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374196 No. 374196


(Don’t worry, just made the title to go with the pic. Not tryin’ to start shit here.)
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>> No. 374199
File 135951117174.png - (2.30KB , 265x455 , 1315733744898.png )
Why did I have to import a vinyl record from the UK? IT'LL NEVER GET HERE. NEVER.
>> No. 374200
I know the /a/ character (Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!), but I don't recognize the /co/ one (although I'm assuming she's one of the X-Men because of her uniform).

I remember having headcanon ideas where I was firmly convinced as a preteen that Tenchi was either going to end up in a harem with all of the girls, or walk away from all of them. I wonder if there's ever been a harem series that ended with the main guy/girl of affection just picking no one.
>> No. 374201
File 135951468280.jpg - (24.80KB , 560x373 , September-21-2011-22-10-47-tumblrlrgqaifzEt1qk5yn3.jpg )
>finally get that cracked tooth fixed two weeks later than it should've been because weather dicked me over
>finally able to chew food with both sides of my mouth and taste things with my whole tongue again

>> No. 374202

>I don't recognize the /co/ one

’tis Rogue from the X-Men.

>Tenchi was either going to end up in a harem with all of the girls

According to Word of God, this actually happens in the OVA continuity.
>> No. 374205
>NOT A 90s KID

either you're old as balls or you're a real wapaflapa
>> No. 374206
File 135952050124.jpg - (82.01KB , 429x606 , 1337706910142.jpg )
>> No. 374207
File 135952163547.png - (136.14KB , 360x360 , 1320359652496.png )


I can't even
>> No. 374208

I saw this in my Facebook feed in the middle of a lab meeting. Here is an accurate reenactment of me in my head.

>> No. 374209
...I am a 90's kid? I'm in my 20's. I just (for whatever reason) missed out on the original X-Men (though I was aware of the arcade game) and didn't get into it until Evolution.
>> No. 374210
Well now I feel bad because I said to pay $0 for his stuff when I should have been promoting people throwing dosh at him.

Oh well, that's still fucking hilarious and awesome at the same time.
>> No. 374211

you're famous.
>> No. 374212
File 135952431036.png - (120.45KB , 801x557 , i-am-the-uguuest.png )

I knowwwwwww

It's not much but whatever man I'm a broke ass scienceperson it's all I got.
>> No. 374213
File 135952889321.png - (14.44KB , 400x384 , teethandhungerv2.png )
I am jealous of your newfound fame, Ninja.
Share some of your fame. I'm hungry for fame!
>> No. 374214
r-really? you guys are making me blush

ummm lets see. same old job but i've applied for a promotion and im pretty confident

started seeing someone who is basicly rule 63 me. to give you an idea she's looking to buy a house and one of the most important things it has to have is a spare room so she can build her dream model train layout

also... she uh.. has kids. which is actually pretty cool because i can use them as an excuse to go places that i'd wanted to go to but would look creepy going on my own. hell, they know more about sci-fi than i do
>> No. 374215
sounds weird but you have playmates... that you can train!

that's pretty neat in itself.

have fun, agent. glad you're kicking.
>> No. 374219
ah shit i deleted some of it

*confident that i'll get it. on my shift the competion is either the rookie or the densest motherfucker i've ever met. but my supervisor told me about the position opening up before it did while the others only found out when it was posted so maybe he knows something i dont
>> No. 374229
If you have a few spare minutes today, check out this album on imgur:


You’ve likely seen a whole bunch of those photos, but the cumulative effect of seeing them back-to-back can get to you.
>> No. 374231
i think we need to give context to that third image with the bull and the matador.


>And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as being like a prayer – because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is forgiven. I felt like the worst shit on earth.
>In fact, not only is this not true, it could not be true, not least because the matador in the photo is actually Francisco Javier Sánchez Vara, pictured right. While the words come from an article by the author and melodramatist Antonio Gala Velasco in the Spanish newspaper El País in 1995.
>> No. 374233
Well, that's that. The cat at the shelter that I felt a real connection with has been taken home, and I'm unlikely to ever see him again. Sad feels, man, sad feels...

Ends in sex. The best sex.
>> No. 374234
Gonna try a month-long experiment for February — gonna use the Internet as little as possible and create, create, create.

From morning to early eveining: no social media, no imageboards, no news sites, no pointless Web browsing — just writing, drawing, pixel arting, web designing, or re-creating myself via new, better habits (like exercise and eating less/eating better). Doesn’t matter if I publish anything, I just want to get in the habit of creating new things and make some better habits for myself. Early evening to sleep, I'll get in touch with people via IM and chat, but not via Twitter/FA/DA/etc. Saturdays will stay my ‘reading day’ where I burn through any bookmarks I’ve built up over the week. Gotta take a break, right?

The basic idea: less input, more output. Gonna write a thing for my blog about it tomorrow morning.
>> No. 374238
I tried this once. Only allowed myself e-mail and ten minutes of Facebook a day for a week. It actually went pretty well, but only because I have a huge amount of porn on my computer.

Now I have so much more porn and a huge backlog of offline games, perhaps I could go a month...
>> No. 374239
File 135960057460.jpg - (123.53KB , 500x375 , sadyena.jpg )
I'm so mad, switching out of neutral would physically destroy me.
>> No. 374241

I don’t even need to worry about porn, because I’ve tried to cut back on how much I masturbate and how much porn I expose myself to — which means I watch far less porn than ever.
>> No. 374242
I tried doing that for a week once, too: no masturbation or porn. Many times, in fact.

I believe my record is about 40 hours.
>> No. 374243
My aim is to /start/ masturbating. I never really had a sex drive (too much stress and not enough time alone) and I heard it helps relax people.
>> No. 374247
11 months.
>> No. 374248
You either have a super-active life or no penis.
>> No. 374249
I remember trying that out. 24 days. The couple a' weeks were weird. had constant hip spasms and pretty much everything was porn.
Then I chilled out for the rest of the time, and did it out of boredom.
Haven't been occupied or generally mellow enough to let go of that, again.
>> No. 374250
Five months. It seems so much harder to do, now. Even after discovering that nofap reddit community and the idea that not fapping so damned much is better overall.
>> No. 374253
5 days. Just get fucking bored, honestly.
>> No. 374255
moses is in Korea?

Part 1 of my ridiculously circuitous evil plan is complete!
>> No. 374257
>the idea that not fapping so damned much is better overall.
This is my understanding as well. But, well, doing it in the short term just makes me feel good, at least for a time, when I'm usually depressed, so that beats out any long-term gains.
>> No. 374258

Dammit Miley no blowing up the world.

Ee-arth’s where I keep all my stuff.
>> No. 374259
File 135965456360.png - (218.39KB , 297x331 , poor drake bell.png )
All of my favorite streaming sites are down right now.

Please come back.
>> No. 374260
Man, is there a polite way to get people to leave you alone at lunch? Dealing with people 10 hours a day and when I clock out I just want to read and have some me time, but this one dude from another department intercepts me almost every day to chat.
>> No. 374261
*dealing with people 10 hours a day is exhausting
>> No. 374263
I lost a bit of respect for my dad over the weekend. He's a Lutheran pastor, so he's always been a religious-right guy, but he would never really use it as a battering ram, i.e., would never parade around "God Hates Fags" signs. We differ on a lot of things, but we never talk about them, and I still love him

However, over the weekend I heard him talking to my grandpa (mom's father), and the conversation got around to laws in Iowa where my folks live, and my dad made the comment "Iowa is the only state where you're not allowed to smoke a fag, but you can marry one." Even after a life of chans, "poor taste" is an understatement for that, IMO.

The next day my sister was talking about a camp in California that was attended mostly by upper-class kids from within and without the U.S., then my dad starts muttering about hedonists so my sister (who is probably center-religious) says "Fine I won't talk about it anymore" mid-story until my mom urged her to ignore my dad and continue. (Okay, yeah, the kids' families were probably filthy rich to excess, but it would be like going to a game designer and complaining about gamers.)

>> No. 374264

So, yeah, prolly won’t see me posting here much (if at all) for the next month.
>> No. 374266
Good luck Stone!
>> No. 374270
Is it normal to automatically know what to write just by listening to music? Like, not even being inspired, it just comes to you right there?
>> No. 374272
File 135969036260.jpg - (91.85KB , 604x358 , NOTHING OF VALUE.jpg )
it had to be done sorry
>> No. 374274

>> No. 374275

Xvideos is still up!

Doh ho ho ho.
>> No. 374276
Say, Mesias, you know a shitton about education stuff from the government side, don't you?

How the hell do you get a GED in this country?
>> No. 374278
How have you not graduated high school yet?

Also, IIRC, Mesias is from a South American country (Chile, I think), and not Mexico.
>> No. 374279
Probably by being over 18, and having dropped out.
>> No. 374282
Well, I know some education stuff from the costarrican government since I'm a clerk from one curricular department, and we don't have a GED test. That's test is just US and Canada only.

Wow, did I sounded like a chilean?
>> No. 374285
it's an ignorance thing, Mesias. Most of us anglophiles couldn't tell the difference between a Chilean, Argentinian or Costa Rican accent.
Spanish and Portugese are kind of all unknowns to me. I only speak New English. Couldn't tell Mexican Spanish from Columbian Spanish. That's not meant to be hyperbole or mean, I literally couldn't.
>> No. 374286
I don't really mind when someone reblogs something I posted on Tumblr a year or two ago, but all of a sudden I keep getting, say, two people who go through 20+ pages of a certain tag and REBLOG EVERYTHING IN IT that it gets a little...weird, and I don't know if I should approach them about it or not.
>> No. 374291

Only the federal, still waiting on the state. Time to pay some billz.

Likely spambots or link farmers trying to build up profiles for fake tumblr accounts.
>> No. 374292
Do I just block them, then? How do I know it's not just someone who really likes stuff I posted two years ago?
>> No. 374294
I would look at their tumblrs; if all they have is re-posts from old posts, then they're probably farming to create content to then link to their site and try to bump their Google rank.

