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Long-Term Projects

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File: 120752453974.png-(15.19KB, 518x490, silverhawktest.png)
3692 No.3692
Working on a game of sorts. Going to make it /co/-focused.

Question: who should I put into the game? E.g. as a boss or something.


Silverhawk: If you want your sprite changed, go ahead and ask for changes. I just based it off the pictures in /draw/.

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Aww, nuts.

Make Minifag Minifig bigger or I'll lose my goddamn mind.


Unless I've goofed up somewhere and you're actually the Minifig man (and someone doesn't come along to debunk said train of thought), then I'm going to wait for him to ask me to change it back. Of course if he does, then I'd need some definite proof that he is who he says he is and not, say, you in disguise. Which is where the paranoia starts, really.

TL;DR I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.

File: 12207566766.jpg-(15.68KB, 443x250, 1219347544598.jpg)
I don't care, he's far too small.

I am enraged by its little bitty teeny tiny features. I'm having a hard time looking at it.

He's so tiny.

Cyb is not Minifig. Merely an underage b& with a sense of entitlement and an attitude.

No.7316 the way, what's the canonical look for /co/lette?


File: 122082841485.png-(1.79KB, 186x98, colette.png)
In a fit of palette-focused research, I'm trying to stick to a maximum of four colours (including black outline) for the sprites, following the fact that as far as I've checked that's how NES games rolled, and that is how the select screen worked.

Do you think I'm doing the right thing here, or should I go for a higher colour limit? Is there a higher colour limit for the NES?

Anyway, the original model is on the right for comparison.

Check one-two. Check one-two.

Does this thread bump?

Spent all morning watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure clips on YouTube. With any luck I'll start work on Maggie's level sooner rather than later.

Poll time, folks. /co/lette's going to be defeating /co/mrades to gain their abilities, that's a given. Do you want her to use said weapons Megaman style (colour-swap/minor sprite edits) or Jojo style (having the /co/mrade follow and fight alongside her)?

I'd prefer the megaman style, or both.
Depends how much work you want to put into it. 'charged up' or not.


GIANT ROBOT HANDS with a small color swap

canonically she controls gravity but a lot of people explored the idea that she switched different powers on and off.

also it seems like a bitch to code it jojo style

File: 122109625063.png-(8.41KB, 318x287, karpbeta.png)

Not necessarily. You could have it so that the /co/mrades appear when the weapon button is pressed, do their animation, and disappear when the action's finished.

The idea I'm planning on is that /co/lette can't use any attacks in her normal form and she's weak against enemies, but can get around the levels faster and conserve health. Using her transformed mode would make her technically immune to attacks, but the form and weapons still slowly eat at her health.

It wouldn't be too difficult to code, but actually playing it could be some trouble, so I'm brainstorming over it.

Iiii dunno, man. It's artsy, but I'll have to play it to see if I'd support that or not. Don't want to rain on your parade, but it seems new and unfamiliar, thus frightening. :O


I'm glad to hear that, actually. Even though I do want to encroach upon Megaman territory, I don't want the game to play like a total clone. So there'll be some mixing of gameplay. Maggie's level should have a jetski subboss, for one thing. Keep things from getting boring, you know?

Hell, odds are good it may end up more Gunstar Heroes than Megaman. I'll have to see how it goes.

keep us updated with betas and what not as you work on the levels, if we can play half way through one before you finish it it might give you a better idea of what works and what doesn't~


That's all I ask.

You could do the transformation Viewtiful Joe style, and have it be generally beneficial to stay powered up, but actually using powers saps your energy really quickly.

File: 122175790572.png-(9.69KB, 250x250, bonesbetac.png)
Hank Pym, Kosh, Ankh, IronGirl. I NEED you guys to suggest themes and ideas for your levels, whether its in this thread or on IRC or whatever.

The other four (Deadbones [horror], Maggie [western/PokeMon], Minifig [Lego], Torch [fire]) are pretty much planned out, but I need themes! PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN!

Pic related - opening of Deadbones' stage.


Mine should be a science lab which involves fighting Ultrons, giant ants, and other things that shrink and grow.

Also, you should fight Skrull-Pyms every once and a while.

>>7501 That's some pretty sweet pixel-work you did there. Like how you restricted yourself to a minimum palette without making it look flat.

Wait... who's that girl?

What's her name?


Is she cool? Is she lame?

Oh God how have I missed this thread so completely.
I used to do lots and lots of sprite work/editing.
I'll admit I haven't read much of this super long thread, but if you need anything, I'd be happy to help.


