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File 136027189170.png - (32.77KB , 131x230 , peeking wesker.png )
374563 No. 374563
Mind adding a sports board?
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>> No. 374564
We have sports threads on /baw/. It doesn't get enough attention to warrant its own board.
>> No. 374566
Hope the Lakers beat Celtics today.
>> No. 374570
Hijacking your thread

When is /durp/ coming back?
>> No. 374575
When everyone's cookies arrive.
>> No. 374588
File 136032717123.gif - (477.43KB , 294x219 , battears.gif )
>> No. 374597
I'm kinda curious to see which occurs first: everyone getting their cookies, or HL2: Episode 3.
>> No. 374598
It's going to be revealed to be a collaborative effort.
>> No. 374601
>Mind adding a sports board
He is? I thought he only liked handegg.
>> No. 374613

Huehuehuehuehue Every lakers loss makes me incredibly happy

xd comedy gold

I've tried. There was more interest in sports on here several years ago than there is now and that wasn't even enough. The closest we've gotten is that one time when the olympics was on /durp/. Most of the people here don't give a shit about sports and only watch really major events casually.
>> No. 374617
what happened to all the sports people on /baw/ sob sob sob
>> No. 374663
I watching the 4chan cup if that counts.
>> No. 374664
Esports are more entertaining than withered old regular sports.
>> No. 374665
File 136052403869.gif - (758.58KB , 170x144 , 1339135769838.gif )
>> No. 374686

I doubt you guys know about the two footie leagues I watch.

its fun when its a common thing though
>> No. 374710
If there's no skill involved, how is it a sport.
>> No. 374711
don't do that.
>> No. 374916
My favorite sport only shows up on TV once every four years.
>> No. 374947
A sport is a "physical activity".
Everything that exists is physical and a form of activity, therefore everything is sports.
Therefore, sports belong in general discussion, as they are such a general subject.
Also, now that this is known, eventually some group of sports experts will take advantage of the situation to declare themselves regulators of the sport of existing and thus effectively all reality.
>> No. 374948
>Everything that exists is physical and a form of activity, therefore everything is sports.

A sport is a physical activity that requires athletic skill or prowess and is played competitively.

It's not as broad a subject as you make it out to be.
>> No. 374954
So like Starcraft then.
>> No. 374957
File 136117528261.png - (279.81KB , 493x298 , bleach.png )
This seems like perfect reasoning to me.
>> No. 374958
File 136117660473.jpg - (85.53KB , 596x381 , lelbron sequarium.jpg )
can't start a sports board without christening it with lelbron
>> No. 374961
sometimes i don't even know what to say besides... yes. yes.
>> No. 374962
>> No. 374971
The brain is a muscle.
>> No. 374975
It's mostly fat.
>> No. 374976
No it isn't. It can't move.
>> No. 374996
Don't bother, the plebs are merely upset they can't micro like Boxer.
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