I don't know tumblr (I rarely visit), so I don't know what to do with this information. We have lots of tumblr users here, perhaps one will chime in with useful info.
>> No. 374301
Selfiish, but I really wish someone like dreamslayer didn't exist. Or at least didn't drop by at all. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Polite sage since I don't really do this and knowingly having certain people read this. Ugh...
>> No. 374302
>new concept to read and understand.
I do not understand this particular concept you are trying to convey to me, sir. There are holes in my understanding from A to Z this concept depends upon me already knowing.
>it's explained using vocabulary words, definitions and concepts you're unfamiliar with.
I do not understand ten of the words you just used to explain the one thing and concept you just tried to convey to me, sir.
>fork off the explanation into ten different paths to explain ten different new concepts. Which themselves may have forking off to even more words to define things you aren't familiar with.
Tell me when you're ready to use parallels, examples, similies or oblige me totally and use simple layman terms, and I'll start caring again, sir. I'm done chasing and learning fifty new, difficult things just to understand one new, difficult thing.

for extra points, repeat the explanation using words the listener does not know and insist you can somehow force knowledge on people that don't know what the fuck you are talking about just by repetition.
>> No. 374303
if you can't simplify the concept for a stranger, it's likely you don't know it is all i'm saying
>> No. 374304
oh look bed

>> No. 374305
Oh? Try explaining "color" to a blind person, then.

For that matter, imagine you are talking on a radio to an alien on another world who has never seen a human. Tell him which direction "left" is.
>> No. 374306
someone's decided to try to counter feynman with feynman.
>> No. 374308
"the experience of red is akin to tasting a flavor. something visually has a particular light flavor that is reminiscent of something warm, hot, vibrant." even if it's not precise, you can talk about it in metaphors that will shed meaning on it.

also, you can explain which side is left. magnets and charges like electrons that are characteristic to matter. electrons deflect in a particular way in the presence of a magnetic field. you can do it. it just requires fundamental particle discussion.

also i'm too high right now to re-derive it, but i do believe the left-hand rule follows for electrons. do-ho-ho
>> No. 374309
That makes two people he annoyed enough to leave the drawchat tonight, just being himself.
time for a little abuse of power. I'm tired of dealing with him.
>> No. 374310
was gonna come back with a quip about "objects reflect light rays of light that come from the sun or other light sources. The objects absorb a portion of the light rays, giving them a subtle visual texture beyond what can be felt by touch" but yours is much better.
>> No. 374311
Only very vaguely related, but I remember a comedian saying that the only things that taste like "red" and "green" are NyQuil and DayQuil. They don't replicate the flavor of anything that exists.
>> No. 374314
I'm just reading my bookedy book over again to make sure I'm comprehending things correctly, and not caring much how it defines voltage. Or the example it gives. 'Voltage is potential'? Uh. Potential, like a highschool kid has potential?... wat.
"The way when you hold a brick, it has the potential to fall. And the way when you hold a brick up high from the top of a building, it has more potential."

Then I read about the difference of batteries stacked in series and batteries in parallel. In series they make a theoretical lightbulb shine brighter than one battery would. In parallel they make a light shine as well as one battery would, but as long as as many batteries you have. So..

It seems like if current/ampres were the speed at which you pull the string, the voltage would be the size of the anal beads.
>> No. 374315
My mistake then. I was simply going on some of your older posts from these past few years. I distinctly remember you mentioning Chile a few times...even once during their earthquake a while back.

So, tell us, what country are you from?
>> No. 374319
Long fuckin' story.

He mentioned it right there. Costa Rica. (formally North America. But teeeechnically Central America.)
Beautiful country, I've heard.
Some friends of mine went there whent UANL played Alajuelense in the aforementioned-by-myself Champions League.
(I wanted to go myself when Monterrey played both Herediano and Saprissa but didn't have the chance.)

Hm. I was offered an equivalent during my last setback (chickened out of that one - and that window is TOTALLY closed) So I KNOW there's a version here but I just have no clue about it.


(and to finish it off)
I actually consider myself really good with accents! There's a couple that are REALLY distinct (brazil portuguese being more pronounced in the vowels than portugal's - argentina's over-the-top stereotypical portrayals lead to at least some guides) but some lesserly ones are also kinda bit easier to tell apart (Honduran/Guatemalan/South Mexican or Colombian/Venezuelan/Equadorian) and the sort.
I've been living here for years in a really international-friendly zone so I guess I can chalk it up to that.
Also, football really helps with that stuff. I think I can spot every flag pertaining to Concacaf. And I'm honestly surprised. Never thought I'd knew the location, population and general appearance of St. Kitts and Nevis.
>> No. 374320
Potential as in easily accessed energy. When you lift a brick into the air, it takes a certain amount of energy, which is stored until you release it, at which point the kinetic energy released causes it to hurdle to the ground at high speed. Higher if it drops from a high enough distance.

Though gravity is a weird one to use because of how fucked up gravity is from a physics perspective. Probably would've been better to say a rubber band that's been pulled taut, or a spring that's been pressed down as examples of potential.
>> No. 374322
Shit...didn't see it because it was typed as one long word (and I skimmed, so...).

Well, I'm now informed for the future. Thanks.
>> No. 374323
I guess my earlier assumption was wrong then, and it's more like a stored amount of fuel?
And higher voltage batteries are much like larger, more heavy duty rubber bands that can stretch and have more tension to store more energy to capacity before they become depleted.

I figured voltage was less the amount of fuel so much as the grade of it. Heavier duty stuff requiring heavier duty fuel.
>> No. 374325
well, not quite. total stored fuel is "total energy". the grade is an interesting analogy and a bit better, but not quite right.

how about this. imagine having a super soaker water gun or any pump water gun that you could keep at a constant pressure with unlimited water. it really doesn't matter how much water since the amount of water doesn't effect how hard it shoots. voltage is like the amount of pressure.

the more pressure you have built up in a water gun (as you squeeze the trigger or pump it with the pump), the gun will shoot harder.

in a battery, a charged battery provides a lot of electrical pressure from the chemicals it has in it. they call that voltage. it mostly remains constant, and if allowed to flow, the current shoots out at that "pressure", that hard.

now you might ask, why don't all the electrons just blast out as soon as you connect something to the battery? well, when you connect anything to the battery, it applies a back pressure to fight back the flow of electricity. Imagine trying to put a finger or... something pretty substantial to block the water from the super soaker. It could slow down the amount coming out by clogging the thing just a bit. Okay, say the thing blocking it is... oh... a fan blade. the fan blade would start spinning (and blasting off a bunch of the water because it's not optimized to get hit by water), but some of that energy is now used to spin the fan. same with the battery. the battery uses some of that built up electrical energy at its voltage to try to drive some electrical component to do some work or heat it up or whatever.
>> No. 374331
i need a new tumblr username
i'm tired of my old one and i'm looking for a nightwing related one that isn't taken.


i'm trying to retire ferrousfellow from most things because i mean really tony's kind of a dick (hawhaw) and i'm not drinking nearly as much whisky as i used to
>> No. 374333
nevermind. brushiebrushienightwing it is.
>> No. 374336
I guess when I imagine it as water, I presume the pressure (voltage) translates automatically into a higher current/ampere. The more constant pressure in this metaphorical supersoaker, the faster and further it discharges and the quicker it depletes to a trickle.

So.. okay. Voltage returns, in my head, to the function I ascribed to it earlier. the stat that determines the cruising 'might' of a thing. Current is how quickly that voltage moves through a circuit, wattage is the power and work done with it.

It's still rather nebulous, but god damnit I can't try any harder. that's the problem
>> No. 374340
Ah, capsaicin-based topical analgesics. How I love you and the potent pain relief you provide my shrieking lower back and legs.
>> No. 374342
you're close! not bad for someone who's having it explained in dead text.

current is the stuff that's traveling through the circuit. voltage is how much ooomf that current had before it gave it all up to drive the circuit (do work etc).

as far as the supersoaker analogy, it's a bit off i know since the damned thing doesn't have constant pressure nor an infinite stream of water to shoot.

okay. so imagine a water balloon full of water and tiny little pin holes that push out the water. we're looking at the timescale wherein we don't change the pressure of the balloon much through deflating it. it's a massive fucking balloon with tiny holes. water squirts out at some velocity and foomp that's pretty much just decided by the pressure inside the balloon. now put in another tiny hole. now you have two holes that both squirt at the same rate as each other, same velocity and everything but you have twice as much water coming out.

so we can say "the water from each hole have imparted to them the same energy created by this balloon being under pressure, but the total current is just the sum of all the water coming out of those pinholes."

that's a bit better of an analogy because batteries are like that. they slowly trickle current out. you can't just dump the whole load at once (not easily anyway... not without catastrophic chemical fires). they will slowly slowly lose voltage, too, even if they're rated for some voltage, and that happens because the same thing that produces the current (the chemicals that want to get rid of or steal away the electrons from the current) are also the same ones that provide the chemical pressure (voltage). as those chemicals are used up, the voltage slowly drops off until they just can't do it anymore, captain. they just can't provide enough voltage (or enough current!) to do the job. the balloon is too floppy to push water into stuff. :[
>> No. 374344
that wasn't too clear. i was jumping between language a bit.

let's get it straight and explain it with single electrons at a time!
energy is the total amount of ... well... i like to treat energy as the fundamental thing but it's the currency of work. work is energy spent. potential energy of any kind is energy not yet spent, or being saved up.

voltage is the electrical potential for energy. what the blazes does that mean?

well let's follow one electron. it's hanging out somewhere with a (let's forget negative signs) voltage of 1. As long as it just sits there, it doesn't use up that energy. it just sits there waiting, running around twiddling its thumbs. this electron is now given a path to run down now. the path happens to be device. at the end of the device is a place with a voltage of 0.

the electron says "i'd rather be at 0 voltage than 1V and this is the path i'll take to do it!" and gives it all up to the device.

now that wasn't much energy. in fact it was exactly a unit called one electron-volt (which is exactly what it sounds like. the energy of something with the charge of an electron using up 1 volt of potential)

same thing happens with two electrons. each drops down a volt and total gives up 2eV (electron volts) of energy.

now let's say there's some HUGE number of electrons that provides a substantial amount of charge. it's called a coulomb of charge. it's the standard. it doesn't matter the name i suppose. it's just the unit we like. this coulomb's worth of electrons travels down from a 1V situation to 0V producing a coulomb*V (like an eV) and that unit is another standard unit. It's a joule. That's one of the big money units in physics.
Well, let's say we spend a coulomb worth of electrons per second, all those electrons in that coulomb pouring evenly over the course of a second from 1V to 0V. We call that a current of electrons. The unit for that is an amp, but again the name doesn't matter. The important thing is that current going down 1V produces 1 joule of work per second. That's power! literally. the rate work is done (with respect to time) is power.

Okay. so we can do that all with 1V. lets talk about what happens at some other voltage... oh... 2V. one electron going down 2Vs worth of potential produces 2eV of energy, even though it's just one electron. Similarly, one coulomb of electrons going down 2V is 2Joules. that's twice as much energy for the same amount of charge.

