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All of the following, including the appropriately renamed OP, was from a thread that mere minutes ago restored my faith in /co/ to Get Shit Done. Hyphen lines seperate posts- some of my work is in here, but not all is mine- most is Anonymous'.

So, thank you Anonymous for the idea on how Disney could make Kingdom Hearts IV (and V!) undeniably kickass.

(At time of posting, thread is still up at

However, this may not last)
Kingdom Hearts IV (since III is going to be some unrelated bullshit) should incorporate in the Pixar worlds. That'd include Toy Story (boss fight against gigantic Andy), A Bug's Life (swam battle), The Incredibles (fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes), and the two already ITT [Wall-E and Ratatouille].

And we should see a decent fantasia world for once. No dialogue the whole way through.
So then the Heartless are going after the helpless future humans, and it's up to Sora, Wall-E, and Eve to tear across trashed-up Earth and the Axiom to tear apart Otto again from the bridge. KH has had mechanized villainry before, as I recall, so it'd work.
That's a good set up. Personally I think Eve should be the partner in this world since she's the only character that naturally is a fighter. limit could make use of her blast gun.

Afterwards you earn a Wall E Summon. Here's how it works, Wall-E likes to collect things as was shown in the movie, so when he appears to fight the enemy he increases the drop rate of rare item synthesis items and collects then during the fight.

Follow that up with Eve and the group of robots like the malfunctioning massage robot that beat the crap of that "Halt!" sentry and Mo coming in to deal multi damage.
This might be a bit overpowered if it's all one summon.

A. The Wall-E level should be the last one in line (most recent, after all). So it [the above summon] would be primarily used in the ending, where the monsters get fuckhard.

B. I'd like to think that Wall-E, Eve, and the Malfunctioning Robots (band name?) would be separate summons, and you get to choose any two of the three depending on your play type.
Ratatouille could be the new Winnie Pooh. You know get the recipes right when helping Remy and Linguini and you get rewarded with AP, Magic, Strength up items.
replace Little Mermaid level with Finding Nemo level? Not that I'd be against a Fantasia level, because Fantasia is kickin' rad. But it'd be a close parallel and make the controls easier to translate.
Sora as a fish who must travel through the Ocean to help protect the heroes from the heartless and the dangers of the ocean

Riku as a bird who must dogfight his way through airborne heartless while searching for the worlds keyhole

Kairi as a fish whose trapped with Nemo and must partake of minigames with him to boost his self confidence and later help him escape
The Heartless, of course, go after Andy in the Toy Story level, inciting the toys to fight back, and the final boss would be giant possessed Andy (or maybe possessed Sid- or should Sid, nonpossessed because he's a douche anyhow, be a pre-boss to prepare for the Andy fight?)
A good story is that Al's Toy Barn is the evil company that needs to be beaten. They're making Heartless toys under the premise that they're easy to produce and sell it to millions of unsuspecting kids and families without knowing what the Heartless do to the people once bought and taken home.
Awaken the entire Buzz Lightyear aisle and have them do epic battle with the Heartless while you track down the boss? Cause that'd be fucking sweet!
Pixar movies are great and all, but what the Kingdom Hearts series really needs, and has always needed, are some damn Disney TV shows. Gummi Bears, Gargoyles, Tailspin, and Rescue Rangers for a start. Maybe even some more modern stuff like American Dragon or Dave the Barbarian. [I suggested this would be good V, since with Disney and Squenix sequels are inevitable.]
You know... I have for the longest time wanted Gargoyles to be involved in KH.

Think about it, Xanatos is trying to use the Heartless to get rid of his Gargoyle problem, You start off outside the Clock Tower with Goliath wailing on Heartless, you come to his aid and he introduces you to the rest of the Clan.

It leads to an endurance battle up Xanatos tower, against Armed Guard, Heartless, and culminates with a rooftop battle with IRON GARGOYLE ARMOR XANATOS!
So long as they keep Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their regular forms and just for fun that Puck makes a cameo and transforms Donald and Goofy into humans just for kicks and eventually turns them back to normal. It'd be a fun little mindfuck.
Also, there was discussion over including Atlantis/Treasure Planet due to epic level nature.
Atlantis level: you get signed on with the rest of the crew, dick around in the submarine when Heartless ATTACK. Cue sub-boss battle and pyrrhic victory that leads to escape pods. Next section: trek to city. Next section is story section in-city as Heartless pop up. Final section: Battle in the Volcano, fuck yeah! Cue ending cinematic returning to Atlantis yadda yadda.

