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Punch out TV Series Thread.

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There is. The amount of time I've spent on this is nothing short of ridiculous.

I keep feeling like this story is subpar compared to the others, but the time's come to just finish it and be done with it so I can move onto the World circuit, where I've got PLENTY of ideas.

Ending comes by the end of the week. If it's shitty, it's shitty, but at least we can all move on.


OK, I'm pulling a retcon on the story in progress: Heike Kagero isn't a J-Pop star. Disco Kid getting pulled on stage just felt too contrived.

Now, Heike is Disco Kid's Japanese Penpal/online pal/ what have you. They exchange DVD's and such, Disco Kid sending Heike American Pop CD's, Heike sending Disco Kid Anime DVD's, leading to this little bit of dialogue....

Mac:Anime? You mean like giant robots and stuff?

(Disco Kid is silent, thinking a moment. We flash back to Disco Kid sitting on a couch, in front of a TV in the dark, wads of kleenex around him, sobbing.)

Disco Kid: No, no! Not Yuku! Takamaru, she loved you!

(Back to present.)

Disco Kid: Uh...yeah. Robots.

And now, back to the story, already in progress.

Meanwhile, back in America, Von Kaiser is fulfilling his assignment, rustling through Gabby Jay's things looking for anything that could implicate Sandman or the rest of the crime ring. He eventually finds a letter...

"To My brother, Joe:

On this page, I write my last confession...I have done awful things, little brother. Horrible things. Things that wipe away any honor our family name had..."

The letter continues to describe how Gabby Jay eventually fell into Sandman's web of crime, and his ultimate redemption...

"It was an exhibition match. Of course, I was supposed to lose: it was simply to pad Sandman's record a bit more, to make himself seem even more powerful and invincible. I saw him walk into the ring, relishing the fear he inspired in the crowd...and I decided, then and there, I wouldn't be party to it. I refused to go down in one punch, like he expected me to. I fought.

I lost, Joe. But In this envelope is something important....I need you to make sure it gets to your Mssr. Mac.

I don't have long, Joe. They'll be coming for me soon. But remember this: no matter what the world says, always, always remember that a proud, revolutionary blood pumps in your veins. Our ancestors stormed the Bastille and secretly fought German tyranny.

We are revolutionaries, Joe. And you can help usher in a new age. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Your brother,

When Von Kaiser finishes reading...he's shaking. Any self-pity, guilt, or self-loathing he felt is replaced by a steely determination...and an irrepressible anger.

Clutching the letter, he rushes back to his apartment. Razor in hand, he cuts his hair into it's old, military style before rushing out.

Mr. Stevenson's office. Von Kaiser kicks the door in, swaggers over, leans on the desk, and kneels into the detective:

"I understand you want to stop Herr Sandman."


Japan. Mac is visiting Piston Hondo in the hospital. It looks bad: doctors are unable to find any injury that could be causing the reaction. With his last ounce of strength, Piston Hondo hands Mac his headband, begging him to defeat Kabuki and restore honor to Japanese boxing. Solemnly, Mac nods... and Piston Hondo slips into a coma.

Fight night.

Kabuki is proud, arrogant, boastful. Mac is solemn. Before the match begins, Mac tosses some sand into the ring, a nod to Sumo's tradition of purifying a ring before the match.

"It's the honorable thing to do...but you wouldn't know, would you Kabuki?"

Kabuki, a former sumo wrestler ousted from the league because of his association with the Yakuza, doesn't miss the mocking meaning in Mac's words. The bell rings...and Kabuki begins to attack Mac with all he's got.

Mac, knowing something is fishy about Kabuki's punch, dodges all of his attacks, hoping he'll tire out. By the second round, it's clear Kabuki isn't going to tire. Mac tries a desperate manuver...and blocks Kabuki's punch.

There's a sound of glass shattering. Kabuki wears a look of unmitigated fear and shock. And Mac notices that, just between his gloves, is a needle...