Voltage tells you how much work could be done if you have some number of charges to do that work. It's energy divided by the charge used to give up that energy.

Power is how quickly you use up that energy.

I hope that was more clear.
>> No. 374345
I hate when someone brings you to task about not knowing something about them that they have never once brought up. If anything's important, you should tell me upfront, not treat me like a moron for it.
>> No. 374346
me, too, anon. that's just bad form.
>> No. 374347
I think I get it. This next part will either confirm or destroy my tenuous grasp.
Can you have high voltage and low resistance, but low current?
Can you have low voltage and high resistance, but fast current?

It sounds like current is a byproduct of voltage now.
>> No. 374349
current wouldn't flow unless there's a voltage drop (a preferred place for the electrons to go over where they are now)

it's a fact to be proven later that electrons not only give up energy to something (a device, radiation, something) when they drop from a voltage state to a low voltage one, but that they are drawn toward the low voltage state. that force that draws them is created by that voltage difference. that force moves the electrons and creates a current.

because of ohm's law, the relationship for most devices under the most basic conditions is as follows. Voltage/Current = the Resistence, which is almost a definition of resistence really. If you put a low resistance device in the way of a high voltage to low voltage path, you'll produce MUCH more current than in the case of a high resistence device.

Resistence is like a counter pressure (a windmill blocking the flow of wind for example) to the electrons. Bigger resistence means more difficulty for electrons to get through, and we quantify that difficulty with term resistence.
>> No. 374350
Agreed-- if something's important, like a fear of yours or something you don't want to discuss with others, tell me immediately and tell me several times so I don't forget. I can't read minds, sadly.
>> No. 374352
a few things to think about based on your choice of the word fast:
a really slow flow of electrons but a whole of them can equal the same amount as a fast but low density of electrons.

like... all you're doing is counting how many electrons cross a finish line. they could all be going really slowly but have a lot of them. the electrons on average will literally go more slowly through the device of a high resistance material because they'll be bouncing around in there making things happen.

the second really interesting thing to think about in my opinion is "what happens in the case of a zero resistance cell?" Like... there's no resistance... so infinite current? how fast does the electron go? what would that even mean?

Well a few things on that question. Electrons don't go infinitely fast (due to them being made of matter and this whole relativity thing that einestin discovered) and there will always be a resistance-induced voltage drop somewhere (except in VERY rare cases we can talk about later). even the vacuum of space has a resistance!

in the more realistic limitation where we don't have sparks flying, say we connect a wire to a battery. we say wires have zero resistance (compared to anything we care about) so what happens? the battery can't produce that much current at once that easily. it actually struggles to the point of building up a resistance inside the chemicals that make the voltage even happen. Eventually the resistance is so big that the current can't go up anymore. Batteries have a resistance that changes with the amount of current! (but usually it's so tiny we ignore it.) They'll heat up and burn out, but they don't produce infinite current even when you provide the nearly zero resistance bridge for the electrons to take.
>> No. 374353
File 135988373947.jpg - (5.05KB , 225x225 , patrick.jpg )
>> No. 374355
Finally got a new computer! It's been a long 6 months, but now I can finally visit the site once or twice a week from the comforts of my laptop instead of from a cramped 3 year old smart phone!
>> No. 374357
sorry if i said too much.
i get excited.
>> No. 374361
keep asking questions and take some time to mull over it. i'm also sure there are good youtube animations/videos to try to describe this level of physics.
>> No. 374362
Difficulty comprehending things hurts sometimes.
>> No. 374363
clear your mind of preconceived notions of what is what for a bit. the analogies can get jumbled together and stop helping.

Current and Voltageyoutube thumb
>> No. 374365
perhaps hunting up the definition of joules and coulombs would help understanding the things that depend upon knowing what they are.
>to wiki
... god. fucking. damn it. This is like reading a choose your own adventure book backwards.
>> No. 374371
I don't sports, but I happened by the TV as someone was watching the game and the lights went out.

So damn amusing.
>> No. 374374
Do you guys have any tips on anxiety? I seem to be in almost a constant state of shakiness/headache, eating is hard (I have to eat very small portions, and even then, I get massive stomach cramps), and I can't seem to be able to focus on anything.

My parents don't want me taking anxiety meds, because they believe they don't work and only make people sleepy (and to be fair, when I tried antidepressants, that's what happened), so that's not an option right now.
>> No. 374376
i tell this to all my friends with anxiety, but there's a wonderful clinical psycholist/buddhist meditation expert named Tara Brach who has amazing podcasts for understanding and working through anxiety and fear.

you'll need to bear through the language, but i can't recommend her enough
>> No. 374379
I don't mean this in the wrong way, but I'll give her a shot as long as she isn't preachy. I'm not a spiritual person. I've tried becoming one, but I just don't believe in it.
>> No. 374381
the main core to everything is just acceptance. acceptance of what's real. that's at the core. it's what allows people to relax, to be in the moment, to forgive themselves, to let things go, and to breathe.
>> No. 374383
Can I just say that Geography is the worst fucking subject?
>> No. 374384
I just need to learn what I've been blamed for that was genuinely my fault, and what I was merely used as a scapegoat for, because I constantly walk around with my chest full of guilt.

Sometimes I wish I believed in anything remotely supernatural, but I've never seen evidence in it existing, and when I turned to God in times of trouble, things aways got ten times worse. I just removed anything relating to religion out of my life.
>> No. 374385
>people kind of sort of relying on me
>paying bills and kinda just being semi-productive

christ when did i grow up
>> No. 374393
the special thing about taoism and buddhism (well kinds of each) is that their goal is to remove all supernatural and illusory beliefs rather than give you superstitions to hold onto. the stories are metaphors that open up the path to understanding, not provide literal facts about how the universe must work.

so... as long as you go in and experience what you can without taking any of it too seriously, you should be fine.
>> No. 374410
File 135998489483.jpg - (12.73KB , 500x311 , AFVvA.jpg )
>mother has a sore on her head that would not heal for months on end
>put off going to the doctor
>suspected for months it might be cancer
>she finally gets it operated on and removed
>it goes for biopsy
>talk to her about it and she confirms something I didn't want to hear
>it's cancer
>heart hits the fucking floor
>Then hear it's Basal Cell Carcinoma

Emotional roller coaster ho.
>> No. 374413
i hope that in spite of everything they caught it early enough
>> No. 374417
So how 'bout that Richard III?
>> No. 374420
I'm incredibly glad to have gotten that gaping chasm in my tooth taken care of last week, but crikey the gum in that area are still tender from that metal band they had to cram between my teeth for the filling. At least it seems like I can floss around that tooth comfortably again.
>> No. 374422
Drink lots of water and keep your saliva flowing. One of the reasons meth heads suffer tooth decay is because they breath through their mouth and there's no saliva swishing around.

Also soda both attacks the enamel and changes your saliva to be more acidic, so if you can, give up der soda.
>> No. 374425
So I finally started using Firefox's add-ons and themes, and I love them. Why is pimping my web browser so much fun?
>> No. 374426
But who will be my science bro now that I FINALLY GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL.

Ninja how drunk are you on average. This is important.
>> No. 374427
i'm still a grad bro. i'm just usually under other forms of well regulated intoxication, work related or not.

alcohol just gives me beer gut and wine gives me bad time headaches. also alcohol is a great way to lose hours of your day if you're me.

also congratulations!
>> No. 374431
I hear you, man. Still love beer even though it gives me the alcohol flush despite not being Asian.

Also real talk: Tony is terrible everyone knows this.
>> No. 374433
true story *glug glug glug*
people who are better science role models include: not tony
batman because he doesn't brag about being a scientist
hank pym when he's written well
barry allen!
hrmm... i need to keep thinking about this list
>> No. 374434
Batman was my comic book science role model when I was a kid.

Now that I'm older and can relax and not be an asshole it's Ted Kord so I guess I actually need a jock bro.

Who will be my jock bro.
>> No. 374435
>> No. 374436
Are you ok, dude?

Are you having a stroke?
>> No. 374437
i had to prepare for another big teleconference with our funding sourecs today so everything i do feels manic and wild
please forgive my outbursts
i miss ted. he was... such a bro.
>> No. 374438
BCC is pretty common and very slow growing. When she got the lesion removed, they suspect they got all of the afflicted tissue. She's going back to get looked at once more just to make sure the appropriate tissue has been removed.
>> No. 374440
As someone who has had multiple family members get cancer due to shit genetics and survive due to early detection and treatment, high fives and support for you, duder.

Previews suggest he'll be back for a bit in a universe where he DIDN'T get shot in the head, though???
>> No. 374442
oh thank goodness. i await the further tests.

i heard that dick grayson was being a jackass bad detective who didn't follow the multiverse informational leads on Ted's murder. this saddens me. Tim Drake would never have messed that up. Glad Bruce was back to fix things.
>> No. 374446
I don't understand this reasoning behind "Oh, you're in a relationship now? So you're gonna want all your friends to fuck off forever now?"

I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but my significant other isn't the only important person in my life, I'm not throwing away friendships without a really good reason.
>> No. 374448
Alternate universe versions just don't cut it. Besides, like you don't know DC is just getting another rickroll ready.
>> No. 374451

k = (2w + 1)(1 - m)

k = how many drinks I have had
w = how many pointless meetings I have today
m = probability that I will be invited to cool departmental stuff instead of having to grade all the papers in all the classes
>> No. 374463
i'll need to compare this to my 6 drinks tonight.
don't hang out with the local pub owner if you don't want to get schwaysted.
what the fuck are fingers because i can't feel shit.
>> No. 374476
Is drunk science a thing now, Ninja? Like you need X amount of drinks before a formula makes sense?
I ask because it should be a thing.
>> No. 374481
dehydrated as fuck
that was worth it
holy science my head hurts
>> No. 374484
I thought drunk science was always a thing?
>> No. 374486
It's called the "Ballmer Peak," and it was first recorded by Dr. Randall Munroe.
>> No. 374487
sitting in front of a word doc writing my resume.

...this is hard.

...and depressing.

I'm stuck, guise.
>> No. 374488
Don't look at me man, been on this same boat since 2010 more or less.
>> No. 374489
whatever it is post-drinking that makes me feel less empathy and more frustration with jokers is really giving me an un-enjoyable edge.

i'm just judging people left and right.

and i don't wanna help nobody when i think they're being stupid.

and i can tell that if i open my mouth jerk words are going to pour out.

happy tuesday.
>> No. 374498
Being religious is really difficult and scary.
>> No. 374504
File 136012329897.png - (603B , 64x64 , 2013-02-05_db16+ianlennonford-study.png )
Did this over the course of about three hours tonight.

