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Old one's Sage-ing, and yadda yadda yadda
General ME discussion.

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Grunt on the Dinosaur Train

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So, are we making requests?

Because I would really want to see a drawfag's interpretation of what their daughter would look like, especially after what Shepard said in Lair of the Shadow Broker and learning that awesome Matriarch Bartender would be the "grandfather".
I guess she could be wearing an armor similar to Shepard's, and maybe along with stuff from the other party members.

Anyway, I read that Asari's facial marking have something to do with the species of their "father". Maybe is not true, but it could be cool.

File: 128469785595.png-(515.35KB, 449x893, grunt01.png)
Oh yeah, I guess she could be teaming up with "older brother" Grunt.

Suddenly I want, nay, NEED Shepard's child to be raised by krogans.

Like, for whatever reason, Shepard named Wrex to be caretaker of Shep Jr should he/she and significant other die.

IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. I fangirl over krogans waaayyy too much

Also, if Shepard is Grunt's battle master, than Wrex is no doubt Grunt's surrogate father. I keep thinking to what Wrex says if you defeat the thresher maw (who honestly has trouble doing this??)

This reminds me of that scene in Thud! in which Little Sam is being guarded by two trolls as he sleeps in his cradle. Oh man, imagine if Shepard ends up similar to Vimes in the parenting department...


File: 128470170628.png-(286.20KB, 460x450, Matriarch Aethyta.png)
>he/she and significant other die.
Hey, fuck you, buddy.

Although, I'm all for "uncle" Wrex and "older brother" Grunt helping to raise and train Shepard Jr. Hell, not to mention "grandpa".

There's this image /v/ uses to start mass effect threads and states its from ME3. It shows the asari councilor or someone talking about how shepard saved the citadel from the reapers.

Doesn't the council deny the reapers existence?

My guess is that they are just covering their own ass, and don't want to cause panic. Hell, even Anderson pretty much said so in the second game. Not to mention that a lot of Sovereign's remains were apparently taken by the military, and they probably not want to admit anything.

Or it could just be a fuck up on Bioware's part.


I think it was more like half of Sovereign's remains went missing, very likely by the Keepers just doing their job, and what they did manage to save wasn't enough to get any quantifiable data from. So the Council used the excuse that there's no evidence to keep the public happy.

File: 128470844987.jpg-(89.02KB, 1280x760, Assault_Rifle_Concept_Art.jpg)
So, is it just me or the guns from the first game haven't aged that well?

I sort of liked how they remodeled the sniper rifle for ME2, but the assault rifle and gun which are used so much for cut-scenes and trailers, really need a make over.
I mean, when compared to the guns in the second game, and especially the ones they have been releasing later with DLC, they just look really odd.

Maybe its just the color, texture, or the weird square shapes but if feels like they need to mess a bit with the look. I mean, even Halo Reach did it.

Hell, I don't even know why they kept those circle things at the sides where the weapons mods are supposed to go. They got rid of the mods in ME2, so they really serve no purpose and just look really bad.

Two things:

1. Liara is at a comparable age of ten. Enjoy your stat-rape.
2. If Kepral's is such a problem with the Drell, wouldn't a lung transplant fix everything, if not delay the inevitable.

Asari don't really work that way. Age don't necessary dictate their stages, or maturity.

Second, I think the Drell disease is more like SPACE cancer. Sure it stars in lungs, but spreads later spreads.

There's an asari on Illium, talking tech with a salarian, and she mentions being 160 and "finally moved out". And since Asari live roughly ten times humans do, I just put two and two together.

Although you're likely right.

And according to the wiki, Kepral's is the lung's incapability to absorb oxygen, which then spreads to other organs. Since lungs are the first to go, it seems reasonable that a lung transplant would fix that.

Actually I think she said 60, thats usually when Asari leave their homes in the Maiden Stage.

Aaaaand a quick trip back to Illium confirms that. Fuck.

Finally tried out each of the other classes in ME2 to see how they compare to ME1. Sentinels turn me into a krogan, fuck yeah. I'll actually see this save file through so I can get a fucking shotgun and make me, Grunt, and Jack go on a freight train of death killing spree.

Vanguard is easily the coolest one.


I always FemShep'd as a Vanguard, and ManShep'd as Soldier my first run through, so yes, it's an awesome class. But I reiterate: Sentinels are krogans with pistols. They take enormous amounts of damage, heal quickly, and you better fucking run when they run at you with low shields.

File: 128478544486.jpg-(136.20KB, 1600x900, 108735_1.jpg)
The new guns do look a bit better.

there was a thread on /v/ similar to this today. Why does garrus still have a scar if you get the med-bay updgrade and why doesn't joker just get a heavy bone weave?

My answer was "characterization", but I'm sure bioware has a reason. I don't think you can just open up Joker and graft steel onto his bones, you need to be built tech like shepard was, and garrus....just likes his scars. And maybe drell physiology is too difficult to fuck with?


A lung transplant does fix it. In one conversation path, Thane mentions this, but says that he refused to be put on the waiting list; he would not take from another so that he could continue living. Some other Drell can enjoy that lung, one who wasn't just a tool for killing.