Mac quickly contuerattacks, jabbing Kabuki in the face, yanking on his glove as the behemoth falls over:

The yakuza have a ritual: when someone wrongs their boss, they must cut off the tip of their finger. Kabuki, who skimmed off his winnings many times, eventually lost his whole finger: in his glove, he hid a needle filled with poison where his finger would go.

The poison is rushed to the hospital, where the doctors use it to determine how to treat Hondo. Kabuki is arrested, and all is right with the world again. Mac visits Hondo in the hospital, where the two share a bonding moment as Piston reveals that he's let go of the past.

Heike Kagero wonders what exactly he means. When Piston Hondo explains that he was fighting to avenge Heike's honor, Heike laughs: the injury was VERY minor. Heike just didn't want to box anymore, so he used it as an excuse with his father. Now, he's free to pursue his true dream: Heike rips off his suit revealing a glittery show outfit, declaring that he will become the greatest Pop Star that ever lived.

Piston Hondo is flabbergasted a moment. His heart monitor momentarily flatlines. Finally he says, "Well. So it will be.

Let's go." And gets out of his hospital bed.

As the credits roll, Disco Kid and Heike karaoke to "Pollyanna (I Believe in You)" from Mother. At the end, Hondo, Mac, and Joe all offer their opinions on it:

Hondo: Strange.
Mac: Funny.
Joe (Tearing up a bit comically): Heartrending.

Awesome Punchy. Just awesome.

Thanks! And now...


(Mad Clown is at home, reading a novel, phone beside him, his reading glasses adding an air of pretension to his humorous visage. The phone rings.)

MC: Buon Giorno.

(Other end of the line, Bear Hugger is snickering, along with the bear and the squirrel.)


MC: I don't have a river.

BH: THEN YOU BETTER- Wait... guys, we didn't plan for this!

MC: I know it's you, Bear Hugger. I can hear those filthy animals you keep around. You're going to get fleas, you know.

BH: Nah, it's good! See, Bear here once helped me catch a bunch of fish, and I dunked 'em in syrup raw and ate a lot o' em, a REAL lot, and then I got sick and I slept for wuzzabout 2 days and that's why I lost to that German guy with his fancy aerobatics.

MC:...What ARE you talking about?

BH: I 'unno. HEY! How come you don't box anymore?! You know what you gotta do is you gotta UNLEASH THE CLOWN!

MC:No, cousin. I'm retired from boxing. The stage, the OPERA is my true-

BH: Wuzzit! You hear that? That's the clown a growlin'! you got 'im chained up, cuz! You can't chain up the clown! You gotta unleash the clown when he starts a barkin'!

MC: That doesn't even make sense-...!


(The two start shouting over each other, Mad Clown getting angrier and angrier until he's lapsed into his native Italian, while Bear Hugger starts shouting in Spanish. The shouting match suddenly halts.)

MC: Were you just speaking Spanish?

BH: I 'unno, I forget. So, CLOWNS.

(Mad Clown hangs up.)

Why must you rock so hard, Punchmeister?

This whole thread is quite literally the best idea i've ever seen.



You've made me respect GABBY JAY. Don't let anyone tell you that you're a shitty writer.

You guys are awesome. I'm sorry I made you all wait so long.

Won't make any promises, but expect Great Tiger soon. I've got his episode all plotted out, and it'll flesh out Little Mac himself a lot...Hopefully, it'll also set the tense tone most of the World Circuit (except for Super Macho Man) will follow.

Speaking about that..I actually had some ideas..but I need clarification..

does Tokyo TKO happen during the series or is it a stand alone movie?

At any rate, my idea was that during the World Circuit, Sandman figures Mac is getting stronger due to the training he receives from his allies. The best way to take out Little Mac once and for all is to hit him where it hurts..

After several close calls with Sandman's Gang, Doc decides that these guys need some severe training, giving way to what Joe, Kid, Hondo, and Kaiser *whenever he joins* would look like in TD Mode.

Also, I LOVE the idea that Punchy mentioned on Da Bruiser Brothers. Though I had a suggestion..

Going by their dialogue from Super Punch Out, Nick is the fun loving goofball who likes a tough slugfest, Rick on the other hand is as prideful and vain as Sandman, if not more so. This could lead to all SORTS of confrontations with these two..