Reference image: http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixelart/68268.htm
Palette used: http://www.pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=12795

Only 7 colors, mostly original work (I admit to ganking the ladder pattern from the reference image and reworking it into the DB16 palette).

Yay me~
>> No. 374506

Fun fact: "symposium" is Greek for "to drink together"
>> No. 374515
I hear that sister. I've had a crisis of faith lately, in the form of 'If I'm afraid of death does that mean I'm not actually religious? I thought the whole purpose of religion was to find comfort in death through belief in an afterlife, and have guiding moral principles to take you in a positive direction toward that ultimate destination'. Maybe I'm thinking too hard.

Also on a somewhat related note, what's it say about the state of modern religion (let's say it, Christianity) when finding out a girl is openly religious is a red flag that almost makes me want to not pursue trying to start a relationship with her (despite all other positive signals) when I myself am religious?
>> No. 374516
I'm horribly afraid of finding out I'm right.
The idea of existing forever is the scariest shit. I don't want to live forever. I don't want to have my personality and memories obliterated to obtain a "perfect" and "sinless" existence in heaven. I want to live a long, fulfilling life, and I want to die, living on only in the memories of those whose lives I've touched.
Most of my friends, including the woman I'm in love with, are atheists.
I don't want to be right, but I'm so afraid that I am.
>that last sentence
I know that feel.
>> No. 374517
>Also on a somewhat related note, what's it say about the state of modern religion (let's say it, Christianity) when finding out a girl is openly religious is a red flag that almost makes me want to not pursue trying to start a relationship with her (despite all other positive signals) when I myself am religious?

Religious people get a pretty bad rep because you mostly only hear about religious people when some abhorrent extreme example comes along and gives everyone else who is religious a bad name. So when you meet someone pious you associate them with the Westboro Baptist Church types sooner than you do the types of religious people who are generally reasonable and caring, because you almost never hear about the latter group existing even though you know they're out there. Plus the cons of meeting one of the crazy extremists outweighs the pros of meeting one of the desired moderates, so you do a risk/reward assessment that tells you to just stay away.

Try to get over it.

I can honestly say I've never seen a person who hopes their religion is wrong before. You're an interesting feller, Slowpoke.
>> No. 374518
A 'sinless' version of yourself with no physical or mental impediments is not the same person that you were.

On the alternative, I would unflinchingly accept immortality, knowing full well the consequences associated with living forever. I hate the feeling of futility, and the concept of not existing anymore horrifies me.
>> No. 374519
look bitches the w value is set at 5 for tomorrow god aint shit
>> No. 374522
File 136014915239.png - (358.51KB , 720x480 , ep21-335.png )
Have any of you heard of this great great activist called Chris Hedges? I'm currently reading his book called "The Death of the Liberal Class." He's a Christian socialist, a war reporter, a former writer for the New York Times. He was trained the seminary. His father was a Presbyterian minister. Although his father was a pacifist he fought in Normandy. His father also was deeply committed to the Civil rights movement and spoke out in favor of MLK Jr. at the pulpit, which was radical for a white pastor to do in the 1960s. His father also one of the first pastors in America to perform same-sex marriages. So back to Chris, he wrote two books called "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America" and "I Don't Believe in Atheists" where he attacks both the Christian Right and new atheists in America.

There is also another Christian socialist called Dr. Cornel West. I'm reading his book called "Democracy Matters." If everyone on earth was like Cornel West we wouldn't need heaven, we would already have achieved heaven on earth.

>I'm horribly afraid of finding out I'm right.
>The idea of existing forever is the scariest shit.

As an atheist I say the same thing. I'm fear the idea of non-existence forever. I don't want all of this knowledge, all of these feelings, all of the people I ever knew and loved in this world to be gone forever when I die. It's just not fair.

I really wish I could be a theist again. I really do. All of those years I spent at church pondering the meaning of existence and god and than I would go home and satisfy my homosexual/bisexual fantasies.
>> No. 374526
goodnight sweet ninja i will miss you
see you on the other side
>> No. 374527
it's like i really am on old /b/ some days. i don't mean that in no good way. christ guys, post better.
>> No. 374530
File 136018466581.jpg - (88.05KB , 494x336 , skeletonsitting.jpg )
>waiting for Mr. Stone
>> No. 374531
>I'm fear the idea of non-existence forever. I don't want all of this knowledge, all of these feelings, all of the people I ever knew and loved in this world to be gone forever when I die. It's just not fair.

It's weird but my belief in nothingness after death is the source of my confidence. I used to be really scared of dying and ceasing existence. But then one day I realized that if I always have that lurking fear in the back of my mind, am willing to accept an end to myself without resorting to any fantasies of continuation in denial of the fact despite how incredibly scary it is, and am able to go on living a happy and fulfilling life even knowing I'll end one day, then I must be very brave. And thinking about how I'm brave enough to be able to live happily despite this fear of ending, and how I'll continue to live happily despite it, makes me not even afraid of death anymore because it no longer has control over my happiness.

So now my mentality is "If I'm not afraid of death, what the fuck else can life even throw at me?" As far as I'm concerned I've conquered the ultimate fear, so there isn't anything left to be afraid of. Besides physical pain, that is.

A lot of people think atheism is supposed to be bitter and depressing but for me it has been very liberating and uplifting. I've lost a lot of modesty to it though.

I'm kind of worried this will boil into a religious argument which is not my intent. I'm only stating my feelings about death, which are very closely tied to my lack of religion.

Ok, you go first.
>> No. 374532
File 136018778332.jpg - (59.55KB , 324x600 , tony stark.jpg )
get on my level, Trinsic. you don't even know.
>> No. 374537

Oh shit, I meant to poke at you last week; life got away from me.

I don’t have any way to sell it to you RIGHT NOW without getting someone else involved in the transaction somehow. Sorry.
>> No. 374540
File 13601997203.jpg - (113.65KB , 818x550 , breivik.jpg )
Haha, how the hell did breivik get up in there?
>> No. 374541
File 136019972018.jpg - (113.65KB , 818x550 , breivik.jpg )
Haha, how the hell did breivik get up in there?
>> No. 374545
File 136020875933.jpg - (13.52KB , 367x329 , 1250062112365.jpg )
>> No. 374546
when I feel anxious I play video games
and then I feel worse because I get really tense and sweaty and frustrated
but at the same time I feel better because I'd rather be angry at a game than at myself and it's good to detox by venting a bit

also dear god psychonauts is hilarious and yet I have all the sad feels at the same time
>> No. 374547
Try to find games that aren't stressful. If you have a Wii, I *highly* recommend Kirby's Epic Yarn. There are enemies, and you can "die", but death is nothing but a minor inconvenience and 95% of the levels are nice jaunts with lots of exploration.

There are other such games, though they're harder to find. Endless Ocean is fairly laid back, I think.
>> No. 374549
File 136021097557.jpg - (11.90KB , 203x302 , gladiator_comodus_emperor_rome.jpg )
Question; Does humor primarily derive from conflict and pain?
>> No. 374550
We have a Wii and Epic Yarn already, but I'm at college and the Wii is at my parents' house. They didn't want me doing anything but class while I was away, but I started buying some games for my laptop because I had nothing else to do.
>> No. 374551


>> No. 374553

Humor derives from our attempts to make sense of the senseless; conflict, pain, and tragedy rarely make sense.
>> No. 374554
Heinlein said so, but it's an overly pessimistic view. Humor can also come from setting up the audience to expect one story, and then tell them a different one entirely--this is the basis of most jokes. Meta-humor takes it a step further by making you expect the joke story and then telling a story that subverts the expectation of the joke--that's where you get jokes such as "A priest, a rabbi, and a mullah walk into a bar and the bartender says 'What is this, some kind of joke?'"

Humor can also derive from character, and the best types of comedic stories take their humor from character interaction rather than actual jokes. Like on Community, for example, you have Abed making all these observations that lean on the fourth wall, but the actual humor of those situations come not from the fact that he's joking about Bottle Episodes, but from the fact that Abed is so off in his own little world that he sees things in terms of television tropes and scenes from movies.

Plus there's always non-sequiturs that get laughs but are basically cheap humor that get less funny every time you read them or see them because the entirety of their humor came from surprising you.

None of these styles of humor rely on pain or suffering or conflict (unless you count juxtaposing two conflicting scenarios together). I think the one thing we can say for certain about humor is: I am very smart. Smarty-smarty-smart-smart.
>> No. 374571
Finally the creeper is gone from work, and we have three people who used to work at the place coming back, to boost numbers and hopefully get some more people on phones soon.

Also, there is a return of overtime availability, so I'm gonna rock that noise until they stop offering it; money to put into savings is a good thing.
>> No. 374574
File 136029265138.jpg - (145.10KB , 625x922 , happy tears then sad tears______________crying gir.jpg )
The Good: Might get to go to court and argue a case! One involving helping people! And our professor loved my opening argument!

The Bad: Clients are idiots, case is incredibly sad and emotionally draining, and even if we win, in a year the crazy adult son will be challenging the conservatorship again
>> No. 374576
Nothing gets on my nerves more than people whose self-esteem is so high that they think everyone should want their dick, and that you being annoyed at them is just playing hard to get. Don't get me wrong, a healthy amount of self-esteem is great, but not an ego so massive that you could lay down and sleep on it.

Also, once again, fuck anyone who takes me to task on not knowing something I wasn't told before, or for chewing me out for making a minor mistake and reacting like I just killed somebody.
>> No. 374577
Started out today still in a big funk that came on yesterday. Then I had a good poop and my attitude did a huge turn around went 360 degrees and walked away. I did awesome work at my job, came home and got some small tasks done, now I'm going to make Potstickers and play TF2.

If I assume the day didn't start until noon, today was a good day.
>> No. 374578
>mfw this happens
Al Pacinoyoutube thumb
>> No. 374579
And, to make things even better, the cat shelter webcam got featured on Ustream's Animal page, so while we would normally get 300 or so hits per day, we've had 11000 hits in the last six hours.