We actually discussed this two threads ago, if I remember right. I think we concluded that a lot of it has to do with the fact that Shepard's got a lot of cybernetic enhancements while Garrus and Joker don't.


yea Shep is a freaking patchwork of cybernetics so any additional systems are mostly software updates and small additions to the wetframe stuff they've already built into Shepard that brought back the crispy critter.

I always went the simple way:
Joker can't because his bones are already too fragile to accept the weave, and Garrus can't use the medibay-antiscar thing because it's designed for levo-amino acid-based life. At best, it's be rejected, at worst it would kill them both.

So should we all accept that Thane is doomed to kick the bucket?

It would be kind of cool to see that hashed out, from a story/emotional perspective.


I like the idea of having the third game start off at the funeral of Mordin, all the other squadmates reminiscing about others who've died (Thane would have died recently, possibly Samara since she's a matriarch, etc), and the reason the levels restart is because Shepard's been busy lately with gathering/organizing intel from all his sources; rallying everybody as a general tends to let one see less on the field.

File: 128489153852.jpg-(282.48KB, 672x600, 1284891818312.jpg)
I really don't want any of my crew to be dead by ME3. I traveled all over the galaxy to help them so they could help me stop the reapers.

Mordin's old bro, he's GOING to die, another couple of years at most.

Thane I can see the possibillity of bullshitting it that he could be saved from his condition to keep him around, but no he's also on the way out, so... I guess it's just something we have to learn to accept.


Hoping for Epic DLC lead ends for their final stands.

they could have already had their final stand at the base though.

I think biowares going to face some major problems with the way they've given the player so many choices.

Thane I am alright with, I was never really TOO attached to him, and while it would suck if he wasn't in ME3, I'd be okay with it.

But Mordin? Oh man, I don't want him dead. He's the best characters.


If it opens with a wake for..someone (my heart will fucking break if its Anderson) and they start remembering everyone that has left this world within the recent years..hell a speech from Shepard about those that have passed would be epic. Shepard raises his/her glass "Here's to Anderson...the first human Specter."

So I finally have access to a computer that can run Mass Effect and while the combat is somewhat clutLOADING LOADING LOADINGtered, the inventory is annLOADING LOADING LOADINGoying, and the AI is stuLOADING LOADING LOADINGpid I'm liking it so far.

I REALLY prefer the elevators to the regular loading screens.

Really? I found the loading times to be much faster for ME2 compared to ME1.

I'm TALKING about Mass Effect 1.

I myself would like to have seen shepard a little more torn up about wrex. Well, one of my sehpards anyway.

Yeah, 1 has shitty load times and is all around a rough experience, but you can tell they put a lot of effort into polishing the world and story.

Sadly, Mass Effect 2 takes a huge piss on those factors with a moronic plot involving Cerberus and Reapers building themselves out of and enslaving organics and by going for DURR SHOOTANS HURR instead of polishing the RPG aspects of the combat.

On the plus side, you're party members are more interesting in 2, though Wrex is too busy beating people into submission on his home world to join you.

File: 128495258942.jpg-(105.55KB, 627x663, 1284600419207.jpg)
I think it would be cool if in a future Mass Effect game, Shepard is a recruitable party member. He would be older and/or retired of course, perhaps something like with Anderson or Hackett.

Hell, give me his offspring as character for my crew. I guess he/she would be either human, Asari, or perhaps no one at all depending on your action in the original trilogy...

Originally I'd hoped that Mass Effect 2 would have you play a new guy and then Shepard would act differently depending on how you characterized him/her.

I doubt it'll be Anderson because you can't kill Keith David.

Unless you're one of his friends, possibly from the other side.

Am I the only one here following Cerberus Daily News? I've been following it since ME2 came out, and it's still awesome. Just all the little tidbits fleshing out more and more of the universe.

File: 128502169487.jpg-(70.97KB, 400x600, casual! In SPACE!.jpg)
I've tried. It just reads as bland, so I lose my attention span for it real quick.

So I found some pictures from Lakme Fashion Week and I immediately thought: There needs to be more of this kind of fashion shown in the ME universe.

File: 128502171496.jpg-(74.87KB, 400x600, casual! In SPACE!2.jpg)


Looks like someone found the old Privateer 2 costumes

I had to look that up. I feel either young or like I really missed out on a generation (or ten generations) of PC gaming


Check in with Spoony since he covers all that was basically good and bad about the FMV era of PC games. Christopher Walken as a sleazy cop..pure gold.

Hey Nurse, do you have Terminus Armor, by any chance?

The great thing about FMV games today is that you can watch them all on youtube or let's played and you don't have to worry about the crappy gameplay.

this is more like dune actually.

Yeah. And as far as I'm concerned, that's okay. There should be a dune like planet that some crazy backwater religious colonists really wanted to live on. And then they discover it has crazy ass worms rachni that create this hallucinogenic compound.

No, no, wait. I'VE GOT IT.

Alternate ME universe. Drell = fremen

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