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88789 No.88789
Some of us in /coc/ have gotten into the Wakfu beta. Somehow. I don't know if it had to to with the What a Beach! contest or not, but I'm playing it. Ginger suggested a separate thread for MMO discussions, so I'll take the first step.

This page is to telecharge the client. C'est Francais for 'download'. Click the big blue Telecharge Wakfu button, give the suspicious pop-up your Ankama account and password(Maybe it needed to verify that my account had been cleared for access? I'm not sure. I haven't gotten any information from Amkana, so I have no idea who can or can't participate.), download, install, and use the client to download the updates. On your first time playing, it will run 5 tests to see what sort of hardware you're playing on; just give it a minute. Then you should be on the log-in screen. If everything's in English, good; I made the mistake of fiddling with some options in the top-left corner and now it's stuck in Spanish(What little of the game is actually translated from French). Re-installing didn't help, neither did installing it on an entirely different computer.

I'm just going to list some observations I make during my adventures, mostly whatever comes to mind in a stream of consciousness. It might become something of a walk-through or Let's Play.

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File: 128451125510.png-(127.18KB, 272x277, death_row.png)

You'll have instant access to the open beta as soon as it's available.

So yeah, I was wrong-ish. But you can still stand in line with everyone else.

So I tried playing some Dofus, and... Wakfu is better, right?

File: 128464238830.png-(1.10MB, 1600x900, dofus2.png)

I'm not sure. There's a lot of improvements, a lot of "Why did they leave this out when it was in Dofus?" and "Maybe they'll put it in when it's not a thinly-veiled Alpha." I don't play MMOs for the gameplay, more for the social aspect(Not like I'm some basement-dwelling shut-in creep). Of course, it'll be free soon enough and I'd recommend at least trying it.

I had a lot of fun playing Dofus for the two months or so, but after the first month most people dropped out, four or so dedicated members subscribed for a month, and when the month was over it died out.

Pic grabbed from a Dofus trailer Ankama made that I desperately want in HD.

Anyone know the best place/monsters for leveling after lv51, goblins are getting boring....

I soloed the spider dungeon. But that was pre-critpotion fix. So i could essentially go to full life in 2 turns. Just be careful, the red ones stun from a distance, black ones inflict stun-0 often and the brood mother has a skill (looks like green smoke, is called something like Lactrodemise, I dont know) inflicts cataclysmic damage for moving or using AP, so you HAVE to skip a turn every time she hits you with it.

File: 128473193618.png-(313.16KB, 636x357, 3465gvbn784.png)

File: 128475237758.png-(685.57KB, 441x741, BERSERKER_PACKING_MAN_AND_A_HALF.png)



I started out in that corner where the Sacrier's currently KO'd. He was trying to convince his Cra friend to follow him, but I think the Cra was a major noob. The Sac had some whacky asshole superpunch and would always break my shield with his tattoo whip, but he started the fight after finishing off some minions, so I only had half of his health to go through which was nice.

The Cra had to come and get me, at which point I Jumped like a motherfucker, cornered him, and Jabbed the shit out of him.

File: 128475248453.png-(11.50KB, 251x132, they_mad.png)
I retired to my Havre-sac and decided to harass them a little bit more. One of them ragequit(Or logged onto a tougher character for vengeance; If I run into him again, I'll find out I guess) and I think the other called me an aussi.



my french is rusty but im pretty sure aussi isnt a term to call someone

File: 128475469910.png-(18.55KB, 867x274, the_mysteries_of_the_french_language.png)

File: 128476237561.png-(172.65KB, 354x267, trollololololololo.png)

hey dleeb, when are you actually online?

I wanted to talk

also, on the forums, more and more dev screenshots are appearing. Methinks the patch is really close now.


>I wanted to talk

If you want to talk about what I think you want to talk about, I don't think you need to be that tact about it, but I'm not going to say anything for you.

Part of this thread's purpose is for strategies, remember?