But our shelter's connection is iffy so I really hope it doesn't crap out while we're featured. D:
>> No. 374580
Whoops forgot my link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/almost-home-adoptions-cat-cam
>> No. 374581
so for the first times in my life
1) i have mutually friendzoned one of the most beautiful people i've ever met in my whole life (as i've said for months)
2) i have met someone whose connection and resonance with everything i am is so complete that love isn't even the right word to describe us. we don't need anything from each other to be complete. she is a soul mate... not someone who makes me whole, but someone who allows me to see myself in my fullest and most complete, as i already am.

i still don't have a valentine or a fuck buddy, which would be icing on the cake, but goddamn my heart is full of great things. someone send me really awesome vibrant and emotion packed sex. i want to explore someone's humanity through her flesh and disappear into complete euphoria as we lose all notion of identity and separateness. also orgasms.
>> No. 374592
I wonder if my friends know how desperately I'm trying to be their friend by showing them Youtube videos and talking about shit they only kinda sorta know about. I wonder if they like me as a person or just some guy who's kinda funny but not really.
>> No. 374593
Laying down in an empty bathtub, listening to reggae and reading C.S. Lewis.

That's what's best in life.
>> No. 374594
to each his own

c.s. lewis ew
>> No. 374595
i need to get on my own level from last week
i've been a total fucking pussy because a part of me is convinced that i shouldn't even try anything because nothing's going to work and i don't have the skills to do anything anyway


which is bullshit because either those are stupid stupid lies or don't even matter

you know?
>> No. 374596
What don't you like about Lewis? This is the first book I've read by him, and it seems pretty good.
>> No. 374599
too allegorical with his christian fan fiction
not brave enough to commit to the amazing ideas he puts forth in "the great divorce"
preachy at times
always struck me as a gateway to better literature of various genres but not himself consistent enough to be considered a master of a craft
generally good at character development but way too religious for my taste

have fun. if you want more christian fan fiction, try out Dante.
>> No. 374603

how are you
>> No. 374604
fine thx u?
>> No. 374605
doin good, you

i could be better
and i gotta be honest i'm craving a booze party right about nao
but im cool
>> No. 374607
Tonight I tried making Spaghetti cacio y pepe for the first time in a year. Last time I fucked it up so hard that it ended up basically being pasta in butter water, but tonight, goddamn it was beautiful. Thick, creamy, and rich as hell. It's been so damn long since I cooked and by god I've missed it.
>> No. 374609
Well, I'm reading Screwtape Letters, so it's not really allegory any more.
>> No. 374610
I have four and a half foot snow drifts on my porch.
>> No. 374611
I have five feet of heavy depressive feelings on my chest.
>> No. 374616
Trade you.
>> No. 374619
cumrag! i love you.
>> No. 374621
>>realization: I don't trust people at all
>>had friends who only wanted me around when no one else was or when they needed me to Like something on Facebook for them or answer something homework-related
>>had significant others who only wanted a set of willing genitals
>>had parents who just wanted someone they could brag about and model to be a clone of themselves
>>can't live life like this, but not sure how to change
>> No. 374623
File 136045113060.png - (375.80KB , 790x434 , 1359619377858.png )
So, my friend is friends with this pick-up artist guy, and he has been using every weekend to go out and refine his technique.

I'm torn on this, for a variety of reasons. I'm in a stable enough place financially to accompany them, and my age and lack of relationships suggests it be a good time to hone whatever skills I have. I think the majority of Pick-Up Artist stuff is malarkey and mis-interpreted, but that's not to say there isn't some interesting stuff in there about what a girl likes.

Conversely, this has been a time when it has been suggested I seek out therapy for my various issues, including my inability to relationship. Call me crazy but there's something unappealing in paying a guy hundreds of dollars an hour to tell me exactly what's wrong with me. Not that I couldn't use it, I just feel like I could get better mileage out of a mirror or something. Or maybe tagging along with my buddies, even if I think stopping every 15 feet to try and engage random girls in conversation is a little stupid and hookey.
>> No. 374624
Even if you can't get into a relationship with the girls you pick up, you could end up getting some one-night-stands out of going with your buds. And even if you don't get laid you might at least get some knowledge about what does/doesn't work when playing the field, which would help you in your future after you get over whatever is stopping you from relationshipping (if there really even is anything doing that).

I say you should quest for pussy. And who knows, you might hit it off well with a certain girl and get into a nice relationship without having to pay someone to tell you how to 'fix' yourself.
>> No. 374625
PUA tactics don't result in relationships. The thing I don't get about PUA culture is that they seem to treat The Game as some sort of holy book when the impression I got from reading it was that it was an indictment of the shallowness and pointlessness of the whole lifestyle. It really highlights how ugly and self-defeating the entire PUA ethos is.

Working on yourself (i.e. going to a therapist in this case, but that's not the only option available) is a much better goal if you're looking for love rather than for casual sex. Having the confidence to ask out women who interest you without having to play games, and being stable enough emotionally to actually maintain a connection with them, is going to go so much further. And even aside from the romantic gains, you feel better about yourself and your life in general, and the same skills that make you more attractive to women as a partner (rather than a fling) make you more attractive to employers or people you'd like to sell things to / make contracts with.
>> No. 374630
I have discovered that blackberry jam is, in fact, superior to strawberry jam.
>> No. 374631
Literally no one looking for any sort of emotional attachment, nevermind a relationship, is not going to be swayed by pickup artist tactics. People who use them are either absolute scum or so astoundingly bad at romance that they have mistaken pick up as a viable way to find love, or both. And you can always tell. Always. The women it's "successful" on recognize the interaction is about no-strings-attached sex and give their number because that's what they want out of the deal too.

Paying a douchebag to instruct you on how to manipulate women into sex as a way to improve your love life and self-worth is a hilariously bad idea.
>> No. 374635
File 13604768146.png - (152.85KB , 600x473 , 12781381328.png )
>>best friend stops talking to me to devote herself full-time to her manipulative ex
>>devastated and lonely
>>one of my followers on Tumblr starts talking to me and we hit it off
>>getting over ex-friend is hard but eventually move past her
>>boyfriend at time breaks up with me because of incompatibility, suggests I try dating a girl
>>sorta liked girls before but never dated one
>>friend from before and I sort of start dating online
>>start RP'ing with her and she's mindblowingly amazing
>>she thinks I'm good too
>>have arguments but always patch things up
>>also she has glasses and sexy red hair and likes steampunk
>>she helps me eat when I forget and makes me more confident about myself
>>draws hearts next to my name when she draws me art
>>her friend from school tips me off she's a huge softie and talks about me a lot
>>previously mentioned she isn't interested in sex at all and I'm okay with that
>>casually lets it slip tonight that it's hard for her libido being so far away from me

guys someone who is beautiful and smart and sweet and super amazing wants to have hot lesbian sex with me holy shit

is this what love is like
>> No. 374637
Shit bro, are you a lesbian me?
>> No. 374638
>>previously mentioned she isn't interested in sex at all and I'm okay with that
>>casually lets it slip tonight that it's hard for her libido being so far away from me

I don't follow.
>> No. 374639
PUA tactics are for people who are afraid of taking chances with who they really are so they take on an imaginary guaranteed system to compromise what they want for what they think they can get and end up with nothing

it's not even a cheap way to get with a girl. it's a way to devalue yourself and any person you end up with.

why would anyone want that?

oh right because of low self-esteem and no faith in someone wanting to be with you

i can give more meaningful advice on how to find real connections with people, but either people here don't take my advice or they don't understand it and end up making things really awkward with people they want to get closer to. it's terrible.

>> No. 374640
Long story short: I have a very low sex drive. The first couple of exes I had essentially wanted me to have me on 24-hour booty call duty, and skip out on anything that may be important just to have sex. And I refused. My next ex was asexual. So I wanted to, but I loved him enough not to do anything. My girlfriend initially didn't want to have sex either, which I was okay with, but now she does, and perhaps either my libido'll go up with her, or it looks like we'll be on more of the same rhythm.

Shit, bro, I could be.
>> No. 374643

That makes more sense.

Hey, a question for you (actually, this is to anyone who might know) but is it normal for sex drive to go down? I mean I still pursue females and sex is on my mind, but it's nothing like it was for me in high school, where I was masturbating almost daily.

Well, I guess the antidepressants might be it, but I think I was feeling less into it even before then. Am I just growing up? Are those teen hormones finally leveling off? (I'm 23, by the way)

I'm really just curious. It's not bothering me at all. It's actually probably for the better, because time I don't spend watching porn or whatever is time I have to do something productive.
>> No. 374644
I'm 22 now and I remember being much more horny at, say, 13, but I had a boyfriend then who emotionally fucked me over really hard at the time (we never actually had sex, but he said he'd wait until we were both legal and he didn't) and I always attributed the drop off to not being able to trust people easily after that.
>> No. 374647
>compromise what they want for what they think they can get and end up with nothing

Sometimes they end up with sex.

Which is almost always the whole point.
>> No. 374649
>almost always the whole point
while i don't agree with this generalization, you do make a good point: not everyone would agree with me either in thinking sex is only worth it when there's a real connection behind it. if all you and the people you're playing want is sex, good luck with that and have fun.
>> No. 374651
Can yah quote me a price at least?
>> No. 374654
File 136050199714.jpg - (26.92KB , 600x450 , tumblr_mhcszw7Xm81qdy8iyo1_1280.jpg )
Shit Tracer rounds are cool.
>> No. 374657
Livin' the dream. The dream of lesbians, of men, possibly of asexuals and straight girls too.

Good luck!
>> No. 374666
I think I've let one IRL bro too many in on my tumblr.

Should have listened to Bea about crossing the streams.
>> No. 374667
File 136052901451.png - (258.23KB , 512x440 , gb_venkman05.png )
That's sound advice for any one thing that might involve different aspects of your life.
>> No. 374668
uh oh.


yeah i tend to let internet people in rather than real people into my internet.
>> No. 374669
My streams got crossed for me. I didn't even try, someone just decided to build that bridge.

>> No. 374670

I’d probably go with $40.
>> No. 374673
i'd love to take credit but i get the feeling you're talking about a former mod at this place
>> No. 374675
I honestly have no idea. At one point my name starting appearing here, and I'm not sure when or who or how, but I guess the streams crossed. Short of the people I know and met in real life I don't have much of a personal connection here, nor anything private that I share in secret, so I guess I'm okay with it.

>> No. 374678
I've never really had strong outside relationships, so even with people I know irl, I've mostly talked with them online. I wouldn't discuss porn with people I know irl, but otherwise, I don't keep much from them.
>> No. 374680
on one hand tracking down the people that made my life a living hell in school just to punch them in the face sounds really immature

on the other hand, it'll be so worth it i swear to god
>> No. 374681

How old are you? Not making fun, but legitimately asking.
>> No. 374683
>> No. 374684
Oh, and in case you're wondering, no I don't actually plan on doing that.

