gap or that feminists aren't behind the routine circumcision of male babies or the proliferation of idiot slob dads in sitcoms
you can literally google feminism 101
I just
I just get so angry
I turn into the angry ALL CAPS stereotype MRAs think is the true face of feminism
>> No. 379787
if the "fem" prefix scares and enrages you and makes you think the movement is stupid and unnecessary, that kind of proves that we still need feminism
>> No. 379788
misandry is an occasional annoyance and only very rarely a threat, but it is (almost trivially) real.
i cannot count how many times i've had to explain that the things that lead to men getting shafted (which is far from the net average of gender suffering) is accounted for by feminists as all of these gender biases are what we're trying to change.
also people can't tell the difference between their taught biases and what they've figured out for themselves using research and disciplined thinking/feeling because they aren't often trained to think critically about their own beliefs. let's face it.

that goes for men and women who think feminism isn't necessary nor ever a force for equal rights.

my understanding of feminism continues to evolve with further understanding of human psychology and current world circumstances/cultures, but i can't ever go back to thinking that men and women have it fair and square.
>> No. 379789
i wont be satisfied until the matriarchy ive enforced on plus4chan is carried over to real life
>> No. 379790
So the majority of my extended family is quite religious; this includes my cousin, who is roughly my age, and her husband.

If I'm reading this slighty-vague update she posted on Facebook right, she just had her third (fourth?) miscarriage. Her response to this is "We will see our children soon and hug them for the first time in Heaven! :') GOD has a plan!! I'm excited". Not "maybe something is wrong with me medically and I should go see a doctor if I want to have kids."

They're good people, and I think they'd make good parents (religion aside), so I want to tell her "Talk to a specialist about this, you could have a medical condition", but I'm pretty sure it would just make everyone from my extended family hate me, her included.
>> No. 379791
...On second thought, if they can't recognize and admit that something is wrong medically and that they should seek help, I'd rather they not be parents.

Carry on, then.
>> No. 379792
I'm a feminist because I start getting to know a guy, and he gets really pissed off because this happens:

>>Me: I really admire [x] quality in people.
>>Guy: God, stop dropping hints that you don't like me. I get it.
>>Me: You never said you liked me. I never said I didn't like you. I'm not looking for anyone right now. Please don't take it personally.

This is contributing heavily to me not wanting to date anyone. I don't have the self-confidence and certain other qualities (i.e. anything resembling sex drive) to date anyone, anyways.
>> No. 379793
A sandwich is an object, it's generally the same. Feminism is a movement, it changes pretty much daily.
So what you think feminism is may be out of date by quite a bit, either because you didn't keep up with the changes or because the person who educated you is old fashioned.

God Save the Bear Empress.
>> No. 379794

Oh great, he's back.

What you fail to realize is that all these "femnazis" (and this isn't me putting words in your mouth, it's me using a bridge term so we're clear on the type of women we're talking about) do not represent the whole. This is not a difficult concept. At all.
>> No. 379795
i wont be satisfied until the haw ive produced on plus4chan is carried over to real lif- wait

, _, .... h-haw
>> No. 379796
those videos were across the board pretty uninformative and fairly singleminded.

A occurs. It must be misandry.
B occurs. Feminism has its grip tightening around men.

No sources, studies, or useful information from what I was willing to put up with.

that was a waste.

i use MSPaint all the time for my job. you're an inspiration.
>> No. 379801
i just got home and my roommate was dominating our living room with stinky feet and farts the whole time i was gone

i am confined to my room until the air down there doesn't smell like miles of ass.

jesus christ what a mess.
>> No. 379802
Roommates are the worst. I wish I could afford living on my own.
>> No. 379804
If I may, I think part of that problem is actually in how men are taught to "approach" women. Or rather that the idea of "approach" is used.

A lot of what guys are taught as far as romance is firmly entrenched in traditional gender roles. The idea that the man is the dominant force is still very much present, and this leads to the concept of "approaching" women, as traditionally, it is perceived that the man should fight to win over the woman. This is a misinterpretation of the need to actually be social; I can't say whether the world's greatest lovers ever had a lot of friends, but studies show that people with larger (face-to-face) social networks have better prospects for jobs, better upward mobility, better quality of life, and just are in general happier. "You can't get laid if you don't talk to people". The problem is that you start talking to people with the sole intent of getting laid, and that makes them dislike you.