File: 128487610893.jpg-(20.67KB, 177x233, aikitroll.jpg)
hey, im only almost every night for a while ...though for the past... week or so, i've been
a) sick as head was banging and i wanted to murder everyone around me....fucking flu.
b) got the orginal paper mario from the wii virtual arcade...and so i was nostalgia bombing like a mother fucker...when i was feeling ok.

but im better now, so i guess my scheduale will be back to normal... like 7-10/11 pm (GMT -4:30 hours)
and some times during the afternoons... like around 2 pm

also dont fucking walk into random fights.
i logged in today to check on my sales ...i was at the graveyard, adn i see the ghost boss...and if you know me, you know i like fighting boss monsters...even lvl 15 ones i can kill one turn (if he forgets to use his stupid stun attack) anyways...i guess because of the server thing, i had my battles unlocked and didnt this newbie in bunny gear walks in ...and expects me to fight for him... i just sat back and watched the rape (one hit KO) , then waited 2 turns for him to completely die...then killed the monster.
the dude got mad... HE VERY MAD, had goggle translate open...and he basically said he would mug me with his lvl 57 iop ... i sat around the same spot for 10 minutes waiting for the fag...never showed up.


late reply but whatever , dofus is fun game,despite grinding , but you need to find friends to hand out with or else you will be stuck gathering crap to buy better items instead of dropping them from those pesky treechnids etc. :P

i really should leave the brotherhood of derp, no one jumps in there anymore , not even slaw.. it was my third guild anyway. heheh

there are somethings in dofus and not in wakfu cuz ppl bawed that wakfu is too similiar to dofus.

Well, I got to level 52, which means I'm wearing my Paper Armor set. But you need to be level 53 for the helmet and I can't find any paper belts. Too lazy to screencap.


>ppl bawed that wakfu is too similiar to dofus.

But... Those things would make it BETTER.

I seriously doubt Dofus needed a sequel, but it IS an improvement and probably will make Ankama loads of money.

And hopefully lead to an American release.


Hope you get better soon.

you got flu too? Fuck. Anyway, the big strategy I'm talking about is me making a support earth Feca. Combined with a Sacrieur, (s)he will be cruel. Absolutely cruel. If you want to take part in my post-reset plan (I am currently beta testing the build, it's not that good in solo), just put a level or two (or four) into sacrifice. The longer you can keep me protected, the more I can use earth armour, spell rebound, transference, feca shield and above all else, feca armour (which is scaled to MY health, and if you keep me under sacrifice, will always have full effect) to protect you in turn.

I call it the Dio Brando and ZA WARUDO. More so since I will invest heavily into the skill "truce" and fucking stop fights for three turns to heal like a dick whenever I feel like it.

If someone can drawfag feca Dio and Sacrieur stand, I will faint from awesome

File: 12850052289.jpg-(299.66KB, 454x869, dungeon.jpg)
yeah KB mentioned it last night, and i guess it sounds good, i'll always make a sac since i freaking love playing them , and probably a sadida if they finally add them because again i freaking love playing dofus.

also have some pics of the rape train going at full speed in the spider dungeon.

Hey guys, I something about a Wakfu game or something called "Les Gardiens" . I heard it was linked to the Wakfu television series. Does anyone know if there by any chance that there will be an English version of this?

> Does anyone know if there by any chance that there will be an English version of this?
Probably when the series finally gets aired on an english channel. That's what they did with the german version : opened a german-localized server when the series started airing there, and added each dungeon when the matching episode was released.

However, you can still play on the French server (Ateb Desolk) where all the dungeons (including those not related to the series) are opened, and most of the english-speaking players are. Honestly, not understanding the language is not that much of a problem since the game is pretty simple in itself, you'll figure things out quite easily.

File: 128503141288.png-(381.91KB, 543x598, arterial_spray.png)

As I recall, the Spider Dungeon was full of horrible visual glitches that made particle effects many times larger than they should have been, bringing my computer to a stuttering halt.