It's always been a satisfying thought in my head though.
>> No. 374685
I actually kind of had this opportunity. However, this needs some setup, so tl;dr: For whatever reason, as a kid, my parents called me by the nickname for my middle name, but never by my first name. So whenever teachers would do first role call for a new semester, they'd call my name and I'd tell them I wanted to be called by my middle name; after all, regardless of your middle name, if everyone called you Steve for 14 years and someone started calling you Greg, it would just be weird.

Anyway, I went to two different high schools; my family moved half way through. At the first high school, there happened to be another person in my grade who had the same name as my legal name. I don't know if he was a naturally bully or if he took offense by my insistence at using a different name or just used that at an excuse, but he was a regular bully at the first high school. Not the worst one I had to deal with, but one none-the-less. When we moved after Sophomore year to a few hours away, I had my name legally changed to switch the first and middle, in order to end this problem once and for all.

A few years later, when I took a Christmas job at Best Buy while taking a break from College, it turns out he was also an employee there. I actually didn't realize it until he stopped me after work and brought it all up; initially, I got angry remembering it, but then he apologized for, in his words, "being a little shit." I'm sure the worst bullies I dealt with were still shitheads, but mostly due to their upbringing, and I realized after talking to this guy that even if they are, and even if I had the opportunity, bringing a world of hurt on them, even just a single punch, might give me a moment's satisfaction, but in the end wouldn't improve anything and, in fact, might make me feel worse.

I haven't forgiven any of them (except the one guy), but I've realized that retribution won't make me feel better. In fact, if I get into the classic situation where I have power over them and they need something from me, by being the better man and treating him with the same civility I'd treat anyone else, I'll have far more confidence in myself.
>> No. 374688

It wasn't as much as me thinking that you were going to do it as it was me thinking that the thought had even crossed your mind. Let that stuff go.
>> No. 374689
I would, except he's still there at my old school, torturing kids in his old age. If he wasn't on the board of directors, they would've fired him a long time ago. I would let it go if there was an inkling in my mind that he had changed, but I know for a fact that he hasn't.
>> No. 374690

Well that's different. He's doing something to someone else, younger than him at that. Write a letter or something. If he's doing some real harm, someone in some position wouldn't let him get away with it.
>> No. 374691
A lot of people have complained. The faculty doesn't care. He's a sadist who gets away with public physical abusal of kids and making them cry, just because those kids got detention or something. And at the same time, he's the best band director in the county and is the sole reason they won every competition every year.
>> No. 374693
Is this a smallish town/community? Those have a tendency to ignore blatant assholes in the name of "school pride", such as delaying punishment for rapists because they're on the high school football team.

If so, I recommend contacting a local city newspaper/news station, especially if they're left-leaning. They'll love to "uncover" news like this, and the public shaming might make him go away. You run the risk of getting outed as the informant, so you have to decide if that's worth it or not (it is to me, but it might not be to you.)

If he's breaking any actual law, such as the public physical abuse you mentioned, contact a DA or state AG. Hell, even writing your state reps might be enough to get the ball rolling if they aren't from your same community.
>> No. 374694
Different anon, but I had a similar problem to him. If a bully was on the football team, or had good grades, the person they were harassing would always get turned away or branded as a liar. The bullies knew as long as they called people names, but didn't physically lay a hand on them or leave a mark, they could get away with murder.

What was weird is that we had a relatively bad football team and we were never #1 in test scores no matter what. It wouldn't have mattered.
>> No. 374696
I just found out that all my friends have some form of autism. I wonder what that says about me.
>> No. 374698
There is really little difference between how I act online and how I act in a real social situation. I never had a problem with it.
>> No. 374700
it means you're in an anime club
>> No. 374701
>Google how to spell "Chuck-E-Cheese's" because I'm not sure if it's "Cheese's" or just "Cheese" for a technical article
>Google provides me with travel time and directions to nearest Chuck-E-Cheese's on my Now homepage

Ugh fuck off already gosh.
>> No. 374702
Sometimes I just need to sob my brains out.
>> No. 374703
While there isn't a real difference in my personality, there are a lot of things I'm willing to say about myself online that I would never dare say in real life.

For example, here I can say that I used to be suicidal and there are practically no consequences. Doesn't matter.

In real life if people find out about that there'd be tons of backlash from friends and family for not talking to them about being depressed, and then they'd always be worrying about how I'm doing, and talking to me about feelings and shit, and getting up in my privacy at every opportunity when I wouldn't want them to. I would hate that.

I may not be anonymous in the sense that I use a name here, but I still have the anonymity of the internet to stop anything I say or do here from ever mattering. That freedom is my favorite thing about the internet, 'crossing the streams' would ruin things for me.
>> No. 374704
File 136064245598.jpg - (14.20KB , 275x304 , rxn (93).jpg )

Dogs do terrible things to us when they leave so we can learn to be less terrible to each other in our lives.

Just kidding. We never learn.
>> No. 374708


i'm already crying and i'm only 3 minutes in.
>> No. 374709
shared it on tumblr
i want everyone to love and suffer as we have
because if even for 7 minutes of our lives after watching this film, we will be just a little bit kinder and a little bit more human
and i want that

hey ninja
hey ninja
do you have a blog or anything? i think you're swell.
>> No. 374713

I keep a regularly-updated science blog.

On facebook.

No Internet allowed fb friensd only I'm a professional science tist
>> No. 374716
Please think of something SOON.
>> No. 374720
My gf seems to genuinely enjoy hating people for really petty reasons.
This is...kind of scary.
>> No. 374721
o ok
i understand. me do science too but like other people here have said, no crossing streams
>> No. 374722
File 136068444429.jpg - (26.34KB , 368x272 , krabs old.jpg )
>such as delaying punishment for rapists because they're on the high school football team.

>That feel when I live near that town
>The police are saying a video of them confessing isn't enough evidence that they raped her
>All the tweets they posted about it isn't enough
>The picture of them dragging her around when she's clearly out of it isn't enough
>The local news only reported on it because "the hacktivist group Anonymous" posted about it and staged some protest about it
>They still reported it as a 'downfall of good, honest American football players' story with shots of the American flag and the school's stadium
>They haven't talked about it since
>> No. 374723
shit like this
is there any wonder why people take justice into their own hands?
>> No. 374726
Today, some enterprising young Indian men have called my home and told me repeatedly that they work for "Windows" and they want me to give them some information about my computer. Claiming it has errors in it they're there to fix. They did this three times today.

I wish I knew what mailbox to dump the phone number into for the FBI to sniff. I wish I knew enough about computer wizardry to destroy their phisihing operation with extreme prejudice. I hope these willful exploiters die a slow, painful expiration of dysentery and are forgotten in a drainage ditch.
>> No. 374727
does anyone here have any idea what kind of razor scooters are actually meant for adults and what's not going to make me look like a complete tool?

actually forget about the look thing. i just want to get around and not die.
>> No. 374728
you guys are TOO SLOW
>> No. 374751
File 136072991799.jpg - (34.73KB , 550x535 , finally-got-a-valentine-has-to-work-all-evening.jpg )
>TFW you have a fetish for being raped
>TFW your boyfriend was raped as a child
>No way to bring it up without awkwardness and me feeling like an insensitive jackass
All I want is to be raped by my love on Valentine's Day, it's such a conundrum! How do I bring this up with him?
>> No. 374752
You can start by reminding him how many unfortunate - and unfortunate looking - men every day are deprived of satisfying sex with a beautiful lady, let alone under the pretense of a rape fetish.
>> No. 374757
File 136073362733.jpg - (384.38KB , 640x423 , 1339663866481.jpg )
I have no idea what to feel.
>> No. 374759
Just don't use the word rape. Tell him to be EXTREMELY forceful and dominant, and that you like being totally submissive.

You might have to build up to this, in which case you probably wouldn't be able to get him to do it by Valentine's. If you need to start small, tell him you like being tied up and blindfolded or something. Progressively get him into more and more dominant roles, and then tell him you don't mind just being felt up and fucked whenever he feels like it, and that he doesn't need an 'okay' to do anything to you. And tell him you think aggressiveness is hot, but only after you've conditioned him somewhat. If he isn't 'raping' you on his own by that point, he should at least be pretty open to the idea.

Man, I feel kinda dirty after typing that.
>> No. 374760
Gently, perhaps?

If you're talking about like, setting up an erotic fantasy play type thing, I might look up a few guides to such online first and see if you can work out a scenario you think he might go for.

And then gingerly, ever so gingerly, broach it during sexy-times. Or maybe a more appropriate way as described by the guides.
>> No. 374765
File 136075327071.jpg - (13.31KB , 400x300 , 61ba6cf1_youngBruce.jpg )
Man, pho is good...

eating it with cute girls is better
>> No. 374777
File 136078353128.gif - (112.79KB , 120x90 , 1307887225022.gif )
So I recently came off antidepressants, and while being able to experience a full range of un-muted emotions again is lovely, there was something else I'd forgotten about not being on them...
>> No. 374781
File 136078634852.png - (3.50KB , 279x237 , 1346351995860.png )

Oh, same.
>> No. 374784
When people say they 'want to be raped', isn't what they mean just that? Sexual aggression from someone they like and want to have sex with, with the ability to stop and control the speed and force of aggression. Not actual rape.
>> No. 374786
Yeah, it's more like rape role-playing than anything else. Rape-playing.

It not really being rape is why I was saying it's possible to trick the guy into 'pretend raping' without him realizing it's even a rape thing, just a dominance thing. I assume he'd enjoy it more that way, so it's more of a win for both parties.

What >>374760 said is also a potential solution though.
>> No. 374787
File 136079230862.jpg - (10.42KB , 188x194 , guygard_interested.jpg )
...so, anti-depressents kills your libido, eh? By how much?
>> No. 374788
for most people i talk to, it goes from a craving to something kinda enjoyable like eating a candy you don't normally go for.

for a rare few (including one of my exes) it raised her libido and made her umm... very proactive.

for the rarest few, it doesn't change anything.
>> No. 374794
Makes me wonder what I'd be like off antidepressants.
>> No. 374799
I guess I fall into the first group, though for me it was more a decrease in arousal frequency as opposed to arousal intensity. When I was horny, it was just as potent as before I went on the meds, but I'd often go days, and occasionally weeks, without arousal.
>> No. 374800
feelings feelings

i've realized i've been shitty to nice people and it makes me sad

i have also realized that i want to fall back into my old shitty patterns, but that would hurt someone i rly like and also i would be sad if they were sad

wat do
>> No. 374801
Ehhhhhh how the hell is Facebook down.

How can I complain if I can't do so on Facebook.

