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  Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, ArmA 2, Jane's AH-64D Longbow you name it, this this is the thread.

Recently I just re-installed the original Operation Flashpoint together with the Red Hammer and Resistance expansions.

God, I love this game.

Also, those of you who've played OFP before might recognize this little number.

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File: 128402484119.jpg-(263.74KB, 1024x780, 0782777.jpg)

I can't decide which campaign I loved the most. CWC had the length, Resistance was brilliant, and Red Hammer was awesome period.

On another note, I've developed a new found joy of messing with non pilots in flightsims. I got invited in for some co op play in IL-2. Since I'm a pilot by trade, they think I should be their flight lead. So, 3 of us, flying P-39's, trying to cover some IL-2's.

They didn't know what the hell to do when I said "Zveno one and two, climb to One-Zero-thousand and change heading to Two-Niner-Zero."

Perhaps I'm a sadist, but they didn't know what to do at first and it just tickled me pink. I hope I can get them to acquire FSX or Xplane 9 so I can force them to shoot ILS approaches.

Resistance had the best storyline, but good GOD were Lukin's missions godly.

It's like they looked at all the insane shit players did to complete missions and made them actual objectives.

Sir, that game was an affront to the OpFlash name. The story and AI were absolutely terrible. So bad that I didn't even bother with the multiplayer.

Do tell, I haven't been able to play OFP2 yet.

Speaking of which: Could anybody advise me whether to get ArmA or just skip to ArmA II? I heard the first one had some bugs in it. Have they been solved yet? Is it a good investment, or should I just skip it and get the sequel?

The characters you played had absolutely no personality. Not to say the ones on Op Flash were Shakespeare, but the Dragon Rising ones were even worse than that.

The single player campaign included a "bullet shield" hidden feature, which essentially caused about 50% of the bullets the AI shot at you to miss.

There were only 10 or 11 very short missions, which had no depth to them. There were no cutscenes explaining the motivation behind the attacks. Nothing like that. You capture the chinese general, and it's game over. Hardly satisfying.

Oh, sounds bad.

I mean, as a political economist I was already wondering how the hell the Global Economic Crisis would lead to a dramatic drop in demand for Chinese goods made any sense. Also, why the hell didn't they just buy oil from abroad, like they and everyone else already do? (I suppose I could just write it off as being the result of having hardliners in Beijing.)

How are ArmA and ArmA 2?

Also, economic ties between China and the U.S. would have likely kept the Americans from intervening military and kept it on the negotiating table.


See this is why I like fictional countries that act as analogies. They help keep me from poking holes in the plot.

File: 128410940536.jpg-(300.99KB, 1200x841, 1759013.jpg)
Yeah, it really was. Nice engine though. Ran great. All I can really say though. The missions had no freedom, the AI was retarded, the vehicles were boring and there wasn't any real utilization of them to begin with.

Just skip to ArmA2:CO.

Yeah, that irked me as well. A lowly pilot knows the near impossibility of a Sino-American split.

That, and the PLA can't come close to how bad ass the Warsaw Pact is.

  And have some more flying goodness from Aero Elite Combat Academy. I love the US-1A.

>Just skip to ArmA2:CO.

Duly noted.

>That, and the PLA can't come close to how bad ass the Warsaw Pact is.


Doesn't exist anymore, remember?

Also Russia's significantly poorer.

And despite the fact that they're still considered world leaders in military tech their industrial capacity isn't quite on China's level. Also, Russia has issues with customer support.

And they have less men. (Which raises the question of why the hell did the intro movie seem to show the Russian force as seemingly larger)

That said, right now they're both partners and competitors in defense contracting. And Russia and China FINALLY finished that oil pipeline that'd provide China with petroleum and reduce Russia's dependence on the European market. (In the words of Alexander Nekrassov, former advisor to Boris Yeltsin: Russia is pretty much Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons these days. Doesn't mean they won't flex their muscles on occasion, but that was really before the resetting of relations with the U.S. and when NATO was letting practically anyone get in.)


There are not nearly enough videos of jets doing acrobatic stunts set to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now."


This one's a bit...tamer.

File: 128412773312.jpg-(431.17KB, 1280x865, 1608334.jpg)
That's what they want you to think. D'ohoho. They're secretly in some giant flying fortress hidden in Siberia.

If you like Aerobatics, again I'm gonna point towards a console. Aerowings on the Dreamcast is all about aerobatics and was consulted by Blue Impulse.

Heh, I might just actually buy one.

I actually just found an ad for a second-hand one on sale for about $40. Now to look for that game...

The sequel commands a bit higher price, but the original you can find for $10. Though I heard PAL version fetches a bit higher price, if you're in one of those regions.

Quick search, in case you're North American, this is probably the best deal

Southeast Asia, actually.

Also, I've found another ad for one that's selling for about $113 dollars, but that one comes with 20 games, 1 VCD loader, 1 memory card, 1 controller, a fishing rod controller and a laser gun.

...I'll probably just go for a simpler package deal.

File: 128417421290.jpg-(326.02KB, 1400x982, 1753735.jpg)
Hmm, what light gun and what games?

Doesn't say. Anyway, I'm still looking for other deals.

you know dreamcast emulation works pretty well

you could just try that

Well that option was always on the table.