In pursuing women, crassly I imagine the best method would actually be to make women want you. To do that, one is actually behooven to pursue the tenants of a good life. Keeping in physical health, having a paying job, having technical assets, getting out a lot, having lots of friends, having interesting hobbies and weird diversions, always having something interesting to do. However, in pursuit of the good life, the pursuit of physical intimacy becomes a bit crass, even vulgar. Cultivation of a wide assortment of interesting people as regular figures in your life is far more pleasant, and actually leads to more chance encounters than dogged pursuit of the phrase "always more fish in the sea".

This is the kind of thing I think Feminism really can help men with, which in turn would help women. So little thought is given to the quality of life and the interaction of partners in the face of "romantic advice". The method more often than not is simply pointing someone horny who's horny at someone who can get them horny and saying "go4it". Which, y'know, no problem with that plan.

As to Feminists taking over the world, I don't think we'll ever see anything reaaaally like the matriarchy take over. Why? because Patriarchy is kind of a false ideological notion, the way the Illuminati are. Yeah, there are people who run the world, but they don't all like each other and sit around in secret meetings practicing their evil laughs. With Patriarchy (and Matriarchy, really), it's not so much that there's a memo going out every month as there's a lot of tiny decisions being made in multiple places where the people making them have not been taught to consider these kinds of things. More properly, a lot of them have been taught to think traditionally about it all.

sage for I should've put this in the sex thread
>> No. 379808
>This is a misinterpretation of the need to actually be social; I can't say whether the world's greatest lovers ever had a lot of friends, but studies show that people with larger (face-to-face) social networks have better prospects for jobs, better upward mobility, better quality of life, and just are in general happier. "You can't get laid if you don't talk to people". The problem is that you start talking to people with the sole intent of getting laid, and that makes them dislike you.

>Keeping in physical health, having a paying job, having technical assets, getting out a lot, having lots of friends, having interesting hobbies and weird diversions, always having something interesting to do. However, in pursuit of the good life, the pursuit of physical intimacy becomes a bit crass, even vulgar. Cultivation of a wide assortment of interesting people as regular figures in your life is far more pleasant, and actually leads to more chance encounters than dogged pursuit of the phrase "always more fish in the sea".

>> No. 379809
there should be a user's manual for having a y chromosome in the modern world and this could be in the foreword.
>> No. 379811
As a feminist, I seriously think people need to stop using the phrase "Patriarchy" unironically like the way you brought up. It's misleading to everyone, including anti-feminists who want an easy strawman, ambivalent people who are not as well informed about feminism and think it's just tin hats, and wannabe feminists who want an easy target to spew vitriol at, and impressionable new feminists whose attempts to find real solutions are misdirected at an entity which is more or less nonexistent.

The word implies that the problem is centralized and comes from an active secret conspiracy that actively teaches men to hate women when the real issue is with regular folks, men and women, and their day-to-day subconscious assumptions having trickle down throughout the generations. For the most part it's a bottom-up problem, not a top-down one. If feminist leaders want things to actually change they need to approach the problem with Hanlon's Razor and educate others that no, we aren't that different from men and therefore it's demeaning to treat us as if we are lesser, and save the condemnation for instances of actual explicit bigotry, like discriminatory legislation, willful ignorance for political reasons, or (to be more germane) people who are actively hostile towards women just for being women and want to do them harm or remove their preexisting rights.

It's why the whole SJ movement on Tumblr is causing way more harm than good. Echo chambers complaining about X shaming and hurling pseudointellectual insults full of misinformation instead of actually trying to educate people on their (usually not actually malicious) misconceptions is only going to alienate more moderate feminists and potential male allies, or worse.
>> No. 379812
File 137114648360.png - (109.12KB , 864x1152 , tumblr_me5p20iUMq1rlbgiwo1_1280.png )
A helpful checklist.
>> No. 379813
>As a feminist, I seriously think people need to stop using the phrase "Patriarchy" unironically like the way you brought up. It's misleading to everyone, including anti-feminists who want an easy strawman, ambivalent people who are not as well informed about feminism and think it's just tin hats, and wannabe feminists who want an easy target to spew vitriol at, and impressionable new feminists whose attempts to find real solutions are misdirected at an entity which is more or less nonexistent.

Can I just point out that this type of thinking is the same reason people flip out when they hear the "fem" part of feminists?
>> No. 379814
It's a literal fact that we live in a patriarchal society. It means that men are more valued in leadership roles and women are expected to follow. Patriarchy is not a sinister group of cartoonishly villainous men out to oppress people for their personal benefit. It's a system and does not have a will of its own. I don't think many people who use this term unironically mean to imply that it is some sort of Illuminati shit.

To make it easy: a patriarch is a person, not a patriarchy. A patriarchy is a society where most or all of the politicial and economic power is in the hands of patriarchs, who are ruling men.