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Interesting. I'm pretty sure it's canon that Mozenrath is more powerful (or at least crazier) than Jafar, and he doesn't have any stupid genie limits to his magic. Okay, maybe a minigame where you steal Mozenrath's magic glove and play keep-away? In battle you use reaction commands to snatch his glove off, and he becomes weaker for a few seconds until he gets it back. Do this a few times, and then he possesses Sora. Boss fight inside Sora's head.

By the Holy Fucking SHAZBOT this thread is STILL HERE??!


This is /coc/. Ideas are kept here, like treasures in a dusty attic, that they may one day be exhumed and reexamined in another light, and once more spark vibrant discussion. We have some threads here that are nearing 1000 posts.

And this one is nearing 5 months old. Quite the achievement.

And now's been rotting here for a year...UPDATING!!

Agreed on Ratty being a specialized alchemist

And the Mary Poppins mini-world. One fanwank suggestion though

Repeatable minigame of...SHTEPINTIME!!!

IF Aladdin must be in the 3rd way it can be done right unless we go with the King of Thieves route..

What was the musical called?
Fantasia, or something, right?

Have a world with that, where you help that forest sprite and fight off the fire phoenix, and that'd be pretty fun.

I'd like Riku not to be so goddamn focused on Sora as well, and instead use some of that Darkness for fun stuff.

In the Toy Story level, the main trio should be turned into action figure versions of themselves. The fight with Sid would be a ludicrous-scale boss battle where you have to climb up scenery until you find his eyes.

Monster's Inc. is very doable in this game. It would be one of those worlds that Sora accidentally stumbles into simply by opening the wrong door. Naturally Randall would try to steal his screams. Goofy and Donald are mistaken for monsters and are left alone to rescue Sora.

File: 124718018544.jpg-(54.01KB, 326x385, frollo.jpg)
I actually think Frollo would be more for the Heartless. I can just picture himself stating his belief on the Heartless:

"Evil? boy, you can't even comprehend what true evil is. You say that the Heartless steal the hearts of that truly a bad thing? I ask you, how many lambs have been lead astray from the word of God simply by following their hearts? Even now, Quasimodo has turned against the man who raised him, simply because his heart told him to save the gypsy girl. The Heart is the second most sinful organ in a man's body, for its purpose is only to breed...lust. The Lord works in mysterious ways, Sora, and from what I see, YOU are impeding the Lord's work, something I will not allow in my city, in MY Notre Dame. The Heartless will purify this city of the hearts that the gypsies have corrupted and I will surrender myself to them so to guide the Sword of the Allmighty, casting his judgement upon you. *The heartless begin consuming you* I will show you true light Keyblade Master, even if I have to BURN DOWN ALL OF PARIS!"

*Turns into boss form, Hellfire instrumental plays and fight begins*

Read in his voice...

>The Heart is the second most sinful organ in a man's body
Then what is the most sin...oh, I see what you did there.

Good Disney bosses?
Frollo is an epic cinematic/storyline boss.
Maybe Atlantis can have one of their humongous robots as the Ulitma Weapon/Hidden Boss?
More Chernabog.

After reading the earlier posts about Pixar, I guess I would argue for a strong Buzz Lightyear influence in toy story, to reference the cartoon. There could be a massive battle sequence in a toy store aisle or something, with the hordes of hornets lead by Emperor Zerg squaring up against a band of heroes that you've collected.

Nah, the secret boss for Atlantis needs to be the LAVA WHALE they cut from the movie.

Do any of you know how they choose what worlds go in?

They lay down 50+ world ideas, and get five artists. Each artist draws ten Sora costumes based on the movie. They then pick the best looking-ones that would sell most.

They then put the story, only basing it on three or four random outfits.

Speaking of outfits, should the drive system be kept?

The Treasure Planet world could be an encounter you hit while travelling between worlds, like the whale in... KH1 or 2, can't remember which.

This has potential.

As long as Sora wasn't included, it has a LOT of potential!

