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File: 127963412995.jpg-(42.57KB, 560x400, 1279271024199.jpg)
Sadly, it's the pattern. Gotta get used to it. 3-5 releases, 2-4 month break, rinse, and repeat. Been going on for years now. I'd say it has to do with Miura laying out the groundwork for the rest of the series as carefully as possible, so we can have an ass-pull free ending. In any case, DEAL WITH IT ;_; or feel crushed and sad every time it happens

In any case, it looks like whatever is coming up in the ship there is a sort of crustacean or something...
Oh, and GUTS USING THE ARMOR! This could lead to bad things, what with it being a full moon and them surrounded by the ocean again. Only the Moon Light Boy was able to stop him last time really, so will Schierke be up to the task this time?

He's porting the berserk mod to warband at the moment actually

FUCK MAN, his eye was already starting to go before this, my guess is the price is full blindness.

Christ, this series gets more and more boring with each arc. Enough with the filler already. To think i used to be a raging fanboy for this series.

Before any one goes into tirades of "SENOR IS TROLL!"

he kinda has a point, this sort of thing wouldn't be so glaring if it came out often and we just got off of a massive exciting arc, but we got "Griffith has his Kingdom, an awesome character who provided a nice non-Griffith antagonist is a chump."

So we get this nice little break story and it feels like...I dunno, that feeling of trying to get Ketchup from a Glass bottle if you turn it straight up.

We're just waiting on things to wait on.

Unless some crazy stuff starts happening this is feeling tedious.

I'm still balls bursting excited for the new chapter.


I thought that Gutts and Griffith were about to come to some sort of head soon, I can't see this mermaid story contributing anything beyond another monster of the year (because lets not kid, this is all we're getting for the next year at the least). The waiting just isn't being rewarded, the whole Kushan invasion was limp and undeveloped, Hawks fighting them looked nice, but lacked any weight behind it. We STILL haven't got any idea what Griffith is doing, or any indication of the Hawks plan at all. That's what I'm interested in, not these stupid kids following Gutts around. Hopefully this mermaid thing results in all the kids getting eaten, Gutts decides "fuck it" and goes back to beat the shit out of Griffith.

Also Fantasia is doing the opposite of what I want from Berserk, I don't want MORE monsters, I want more character study. I am so sick of monsters.

It's not the more monsters that's bugging me, it's the less story behind them, they aren't people via for wants and needs taking a horrible turn on the roads of fate culminating in horrid sacrifice that cause them to bear a personification of their horrid deeds, but straight up monster, look at Griffith's new band and the monsters in it and look at Gar's nose hordes and monsters, who did you feel for watch that battle? I can think of only 3 characters in that fight I gave a damn about.

Look at this new monster thing, the only person I care about is captain StARRRGHeotype.

Usually we would see this town decent in to being monsters, though the story isn't over, we could get some development, but when you are fighting a SEA GOD it just seems like a waste to have it a giant hermit crab in a ship shell, hopefully we get some development on it.

The thing that's keeping me with the arc is the toll it's taking on Guts' body, he just heal and his eye is starting to go blind, his hearing is going, etc.

Now what?

That's why I'm interested right now, but still perturbed by the sluggish story pace.

File: 127966850081.jpg-(385.21KB, 320x3843, up454449.jpg)
Sluggish you say? I think you'll find this image interesting in that regard... kinda. Also, it's not really going slow, this is normal for Berserk really. You never know how important a part of the story will be until it's over, I mean look at Slan and the trolls, people fucking HATED that chapter of the story and thought Berserk was finished then. This is an interesting way of showing off the effects of the new world really. Think about it. They're by the sea, on a full moon(both of which increase magic potency), they are showing the effects of the merging on Guts, a magical creature(Isma), a mythological god, Schierke's magic, and to top it all off it's a place where Farnese might get to show off what she's learned so far. Release pacing sucks though.

You know who I'd like an update on? Rickert.

I have to wonder what it was like for readers back when the Golden Age arc was still a work in progress.



>It's not the more monsters that's bugging me, it's the less story behind them, they aren't people via for wants and needs taking a horrible turn on the roads of fate culminating in horrid sacrifice that cause them to bear a personification of their horrid deeds

I can only think of three characters who fit this description: The Count, Rosine, and Ganishka. Arguably Griffith as well.

Also lol at complaining about this in the same breath as complaining about Ganishka corking it. Ganishka who brought us waves of deadly tigers and elephants.


>We STILL haven't got any idea what Griffith is doing

He got his fucking kingdom and allowed the God Hand to manifest directly into the physical world. What's so hard to understand about that?

File: 127995249475.jpg-(121.42KB, 544x400, Get this fucking brand off of me.jpg)
Hey guys, good news about the break! Volume 35 has a set release date of September 29th and needs one more release in order to be a complete volume, meaning that Berserk will be back before September. It's possible that the next episode will be released on August 27th, if not then it will be on September 10th or 24th. Not TOO long to wait!

Also, on August 6th Miura will be doing something with the monthly magazine Young Animal Arashi, probably a guest cover or something.

True that you kinda have me by the bawls there, but I will say it's in fitting with Gar's status as EMAPRAR, so it's more excusable, but still ya got me.