You can say "Communist Russia was an oligarchy" but you can't say "Communist Russia is run by the oligarchy." That's nonsense, it's like saying "The United States is run by the democracy." The only word with the -archy suffix that I can think of that can be used like that is monarchy (and even then I think it is still technically wrong), which I guess is where the confusion stems from. It also seems to be confusing for men who don't understand what the word means because they tend to get real fucking defensive whenever they hear it. How dare women say that, I as an individual, have any absolute power over them, how dare they say I hate women! THAT'S NOT WHAT IT MEANS. LITERALLY NO ONE IS SAYING THAT. I don't think we ought to stop using an adequate and sensible descriptor because some idiots are too hysterical to listen and too uneducated to know how to use words ending in -archy properly.

Patriarchy with a capital P that does refer to a fictional Illuminati-type group of woman-hating men is pretty much used exclusively to make fun of people who are irrationally scared of that term and also radfems. Also maybe by 13 year old tumblr users who are just parroting shit they don't really get because they're 13.
>> No. 379815
Pretty much. My technique has always been to be nice to people and talk to them if they approach me, which has unfortunately ended up with guys I was only interested in being friends with pressing hard on me on the subject to date them (assuming that girls who had any interest in interacting them were flirting), almost immediately after we met. When I gave in once or twice, and started dating them, they started pressing me for sex almost immediately after, and that's when they broke it off with me. Because I didn't feel I knew them at all yet. One of my exes wanted me to straddle him or sit on his lap whenever we went out, and I really didn't like it.

It got worse when I started dating a girl, and guys got really nasty about it. "You're not in a real relationship." "You'll miss dick." "How long until you cheat on your girlfriend with me?" We mutually broke up after that, because neither of us could handle some of the comments.

I have depression and anxiety over other things, and this is kind of...making it worse? In a way. If I date a girl again, I don't want people to be critical, and if I date a guy again, I want the relationship to develop naturally.
>> No. 379817
>men are more valued in leadership roles and women are expected to follow
Where do you live, Pakistan?

We have a queen ruling over us and had a female prime minister, every PM would probably be female if more ran for the position. A huge percentage of local and provincial politicians are female. My town hall is 99% women, there was 1 old guy on the board last time I was there.

So seriously, IDK where you live, I live in a LITERAL matriarchy.
>> No. 379818
hes back again already and now is tying to counter actual literal facts with bullshit
>> No. 379819
you don't need a conspiracy for oppressive ideas to perpetuate themselves in a society

that's the whole point of the idea of a "meme"
and obviously i don't mean an internet meme

we can do better and there's no single person to blame. that's the whole point.
>> No. 379820
That's a pretty good way to put it. These kinds of ideas percolate down society until sexist notions become normalized, so the best way to deal with this is to point out and confront the problematic aspects and self-realization rather than throwing a shitfit on Tumblr about it.
>> No. 379821
>> No. 379822


>> No. 379823
Canada, and I didn't say "there are NO women with power," I said "men are more valued." Which they are. I don't give a shit what it's like in Denmark because I wasn't talking about Denmark. Also Denmark's political situation is very unusual and definitely does not invalidate what is going on in the rest of the world, and I really don't think that having balanced genders in politics constitutes a matriarchy anyway.

I think historically Scandinavia has had a better track record of treating women like people than other parts of the world, and their feminist movements gained traction faster and earlier than, say, the United States. But you guys were still historically patriarchal. Women couldn't vote in Denmark until 1915 for instance. (For the States, it was 1920, and for Canada--my country--it was 1917, but it took until 1940 for fucking Quebec to get in on it. Just for some perspective, which I think you lack.) Having current female leaders doesn't mean that Denmark is not still socially patriarchal or suffers from its trappings, only that you are more tolerant of having a woman in charge. Looking through these names, the male:female ratio in your political parties is more or less equal (not just the cabinet--which is mostly women--but overall, across all parties). You have matriarchs, but you do not have a matriarchy. Congratulations, you have gender equality in your government. Your country is also ranked very highly on the HDI and everyone thinks it's a great place to live. MAYBE YOU OUGHT TO GIVE FEMINISM A HANDSHAKE FOR THAT, BECAUSE I'M PRETTY FUCKING SURE THAT MOVEMENT CONTRIBUTED TO IT.

