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373797 No. 373797
don't fuck it up.
no politics.
not a speak your mind or chat with james.

just post anything that isn't politics or things going on in your life right now. post pictures of circles. post animals. post awesome recipes. post links to DIY sites. post direct download links that aren't blatantly illegal. so long as it doesn't already have a dedicated thread/board. that's it.

it's celebrity jeopardy, and the final category is "post anything"
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>> No. 373804
Homer Simpson in deep thoughtyoutube thumb
>> No. 373807
>> No. 373808
File 135872707423.jpg - (27.06KB , 481x339 , 6a010535647bf3970b0105369937c4970b-800wi.jpg )
>> No. 373809
Meerkat Manor - Meerkats Meet an Aardvarkyoutube thumb
>> No. 373810
File 13587293884.jpg - (40.28KB , 500x645 , 6a010535647bf3970b014e5f964265970c-500wi.jpg )
Prairie Dogs: America's Meerkats - Languageyoutube thumb

MDMA Pharmacologyyoutube thumb
>> No. 373811
File 135873054615.jpg - (45.46KB , 294x387 , let's hoop.jpg )
this is already the most fun i've had on plznochan in months thank you
>> No. 373812
>> No. 373819
i didn't know what i was expecting when i clicked that.

Oppan Gangnam Guileyoutube thumb
>> No. 373855
File 135875643711.gif - (75.13KB , 849x754 , sinus-graphic.gif )
See these things?

Fuck each and every one of them.
>> No. 373862
I’ll post Pro Wrestling Stuff I Wrote for 0$, Alex…I mean, Ferro.

>> No. 373927
File 135888576568.jpg - (82.47KB , 500x332 , unsweet-label.jpg )
the worst part of dating people who don't have real jobs is that they just don't understand when you are fucking tired and just want to sit around, but you can solve that problem with YERBA MATE. it gives you a better kick than coffee, it tastes wonderful, and is a light and refreshing tea rather than terrible coffee that overwhelms your taste buds and ensures that anything you put in your mouth afterwards will still taste like black tar. Yerba has plenty of caffeine - a well-brewed cup or two is all you need. The high is more relaxing in a way - I guess refreshing is the proper word. Coffee is fuel you choke down to drag yourself to work, yerba makes you actually feel ready to take on the day. I don't drink coffee or any weird energy drinks anymore, just delicious cups of yerba. It's full of antioxidants, is beneficial to your body, and costs pretty much the same as coffee, sometimes even cheaper. Well, that's my personal story with yerba, and I hope this information will lead at least one person to seek out the sweet plant, and it is my most sincere hope that it will help you be a happier, more lively person when the world tries to drag you down.
>> No. 373935
I started reading your post in a drowsy, dissatisfied voice-over until the YERBA MATE starts, where it turned to a jubilant infomercial voice over like there's a guy holding a gun next to the reader's head threatening to pull the curtain if he doesn't sell x amount of units.
>> No. 373967
this was illuminating. thank you for teaching me how to speak comrade.
>> No. 373989
File 13589383864.jpg - (92.74KB , 500x698 , waifu.jpg )
>> No. 373990
File 13589388435.jpg - (78.59KB , 500x375 , bearded vulture.jpg )
Also, to keep from accidentally turning a thread into Pretty Ladies MK-Whatever
bearded vultures, which are factually the coolest fucking birds in the world
also they're basically dinosaurs
>> No. 373991
File 135893967522.jpg - (25.88KB , 471x355 , 1304145597766.jpg )
This is literally my favorite reaction image in my collection, and now I want you to have it too.
>> No. 373993
File 135894166319.jpg - (258.36KB , 1362x908 , cossaway up close.jpg )
>bearded vultures, which are factually the coolest fucking birds in the world

Say that to my face motherfucker not online etc.
>> No. 373998
File 135895304789.jpg - (643.30KB , 719x1080 , tumblr_mdadax9cdD1ryizc4o1_1280.jpg )



>> No. 374064
File 135913897081.gif - (866.27KB , 160x160 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2F392905ae1a455b1.gif )
Huh, could have sworn I mentioned getting my driver's license last week. Let me rectify that.
>> No. 374070
File 135915085194.png - (40.57KB , 121x137 , hyde awesome.png )
Thank you. Have my favorite reaction image.
>> No. 374075
File 135916498257.png - (1.84MB , 1310x740 , 132007423427.png )
>> No. 374092
>> No. 374118
Right now I’m at work and it’s a job I’ve come to absolutely loathe. I spend eight hours a day absorbing the negative energy of other people. Anger, fear, sadness, resentment, unwarranted entitlement, ignorance, loss, honestly I don’t know where I would end this list. I can’t take any more of this; it has become far too overwhelming. The company I work for is well-meaning and there are a number of perks available to employees. But even the plusses have become overshadowed by the minuses. To be practical, I tell myself, I must remain here until after my husband and I have found a new apartment. I’m an amateur cartoonist who has fought some very difficult personal battles to hold on to the goal of being a paid cartoonist. In the last year I’ve been able to beat back my demons and I’m poised to take the challenge head-on. The problem is that I’m lacking in the real-world facilities needed to accomplish this. Well, maybe not lacking, I do have a full time job that pays me enough to just keep my head above water, but like I said before I can’t take much more of this place. I feel so trapped and I don’t see any immediate way out.
>> No. 374120
Let me be the first to say that you can quit your job. Your attachment, nay dependence on it has grown past finances, and you're (you: existentially, soul, being, clear mind) is trying to buck out of it.