Again, just suggestions

Tokyo TKO happens during the series, so all the things that happened during it: Aran Ryan joining Sandman's gang, Piston Hondo and Heike Kagero becoming allies of Mac, Von Kaiser jumping ship, etc., are all part of continuity.

I think the idea of Sandman's gang going after Mac's friends makes sense, but it'll probably happen in a later season, after Aran Ryan usurps Pizza Pasta as the leader. I picture Pizza Pasta as a criminal, but one who knows his business: he wants to stop Mac. He doesn't really care about Disco Kid or Glass Joe. Aran Ryan would mess with them for fun, at least as I see it.

Also, I have some slight problems with Doc being the one behind the Title Defense changes: I like to think of the title Defense changes as being natural growths of the character (especially Von Kaiser's TD change). I've even got an idea brewing for Disco Kid's shift to Boxercise: his instructor is Kid Quick, Disco Kid looks up to him for some reason, but at the end of the day, he realizes that Quick (working for Pizza Pasta) is not only greedy and underhanded, but also incredibly, incredibly stupid.

Incidentally, that leads me to my idea for Kid Quick: after I took a good, hard look at him...he might just be one of the most insulting stereotypes that Nintendo's ever created. But instead of moving AWAY from that, what if we EMBRACE it as a BAD thing? Model Kid Quick after one of those socially irrelevant "Thug Life" rappers that never really say anything important and glorify sexism and violence? So when Disco Kid beats him, it's a sign that people should aspire to more in life?

I don't know, I'm probably overthinking it. But look at Kid Quick...and picture one of the "Twins" from "Transformers 2" voicing him. That's what I'm leaning towards.

The only other problem I have with Doc training the other boxers is that in the next episode I was thinking of showing that Mac's dad wasn't around. So, years later, he's found a father figure in Doc. So I want sort of a special bond between the two.

You've given me an idea for the Bruiser Brothers, though: I'll think on it a bit more.

One last quick idea I had: You know how in Punch-Out!! for the Wii, each boxer has a unique theme? I figure each boxer's theme would play a part in their role in the show. Like a snippet of Glass Joe's "You Lost..." would play whenever something bad happens to Glass Joe (like, "Glass Joe slips on banana peel. Banana peel lands on his head a second later. Play Glass Joe's "You Lost..." theme.)

Anyway, the point: is anyone here good with Garageband or something? Because I was thinking it would be cool to do fight themes for the characters who didn't appear in Punch-Out!! for the Wii. Something like....

Heike Kagero: J-Pop. Think Danjo, Caramelldansen, etc. Something that MIGHT make more sense in Japanese, but here, it's just catchy nonsense.

Mad Clown: Opera. Think "Vesti la Giubba". During the "You Lost..." portion: "La Commedia è finita!"

Kid Quick: Purposefully stupid rap. Think "I'm On A Boat." I can already picture the "Get-Up!!" lyrics: "Ooooh, you down, sucka, cause I punch you, I punch you in the face, like an ace, like I...punch....ace....You down, sucka, cause I punch you in the face"etc.

And so forth.


I very much like this idea, as well the improvements for the character's growth...

What's yer ideas on The Bruiser Bros?

Rick and Nick are on opposite sides. Nick is a good guy, Rick is a bad one. I'll have to work on it a bit more, let it percolate a bit.

Or maybe... Rick has gone into seclusion because of some unknown shame. When Little Mac goes on his world training tour, he hears stories of Rick traveling the world defeating almost any opponent. When Mac meets Nick, Nick joins him in hopes of finding his brother. In the end, it's revealed that Rick overreacted to a completely minor incident, blew it out of proportion, and went on this bizarre world training tour.

"Bro. Brother. Bromide. Brer. Brosef.

So your girlfriend didn't want to move into that flat on the Hudson with you. You didn't have to journey around the entire world in hopes of reclaiming some lost honor.

Maybe you just could've, y'know, suggested that apartment in Brooklyn instead.

They got Coney Island there. I know you love your Coney Island.