You're also doing that thing where you assume every country is like yours unless it's a token Bad country that you hear Bad things about on the news (i.e. Pakistan), and also that because you're on the top you don't need to think about how you got there or if there's still room for improvement.
>> No. 379825
Doesn't Sweden have like insanely high rates of rape and other such sex crimes? Though that may have to do with the large influx of immigrants who come from from very misogynistic countries where such crimes run rampant.
>> No. 379828
It's one of the highest in the European Union apparently, but Scandinavia as a whole isn't Rape Haven. It's just the Swedes for some reason, or at least immigrants living in Sweden. They also might actually not have ridiculously high incidence of sex crime, it's just that because they have a lot of protective laws against rapists so more victims come forward.

Those rapes are mostly women too so it just goes to show that even though genders may be officially equal in a country (Sweden is #1 in the world for gender equality) there is still misogynistic shit to clean up :)
>> No. 379830
File 137117290539.gif - (699.14KB , 248x193 , 1369947677178.gif )
>this thread
>> No. 379834
Gee remember all those military conscriptions which targeted only women, and sent only women to die in droves. It sure is hard for women, they make up a huge percentage of dangerous jobs don't they, because we don't value their lives.

>be working on a rig
>foreman has to remove non essential jobs
>women complain about discrimination
>foreman says "ok, you can stay on, but you have to work rig jobs"
>every woman quits

Shh you can't mention immigrants or that women in the west are pretty much equal compared to those elsewhere.
>> No. 379836
gee remember when the military only allowed men because women are weak and helpless and killing is a man's job (as defined by men)? remember that it's still more of a risk for female soldiers to be on the front lines--even with their male compatriots' chivalry taking bullets for them, chivalry being a male virtue imposed on men by other men--because female prisoners of war get treated exponentially worse than male POWs since they've got little baby factories inside that can be abused to high heaven? remember when the draft hasn't been a thing in north america since 1971 but you fuckers still bring it up like you were just conscripted yesterday? remember that it's not a woman's fault that she can't be accepted into the military because of her gender??

remember when guys create legislation that fucks over other guys because women aren't seen as equals???? BECAUSE I SURE DO
>> No. 379837
If you're going to be smug about your argument, you should probably learn how to communicate effectively first. Because while I can tell that you're certain you're the smartest person in the thread, I can't for the life of me tell what you're trying to say. It just sounds like untargeted anger spewed from the mouth of an angry teenager.
>> No. 379838
What, of anything I've said, was ever bullshit?

Wow, so you live in one of the most tolerant countries in the world (Canada) and you don't see whats in front of your face.

>I said "men are more valued." Which they are.
Which they aren't, go out and ask people.

If you find a single person out of ten who says they value men more than women, I'll eat my hat.
>> No. 379839
>you aren't doing as bad as other people so you just shouldn't bother trying anymore
>> No. 379840
>If you find a single person out of ten who says they value men more than women, I'll eat my hat.
It's not socially acceptable to say that, so of course they wouldn't say it. They'd just choose to hire men instead of women when women are equally qualified, give the men who work for them larger raises than the equally competent women who work for them, and generally treat anything feminine as though it were nuclear waste, which are all socially acceptable ways of favoring one sex over another.
>> No. 379841
Who are you quoting?
>> No. 379842
Just ignore the troll, he's talking the same way as Rainbow Kid so he's obviously not the type that can be reasoned with.
>> No. 379843
Oh look it's gurofag again.
>> No. 379845
I recently ate a peanut butter and yogurt bar. It was tasty but now my mouth is all gritty.

I just thought there should be at least one post today that wasn't completely stupid.
>> No. 379846
My apartment no longer smells of roommate farts and feet.
That's because my roommate has been gone all day.
I hope this trend continues or that he comes back after having a whole body douching.
>> No. 379847
> peanut butter and yogurt
what the fuck
>> No. 379848
that. sounds... like faux indian flavor mixing to me.
unless it's straight up indian flavor mixing.
in which case good on you, ninja.
>> No. 379849
Yesterday I went out to run an errand with my dad. I had no reason to do so other than keeping him company, but I enjoyed doing so, and we had burgers together. The guy who manages the burger place is this very tall, buff guy, but he's also incredibly sweet and helpful and friendly.

Then we went home and I took a nap. My brother said that for me to be tired at 2 p.m., I must be nauseous or have cramps or something, but I was just tired. Slept, ate a very light dinner, and I'm going to go to bed once this roleplay with my best friend is done.
>> No. 379853
you know what.
Even though i get lonely working at night, I still enjoy it.
>> No. 379857
Welp, I've burnt my nose. The joy of the night is gone now.
>> No. 379858
>people are arguing in the comment section of a YouTube video I posted forever ago
>they're flagging each others' comments as spam and everything
>oh god what is happening am I popular yet
>> No. 379859
Why do plane tickets out of Korea cost so much. I need to go visit the states but it's like a bajillion dollars.
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