It's easy to languish here in what ifs and oh nos but often acting is the only action. Do something instead of wroughting yourself over it.

I don't like advice when it's not needed, but doing nothing is what's created this. A body needs movement. Go move.
>> No. 374172
the fortune cookie says: you can always create new options
i really do believe that. but it will take work.
>> No. 374216
you know what they call the worst pizza?

what do you call an alligator in a vest?
an inVESTigator

three dudes with beards and turbans walk into a bar. the bartender takes one look and says, "What is this, some kind of Sikh joke?"

Alright. my favorite.
You have to start. You say "knock knock"
>> No. 374220
>> No. 374225
仕込みiPhone 4号機 , 仕込みiPadyoutube thumb
>> No. 374230
File 135957863445.jpg - (53.02KB , 466x260 , witches and familiars.jpg )
Currently doing research on 17th century England witch trials. I want to share with someone so here.

>The relationship between witch and her familiars was highly sexualised. Margaret Baytes confessed that "when she was at work she felt a thinge come upon her legs and go into her secret parts and nipped her in her secret parts where her marks were found."

The article is very interesting and discusses how when these women felt that they had done something "shameful" they used the language of demonology to discuss themselves and their emotions because that's what society basically taught them to do.
>> No. 374268
In a similar vein, I had read a book called "The Devil in the Shape of a Woman" about the Salem witch trials. This book deals more with the socio-economic/gender politics aspect of the persecution, but what you're reading sounds WAY more interesting! Can you recommend some books on the subject?
>> No. 374284
I came across that book when looking up sources! I was disappointed it was for New England because I have to focus on England but it looked interesting.

Here's the article I mentioned above:

It cites C. L'Estrange Ewen's Witchcraft and Demonianism as well as their Witch Hunting and Witch Trials which I believe contains a transcription of the court records. I haven't read those yet since I have to get them through the library link so I can't vouch for their interesting-ness but they're frequently cited. I've also got a book of essays more specifically about gender called Witchcraft and Masculinity in Early Modern Europe edited by Alison Rowlands which I have high hopes for.

I've only just started in my research so I don't have much I can recommend at the moment but I hope that helps!
>> No. 374287
>> No. 374289
Does anyone know if the torrents and content on this site are legit?


There's a cd I really want but I'm not sure about this place.
>> No. 374343
Ahaha, we started carrying that stuff at my workplace (a corporate cafeteria) and NO ONE buys it. If customers at /my/ work think three bucks is too much to pay for something, you know it must taste terrible. These privileged fuckers are willing to pay over seven dollars for a tuna melt with fries, so this stuff must be AWFUL.

I haven't tried it yet because poverty, etc, and cold tea tastes like ass. I'd rather take warm, fresh-steeped rose tea.
>> No. 374360
I think I'm feeling better now. I've got some outside-of-work projects going that I feel pretty good about. I'm also interviewing for a different internal position within the same company, so we'll see.
This stuff sounds pretty good, thanks anon! I do love studying history if for no other reason that it shows that for the most part, people don't really change. Sure, social mores tend to shift over time, but there are certain things about our nature that humans will never escape. If you come across more on the witch hunts I've love to hear about it!
>> No. 374712
The New Jarl Of Whiterunyoutube thumb
>> No. 374778
just found out that someone(s) used what looks to be the mass effect 3 engine to make porn using the characters... the music is terrible but i'm in awe at the quality of the video.

lots of scenes with repetitive motions... just like one of my japanese animes.

also shocking is that the default shepard is fem-shep.

what? amazing.

... i was too busy analyzing the character interactions to get into the thing. lots of stuff cleverly done. i'm... disgusted with how intrigued i am. it's still a cheap porn vid, but still. someone who actually cares about the series made those.

no need to investigate further.
>> No. 374780
for anyone curious, i found out when i was searching for massage parlor porn and accidentally pressed "enter" too quickly.
>> No. 374782
You sure it wasn't made with SFM?
>> No. 374783
i don't know!
it looked really good!
>> No. 374785
Honestly, this is most of the reason I look at porn at all. I'm not super aroused by it in general, but I like the artistry behind a lot of fanart porn and the people who can animate and illustrate very realistically.
>> No. 374860
you triedyoutube thumb

why is this my favorite video on youtube right now
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