And I was just getting help on how to ask for a raise, too. :(
>> No. 374802
Is there such a thing as a site with a decent comment section? I think asking for a good one might be too much.
>> No. 374803
it's easy to fall into old habits when you stop believing in the reasons you changed
don't forget to take a look and see what you really want and what you really think

you may not keep all of your changes but you probably won't revert back to "bad habits"

ferro loves you, babe
>> No. 374807
>wat do

With the mighty power of RESOLVE you must abstain from being a shitty asshole quitter pussy who makes people sad.

Falling back into bad habits over and over again is the worst habit of all, so don't do it.
>> No. 374808
File 136081873886.jpg - (1.49MB , 3848x1992 , ross nicca.jpg )
>> No. 374809
>i was a douchebag once
>then i realized you know what i'm not gonna do that
>so i picked myself up by my bootstraps and that's how i got outta that rut
>you can do it to bro
>for real

your advice was about as helpful as
>"hey how do i stop sucking at basketball?"
>have you tried not sucking at basketball?
>> No. 374810
Remind me again how rape jokes are somehow below murder jokes.
>> No. 374811
fero, i can always tell which anon is you.
>> No. 374812
no bitch i'm mysterious


goddammit, girl <3
>> No. 374813

no one listens to bea until its too late
too late for everyone

also happy whatever day
>> No. 374814

go back to work

also can i have some reese's cups from the vending machine at your job.
>> No. 374816

work is bad so im going to sit around and do nothing
also we dont have a vending machine i have to walk to a WHOLE OTHER BUILDING to get a food
>> No. 374817
dear bear email me so I can poetry the fuck out of you

for valentines day, i guess
>> No. 374818

Bea, I'd recommend drawing and writing. I wish I had spent more of my boring jobs working on creative things, even if it was just doodling dumb three-panel comics on lined paper.
>> No. 374822
your poetry is swell
i am sad that i have not internet spoken with you about poetry in some time
>> No. 374823
store snacks for hibernation, bear
i have cookies for days
and secret whisky
>> No. 374824
i getcha.
honestly all I can say is yeah, try and be as productive art-wise during that time as you can.
>> No. 374826
dear you guys I can't stop writing poetry
>> No. 374828
That's because I wasn't giving advice, I was giving ~encouragement~
>> No. 374834
yeah man all dose poems
i don't like being dismissive... so i'll just tilt my head so far to the side i break my neck.
>> No. 374835
this valentine's day thing is actually getting to me.

things i've learned.

love is fine. love isn't selfish. love is good. love doesn't diminish you.

falling for someone on the other hand means being on tilt and losing yourself
don't fall for the following unless you want to have a bad time:
polyamorous people
people in far away lands
people that are in relationships
people that your friends are persueing
people in your work place
people who are outside of your maturity range

just saying
>> No. 374836
still angry.
>> No. 374841
forever angry
>> No. 374843
File 136089771682.png - (137.37KB , 239x266 , tumblr_mi87zbl2xm1qela56o1_250.png )
>> No. 374846
Yeah. Not a lot of options for a gay kid in straight land.
>> No. 374847
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAi will put you in the ground, friend.
>> No. 374849
File 13609012284.png - (673.09KB , 682x436 , forever a pone.png )
>> No. 374850
Whooooops. Posted what I thought was just a continuation of a joke on a good college friend's Facebook post, but in retrospect it implied that his wife had a large and loose vagina, and I think I offended her. :( Not my intention in the least and now I feel bad. I already personally apologized to both, though neither have sent a real response yet.

I can't into social.

I wish I knew how to asshole, at least. Then, when I do social fuck-ups like this, I can just play it off as some asshole tactic and not give a shit and move on. But now I just have yet another awkward moment/stupid move that I can instantly remember to ruin an otherwise good time.

I NEVER LIKED YOU EITHER SONIC ;_; I still like you please don't leave me

In related news, only 814 days until I am a wizard!
>> No. 374851
I can't believe someone edited an already edited comic panel just so it could be used once out of the entire year.
>> No. 374852

i'm going to go out to fuck some pussypussy and boypussy

suck on that your virgin nerds
>> No. 374853
you're the coolest, sempai~
>> No. 374855
>> No. 374857
I need to stop chugging soda.
>> No. 374858
if you stop looking you will be forever alone
if you keep trying you eventually won't
there's six billion people on the earth AT LEAST
don't tell me there's not one for you if you want to look for them
>> No. 374859
I want a giant fucking robot

>> No. 374862

>> No. 374863
File 136091578648.jpg - (78.34KB , 500x291 , 1359365570479.jpg )
>> No. 374864
i stayed home all day and reveled in my singleness lol
to be fair being in a bad relationship gave me a new appreciation for being single

>> No. 374865

Single Bear ʕ´ᴥ`ʔ
>> No. 374866
but i still want to do fun time things with women folk.
can't have it all.
>> No. 374867
>people in far away lands
Yeah, fuck that.
>> No. 374868
>bad relationship

You talking about the forum guy? Shame...from the previous posts, it sounded promising.
>> No. 374871
I'd really like to slug our former family doctor right in the face. The guy got really burnt out on his profession and should have quit YEARS before he finally hung it up, but in the mean time he made some idiotic decisions for the care of my family. He was the one who put me on antidepressants when I did not actually have depression, he tried to put my sister on antidepressants back when she was 14, and he was disgustingly lax with regards to monitoring my mom, who should've been having bloodwork at least once a year. My mom's seeing a new doctor now, and found out today that she has numerous vitamin deficiencies, sodium deficiency, and her cholesterol is out of whack. She basically had to start a new health regimen today in order to prevent serious complications from occurring. At one point in time he was a great doctor, but when he seemingly just stopped giving a shit, he really should have walked away. Fuck knows how many other people he's screwed over because he refused to stop going through the motions for 6 years after he genuinely gave a damn.
>> No. 374875
If his decisions are having serious and lasting effects on your family's health, you could probably sue him for malpractice. Those laws are in place specifically to keep doctors from allowing themselves to fall into complacency or incompetence.
>> No. 374877
I am going to go back in time and kill the jackass who thought vanilla-scented candles were a good idea.

Also, stomach flues suck.
>> No. 374878
File 136096459037.jpg - (50.67KB , 500x497 , tumblr_mfphd9WIoN1s1a5pco1_500.jpg )
I like pretty ladies

Do you like pretty ladies?
>> No. 374881

it was fun for 4 months and then the other 4 were terrible
i was unemployed at the time+going to therapists and juggling meds that werent working and he insisted on taking a trip to san fran on my dollar while i was on meds that made me sleep 18 hours a day :,)
i finally broke it off with him when he got upset+jealous because i went on a trip with my friends that i had been saving for months for and called me completely upset that i was having fun without him. being away from him made me realize how nice it was not to be around him
hell is other people
>> No. 374882
hell is when other people old enough to vote are babies
that kid is babies.

it turns out a lot of babies look and dress like adults. it's fucking terrible.
>> No. 374883
File 136097629250.jpg - (703.21KB , 850x1276 , tumblr_mh9666llfz1qem8yio1_1280.jpg )
Do I ever.
>> No. 374885
i like pretty people
i want a whole room full of pretty people
and i often get exactly that
>> No. 374886
I used to bitch about things semi-openly, and then I realized I was much happier most of the time not vocalizing my anger and discontent and just letting things go unless shit was really insulting and offensive and/or personal, like people throwing around slurs and death threats and stalking others, because I don't tolerate that shit.

But there are (some of my dearest friends) SO OPENLY VOCALLY ANGRY at things they're not involved in and I wish they wouldn't be and I wish they wouldn't spit hate all over Tumblr.
>> No. 374887
File 136098796449.jpg - (411.72KB , 2560x1600 , Bree-Daniels.jpg )
oooh yea
>> No. 374888
dear bear,

I emailed you a shitton of poems.
>> No. 374889

This is why /v/ isn't as enjoyable to me anymore. Well, one of the reasons.
>> No. 374890
I turned my anger into critical analysis and playful jeers. Working nicely so far.
>> No. 374891
can't just fuck off up a mountain without all my friends wondering where I'm at. God I know you guys want to hang but can you just do what you do for the rest of the time and not pretend to give a shit? I'd like to sit here and hate the universe without feeling like I'm neglecting duties.
>> No. 374892
File 136100837799.jpg - (73.14KB , 570x320 , comic-con-logo-image.jpg )
>> No. 374893
File 13610103612.jpg - (38.19KB , 477x720 , tumblr_mg13qvXzJT1rephako1_500.jpg )
I wish I were smart and dedicated enough for forensic psychology.

Also, more pretty ladies, just cause.
>> No. 374894
File 13610210859.gif - (490.32KB , 500x281 , hades.gif )
You assholes equipped for book learning have no idea how good you have it.
No. Fucking. Clue.
>> No. 374897
Was probably his first legit relationship. All that uncertainty about yourself & about the one you feel for...makes you do/say more dumb shit than your genitals ever could.

Well, live & learn...
>> No. 374898
>> No. 374899
i remember when i could get into thursday and sunday by purchasing badges the WEEK of.

this country sucks. let's fly into the sun.
>> No. 374900

Forensic psychology isn't an actual thing. It's applied statistics with fanfiction.
>> No. 374902
it wasnt. it was his third and his second started with him cheating on his first
>> No. 374903
>> No. 374905
I am in a room full of friendly people and instead of making new friends I am browsing the internet on my phone.

Truly I am the pinnacle of social skills.
>> No. 374906
When people explain to me why they hate something, I'm cool with it.

It's when people go "because it's dumb" or "I'm gonna avoid the entire fandom because one person has a bug up their ass and someone else thinks they're the greatest artist ever and they're not" that I get frustrated.
>> No. 374907
I don't think anyone actually learns from books.

Yeah you can get stuff from them but I don't think actual learning comes without getting hands-on in some way. Books are nice but our brains are very lossy when it comes to memorization and attention. Although I will grant you that being bad at just reading does one no favors.
>> No. 374908
>I don't think anyone actually learns from books.

>Yeah you can get stuff from them but I don't think actual learning comes without getting hands-on in some way. Books are nice but our brains are very lossy when it comes to memorization and attention. Although I will grant you that being bad at just reading does one no favors.

