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It's Official: Duke Nukem Forever Coming From Gearbox Software

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Because in other games, outside of FMVs/scenes whenever you do things like that to any NPC they respond, amirite?

Some NPCs will respond, but it doesn't really matter a shit during scripted sequences. Plus, at least this way you can either continue on and avoid the sequence altogether, or at least look around and ignore the sequence if you don't care or are doing a second playthrough. More immersive, too.

No, someone having a trashcan thrown at them and not responding isn't immersive, it's the opposite of that. And I'm criticizing all games that do this, not just Half Life 2.

As boring as the writing is and stupid as the scripted sequences are though, I do like the art design and the gravity gun is fun. So there's that.


How can one opinion be so wrong.

I think he makes a good case for what has always been a rather glaring flaw in the Half-Life series as well as numerous other script heavy games. Namely that the scripted sequences have no means of accounting for player tendencies. Imagine trying to talk to someone while they insisted on repeatedly jumping up and down and running around in circles during what is ostensibly a tense moment? They also can be rather bug-prone.

However I do think the scripted sequences was a huge "innovation" on the part of Valve for keeping the player within the narrative. Given today's rather free-form sensibilities this scripting has become especially important because if you were to insert a cutscene right into the middle of a game like Fallout 3, you would IMMEDIATELY feel deprived of any real choice or control. In a game like that the illusion of control is everything.


It's up to the player to sit still for 15 seconds and pay attention, but it's up to the devs to make that 15 seconds worth sitting still for and paying attention to.

You can't freeze a player while making them watch a movie anymore. It just doesn't work and only serves to kick them straight out of the experience; worse than holding their hand, you're pushing them through a door.

The big focus should be making that 15 seconds interesting.

I'm expecting this to pull a StarCraft: Ghost, and get canceled shortly before completion.

I'll believe it's real when it's out. But when it does come out, it's going to rock the fucking shit out of this planet, I tell you.

Fallout 3 is even worse. It often just glues your feet to the ground while the NPCs chatter amongst themselves.

The ideal, in many ways, is the Deus Ex method. Everything of even the slightest import is done through conversation trees.


I'm not big on the little changes they did for it. No boot kicking for melee? Regenerating health? No big on the area they're in. Looks more like Serious Sam than Duke Nukem. I'll keep my eye on it for sure (until a lawsuit shows up) but I'm a bit skeptical about the changes they're giving to it.

*Not big on the area they're in.


>The ideal, in many ways, is the Deus Ex method. Everything of even the slightest import is done through conversation trees.
But that is boring and tedious. Just because you like it the most doesn't make it perfect.

>I hate thinking and would rather jump around smacking headcrabs while NPCs talk about nothing than have a real storyline.

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The bad:

- Health (ego) is probably regenerating
- Apparently the number of weapons you can carry at the same time might be limited (that's horrible gameplay wise, and that was probably done to please console gamers peasant since there isn't 10 keys to change weapons on PAD)
- The Sniper Rifle (I'm sorry, but Duke MOTHERFUCKING Nukem isn't the kind of guy to hide in a far away corner to snipe his enemies. He runs in and kicks ass, that's all.)
- The gameplay seems slow.

Why is all of this bad? Because it means they are lowering themselves to the level of all other modern shooters, instead of being actually good and kick ass like Duke Nukem 3D. Also some of those stuffs were NOT in the previous leaked videos, the one that got leaked just before Gearbox picked up the game, which means it might just be Gearbox fucking it up and turning this into a common console FPS to be sure that it sells (notice how suddenly it comes on console as well and PC is always mentionned last).

The good:
- Everything else. Even with all these flaws it's day one purchase and it looks like it could kick ass.
Oh and I love the babes. Goddamn I wish I was Duke.

File: 128359953220.jpg-(69.10KB, 800x494, 2girls.jpg)
Regenerating ego health was already in Land Of Babes btw

I wouldn't blame consoles for the changes. Even PC gamers seem to not mind the limited weapons and regenerating health. I think the only ones who really care are the ones who might have grown up playing Doom or Quake. I agree that it's starting to look like the average FPS though. But like I said, I'll wait and see how things go for it.