We might even get soem stuff about how nasty Light can be as well.

About the Drive System, should we make so you can fuse with characters other then Donald and Goofy.

Any ideas in light of the ending of Birth By Sleep and coded showing the direction KH3 is going for?

I can actually see a Princess and the Frog world starting with Sora getting suckered by Facilier, with Sora thinking he can divinate where he needs to go for some part of his quest.

Oh yeah. Also while Sora's in those forms, what if he takes a few traits from whomever he bonds with?

I have a couple ideas...

But it would derail this thread like all get out.

Mostly based on a fic I tried to write, but then realized I can't write for shit.

-Set about 20 or so years after KH2
-Main Cast is some guy named Cronis, Max Goof and Roxanne
-Main evil organization is some form of goverment lab bollocks and consists of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Dr. Crank, Dr. Facilier, Dr. Cid (FFXII) and helmed by Dr. Hojo
-Robin Hood World
-Gargoyles world
-High School Musical world(with guest stars Quistis and Neku <-Playable partner)

I just woke up so I can't really think of anything else at the moment

>Dr. Cid

Even better: a group that includes every incarnation of Cid from every Final Fantasy: The Cid Cquad. They build all sorts of air ships, and perform key maintenance on the Gummi. They also invent all sorts of crazy things for you, opening up key gameplay elements as you progress through the story (read: grapple hook in combat and rocket boots in platforming). Kingdom Hearts does a terrible job of incorporating its Square-Enix properties, and this would be a step in the right direction.

On that note, Chaos should be a major villain, if not THE villain. Also consider including Chrono, Front Mission, and Dragon Quest.

A Fantasia level should not only embrace the shorts, but also every musical moment in Disney's catalog, from Bear Necessities to A Whole New World to Powerline.

Picture yourself in a truly epic ballroom, in which there are several doors. As instruments tune up, you walk up to a door, and a television screen descends before you. It is Deems Taylor, and he is there to give historical context to whatever minigame lies before you.

One room is instead introduced by Nobuo Uematsu, who apologizes profusely for the pop-inspired FFX-2 sequence that you are about to play through.


Well I just wanted to have one of the main atagonistic forces be a legion of mad scientists. A Cid Guild would be cool too.

More Irrelevence:
Cronis is the "Sora" of my story, if Sora were a grumpy, misanthropic, lecherous anti-hero, He doesn't have time to comtemplate what's real or isn't or act like a whiny cunt, he just needs to keep going forward and be improbably awesome.

Oceaniis, the Rikku to Cronis' Sora (abiet a tad friendlier than Rikku and with a more well meaning agenda) and Gaia, whom is more a maternal figure to the two than a love interest.

Cronis isn't human, and he knows this and doesn't care, he just wants some action.

"I don't give two shits that I don't have I heart, I feel alive, and that's good enough for me."

Max can't stand Cronis, Roxanne tries to be civil with him.

Instead of a Master Form, Cronis has a "Skill Form", his artificial nature is what grants him his Drive Forms.

The Infinates are a cult that worships Orginization XIII, a brutal jab at Mary Sues and Org. Infitity, mostly harmless until the Doctors show up...

Any comments?

>if Sora were a grumpy, misanthropic, lecherous anti-hero

No. Sora worked well because he was this cheerful, naive kid who only wanted the best for everyone. A world-weary characterization is exactly what went wrong with the character. How can new players relate to a guy that doesn't need to be learn everything? It's Hero Design 101.

I'm all for a new protagonist, with Sora playing the Unseen Badass role that Mickey had in the first game. We never learn what happened to the OCs from the first story arc, because NOBODY CARES. Nothing about Kairi, Riku, or any of the XIII. New hero, new threat.

The fresh start also allows for a whole new set of worlds. No need to revisit old exhibits. Hit all the Pixar movies, Bolt, Stitch, Notre Dame, Sword in the Stone, Gargoyles, pretty much everything brought up in this thread so far.

Max and Roxanne are not nearly popular enough to be Goofy-and-Donald-tier companions. I suggest a rotation depending on the stage you're in, with options to switch partners on the fly. For instance, you fight alongside Stitch and Agent Bubbles in Hawaii, and decide to keep Bubbles when you go to Space Paranoids 2.0. Sure, making alt skins for every partner on every world would be tough work, but I'm not letting realistic expectations get in the way of my dream game.