File: 128418313597.jpg-(416.45KB, 1200x812, 1673307.jpg)
I always assumed it was as problematic as PS2 emulation, so I never tried it.

Pic related to sims, my favorite bird in X Plane 9.


ps2 emulation works pretty well too these days if you have a decent computer

Mine can, I just don't feel like burning ISO's of my games. Though I really should read up more on PCSX2.

I just use a virtual drive.

  >Epic nuclear war ending.

>Atmospheric level design.


I really need to get ArmA 2.

There's 4 endings, actually.

For what I've read there's actually 5.

But I'm talking about the free downloadable bonus campaign based on one of the 'bad' endings.

File: 128435162485.jpg-(207.25KB, 1024x695, 1760700.jpg)
What really pisses me off about AECA are two things:

1) The arbitrary air speed restriction. Seriously, what the fuck? Now, I don't know much about very high end fighters like the F-15 and Su-27, but I know quite a bit about smaller fighter jets like the L-39, BAC-167 Strikemaster, and even MiG-21 series, Aircraft that lack any demand from national militaries so they end up in the hands of collectors and civilians. I know they lack any sort of speed restriction and it's up to the pilot entirely to manage airspeed. This is a pain in the ass because to unlock the F-104 Starfighter, you need to go Mach 2. Which ridiculously frustrating. And, not like that's much of a pay off, it's a fucking F-104. Not like it's that good. It's pretty much a western equivalent to the MiG-21.

2) Electrical failures. For whatever reason, these knock out your heading indicator/Compass, Airspeed indicator, and altimeter. What. The. Fuck. Did they even bother reading up on how aircraft work? The Pitot-Static system is mechanical. You should at least retain Altimeter and airspeed indicator.

File: 128435404812.jpg-(187.88KB, 1024x780, 0514774.jpg)
Oh and don't even bother with rotary winged combat. Helicopters are absolute shit in the game. They thought they'd try and make it "realistic" by trying to simulate a throttle collective with the Circle and X buttons. It's utterly fucking stupid in that you're simplifying down a complex control like a helo's throttle collective down to just two buttons. That, itself is unrealistic. In addition, Shilka's see your ass through fucking mountains and hills. Whoever these guys are that you're fighting, they're goddamn supermen. Ten feet AGL and that ZSU is seeing me behind a 300 feet high out cropping. Brilliant AI. They should have out right neglected adding in rotorcraft. And, not only that, there's only 3 helos to choose from. SEGA fanboys will say there's way more, but really? Is there any real difference between an AH-1S in a forest patter and an AH-1S in a snow pattern? Not only that, the OH-6 doesn't even have weapons. Have fun with that. All you have in regards to attack helos are the Japanese AH-1S and the AH-64 Apache. That's it. They got MiGs and Sukhois for fixed wing, but they didn't think about at least adding in a Hind or something?

Seriously, if you try AECA, avoid the rotorcraft section, it's just frustration. The controls for it are stiff beyond belief, they feel like they're flying on rails, and the AI is shit.


Duly noted.

On related note: I will most likely be going the emulator route for AECA due to being set back about $100 from a torn ligament.

File: 128445300630.jpg-(68.18KB, 640x546, 1282479476937.jpg)
I love that type of configuration.

It's downright sexy.

File: 128445838965.jpg-(172.94KB, 1024x695, 1540339.jpg)
I will defend AECA in that it's scramble missions are a lot of fun. It's always some new surprise. I especially love it when they have me flying the US-1A.

Oh totally. I love the Piaggio P180. One lands at my local airfield all the time. And, excellent performance. Cruises almost as fast as a Citation or a Lear on about a 3rd of the fuel.

Ah, how plebeian I look when I park my 207 next to it.

  INF or GTFO.

File: 128452018096.jpg-(35.62KB, 250x250, 1282781047492.jpg)
Holy SHIT there's still support for that? That's fucking awesome.


I really need to get this game.


  But probably not before I get a better PC.

  Time to start saving up.

So I tried watching a playthrough of Modern Warfare 2 (it's balls hard finding one with a nice resolution and no annoying player voice over) And I very quickly realized I would probably never have the reflexes to deal with gunfire from that many angles.

Seriously, does that shit just come to you guys? The way I can play Mario Games like a boss, I suppose.

Isn't MW2 one of those regenerating health FPS? As long as you're not being gunned down in a matter of seconds and get to some cover I imagine it's a process of elimination.

Dem respawnin terrorists


Yes, my FPS skills are slightly natural, slightly played-a-lot-of-FPSes.

I was under the impression that everyone was good at Mario games, though.

  Well this is the first time I've heard of this game.

>trivialize the sacrifice of their loved ones
>iraq war
too laaate

but at least theyre in good trivialization/glorification-via-vidya company with the veterans and casualties of ~most american wars of the entire 20th century~

File: 128506387839.png-(1.67MB, 1680x1050, ArmA2OA 2010-09-11 05-26-02-65.png)
Feels good being able to understand what all the gauges are telling me.


It's supposed to actually still be coming out, but I don't know when/if, but I'm definitely interested, since the story came from Marines from 3rd Battalion. I think a war story's more compelling when it isn't all guts and glory, and I'd like to see their stories, and I think they deserve to have their stories told in whatever fashion they see fit.

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