File: 128360154269.jpg-(10.45KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)
Those first three "bad" points aren't objectively bad. It's just something whiners complain about without giving any good arguments, just like cut scenes, lens flare, androgynous characters, showing any sort of emotion, bloom, brown/monochromatic environments, and main characters that are either bald or have muscles.

Okay then, let me tell you why I think such things would be bad.

This is Duke MOTHERFUCKING Nukem. Duke MOTHERFUCKING Nukem doesn't sit in a corner to wait for his health to regenerate, that's for pussies. Duke MOTHERFUCKING Nukem doesn't sit in a corner either to snipe enemies, he just runs in, kicks the front door with his mighty foot, and proceed to kick as much alien ass as possible. Duke MOTHERFUCKING Nukem isn't a pussy who isn't smart enough to think of what weapon to use unless you only have the choice between 2 weapons, and he is strong enough to carry at least ten weapons with him at all times.

Although after looking more into it, it seems that there is no regenerathing health. The health system SEEMS to be kinda like it was in previous games like Lands Of The Babe and Manhattan Project (you get health/ego with beer, babes, kicking ass, etc).

Also limited weapons is also only a rumour. Hopefully it's false as well.

The sniper rifle is there though, and it's been there since the E3 2001 trailer.


Shows Duke dropping weapons in place of new ones. They could change it down the road but we'll just have to wait and see.

>I'll keep my eye on it for sure (until a lawsuit shows up)

Don't remind about Mechwarrior and those Harmony Gold dipshits

Consoles confirmed for forcing Duke Nukem Forever to have a two weapon limit.

>"Yeah, blame us for it if you want. It may change in the future and I don't know what will happen with it, but it was us. I stand by it too, as you cannot discount designing games for a modern world and part of that world is consoles where the bulk of the sales can be. And on those consoles you have a controller. We tried for a long time to support lots of guns but we simply could not find a nice way to map it to a controller, despite trying 4-5 designs. We gave it enough time and decided to stop swimming against the current and adopt what was basically the "standard".

It's not 1996 anymore."

source, comment by "GeorgeB3DR":

This along with
>regenerating health
>aim assist
>iron sights


Ok Two Weapon fits and has worked well since Halo (and if people don't like it then they can mod it to work like usual) Sides the two weapon thing is a thing Action Movies do so for Duke I think it works well. As for the comments about the engine looking dated..I don't know the whole game specs nor do I know the specs of the Systems they were using to run the demos that coupled with what I was during the streaming of the demo (a dude clamber up the back of some Alien Hellbeast and rip tubes out of its head) It looked pretty damn good to me.

People claiming that the graphics are bad are people who should stop playing video games altogether.

>aim assist

Duke Nukem 3D has auto aim. I'm a big defender of NOT turning auto aim off in DN3D since it makes the gameplay much faster, smoother and more fun.

>2 weapon system
Developers have never heard of a weapon wheel. Hold a button for a second, a wheel pops up, and you choose a weapon.


Two weapons worked with fucking Call of Duty before that. You had a side-arm, a rifle, and your grenades, and Call of Duty is easily the best single player first person shooter I have played in my life.

And when they added the health regen (ala Halo 2) it improved everything substantially. I'd be okay with health stations, but only because it's Duke Nukem, and he gets health from pissing, but I think health regen is an improvement over any previous method, as it keeps you in the game longer and gets you back in faster without having to fumble around for medkits or health stations (fucking Half-Life & Quake, suck a dick)

I don't think Health Kits or Regen are inherently superior to one another, it just depends on the game. For something like System Shock or Deus Ex, health kits add to the tension, but for crazy shoot-em ups like Duke Nukem or Doom, I think regenerating health might be more appropriate.


That was basically what I was getting at. It helped me hate Half-Life and drove me nuts trying to get through the first few Call of Duty games. Mis-step, get shot a couple times, spend five minutes after a fire-fight looking for health kits. Blech.