Hmn, I see what you mean, so how you suggest the main guy be?

I mean I made Cronis because I was sick of all the "FRIENDSHIP IS MY POWER!" stuff, but then again maybe I'm missing the point.

How would you write Cronis?

Our protagonist must be young, cocky, headstrong, and arrogant. He or she must learn from the various worlds in order to be a hero. You see, Disney films teach morals that their audience must soak in. Just as we learned by watching, our Unnamed Protagonist must learn by personal experience. Arthur and Merlin teach that heroes can come from the unlikeliest places. Carl Frederickson teaches that the "normal" moments are the most important experiences we'll ever have. Max teaches the importance of family, in spite of how embarrassing they may be.

This goes on until Unnamed Protagonist becomes the hero while retaining their core identity.

No supporting cast. The Great Event that plucks our hero from their home does not imperil anyone else. Our hero's initial motivation is to return home. Naturally this changes as the plot thickens.

Cronis is such a JRPG Bishie name that it pains me just to read it. Let me guess, a character from your fan fiction?


Sadly yes, he is.

He was named after Cronus, one of the greek gods. (Trying to keep with the whole Wind, Water, Earth schtick for the main three OCs)

But recently I started writing the thing down and re-wrote Cronis as someone who had a REALLY sheltered existence. In his mind there was nothing beyond where he grew up,

Then something happened.

Oceanos leaves.

Where could he go? The lab is the only place in the world!


I just woke up. Again.

That's all I needed to hear. Cronis is dead. Nonexistant. He does not nor will have anything to do with this Kingdom Hearts brainstorm. Let's get back to designing fun worlds.


Eh, I expected as much. It's cool.

Hmn...Worlds huh?

What have we got so far?

I actually like the concept of Dr. Hojo being the main villain of a Kingdom Hearts game. He was a complete monster in Final Fantasy, but no one notices because he was always under the shadow of Sephiroth's and Shinra's villany. I mean, the guy once drugged Red XIII and tried to make him breed with Aeris just to see what would come out of it. He would have a field day with experimenting on the heartless and whatever new bastardized breed he makes would make for a great new enemy in this new storyline.

Also, if the main character is gonna have friends to come along on the journey, I believe Max should stay, but not Roxanne. Instead, I would choose Gosalyn since it would lead to a chance to do a Darkwing Duck world, which I'm sure everyone here would get a kick out of.

If we are going to do a new hero for this, let at least settle on one thing: He is the only keyblade master. You don't have to answer the question of where are the others, just take it at face value. If we really do need to give the new hero a name, lets at least keep the tradition of the game and give him a name that has something to do with wind. The only name that comes out of the top of my head is...Cielo.

Also, I think Dr. Hojo would make for a great main villain because he is a complete monster who ruined peoples lives just because he wanted to. I mean, in Final Fantasy 7, he drugged Red XIII and tried to make him breed with Aeris just to see what would come out of it. If he got ahold of a heartless, whatever bastardized monstrosities he would make out of it would be perfect as the new breed of enemy for this storyline.


Um..Cronus a was Greek god of the wind dominion.

But I'm just being a butthurt here so feel free to ignore me.

I am flabbergasted that this thread has gone on this long with no mention of a Kim Possible world. Seeing the stylized landscapes rendered in decent 3D would be pretty sweet.

As for other ideas...

Possible boss fights in the PatF world:

1.Facilier and his Friends (1st fight: takes place in Facilier's voodoo emporium,largely based off the final stretch of his villian song. Fight voodoo dolls, masks, shrunken heads, and Facilier.)
2.The gators
3.The Frog hunters (Reaction commands playing a big part in getting the three to attack each other).
4.The shadow creatures in the swamp (Last long enough for Momma Odie to show up?)
5. Some sort of heartless Mardi Gras float.
6.Fake Naveen/Lawrence and Facilier in the chapel.
6. Facilier and the shadows in the cemetery.