File: 12850322736.png-(149.02KB, 360x238, red_blue_3d_glasses.png)
Also I seemed to have put on a pair of those cheap 3D glasses at some point.


hmm...I don't know. I am not the sharpest crayon in the box...I mean brightest tool in the shed...oh nevermind!

Thanks for the quick reply!

File: 128508810215.png-(119.52KB, 340x219, heavy_reading.png)
Just taking a break between spider dungeon runs.

File: 128509011468.png-(78.42KB, 156x229, dem_eniripsas.png)
Alright, story time.

I logged onto Wakfu last night like any other and that Ecaflip who helped Dleeb and I through the Spider Dungeon was on. We decided to run the dungeon again because there's fuck all else to do. We had a friendly duel first which I won, and he asked me what gear I was using. I told him I had the Paper Set, but I was missing the belt. He said he could make me one if he had the materials; so we began our Quest for the Paper Belt.

We needed some Red Ectoplasm, but there wasn't any in Sevamore, so we set out to the Ohm, Emelka, and Mork markets. We met a poor Eniripsa girl who desperately needed some boots. The Ecaflip was capable of making them, but didn't have the materials, so we said sorry and went on our way.

I went to Emelka, he went to Ohm. Ohm didn't have any, but I did find some Red Ectoplasm in Emelka at a ridiculous price. He encouraged me to keep looking, so I traveled to Mork. And I saw Poor Eniripsa Girl again a the Mork market, desperate for boots.

We had a short chit-chat, I let her know if they dropped(She let me know that they don't drop) or if I saw them for sale or if I found someone who could make them, I'd tell her. Then she offered to buy my helmet. My Gobbal Warchief helmet. Ginger's helmet that he gave to me, but whatever. It's a pretty nice helmet, it doesn't drop often... But I didn't really need it that badly(The Paper Helmet takes one extra level to use, so I'd be wearing it instead after a couple fights' worth of XP), so I gave it to her. She appreciated it and we had a tender moment in the Mork market when it began to rain.

File: 128509118583.png-(79.88KB, 309x216, asshole_bounty_hunting_cra.png)
We had our goodbyes and the Quest for the Paper Belt continued.

My Ecaflip friend found the Red Ectoplasm we needed and we continued the hunt. He needed Flust, Knut Juice, Passion fruit, Bananias wood, and Mushroom spores... He's lucky that I'm a packrat. He also needed the mushrooms themselves, so I went to the Sevamore cemetery to pick some. One mushroom, two mushrooms, three... I tipped the scale ever so slightly and ended up getting Bandit Points on my last mushroom. My Bandit Points went just ever so slightly over the amount I needed to warrant Kill on Sight status.

I ran back to the Alchemists' Workshop to hand everything over to Mr. Ecaflip. He concocted the ingredients and we headed for the Tailors' Workshop. It was the last stretch before new belty goodness.

He got to work, and began making a batch cheap imitation belts that don't actually count towards the set bonus until his craftsmanship was high enough to reliably make good belts. With his .1% chance of making a genuine belt in this shitty batch, he got it. So I have another batch of good Paper Belts leftover.

We had a good laugh at our .1% luck but our revelry was interrupted by a Cra coming down from upstairs. I instinctively hid inside my backpack. I was afraid that he had noticed that I was a Bandit... I asked Mr. Ecaflip about it, and he seemed pretty positive that the Cra was waiting for me outside.

So I waited. Mr. Ecaflip came inside my bag and we completed our exchanges and he gave me a few Recall Potions to escape... The Potions didn't work. Remember in the Cartoon when the gang was transported to Ruel's house from inside his bag? Well, imagine that they were killed en route by lag, glitches, and connection errors. I drank my potion and the game froze.

