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File 136085897547.jpg - (95.25KB , 1280x960 , condom lemon.jpg )
374831 No. 374831
A lemon condom, seriously?
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>> No. 374832
Ok, first off that's Ginger and Lemon.
Second, that's a tea bag, not a condom. http://teekanne.us.com/
Which ginger and lemon tea doesn't sound good at all.
Third, there have been a multitude of flavored condoms out for many years now.
Forth, there are people out in the world who like lemon flavored stuff. They aren't to be trusted though.
>> No. 374833
Lemon-Ginger tea is actually really nice.
It's especially great if you have a cold. Try it with honey, or agave nectar.
>> No. 374840
>Forth, there are people out in the world who like lemon flavored stuff

Name one.
>> No. 374842
Hey, I like lemon jello, popsickles, lemonade etc.
I don't see myself wearing something lemony down there tho, I can only imagine it's gotta burn or something. Either that, or... too fresh.
>> No. 374844

>> No. 374845
Oooooh damn, lemon pie. How could I forget lemon pie.
>> No. 374854
It wouldn't burn if it was just flavoring, methinks. If they put actual lemon on it, then, yeah.
>> No. 374861
>lemon ginger

also I'd be down for that. Can't be as ridiculous as the glow in the dark ones
>> No. 374880
>the glow in the dark ones

The best lightsaber battles.

The very best.
>> No. 374884
File 136097926864.jpg - (64.58KB , 560x375 , row.jpg )
Imagine a condom that can produce this type of lighting in the pic

Imagine all those were tangerine flavors instead of lemon.
>> No. 374919
File 136108558028.png - (224.12KB , 400x346 , 400.png )
This is now a "pics of females holding up things" thread.
>> No. 374943
lemon flavor is ascorbic acid
>> No. 374985
File 13612336794.jpg - (35.15KB , 480x640 , 500.jpg )
>> No. 375018
File 136126235625.gif - (492.39KB , 500x375 , why boner.gif )
She's not holding something, but this seems like the most relevant occasion I'll have to post this pic.
>> No. 375064
File 136335713994.jpg - (16.58KB , 350x383 , WomanMoneyBanner.jpg )
>> No. 375083
What kind of sick degenerate buy lemon and ginger in teabag form?

A bag of fresh lemons and stem of ginger is pretty damn cheap.
>> No. 375098
File 136339281929.jpg - (46.65KB , 450x600 , 1349121710459.jpg )
>> No. 375112
You mean you can carry all that shit around to work or school?
>> No. 375118
That's what the satchel is for.
>> No. 375247
>eating ass on camera
It's a job, someone's got to do it
>> No. 375256

I'm gonna be that guy and say that there's nothing wrong with eating ass on camera.
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