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Another new Wakfu thread, as the old one has 700+ posts.

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... manga is FROM japanese, not ONLY japanese... It is a drawing style. Do you think that when two people, one from Europe, and one from Japan, draw the same thing, one will be considered manga, and one not?

Also... manga CAN be animated, although that is often called anime...

wiki: "Manga have also become increasingly popular worldwide."

Wakfu IS drawn with manga, and if you can't see that, just see some other manga style animations/comics and you will see SO much similarity.

> Do you think that when two people, one from Europe, and one from Japan, draw the same thing, one will be considered manga, and one not?

Yes. Anime/manga is defined by being produced in Japan, not by the "big eyes, fanservice, and disproportional characters" checklist. There are plenty of Japanese productions that don't meet those criteria but are still manga/anime, and there are lots of western animation classics that meet those criteria that we would never consider anime (Betty Boop? Bug Bunny? Powerpuff Girls?). A European emulating a stereotypically-Japanese drawing style doesn't make his works Japanese.

This is getting off topic. Someone give us news about season 2.

File: 128516273599.png-(363.42KB, 590x648, fgfd564ge563389g.png)
>Wakfu is(n't) anime


Whatever happened to the guy that uploaded the German episodes?

Ankama took them down sadly

File: 128516955897.jpg-(87.24KB, 894x498, Kabrok_Ghost_Story.jpg)
Kabrok the ghost storyteller is back for a v2. I've tweaked one or two little things that bugged me.
I've deleted the previous file, so please use this one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mini Wakfu 03 English Softsubbed:

BTW, any feedback on my translations is welcome if they ever happen to sound too lame... ^^;

B&W comics on cheap paper are manga.
Colored comics on better paper are BD (comics)
Thats how Ankama dintinguishes manga and comics.

Elevens call every comics manga. Neither the style nor story matters. You can even take it that manga is japanese term for comics. Judging what is manga and what is not manga anymore is completely pointless. It purely depend on what the autor says he is making.

Thank you again!

I see your point. When it comes to comics (excluding webcomics and comic strips), most of the time I divide them into three categories.

Comic Book: Think comic books, not really that many pages (perhaps between 25 to 50 pages). Often colored.

Graphic Novel: Either a collection of comic books into one single book, or a very large comic book. Usually has many more pages than a Comic Book. Can be either colored or black and white. Often attributed to western style artwork of comics, though artwork varies.

Manga: Japanese or East Asian comic. Often about the size of a graphic novel. Read in the opposite direction of their western counter-parts. Most often done in black and white, and rarely seen in color.

File: 128517969812.jpg-(13.24KB, 220x400, eva_turn.jpg)
Ankama oficially confirmed the new design for season 2 Eva (the one we could see from the action figures 3D prototypes)

File: 128517973610.jpg-(17.33KB, 267x400, ruel_turn.jpg)
32228 well as Ruel's

File: 12851819783.png-(28.88KB, 180x180, boufgirl_news.png)

Eva looks cool... older...? Maybe a hint of time spacer between seasons?

i dunno how to feel about it... my waifu is different. But at the same time, you feel more attached to the characters.

I personally think the hair makes her look younger. I don't like it, but oh well. As long as we get another season I'm good.

>Maybe a hint of time spacer between seasons?
>slightly older Yugo


i wonder why the drheller didnt grew a bit... they look badass in adult form.

also if Legend is gonna return.. you think he will get older too? and what about Rubi? who guards him thru the time gap?!

so many questions!

> Rubi
I was thinking about that so long after watching the last part (thrice), but I always forgot it just when I came here. Anyways - I don't think they would just leave him there... Maybe he got back to the Shushu hell (their place), or he died (fat chance)? What about Joris - he could take him... Or basically even Yugo. Why not - he has got the Dofus, the Eliacube, the map, (the girls) - so why not even more?


>sexual tyrranosaurus and a pimp.


File: 128518655746.jpg-(275.18KB, 852x1136, pimp.jpg)

Just a nitpick or two. "Genius" I think is supposed to be "genie". And "the bourgeois" seems a bit off, I think it implies different things in French rather than English. "the Merchant" or "the Tycoon" might be more appropriate.

>"Genius" I think is supposed to be "genie"
Yup, you're right. I'd better have looked for Aladdin's lamp! Sorry...-_-

>And "the bourgeois" seems a bit off, I think it implies different things in French rather than English.
I'm not really sure about this... Well, of course in French this word often tends to imply a pejorative meaning, but the main meaning remains the same I think. Actually I refer here to a definition I've found in an English dictionnary:
>"Bourgeois: a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability."
I think it fits Jorbak perfectly.
He's not a "merchant". Kabrok and Miranda are merchants, but Jorbak isn't.
As for "tycoon", it may sound good, but I think it misses the pejorative meaning which is supposed to be implied here.
Well, tell me if I've got everything wrong! ^^

Anyway, next week I'll release a script before I do the subs. If an English native speaker can have a look at it, and help me improve it so that it sounds more "at home", I'll be grateful.

