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91925 No.91925

Yep Disney's little Japanese project couldn't stop them pirates.

Enjoy and Kingdom Hearts General

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Also the Keyblade was origanly a chainsaw, but they thourted that it was dumb idea.


Yeah, also originally it was supposed to star either Donald or Mickey, and Sora was to be a furry.

The design for it WAS a lot worse than you're thinking. I'll tell you that much.

Perhaps the sarcasm wasn't clear enough.

I haven't played any of these since the first one. Who's voicing that old bald guy? He sounds familiar. And where are the Disney characters?

File: 128391144967.jpg-(71.32KB, 720x906, 127138756288.jpg)
I can tell you one thing...

The KH series would have NEVER become as popular as it did if the OCs were all anthros like in the beta concept.

Melodrama with anthros doesn't work, just ask Starfox.

I think we dodged a major bullet.

Does the game even HAVE Disney characters anymore?

You did not watch the review I just posted did you.

That was a nice watch. BUT here's the thing....

I know BBS is a decent addition to the series and frankly the only good one in YEARS as Days and Coded are shit. But I simply do not have any faith in Nomura period.

Games' plot is way too convoluted, the idea of time travel being involved doesn't make me smile as I know that's the easiest plot element to fuck up, and game ideas like 3DS where we see Nobodies from KH2 with KH1 Riku and Sora make me wonder "what's this? Alternate dimensions?"

I simply do not like the direction of the series. A single gem is not worth the travesty that it has become.

>But I simply do not have any faith in Nomura period.
In regards to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, that's justified. But as a counterpoint: The World Ends With You.

File: 128397340849.jpg-(45.67KB, 852x480, Miss-Kitty244[1].jpg)
I wouldn't mind certain anthros making it into the KH series...

>Final Fantasy
Nomura has nothing to do with FF beyond character designs. Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY are the only games he has had control over, at least until Versus 13.

If Sora got kissed by Miss Kitty, you as the player what's your reaction to that? Would you feel repulsed or have no issue with it?

File: 12842692191.gif-(6.78KB, 650x450, gun.gif)

File: 128426928490.gif-(4.89KB, 650x450, gun2.gif)

Don't get this one.

Long story short, it's a suicide stump.

>If Sora got kissed by Miss Kitty, you as the player what's your reaction to that? Would you feel repulsed or have no issue with it?

If done right, could be one of the most amusing scenes in the series.


Enjoy, that is if you can with this series at this point.

Watching Birth by Sleep's cutscenes, I gotta say that it's pretty damn good. Has more of the feel of the original game, integrates the Disney into the plot much better then KH2.

It still doesn't compare to the original Kingdom Hearts when it comes to using Disney right.

And the original characters get really grating in there as well. I only like Vanitas and Terra. The rest suck and I'm not cutting them any slack because they got famous VAs.

Was Xehanort too Obviously Evil for you? Because I think it helped make him feel like more of an actual Disney villain alongside the hamminess

More like I don't care for Xehanort. Frankly I think he's piece of shit villain.

>Vanitas more than Aqua
You must be shitting me.

Let's see a Sora clone (or Ven/Sora hybrid clone whatever) who DOESN'T bitch and moan about his existence and just gets a kick out of tormenting a dumbass like Ven and just has fun with it or Sora With Boobs. Gee that's a hard choice.

The reason I don't give a shit about Aqua is because she can't shut the fuck up about idealistic childish speeches like about faith, unity, and belief in her friends. She may not be the first one to do this crap, but just because she's the first female fighter with notable boobs in this series it's no excuse for such a shitty personality. For that matter she obsesses over Terra and Ven so much it's hard to believe she's a character. She behaves and frankly acts like Terra and Ven's babysitter or maid as she literally cleans up the messes they leave behind in the worlds. There is not a single thought in this girl's mind that isn't dedicated to her desire to be and protect Terra and Ven and much like Ven's annoying obsession with Terra himself, this kind of flat characterization HURTS the fucking character especially if there's nothing else to enjoy from them.

The fact that Aqua can fight is a fairly superficial aspect of the character as it is EXPECTED that she can fight given that she's a CONTROLLABLE character to begin with. She'd be more impressive if she was an NPC who did all that she did without any player input. But alas you control her so it's expected that she wins her battles. It would suck if you played as Aqua and even though you beat the bosses the cut scenes just show Aqua losing time and time again. But anyways that's not the case.

Also while I'm at it, Aqua's voice work is hollow and wooden her lines like:

"I am Master Aqua give my friend his heart or pay the price!"

Lacks punch and impact that the Japanese version had which removed the "or pay the price" part and implies that there's no choice in the matter, Aqua is simply going to MAKE Xehanort give Terra back his body.

You people seem to be so hungry for a passable female in the series that you overrate the first one you see as if she's Grade A material. Hate to break it to you, but Aqua is Grade C. Alright, but nothing to get crazy over.

PS - And if you think you're getting some decent KH porn merely because of Aqua's existence, then you're more ignorant and naive than the idiots who didn't see the Birth by Sleep Final Mix coming.

