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We're going to start up a list of awesome (Or at least Half-Decent) games for free. Try not to just spam the list, but make some heartfelt contributions you think others will enjoy. I'll Start.

WARNING: Will not be held responsible in any way for lack of sleep, missed assignments, late projects, procrastination, wasted days, late nights, early mornings, tardiness, lack of social contact, etc.

Cave Story - Megaman had a baby with Metroid, and so came Cave Story. An amazing game.

Dwarf Fortress- I Have no clue what I'm doing but fuck if it's not addicting

Star Control 2 - One of the most epic Space Games ever made. Explore the Galaxy, collect Minerals across countless planets, upgrade your ship, and save Mankind from the Ur-Quan.

Elona - Not quite sure how to explain it. A good rpg(?). Well worth a look.

Marathon - A stylish Doom-Like Shooter, but with a little more bang in the buckshot. An imaginative and evocative Science-Fiction tale. Takes time to get rolling, but ends with a bang.

FreeCiv - A Open Source Civilization game. A basic mish-mash of all the best features. Give the game a try if you've never played the series before. Addiction 85% guaranteed.

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I've been playing a lot of Raycrisis recently, yet this game does a good job of killing me in the third stage.

I think I just need to adapt a little more.

I fucking love Sumotori Dreams

Even Conan O'Brien does[/spoiler]

File: 126444960091.png-(107.72KB, 1679x1049, screen.png)
Just got posted on Indiegames but here it is.
You are a random dude that climbs a procedurally generated tower/cave while avoiding traps and shit by wallclimbing and being spiderman.
Fuckawesome 10 minutes killer.

File: 126454669565.jpg-(67.94KB, 720x479, fffffffffffffffff.jpg)
That game's a dick.


You are now aware you are capable of hopping from a ledge and walking through the spikes with no damage.

As long as you don't jump on them, spikes don't do shit.

This game seems really luck based.
Is there a way to clime upwards while on the edge of a ceiling?

Still, very fun

Canabalt: an intense, one-button free running game where you jump across buildings to escape from giant robots. Easy to pick-up but hard to master since the building placement and the gap lengths are randomly generated every time you start a game. Personal best is just over 4k meters. I suck.

Beautiful. Jesus Christ, this is an amazing achievement. Part tribute, part art game, part legitimately balls-hard shmup, Genetos moved me through the emotional spectrum, oscillating between childlike wonder and disparate frustration.


I've been playing this game with a friend and we have been having a ton of fun. We're basically making giant dwarf fortresses, even going so far as to make irrigation systems and biodomes. It's crazy addictive.


Damn that game is far more complex than I thought it would be.

Level Up!

This is a pretty nifty little flash game. It's a platformer with RPG elements; it shouldn't take you long to beat but it's really fun.

Played this game ever since I was a kid. Man, it takes me back.

File: 126994702413.png-(174.09KB, 350x350, wc_cover_0.png)
I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but on the offchance it hasn't...

the white chamber is a point-and-click mystery/horror game IN SPACE. You play a young woman who wakes up in a coffin and must figure out the mystery of what happened on the space station you're trapped on.

It's a good game, if rather short, and can be pretty damn scary at times.


Soul of Dracula, Stickvania, and Return of Egypt. Three little Castlevania clones. And that dude is totally Moses.

Trojans. About ten of them in there.

Well, I don't know wheter the coders put them in there by themselves, but I sure didn't.
You're free to trust me or not.
It's because of people that keep going "LOLVIRUS" before downloading and scanning it that I stopped doing this kind of thing.

Wrong link

Just tried out Iji. A surprising amount of depth at work here. Solid exploration and level design, good game design in general except for the tragically bland combat. Mediocre plot + great execution = "pretty good" story. I'd give it an iffy recommendation, but one HELL of a final boss fight brought me around- thumbs up on this one, give it a whirl out sometime. Just kick the difficulty up a notch or two, and don't worry too much about being a completionist.