You're still in as a sub-boss. So feel free to drop in sub-level themes, boss attack ideas, etc.


The Ultron blade!

It shrinks, it grows, it curves, it weaves. and for a short period, it even follows it's target!

but it explodes after too long.

File: 122179190432.png-(11.86KB, 639x526, Pym Ultron blade.png)

Err, forgot my picture.

Any chance of being in it as a vehicle, or mini-boss? :3
Though usually depicted as a floating ball, Hellstroem drew up a picture in which I've donned a golem body.
I figure 'summon golem' could work as a ride armor if there's a level with adequately hazardous conditions. Like, if Torch had a token 'Fire and Brimstone' or Minifig had a 'Factory' stage.


I was considering putting you in a Pac-Man parody. But if you have ideas for your floating sphere shape or golem form or whatever, spill beans pls.

Reference picture:

Doesn't HAVE to be so HUEG like X-Box, though.
Maybe mix them. Pac-man parody. /co/lette helps for.. some reason, and the reward is to summon Golem Body as a ride armor. Like Megaman's alt equipment, from later games. Able to punch false-walls out to get items, or travel over spikes, with the drawback being lack of long jumps or something. Instead of having a weapon bar that depletes from use, it could have an irredeemable health bar per level.

But if the golem 'ride armor' option seems like too much work, just a pac-man parody would be fine. :D


Oh, hey. Just saw this. Tiiiiiiiny problem. That's the old me, from when I drew me. Torch updated me since then, and Hellstroem made an awesome version of said update. I'd post them now, but the school connection is blocking plus4chan all of a sudden, and only a miracle is letting this through. I'll get it later, or you can look in /draw/, or I dunno.

Y'GOT AN E-MAIL? I've got an idea for me.
Just would like your sprite sheet, if that's alright.




If you can link me to the thread or upload the pictures, that'll be fine. I can get on it.

File: 122201201931.gif-(24.17KB, 400x473, ANKH FIGURE B.gif)

Well, I suppose this explains why you expected my level to be a city one.

Hellstroem redraws are badass, aren't they?

Alright, I've got some good news and bad news.

Good news is, I've got the opportunity to work on this project as an assignment for my art college. Which means I get to work on Space Atlantis, and possibly pass the course for it. Tutor is interested in the idea of a digital media, as long as I've got some prints of the level layout, progress work, etc to show for things as well as the final presentation.

Bad news is, given the imposed deadline (we're talking May, June-ish), the college version (don't worry, there'll be a full version) will be truncated to 4 bosses and the final fight. And... depending on how the talk goes over, there's a good chance we'll be seeing a movie made for the course rather than a straight-up game. Much like "Pirate Baby" or "Kings of Power". We'll have to see how it goes.

what's Bea's role going to be?

It's gonna be BEACOMETOIRC.


What. No.

Let the people who have avatars do this. It's more silly that way.

Status report, ensign Endpiece?


Let's just say I'm pushed for time.

Long-ass bump. Laptop crashed, files gone, etc. Reworking on the engine as we speak - probably going to be more Mario-esque this time around (items and power ups, character switching, etc). Colette's a given. Conrad and Conata too? Might try it.

Which level do you guys want to see finished first - Maggie's [Wild West], Deadbones' [Victorian London] or Torch's [Firestarter]?


i just checked this board to see if this thread is still alive
and low and behold, it is!

good show

Could I be a minor enemy? Pleeeease?

File: 124872102970.gif-(3.51KB, 160x144, deadonegamma.gif)
Question: does anyone have a reference for /co/'s flying space fortress? In return, WIP of Deadbones' level.

File: 12487427329.gif-(2.92KB, 160x144, spacelogo.gif)
Also prototype logos. Any idea what the background should be for the title screen?

File: 124876038142.png-(22.67KB, 705x503, spacedkosh_-co-ast2-co-ast.png)
While it's not much, here's what I could find

File: 124876047047.png-(1.45MB, 800x1000, astroed_kosh.png)

File: 12487605687.png-(38.87KB, 1034x1046, flying-co-.png)

I am dragging up this old thing to tell Endpiece I am disappoint.


I get the feeling I'm better suited to cranking out engines for other people to make games with, you know? I've got a half-baked top-down engine that's like a cross between Chrono Trigger and Monkey Island, and a remake of the old spring-jump engine... I could dust those off, fix them up and upload them for someone else using MMF2 to make games with.

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