> Powerpuff Girls?
Well.....what about Powerpuff Girls Z?
It IS produced in Japan for a japanese audience .... :)

Your reasoning is sound. I was working without much knowledge of the French, just how it sounds in English, so my interpretation was rather lacking. Love that you're doing this for us.

Eva looks adorable and Ruel looks badass. I approve and wait for more.

Okay...have you guys seen this? It's not exactly Wakfu, but it is Ankama and there are the same voice actors in there.


I like it! It's as if Lupin became French. ... again.


I am guess not much time has passed between seasons 1 and 2. I think maybe between a few months to a most a year.

...Well this is un-fucking-believable. Last I checked, people don't lose two cup sizes and have their pelvis shrink into itself four inches as they get older. These changes are literally the opposite of what, if anything, should have happened as she got older.

File: 128522844622.jpg-(38.45KB, 699x413, drheller.jpg)

he needs this as a pet.

File: 12852460875.jpg-(15.56KB, 400x270, epi15.jpg)
That outfit looks kinda familiar...

File: 128525225646.jpg-(108.41KB, 450x642, gunnm-last-order.jpg)
Also reminds me of Gally (Alita) from the Last Order series

File: 128525617989.jpg-(61.01KB, 896x501, Genie_sans_bouillir.jpg)
Thanks for your feedback.
Have a v3 of Kabrok the ghost storyteller -hopefully the last one- fixing the genius/genie thing.

Mini Wakfu 03 English Softsubbed:

Sorry again for all the fuss... ^^

File: 128525628529.jpg-(29.55KB, 266x427, Gally.jpg)
I'd second that actually.

made a topic about Eva's boob reduction
encourage everyone to add. Just in case that anti-porn movement and de-sexualising characters idea are started by the same department, we should show Ankama that it will cost them money.

will add to it later
anyone got those links to dirty jokes in Dofus, in case mods/admins encourage censorship?

Whats the simpliest way to rip videos from Ankama? I want to rip Maliki but the cache method from opera I always used doesnt work anymore.

>Whats the simpliest way to rip videos from Ankama?

We haven't found a way yet as they have a rather strange way of streaming.


To me it just seems like it's the angle that makes her look that way, but I agree that she looks much younger. If they really did change her body, I don't think that they would have given her such a dramatic makeover without reason. And I seriously doubt the reason was "Our fans like titties too much"--chill guys, and give Ankama a little credit.

There was a theory floating around TV Tropes a while ago that the Crâ girl from Eva's dream in episode 20 was not herself but someone else entirely, so if they hadn't already confirmed that it's Eva, I would have suggested that it's 'mystery Crâ girl'...

File: 128527942419.jpg-(289.24KB, 852x1005, eva_season_2_by_animoose123-d2zauf2.jpg)
she is holding Evangelyne's bow. But that would be a cool reveal...

Thing is, I wouldn't mind the tomboy-ification. Eva has always been a tomboy to me, which is what makes ep4 and ep19 so enjoyable and poignant (respectively) to me. It's her spunky warrior otuside and vulnerable beautiful girl inside routine that got me into the waifu business. Now look at the pic I posted. Now back to me.

Same outfit, completely different body shape.

Alright, but in the end, there IS still the possibility that the angle is crappy, making our Cra look like a washboard... Let's hope that's the case.

They confirmed it on the Catsuka forums : it IS her younger self. No mysterious sister involved.

(for those who can read french, first two messages :
The second guy works on the series)

Not sure how many of you use PowerDirector but I figured I'd ask.

I want to make some Wakfu videos, but all of my files are MKVs. PowerDirector reads them fine, but it loads the subtitles by default, which I don't want. Can I turn off the subtitles in PowerDirector or do I have to download the raws?

Anyone have the artist credits for the theme song?

Songwriter :
- Guillaume Houze (Ankama's lead music director)

Performers :
- Sébastien Pintiaux
- Caroline Szatapski

Thank you.

DE-sexualizing? I'm not sure we are looking on the same picture guys, because >>32227 a single most sexy elf I've seen in my entire life. Goddamn, she's now a short-haired tomboy wearing a black skin-tight leather suit and a pair of opera gloves. How is THAT de-sexualizing?


Thinner hips, significantly smaller breasts, less skin showing, and the only increases in skin-tightness is how it fits in the groin area.

Besides, the issue is less that they made her less attractive (though that does piss me off) than it is that they did things that should not be physically possible assuming a linear-positive progression of time. Pelvises do not shrink, and if an extremely fit person has D-cups, they don't drop to B/low Cs for anything short of multiple breast-fed children or starvation.

>Pelvises do not shrink, and if an extremely fit person has D-cups, they don't drop to B/low Cs

I'd call it a crappy angle. So please don't call bullshit 'till you see more pics of her. Or a one from behind - the very thought of that tight suit on Eva's butt... Wow. Desexualizing much? XD

File: 128532399273.jpg-(388.41KB, 1190x973, Kabrok S&M.jpg)
Thanks Animoose for that drawing session on your stream tonight.


File: 128532407864.jpg-(353.44KB, 831x1064, Ghost.jpg)
and again, many thanks for that one

Also, hope you'll keep going with that classy nude you tinkered with between the two drawings.

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