I restarted the client and nothing had changed. The Cra was pissed at my futile efforts to escape him and came inside my bag. He acted casual. He browsed my wares. He bought some over priced food. He nearly fooled me with his friendly demeanor, but I couldn't let my paranoid guard down.

File: 128509147431.png-(146.03KB, 264x1716, daring_escape.png)
Mr. Ecaflip and I... We devised a plan. The Cra would be far too powerful for us to fight.

I'd kick the Cra out of my bag and Mr. Ecaflip would challenge him to a duel, buying me precious seconds to make my escape.


And then I got some awesome inventory space.

And I feel like I'm going to go to bed a little less lonely with thoughts of cream-skinned Eniripsas dancing in my head.

File: 128509422982.jpg-(113.40KB, 940x740, 7cracks.jpg)
abandoned by guild , abandoned by team , abandoned by strangers , me against 7 crackrocks , 43 lvl vs 158 lvl cornered.... and it became the greatest advantage!

but all i got in return was 11k of exp and crackler dungeon key. laaaame.

nice pick. Eniripsas are the cutest girls imho.

Indeed, he mad

wish I were there

by the way, you can freely defend your bandit friends if they are attacked, just join the fight

...unless the Cra was like 20 lvls your senior.


Cra was level 93, when Killbeard flew into his bag the Cra was wearing a Phourrer (idk) cape...which he switched out. Both Marc and Kill are lv 52. Your call.

File: 128509733916.jpg-(6.20KB, 218x260, zomb.jpg)
why do i look like rotting zombie with flying flies all around me?

Wakfu AIDS

File: 128509885844.gif-(2.38MB, 256x144, eva cry.gif)
i'm a level 89 Sacrieur. Indeed it is my call. We are known for the ability to pull enemies over. So it would play out something like this:


Right, that's how I had to fight those 2 Cras in >>92228

And how Dleeb and I fought bandits all those other times...>>92573>>90298





You have RAT AIDS. Go cure yourself.


Diseases are a part of the gameplay. You have a chance of catching a disease every time you fight an enemy that can infect you or fighting (alongside) a person who already has the disease.

The disease will go away by itself after a period of time, or you can buy/craft a cure instead. If you don't want to get sick, just buy/craft a Vaccine before fighting particular monsters.

The diseases are pretty harmless for the most part.

File: 128511634723.jpg-(81.76KB, 459x409, huh.jpg)

> you has werewolf aid, you have 50% crit fail
me- bullshit
>go into fight
>crit fails, crit fails everywhere

i barely fucking made it out alive out of a match that with out the disease was a freaking breeze.

but yeah most are not that bad... i remember when KB and i were lvling around lvl 20-25 i spent like 4 straight days with spider aids.
> 5 seconds remaining of spider aids
spider attacks
> got gots the spider aids for 400 MINUTES


That's pretty much what I meant by "pretty harmless."



its actually +50% dmg and +30%cf

you will never get a Iop waifu for killing an ancestral treechnid

File: 128512660369.png-(141.85KB, 245x516, frailty_thy_name_is_hot_sexy_cra_rape.png)
Ran the Celestial Gobbal dungeon tonight.


A stupid axe is what you'll get.


i need vaccine IRL.

got flu too, anyway i am getting into wakfu, my feca chops here, plants there... Gpnisnothere the name, add me to your friends if you can.

File: 128517631788.png-(7.96KB, 316x139, OGRESTS_CHAOS.png)
This hasn't happened before...

Ginger's doom-saying has me afraid.

I'm gonna go eat some lunch and try again.


thats nothing , i got kick out from inactivity , yet i was in a middle of battlefield!


Right, nothing happened.

Carry on, citizens.


finally some music to hear... some are familiar some not, my favorite is tavern one... sounds like 50s brothels :D

File: 128525729983.png-(64.43KB, 304x352, fat_loot.png)

File: 128528296072.png-(97.89KB, 222x308, omlette_du_fromage.png)

frogs can get annoying specially when they just fucking walk into random fights

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