U mad?

File: 12847047938.jpg-(119.32KB, 1024x1088, khbbs__so_it_begins_by_kitten_chan-d2yv5qj[1].jpg)
This is why I hate yaoi fanbitches. The best art is by them. But turning AQUA into a yaoi cunt? I want them to eat horse shit and die for that. It's only slightly less worse than Sakura from Naruto being a yaoi fangirl because Sakura's deal is canon.


The comments are even worse. The only good one is the guy who bolded spoilers to troll the artist who admitted she didn't want any spoilers. Good guy.


Another Final Mix another kick in the busted blue balls of loyal US and EU fans by those motherfucking shit eating bastards at SE.

PS - Don't bitch about the quality of the trailer you know how SE is with their CLOSED MEGA THEATRES. So shut up and appreciate it.

Seriously, a Final Mix with an entire world attached to it is just a dick move.


Miraculously SE decided to not only share the trailer for TGS, but put it on their website. Doubtless it's because the game already exists for their cellphones.

It actually looks BETTER than Days like its closer to the console gameplay or at least BBS. Too bad the plot is filler shit and nowhere near enough to warrant this game's existence.

And I'm getting real sick of Simple and Clean.

While BBS is overrated it offered more new stuff. This looks like another rehash. It even copies and pastes the same battle system from BBS.

SE is getting lazier and lazier.

Come to think of it, did they put out any Versus 13 info?

They showed off a Closed Mega Theatre trailer that had to be camcorded illegally. It used to be Youtube, but SE forced to remove it yesterday. Don't know if someone re-uploaded it or if it can be viewed elsewhere.

You can't see everything as its at an angle and what we little there is to see (its a minute long trailer sharing the other half with Agito) doesn't look too impressive.

In fact it looks sluggish and slow like the original Kingdom Hearts rather than easy flow and such.

Why do people still put up with SE's shit again? Can't be the quality of the games, especially not as of late.

>Can't be the quality of the game as of late.
I guess it's because as bad as it is, it's still better than it used to be.

Used to be here meaning FF6 and FF8.

You know what the deal is as far as I'm concerned?

I simply do not buy SE's games factory sealed and new. I buy all my SE games used (after searching for ones in good shape). I refuse to give SE any of my money after the trainwreck of the KH series or games like FFX and FFXIII.

Even if by some miracle they make games as good as I remember I still would refuse to legally support them and buy their games new as it could potentially put right back on track of behaving like spoiled brats who sell based on name brand and company logo.

PS - The fact that there are TOO many fanboys for the company means I can get away with such tactics as me not buying the games new won't affect their sales. They got more than enough sheep to keep them afloat. So buying used, piracy, etc I don't care and don't look down upon those who do this with SE games.

Did you hear those Japs are getting a NEW Secret Episode to play through which has story elements. No doubt said story elements will be used in a future KH game. Too bad we won't see them.

You're missing the point.

They keep making terrible games like KH: Day and pay no attention to their other series BECAUSE NOBODY FUCKING BUYS THE OTHERS.

Most people just thing "FF, KH, DQ, that's all they make." I'm actually amazed that Front Mission keeps getting new entries, and not surprised at all that Wada told Nomura "lol no" when he tried to make TWEWY 2 BECAUSE NOBODY BUYS EITHER.

Considering what they've done to the Mana series, I'm none to keen on the idea of them trying to revive the other forgotten franchises.
But who knows, maybe they'll try new things while still retaining what was loved by the past entries.

I like the Kingdom Hearts series.

They are fun video games.

After BBS I'm starting to feel like I should do the same. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to the previous games, but this one to me feels like it has the worst script of them all. 90% of everyones lines contains either "darkness" "light" or "heart." All the cutscenes feel the same too because of this.

You talking about BBS? Script?

Yeah aside from the ones you mentioned there is far too much talk about friendship, faith in friends, and togetherness/unity ad nauseam.

While I know that it's a theme of KH, I don't want to hear it so many goddamn times as if I'm a retard who can't get that friendship is the main concept of the series. That repetitive drivel drives me nuts as not even Disney's films overdo it. And frankly KH has managed to alter Disney movie characters to fit their friendship propaganda. Peter Pan is a douchebag, not a kind loyal friend amiable guy and this jerkass aspect is still present even in Disney's version of the classic tale.

Sorry for the rant, but to wrap up. I could do without the friendship crap.

Sorry for the newfag question, but developers don't earn money from used game sales?

Nope. Just goes to the store.

Supposedly KH 3D takes place after Re: Coded. Maybe it will be Data Sora and Data Riku who are the leads.

File: 128530679688.jpg-(172.46KB, 600x968, KH___The_Pussy_Door_by_Angy89[1].jpg)
This is about as close as we'll ever get to a hetero KH doujin.

I'm honestly pissed off at all the homo shit. It's bad enough that the games do feel gay often enough, but the porn and general fanarts are crawling with yaoi shit.

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