Yeah, I think the release pacing is what's really bugging me.

There is no "Old Berserk" vs "New Berserk." There's only "what you binged" and "what you've had to follow by releases."

I don't think you got it Chief, this was never a an "old VS New" bullshit thing, this was a "The story has become even more gratingly slow seeming than usual because it feels like the current story arc is boring, the slow release doesn't help" kinda deal where we just came off a big story line that kinda felt like a bit of a let down. Like Deep said, this is our chance to see the effects the big story line are having.

Anyone who makes an Old VS New? Nah man, just don't do it.

I will say this though, I don't know If anyone will agree, Tentacle Critters are definitely the most boring enemies Guts has ever had to chop his way through hordes of in my opinion.

We'll see. There's a chance there's still more to them than we've seen so far.


yeh, guts goes down to fight the heart of the beast only to find FILLER in giant letters

Now see, this is why no one treats you as a serious poster.

File: 128002072233.jpg-(1.87MB, 2125x1600, berserk_315_006-007.jpg)
It seems that the sea god controls a fuckton of minions including the sea cucumbers, giant slugs, and who knows what else I wonder if it even had a physical body or if it is more of a spirit like the ones Schierke summons, which would explain why the Merrows would be able to seal it.

SWEET, Getting a little more diversity than the boring tentacles should liven this up a bit.


"boohoo no fun allowed comics are serious business"

>He thinks that's going to make anyone mad!

File: 128006482863.jpg-(74.17KB, 479x435, whatloli.jpg)

What are you babbling about?

File: 128006491529.png-(187.16KB, 640x480, 1269786297350.png)

You actually think being a snarky smart ass is fun for everyone?


Sorry, I forget this board is a bunch of butthurt crybabies who get offended at everything

It seems to be more that you're simply a needlessly combative and overall unpleasant person


Quit feeding the Senor.

Jesus Christ is this your first time playing internet or something?

So I make a simple joke, you all rally round to insult me, and I'm the bad guy?

You need to get over yourselves

That's right, you are the bad guy. You troll constantly and never make any effort towards real discussion. Fucking Jim Profit is better than you are.

Senor usually makes one or two harmless posts per thread; bad things only happen when people try to "call him out" or something. You can't fight Senor, guys. You just can't win against him. Let the man voice his opinions and maybe counter with your own, but never try to attack him directly. Everyone's better off that way.

If you think that's a joke, you need to learn how to communicate with others.
In case you haven't noticed, you're not very good at it.

File: 128016990236.jpg-(2.04KB, 121x127, 1277836482721s.jpg)
>10 Anon: bawwwwwwwww
>20 Senor: u mad?
>40 Senor: u mad
>50 GOTO 10

Simplifying things makes it accurate.

You're being trolled by Senor. This is DEAD accurate.

I'd just like to point out one thing: we don't put up with Moe or Coffin Cat, why do we put up with Senor?

What are you talking about? Moe and Toxie are just like anyone else, so is Senor.

Man, they aren't trolls, they are just blunt people. It's silliness to make them out to be giant trolls or anything like that.



Senor is serious about half the time, and trolling the other half. Wouldn't be a problem except that he can perform a 180 degree switch at the drop of a hat.

You're joking if you think Moe isn't a troll.

You ever talk to Larry? He's a pretty good guy.

So I'll be trolled.
What matter is it of yours?


I dunno, what are your thoughts on Curly?



File: 128322161120.jpg-(163.99KB, 731x971, Miura-NicoNicholson.jpg)
>Nico Nicholson's little strips about Miura look both funny and interesting, though most of the information seems to be old news so far (Kouji Mori was his schoolmate, he based the original prominent members of the Band of the Falcon on his highschool friends, during drawing sessions the assistants all sleep together at the studio, his favorite manga are The Rose of Versailles and Hokuto no Ken, etc.).

>The new YA also has a confirmation that volume 35 is coming out on September 29, however Berserk will not be present in YA #18 (released on September 10), so I'm not sure what that entails regarding the volume... Either episode 316 will be in YA #19 (released on September 24) and 5 days later in the volume, or the volume will only have 9 episodes. Which would suck so much I don't even want to think about it.

It would suck?
I don't mind it, as long as Miura does not stop creating high-quality artwork and the pacing of the story does not slow down.

File: 128400796658.jpg-(969.49KB, 900x1198, falconia900.jpg)
Well, it seems like we will only have 9 episodes in this volume. Berserk isn't coming out on the 10th or 24th... damn, I was hoping for a nice and short break. Hopefully this means they'll fill the gap with something interesting at least, maybe the world guide! Which would force a translation from Dark Horse at least! One volume had the Prototype for Berserk in it, so maybe it's something along those lines?

I come with something pretty cool that a member threw together, it's Falconia all stitched together so you can look at all the details in one picture!

I can't wait to see Guts storm Falconia and color the perfect white walls red with the blood of all the peons following Griffith.

File: 128512971941.jpg-(191.05KB, 600x800, berserk35.jpg)
Berserk resumes serialization on the 8th of October. Volume 35 still comes out on the 29th of September, so it'll either be one episode short or contain 316 early...

I'm still hoping for some sort of extra content myself.

In other news, Volume 35's cover revealed!

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