You seem to be confusing expertise with learning. If there is information in your head after reading that was not there before you read it, you have learned something from reading it. Also, at least 65% of how to write is learned from reading books.
>> No. 374909
Reading does help you learn. Reading a book on how to fix a car or do surgery isn't going to fully prepare you for the real thing, though.
>> No. 374910
Yeah...I still can't build shit with an Ikea manual.
>> No. 374911
Going through a shitton of old pictures to finally get some printed. I can't believe how much things have changed.
>> No. 374912
I don't think it's worth asking for my advice if you're not going to tell me enough to make an educated opinion on what's going on and what you want to accomplish. I can't help you if you're being super vague about what's going on. I like you, I care about you a lot, but I can be very dense when it comes to filling in the blanks sometimes.
>> No. 374913
Hey, you guys ever have one of those weeks where everything is just bullshit but you for some reason don't give a fuck about it all and you just feel kinda okay with everything?
....Its weird.
>> No. 374917
You're either past the point of giving a fuck, or are coping with the fact that your problems are beyond your control.
>> No. 374920
File 136108567128.jpg - (86.71KB , 1057x842 , 1356160476843.jpg )
>> No. 374922
i chuckled.
>> No. 374923
hit greens or beat reds entire way home.
sped a bit on freeway and someone else ahead of me gets pulled over by seeeeecret highway patrol.

>> No. 374925
holy shit a blue yoshi!
>> No. 374930
Goddamn our weather is being weird, I'm looking at a Spider web in a winter storm.
>> No. 374933
That... makes alot of sense, yeah.
>> No. 374935
It seems that for places that have high turnover rates and shady labor relations, they always change who is in charge of middle management.

makes it hard to put a face on who is fault.
>> No. 374936
It seems that for places that have high turnover rates and shady labor relations, they always change who is in charge of middle management.

makes it hard to put a face on who is fault.
>> No. 374938
Youtube I wouldn't mind how god damn slow you've been if I could start loading a video and then come back to it, but buffering doesn't allow me to do that.

And the new layout still sucks.

Get your shit together, Youtube.
>> No. 374939
File 136114523696.jpg - (16.99KB , 400x343 , 1255566841625.jpg )
>you will never experience July of '08 again.
>> No. 374945
Big chance it's a good thing. July has been a cursed month for a while for me, I think.
>> No. 374946
Every year it sneaks up on me and leaves me a year older.
Fucking July.
>> No. 374949
when i was a child, no older than three, my mom and older brother locked themselves out of our house. they were but seconds out the door when it closed behind them. i had been following along when it happened. i don't remember all the details but i remember waiting on the inside, too small to reach the door handle with my mom telling me not to be scared and to go get a chair so that i could reach the door.

i was scared. i was too scared to leave them. i was too scared to venture off and get something to stand on so i could open the door and let them in. i just stood there waiting. crying. i have no idea how long it took before my dad would come home and let them back in. no matter how long, it felt like years.

i'm still a lot like that child. even if it's a good investment, i can't bring myself to leave the people i love in order to help myself or help them, and when i have tried... when i have gone off to do more than be there with them... i've lost people.

i hate it.

i hate it so much.

i hate being alone.
>> No. 374953
>>me: "hey dad I'm agnostic and I might be bisexual"
>>dad: "no you're not you're going to date a nice religious person of the opposite sex, I'll find one for you"
>>me: "what if I don't want that"
>>dad: "well you're not dating a black muslim they're all terrorists HA HA HA"

dad seriously I wish I could throttle you
>> No. 374955
This reminds me of my Pastor father referring to "fags" a few weeks ago. (I'm agnostic bordering atheist, though I haven't straight-away said that to my parents. I'd be heavily surprised if they didn't know, though.)
>> No. 374964
I'm glad I have parents that don't give a shit one way or the other. Grandparents, though, that's a different story...
>> No. 374968
Does it suddenly NOT become acceptable to wear sneakers all the time once you hit 18? I've never heard of that.
>> No. 374969
So God Made a Bankeryoutube thumb

ahahahahaha game over Republicans, no bonus round
>> No. 374970

No. Stop talking with morons.
>> No. 374972
seriously, sneakers are part of a well balanced wardrobe.
fuck anyone who says otherwise.
>> No. 374973
Depends on where you work. A banker or businessman wouldn't wear sneakers to work, but an ER doctor would. Some of my teachers have, depending on the dress code.

I just don't understand "no, you're not" as a response. I figured it'd be difficult, and they might not be happy, but...
>> No. 374974
this is probably a good thing. i can focus my energies on people that won't ruin my life.
closest thing i've had was some really intimate dancing with a mutual crush who's also dating someone. i needed a cigarette after that.
i'm dying
in before "you think you got it bad... well let me tell you about my _____ years of virginity"
>> No. 374977
who gives a fuck about virginity, keeping friendships would be a decent change of pace, I guess
>> No. 374978
them's some real talk feels, bro.
you have my sympathies.
>> No. 374981
Things are going pretty well for me. There's a nice girl I'm 90% sure is crushing on me, I've finally started to meet people and make new friends, and I'm keeping up with schoolwork (most of which I actually find interesting enough to enjoy doing). Things are really starting to come up my way.

I know none of you care. I just thought a SYM thread should have a happy post for once. We need more of those.
>> No. 374982
we care. we don't always respond, but we care.
>> No. 374984
They'll tell you when they don't care, is the thing.
>> No. 374986
But seriously, sneakers should only be worn with athletics. Always-Sneakers guy is one step away from Always-Sandal guy. It's a slippery slope to sandals and socks monster.

Please if anything make them nice sneakers.
>> No. 374987
i think you can get away with designer sneakers/high tops if you're going for the EDM/urban/music scene appeal. it's not just athletics, but it has its place(s).

converse style sneakers for example aren't for fashionistas, but they're far from disallowed when worn with suitable casual apparel.

where you cross the line into what the fuck are you thinking is sneakers + business or formal wear... ugh. discussed first here >>374973
i've broken that rule a couple times and regretted it. never again. never again.
>> No. 374988
I never understand the hate of sandals+socks. Yeah, it looks kind of weird, but I get the fresh air and expansion room for swelling feet offered by sandals while at the same time I don't have to deal with itching by tall grass or such and can wear sandals is slightly cooler temps.

This is especially useful for folks like me who have XW feet. You either search forever for a shoe in the right size, but XW, or you just wear sandals with socks.

Functionality > Form
>> No. 374989
also i'm wearing a sweater vest again today, pablo. a sweater vest because i'm the sweater best. beep beep.
>> No. 374990

>Skinny jeans
>Light blue sports jacket
>Green polo
>Orange tie
>New Balance sneaks

Females of +4, how wet are you? Males of +4, how hard are you?
>> No. 374991
i had to delete a very rude and judgmental post and restrict myself to saying the following:
if that's how you want to present yourself, that's entirely up to you, but there are plenty of breathable shoes (athletic, dress, casual, you name it) that don't look like a heinous crime against sandals.
unless you have a torrential storm forming between your toes, i suggest you do some homework and see what you can do to better express yourself through your apparel, unless you don't care, and that's the statement you want to make.

just saying. it's a big deal for me. maybe it isn't for you.
>> No. 374992
>pair of black hi-tops
>dress pants
>button up shirt w/ sleeves rolled up
>flat cap
idc how against the rules it is, I look fabulous without looking like I'm trying to look fabulous
>> No. 374993
File 136123946578.png - (126.84KB , 320x240 , but why.png )
see image
not that cutting off the mullet would protect you from your inability to complement colors. did your color photoreceptors die in a freak accident?
>> No. 374994
Nah; fashion has never been on my radar. I just don't want to take the time to actually care and work towards being "properly dressed", especially since A) I don't care (or, at least, try not to care) what anyone thinks of how I dress, and B) I'm rarely outside my home or (mall-friendly dress code) office, and even when I am I am *never* with anyone else.

Maybe if I had friends, and those friends were concerned about fashion, I'd put more effort into how I look to make them more at ease. (More likely, they'd introduce me to the ideas of fashion and I'd likely integrate to some extent.)

But I don't! So I play TF2, eat at Taco Bell, and wear socks with sandals when it suits me.

(If you don't want to wear it yourself, that's cool; if you don't like how it looks on anyone, I can sort of understand. I've nothing against those who choose to never wear such things.)
>> No. 374995
He meant the fish, not the hairstyle. He keeps one in his pocket.
>> No. 374997
I think it's mostly about making you feel snazzy, not necessarily impressing other people, unless you're going for a job interview or something.
>> No. 374998
>paint stained sweatpants
>plain gray shirt
>haven't shaved in almost a week

Step up your game brah.
>> No. 375002
confidence man. what makes you shine. that's why i'm hesitant to even discuss fashion when it's really true expression that's the most beautiful.
if it happens that you can express yourself through the medium of fashion (as opposed to just personal style) that's even more power to you, because people dig someone who's on the pulse.

if you're only wearing dregs because it's easy and not because those clothes really express yourself, you're missing out on a whole way to speak to people. i always say that every ocean has a shore and most pools have a shallow end. don't expect people to treat you well because of who you are when all they know at the moment s what they see/sense.
>> No. 375004
>wear socks with sandals

A grisly death is in your future.
>> No. 375008
you said it, not me, mindwipe-kun~
>> No. 375012
I'm going to die alone and in debt anyway, there's no reason for me to care.
>> No. 375013
I'm kind of glad that my only con all year is NYCC, because I've heard of shit going down between two different, unrelated cons at the same place in other states, sexual assault, fistfights, STD's, what have you, and I don't want to be anywhere near that.

The worst I've seen at NYCC is a group of Homestucks (and a couple other fandoms) spending the entirety of con just hanging out and talking in one corner of the convention hall. Which is dumb and a waste of money, but harmless.
>> No. 375014
do you have any idea how much people like you? just saying. if you were invested in yourself half as much as people here have been for years... i dunno moose. i dunno.

fix your wardrobe.
>> No. 375016
Sandals+socks means sock smell outside of your shoes. If you're going to wear sandals go sockless, and if you have to do athletics in sandals make sure the bindings are thick and strong.

I find that if you're angling for white collar jobs, most times you can get away with an austere pair of all-black sneakers. There are several outlets and companies from which you can find all-black sneakers for things like food service work. They're more comfortable, more versatile, and if you dress nicely enough above the waist then people usually don't notice. Save dress shoes for the dress suit, y'know?

But it can impress people, even outside of a job interview. All that carefully built confidence can come crashing down if you're overdressed for the occasion. But just the right amount can add a little extra oomph to your presence.
>> No. 375017
i just want to let you know that the only way to be overdressed for something is to wear a tux or a costume.

you can always wear a suit.
>> No. 375019
>There's a nice girl I'm 90% sure is crushing on me
hahaha dont you just hate that
>> No. 375062
Beep Boop.
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