Maybe have it where Sora or whoever the protagonist at that point knows there's a Shadow Man on the world and tries to stop Naveen's transformation. They somehow get stopped by Facilier, turned into animals along with the prince and thinking he's won by this the doctor eventually throws a heartless Marti Gras that's one big Jazz Funeral for Orleans.

the game needs Gaston in it. clearly as a villain in the B&B level as a villain, assuming Sora's in cahoots with the Beast. when you beat him down though, a huge wave of heartless start coming after your group, smelling the hate and rage in his heart

beaten and exhausted, Gaston sees them coming and tells you to run for it. "Don't worry... no one shoots like Gaston!"

a rifle blast blow through a dozen or so heartless. dramatic arguing, shoves Sora off to hold them off and at least not make them pay for his wrong. finally the characters run off while he fires through another batch, then whips out his knife. "No one fights like Gaston!" *goes down slashing under a sea of Heartless

This could truly work well as the END for the B&B story. The last act is used to its full extent..

Gaston redeeming himself?

Gaston, the ignorant, chauvinistic, violent, manipulative pig?
The guy who tried to coerce Belle into marriage by having her father committed?
The guy who rallied a mob of townspeople in order to get his way?
The guy who LITERALLY stabbed someone in the back?

Gaston would never side with anyone who aids the Beast, even if they were surrounded by Heartless. If Gaston was going to be in a game, I'd want him to be the hardest boss in the game. Harder than Xaldin and his hax lances, harder than Roxas, even harder than the Hidden Boss in KH2:FM.

Gaston would never side with anyone who aids the Beast, even if they were surrounded by Heartless. If Gaston was going to be in a game, I'd want him to be the hardest boss in the game. Harder than Xaldin and his hax lances, harder than Roxas, even harder than the Hidden Boss in KH2:FM.

I HIGHLY doubt a guy like Gaston would be as hard as the Memory or KH1 Sephiroth...

If anything, he'd be on Clayton level's of difficulty for the early game as a story boss, only to come back with a vengeance in the Coliseum equivalent only 60x harder then normal...

Anyways, I've a few ideas for the worlds that would possibly fit well. Get some closure on those that DESPERATELY needed it. No SE OG worlds yet..

Olympus Coliseum: One more time, but enough pussy footing around. Hades means business this time and we follow the storyline of Hercules to the LETTER. The Coliseum itself is unlocked after Storyline Clear. Could also give a bullshit reason why Herc loses his godly might

Guest Character: Hercules

OC Highlights:
-Aiding Hercules in the 12 Labors as missions, each one given that minigame spin with boss fights mixed inbetween vs Medusa/Iron Lion/Harpies/Amazonians etc

- Boss Fight vs Cyclops Titan: This is a timed fight and Sora MUST SURVIVE until Hercules is ready to finish it.

- End Boss fight would be Party and Hercules vs Four Titans in a Reaction Heavy fight. The trick is to wear down each titan while jumping from one to the other. Rock Titan has most HP, Wind Titan is extremely dodgy, Fire Titan hits hardest, Ice Titan has extremely counter heavy reaction commands. Hades is caught in the throw that Hercules uses to off the titans once and for all, ending best as a god CAN be killed Disney wise.


Port Royal: with Barbossa gone, Luxord's shenanigans with the cursed coins now in the briney deep and alls well in the Port, witty Jack has forgotten one teeny tiny little thing: DAVY JONES.

Now on the run, Jack turns to Willy, Liz, and Sora's party to bail him out of a tough spot. The story is condensed for two parts in both the Early and Late Game: The first half covers DMC's plot with the loss of Jack and the Pearl. The second half though swings right into OWE's plot as best as possible.

PR Highlights:
-Helping Will escape the brig, all MGS like
-Ship to Ship combat while traveling about. Heartless attacks and Davy Jones' crazy crew come a knocking for a brawl.
-Election of the Pirate King: Sora figures, blockhead that he is, that he is prime King material and approaches each Lord. Depending on the answers, they're either For, Against, or Neutral on the matter. The end result doesn't matter but what does matter is the shitload of items if the entire Brethren Court is all for Sora. Jack cons him out of the title and leads to Elizabeth being the new King
-Two boss fights with Mr. Jones, one in the first chunk of the game to outright stall him til jack finds the Thump Thump jar for plot purposes, the second in the Maelstrom.
-Speaking of the Maelstrom, HUGE FUCKING FIGHT. Three phases...

