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File 135934902658.jpg - (31.20KB , 355x300 , happycat.jpg )
374128 No. 374128
The more something resembles a cat, the more "cute" we consider it.

Just a random thought that crashed into my brain recently. Not sure if correct and all, but an interesting thought nevertheless.
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>> No. 374132
Uncatty valley.
>> No. 374133
Imagine a world with only cute cats of all types, that have enough food to eat in the wild, and no humans or any other animals (except for any insects that are needed to sustain the planet or something)...and tell me that isn't paradise...
>> No. 374134

Define "enough."
>> No. 374136
Indefinite supply, so long as there are cats, there's food, don't worry.
>> No. 374137
Cats are the best natural pest control we have therefore they symbiotically developed into what we find cute so we would want them around.
>> No. 374138

Infinite food would lead to infinite cats. Unless this universe of infinite food you have is infinitely expanding, no, I don't see it going the way of a "paradise." Similarly, the things cats do that people find "cute" are only done because they usually result in the increased access to the ever-elusive supply of food. Take away this part of the equation and all you get are cats that sleep unless they are eating or having smex.
>> No. 374140
File 13593608925.jpg - (65.69KB , 500x667 , image.jpg )
>> No. 374141
End the thread on this soul-crushing reflection on cat ownership.
>> No. 374144
I'm trying to readyoutube thumb
>> No. 374146
I don't think evolution works that way. Nothing is "planned".
>> No. 374150
Nonsense I was behind it all!
>> No. 374151
Nonsense I was behind it all!
>> No. 374157
natural selection literally means the selection is done by nature as to who gets to pass on genes and what mutations are either beneficial or not harmful enough to be removed from the gene pool

this isn't natural selection. it's still adaptation but it's not natural selection. it's domestication and breeding. it still follows the rules of nature and one may argue that it's still a kind of evolution.

also fuck you for not giving a damn about how cats feel. >>374140
>> No. 374159
File 135940150142.jpg - (182.72KB , 800x600 , felis silvestris lybica.jpg )
this line of thinking is irrelevant because cats were cute before we began domesticating them. their ancestors (see picture) basically look like brown tabbies; they have changed very little over time. the most derived-looking cats also tend to be the ugliest, for example those shorthaired versions of the peke-face persians. god have mercy on them. however artificial selection has also given us the objectively cutest coat pattern (siamese point colouraton).

Henriyoutube thumb
>> No. 374160
I remember reading that cuteness is an evolved trait (large eyes, softer features, neutral coloring) for most animals in infant stages, as it discourages other animals from eating them.

Id call bullshit but there was that cobra that saved those puppies...
>> No. 374164
Maine Coons best cats.
>> No. 374166
thank you for so much here
>> No. 374168
I like to pet them on the belly and smooth back, and push their paws softly like a button
>> No. 374170
File 135941562697.jpg - (370.99KB , 1280x800 , 47.jpg )
Ah, mais Henrí, ta vie est très belle! Tu as besoin d'être content avec les petits plaisirs, comme tes jouets et l'herbe à chat. Pense comme un chaton!
>> No. 374189
File 135949789465.gif - (1.99MB , 292x220 , cat is good at catching.gif )
Re-read post #1: RANDOM THOUGHT. I am not saying I know why we consider cats cute; we just do.
>> No. 374198
File 135950819547.jpg - (37.75KB , 380x380 , stock-illustration-6777937-cutecubeworld-series-cu.jpg )
then please don't make posts like this.
>> No. 374217
File 135953228981.jpg - (120.00KB , 1024x768 , baby maine coon.jpg )
i wasn't talking to you.

maine coons (and angoras which basically look exactly the same) are the best yes

but japanese bobtails are a close second
>> No. 374221
i refuse to let this thread not be hijacked by special interest cats or special cat interests

>> No. 374240
At the cat rescue I volunteer at, we have a pure white angora with heterochromia (blue and yellow) who is the absolute sweetest cat EVAR. So amazingly cute and fluffy; sadly, she has a chronic upper respitory problem, which keeps her from getting adopted, but everyone at the shelter dotes on her.
>> No. 374404
I like grown cats a lot, but for some reason I don't find kittens cute. They're so thin and and bony and fragile and it just weirds me out in some visceral way. I find all other baby animals adorable. Just not kittens.

I dunno, man.
>> No. 374424
you think kittens are weird looking
they're the only kinds of cats i trust
>> No. 374804
File 136081707248.jpg - (82.82KB , 500x333 , rf what the Devil is going on here.jpg )
I thought I was the only one.

Guess I was wrong.
>> No. 374914
File 136107968070.gif - (215.74KB , 320x240 , grudge4.gif )
I did too.


Resemblance to cats can also be used to terrify.
>> No. 374921
I love kittens, but they can be far too clingy/noisy. I prefer adult cats, especially ones that are cool with petting but otherwise just chill.
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