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374582 No. 374582
Holy crap I just had a wild idea! What if you took high-res pictures you like, and then just went to a place where they could print them on movie poster paper. Would the quality of the print be pretty good or would it look flat? Would it be terribly expensive? Think of the possibilities!
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>> No. 374583
Depends on how hi res, depends on the quality of what you print them on. They would have to be severely hi-res to be worth printing on movie-poster size. A quick google search says 65MP images, but 12-15 is okay as long as you don't put it up to your nose: http://www.tildemark.com/how-many-megapixels-do-i-need/

It also says that Costco will print this size. However, almost all photo places will deny images if they feel the image could be under copyright, so you can't just take your favorite screenshot of a cartoon to any old Kinkos (AFAIK.)

You could always just print it on your own printer, assuming you have enough ink on hand, by breaking it up into sections and printing a section per sheet, then taping them together: http://www.blockposters.com/default.aspx
>> No. 374584
File 136030972968.jpg - (3.99MB , 2200x1323 , 1302121119276.jpg )
>anon thinks printing pictures is a wild idea

Hi res general?
>> No. 374585
File 136031228042.jpg - (96.48KB , 1275x641 , 2.jpg )
Holy holy holy crap. I thought my MP scans were good enough, but 65 is really huge. I looked up this image as a reference for what 65MP would be like:

It's over 9mb, which I think surpasses any image file I have of a poster. I used a megapixel calculator and looked for a particularly large copy of something I have, which turned out to be around 1.4 megabytes (all the files I have are 24bit jpegs and 300dpi) and the closest I got to was about 6.5MP...not even close to the up to your nose category, and those dimensions were 2099w by 3000h.

I'd say the average depth for most of them is like in this screenshot I have provided, this file is only 6.1MP, 2032w by 3000h, at 600kb.

You can't blame a guy for wondering though, for a dimwit anyway who never gave it a thought before. I mean you'd think just seeing something like in this screenshot where I zoomed in at one spot, would be enough for a high quality looking large print poster when it's the whole thing.

I'm no stranger to the kind of stuff that would make the grade though, I've had my eyes rattled by gigant TIFF images from album cover art, but these sizes and formats I'm almost certain are the best I will ever get for rare or older movie posters.

But about the copyright issue, Costco could be for such older poster prints only, not new, or more obscure things...and I now realize it still probably would not happen because they would think, or the law, that I'm trying to resell them for higher prices or something and there's definitely a marker for it, when all I want to do is collect them for myself...maybe the same thing with reprinting physical copies of copyrighted books I guess. In that vein, I couldn't buy a printer and high quality ink and paper materials (probably thousands of dollars) and go nuts by those copyright restrictions, even if it's just for myself. And come to think of it the very place where I browse these images is meant for people to buy the actual posters as the scans are just to show a potential buyer what it's like up close, and they own the rights to the promotional scans.

Even though the original posters are mountains more since they're authentic I guess there's already business that sell re-prints so...In short, my great idea for galleries and galleries of personal awesome movie poster to enjoy in my home, skipping along to costo with a fresh flash drive full of images every week, has been crushed against hard cold reality and common sense.
>> No. 374586
File 136031267299.jpg - (1.42MB , 2099x3000 , sample.jpg )
Oh, I didn't realize you could post images that big here, might as well post a full version of one the bigger files I have of a poster just for reference.
>> No. 374815
printing your own posters is something you can do at any kinkos or similar posting place. if you attend a university you might want to check to see if they have their own plotters to print with bc the rates are probably cheaper. where i work we charge by the linear foot and not the square foot, so the price is significantly lower
even if the image you print is small you want to make sure it has a high dpi (like around 300-600) to make sure you get the best possible print quality. otherwise it will look awful.
you can probably choose from a variety of papers but if you wanted movie poster type paper it would be a high gloss paper. ive found that cheap gloss paper tends to fleck and rub off if aggravated enough so be careful
>> No. 374848

Just saying: I have a full-res version of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. It's a 38mp .tif and a ludicrous 110mb in size.

But zooming in and looking at all the galaxies is orgasmic. And terrifying.
>> No. 374901
File 13610425265.jpg - (6.05MB , 2808x4344 , poster-for-fromme-s-calendar-1899.jpg )
It sounds like visual splendor. That size is huge but tiff images are crazy, I remember I downloaded an album once and some crazy guy had scanned the art booklet and those 8 or so pages were like almost a gig onto themselves. I wish I could find a directory for tiff image scans, for different categories, might be interesting to see what could be found, and maybe reprinted for the best quality and size.

Everything I have at least fits in that DPI range, even if none of the images get close to 9 MP.

I asked someone on reddit who worked at Walgreens and her answer was that as long as it "doesn't look professionally done", which led me to assume that some places won't print out stuff for you if they think there's a copyright, even if it's just one copy for yourself. I'm not sure what the policy is for really old movie posters, or mainstream art from the 1950s (cool vintage paperbook covers, gangster noir stuff) that isn't really relevant today, but I'm going to try Kinkos first.

Maybe it just depends where you go, some places would be sticklers about only printing out something you specifically made, and others will let you run wild with your imagination.

Would be awesome too to one day maybe print wallpapers, or stuff on t-shirts, but I don't really have a space for that, I just want some nice high gloss posters to frame.
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