System Shock, Bio-Shock, etc if you're hurt it adds to the tension, but I think something like... Real-time damage to your body, with regen might still work better. Get hit in the arm, your aim wobbles a little, hit in the leg, you limp and move slower, use health kits to repair damage to yourself, but have a regen system so you don't DIE, you just get real screwed up unless you take a shitload of damage until eventually you're immobile, and then maybe add a stimpac or pills (l4d pills) to get you walking enough to find a health kit and patch yourself up. But as it stands now, I agree with you completely.


The Health Option adds to the the atmosphere of the game. If its a stealth, horror and or squad tactic hybrid then yea Health Packs amp the tension and enhanced the immersion especially for the stealth and horror types. But if its Steel Balls screaming explosive madness then health regen seems like the more immersion friendly option for that angle since it keeps you in the game and fighting. And if the game provides you with options to boost that regen (as DNF seems to providing) then that only helps make it the Action FPS its trying to be.

so, DKF staring Adrian Shepherd?

File: 128364751790.jpg-(88.52KB, 617x687, dukenukem.jpg)
Hmph. I imagined Duke Nukem Forever as having taken the same time-lapse ingame as it did in real life, with Duke being unfrozen from cryogenic stasis by Nova from SC:G and told that the world has gone to shit. The heroes who have risen in his absence (expies of Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Solid Snake, etc; heroes from franchises that have come to fruition during DNF's development period) are now horribly mutated by the alien menace and must be stopped along with the otherworldly menace.

His response as he does a Caruso-esque sunglasses flip, a shit-eating grin on his face?

"Always bet on Duke".

Needs more Serious Sam.

Snake precedes Duke.


Only if you count the originals though most start at Solid

Considering that SOLID ITSELF makes repeated reference to the originals, I don't see how one COULDN'T count them.


Well Both DN3D and MGS are restarts of old franchises.

MGS isn't a restart. It's a direct sequel. The Cyborg Ninja is Gray Fox from MG2. That's an important plot point. As are Big Boss and the old versions of Metal Gear.


Eh both started back with a crotchety old bastard being put back to work doing what they do best. Parsing things over a couple of years is silly. All I mean is that most of what people know of both Snake and Duke come from their mid '90s game that reintroduced them to the world after their time in the early '90s had left them with nothing (Duke got his FPS on PC after largely being only Shareware and Snake got his Action Stealth game after the last time being seen on the game world two consoles ago)

I'm pretty sure we're gonna get references like this. After all Duke Nukem 3D had the Terminator, Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker hidden in the game (and Shadow Warrior had Lara Croft).

Who knows, perhaps we're gonna get something along the lines of "hmmph, at least MY game got released" referencing to HL: Episode 3


why do you babbys think a few years is a long time to wait for ep. 3


Because unless its as long as HL2 Core then HL3:EP3 has taken waaaay tooo long since Valve hasn't really had any other "Irons in the Fire"


A few years isn't long enough, I love the tears over a game that isn't worth them.


boohoo learn to have patience

its not even been that long since hl2 came out


Well not in Duke Nukem time but just about Six years come November is a pretty big stretch of time


yeh with two episodic sequels since then

pretty good deal id say

Also there's the fact that its only been three years since they released Episode 2. And that came bundled with the Orange Box (possibly the best deal ever offered in gaming history).

Historically its been:
Half-Life - 1998
Half-Life: Opposing Force - 1999
Half-Life: Blue Shift - 2001
Half-Life 2 - 2004
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - 2006
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - 2007 a whole bunch of other stuff in between and after.

But speaking of Half-Life, its nice to hear from Gearbox again. Hopefully once they're done with this, they'll make a sequel to Opposing Force.

...or they'll get bogged down and never finish this game let alone pave the way for Adrian Shephard's return from the Mass Effect universe.

Don't forget the Snake Plissken reference.

Damn, since we're on movie references, let's not forget that Duke stole all his best lines from They Live and the first two Evil Deads.


"Payed homage to", thank you.

My mistake.

File: 128399168819.jpg-(157.14KB, 800x598, mount-duke-hail-to-the-king-everest-dnf-art.jpg)

File: 128399477369.jpg-(124.85KB, 800x401, 998614351_Qx65i-L.jpg)
...Well-played, Penny Arcade.

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