File: 127412581920.png-(5.43KB, 320x320, scb-1.png)


Mediocre plot? Please. The plot is fucking awesome. Seems rather meh at the start, but the more you go on, it just gets better.
I just don't like the art. The art fucking sucks. Everything else is just awesome.

Oh look, yet another horrible tragedy has occurred for petty, shallow reasons. How surprising! Let's watch it get milked for as much drama as possible!

Pixel Legions

You can water down any plot ever that way.
I just love the feel of "all hope is lost, you're fighting in vain. Everyone is fucked anyway".

I just hate it when the story's drama hinges around terrible things happening for trivial reasons. It means the endless ruminations aren't going to lead anywhere insightful; you're just wallowing in angst.

Again, I do very much like how the story is told, and the role you have in how it plays out.

W-where did the Pkunk go? They can't lose their war against the Ilwrath, can they? They're no longer in their home system of Gamma Krueger.

Don't worry, they're fine.

Where did they go? Even their little blue circle has vanished. It's like I never discovered their location, but when I went back to check, they were gone.

Try asking the Yehat.

W-Wait, someone's playing through SC2 without a guide? I...I AM SO HAPPY. *Internet Brofist*

I'll do that, thanks.

Well, yeah. What's the point of playing a game if you're not the one playing it? I'll fumble my way through it the first time and then if I lose I'll check a guide for what I did wrong. But until then it's trial and error.

You're good people, Anonymous.

File: 127852458858.png-(18.41KB, 361x440, 1274043808661.png)

Warsow - Set in a futuristic cartoon-like world where rocketlauncher-wielding pigs and lasergun-carrying cyberpunks roam the streets, Warsow is a completely free fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

(basically Quake with more movement involved)

Hey, I appreciate that.


  Looks like we're getting a freebie game over steam: Alien Swarm. Coming out this Monday.

Looks neat, and I've been needing a fresh distraction between eating and dying. Anyone care to hook up for this, you know where to find me on Steam.


Any news on a potential release date for us Macfags? Well, that and L4D.

Screenshots make it look like Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff the videogame.


You now realise you replied to a two years old post.

Came in here JUST to post this. Nice job.

This game is the shit. I love that you can play a zombie. I've been playing the same character for years now.


God, yes. This is the best RPG ever.

>Urban Dead

Man, I had three accounts on this. And then I got bored.

Same story for Nation-States and Kingdom of Loathing. Although I lasted longer for Nation-States than I did the other two.

File: 128326637689.png-(169.81KB, 600x450, Scorched_Earth_title_screen.png)
Since I talked about it on the the Worms thread:

Scorched Earth - An artillery strategy game originally made for DOS.

Also, Scorched Earth 2000, a Java-based update that's playable on your browser.

For those into space games

Stellar Frontier is also a good one, you can find it opensource anywhere although it's limited to single player because no one wants to host multiplayer servers
The good part is you can easily edit game values (weapon strengths, ship speeds etc) using notepad, and it's fairly simple to put in new game designs using the rotator

Anyone know any good freeware space games, do post them


browser RPG with 20 levels and a big map, very fast paced and death means a new character, play it sometime! You might get addicted.

if you see Cannabust that's me :V

It just kept trying to connect to the same server, then saying that the server limit had been reached.

  I don't think I've seen this here, which is weird, cause other mods have been here already.

Empires mod for hl2 has been around for a while and more or less boils down to Tribes minus jetpacks to most players. One player has to be the Commander and views things as sort of a pseudo-rts.

Pros: Lots of vehicles, pretty big maps, matches can be quite good if the teams are well-matched and everyone knows what they're doing. Full-fledged vehicles in a free mod is pretty cool.

Cons: Being the commander is a complex and often thankless job, and so sometimes attracts... strange individuals. Infantry can be quickly outclassed by vehicles, especially when it comes to advanced explosive weapons. Maps with large open areas for vehicle use mean lots of walking if you missed the bus. Matches often fall into stagnant formulas because there is little room for strategic innovation.

Gosh. That's a lot of cons. Well it's free so it's worth a shot, right? That is, if anyone's still playing it at all and the servers aren't sitting empty...

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