1. Defend The Pearl! Eject Jones Crew members and defend Barbossa, Gibs, Liz, and Willy from incoming enemies and heartless.

2. STOP THE KRAKEN! Rather then being left to die, the Kraken is given its spotlight stealing moment as a boss fight inbetween the ships. Break the Tentacles to slap around its tongue and eyes to get rid of it.

3. Boss Fight: Davy Jones! The trick to the fight is not striking Jones himself but smacking the everloving crap out of the chest. The chest bounces about the ship due to the chaos, with Heartless and Crew members getting in the way

Now, for bonus worlds, what better way to do it then to introduce a Pixar world? Why not an INCREDIBLES world?

Metroville: Story is as close to the original, except instead of Omnidroids, Buddy utilizes Heartless, developing new ones with stolen data from Ansem's computer *Blame the MCP for this one*. As each Heartless grows stronger though, they realize that Syndrome is a hindrance then a benefactor..

Guest Character: Mr. Incredible

MV Highlights:
-The Gummi ship is spotted alongside Helen's ship and is targeted as well. The missle lands and knocks the Gummi ship off course onto the island. Left to his own devices while being seperated, Sora must find the other party members and the Incredibles Family to press on.

-Remember that scene where the family beats the ever loving crap out of the Mooks? Its an interactable survival fight now. The one time we get to see the rest of the family in action

-Boss fight vs Syndrome before he launches off. Though the Incredibles' were captured, Sora Donald and Goofy escaped. Syndrome proves to be too good of a hindrance to save the rest. The fight is FUCKING ANNOYING thanks to his Zero Point Beams immobilizing random party members and providing a free beatdown for Heartless.

-The Highlight would be the fight with Omnidroid Heartless. This fucker is is a 10 PHASE fight, spanning across the city. The trick to it though is to dismantle it the first chance you get, that way you won't have to waste time. You have to systematically..

1. Disable its beam gun
2. Snap off the claws and later the tentacles
3. Lure it to the lake in the middle of Metroville
4. Use the control Syndrome dropped to cause its own demise.

If at anytime you return to Metroville after completing the first half of the game OR find the Miner's Badge junk item in Deep Space, return to Metroville. Head for the Stadium, watch the race event to see how the family is doing, then listen in to Underminer's dialogue.

Prepare for Ham to Ham combat with cornball one liners and such for that extra comic book flare. The end reward for undermining Underminer's plot is a summon...I can't decide which one it'll be though, Jack Jack or Frozone..

So that's about all I've come up with, outside of giving Dr. Facilier a decent bit part in the big scheme of things. Can we all agree that, cruel and conniving as he was, Facilier was quite the charming bastard and probably deserved a second chance?

And of course Metroville would have PK and Supergoof as costumes for your party members.

The question is would it be classic Paperinik or the futuristic PK?

Where does Supergoof originate from>

The forest girl fighting the phoenix thing.

Help the girl fight all the way through the forest, hunted by a massive phoenix.
As you finally win, the girl runs forward and hugs the hero in thanks before hurrying off.

...Just an idea, of course

Supergoof dates back to some of the 40s comics, plus had his own House of Mouse episode.

The Spring Sprite would be a good summon. Like Tinkerbell with a little more fight in her.

>spring sprite
Coily as a summon? Oh dear lord.

File: 12716337921.jpg-(60.40KB, 800x600, 223_800.jpg)
Not that Spring Sprite

So back to my suggestion on Facilier? Is he worthy of a second chance or does he at the very least gets a proper send off compared to what happened in the movie as a truly epic boss fight?

Consumed by Heartless. Twin boss fight where you take on Heartless!Facilier and his living shadow, which pops out of the walls to grab your party.

Boss Music: Friends On The Other Side instrumental

That could work, though more then likely it would rather a repeat fight with Ansem in KH1, except its more voodoo awesome

I'd honestly see it as a fight where Facilier is given ONE LAST CHANCE, sumoning a heartless marti gras float thats all detailed and kooky much like its source material. If that isn't enough, Heartless dressed as Other Siders masks spawn whenever the thing is stunned for a combo.

It culminates with Facilier getting thwacked into the beasty, causing it to fall and drag BOTH into wherever this Other Side is

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