(To Mac.) Look at him try to deny it. Dude goes mental for a dog from Nathan's."

HELL YES! This works perfectly!

Episode 9: "Smoke And Mirrors"
Episode opens on Von Kaiser in Stevenson's office, devising a plan. Kaiser will work undercover as an informant, letting Stevenson know all of Pizza Pasta and Mr. Sandman's next moves. Eager to go, Von Kaiser cracks his knuckles. He's ready.

Meanwhile, across town... Little Mac steps into a packed stadium. It's time: the Major Circuit Title Match against Great Tiger, the undefeated champ for five years. Disco Kid is more than a bit apprehensive, saying "Great Tiger is a weird one..."

His point is proven when Great Tiger appears in the ring from a puff of smoke, ala his TD entrance.

Great Tiger puts on an incredibly aggressive show for the crowd, posing, trash talking, etc... all in Hindi (making him the first character in the show so far that DOESN'T speak English to Little Mac.) The match begins....

And Little Mac hears a voice in his head: "Left!" Little Mac dodges left just in time to avoid an uppercut from Great Tiger. We hear Little Mac thinking to himself, wondering how he could have known that. The voice in his head starts up again: "I told you."

Little Mac looks in confusion at Great Tiger, who's grinning wryly. "A trick I picked up while I studied in Dalaam."

After that, Great Tiger starts explaining. He's communicating telepathically with Mac, trying to determine whether or not he's worthy to move onto the World Circuit. (Great Tiger takes this opportunity to warn Mac of a jab he's about to throw.) He doesn't work for Pizza Pasta or Sandman, "Though they'd LIKE it if I did. But you see, I'm not easy to catch. (Great Tiger vanishes in a puff of smoke, reappearing a moment later.) See what I mean?" Finally, he explains that though he doesn't speak English, Little Mac THINKS in English, so that's how the communication is being carried out. (In fact, Great Tiger is hearing Mac's thoughts in Hindi.)

The bell rings, snapping Little Mac and Great Tiger back to reality. Great Tiger severs the link, saying that next round is when Little Mac's trial begins.

Meanwhile, Pizza Pasta, King Dom, and Sandman are meeting with Soda Popinski, Aran Ryan, and Von Kaiser. They know about Great Tiger's match tonight, and they want Soda, Ryan, and Kaiser to finally catch him. Aran Ryan notices Kaiser's new sense of confidence, and volunteers to partner with him.

Back at the stadium. Round 2. Little Mac goes to face Great Tiger, ready for whatever "trial" he has in mind. Great Tiger suddenly reestablishes his mind link, warning Mac of his punches. Mac wonders how he can be tested if Great Tiger is telling him every way he's going to punch: Great Tiger explains that his aim right now isn't to find out how Mac fights, but WHY he fights, and with that, we zoom into Mac's eye, into a flashback of his childhood, narrated by Great Tiger...

Little Mac, Age 9. Small, scrawny kid growing up in the Bronx. No Dad around...just a Mom working as hard as she can for her boy. We see Mac getting cornered by some bullies, teasing him for his small height and weakness.

We cut to Little Mac after his encounter with said bullies, limping home, beat up. His Mom's at work, dinner left for him in the fridge.

That night, Little Mac lies awake in his bed in an empty apartment...wishing with all his might to be big.

Little Mac, Age 16. Mac wakes up and does his morning routine before heading to work: a family friend, Old Man Sky Skipper, gave Mac a job to help his Mom out. Little Mac has begun weight lifting with an eye on the WVBA: a poster of his idol, Super Macho Man, hangs on his wall. Little Mac frantically goes at a punching bag before examining himself in the mirror. He flexes a bit while talking to himself.

"Yeah...It's coming up, Mac. Soon, it'll be yours. Fame. Fortune. Respect!" Mac clenches his fists. "Soon, ain't no one gonna call you small." Mac gives his punching bag a quick hook, laughs, and rushes to work.

Little Mac, Age 17: simply a few months earlier. Little Mac's received his 200th rejection from a trainer, for the exact same reason as all the others: he's too small. Frustrated (and beginning to lose hope), Mac delivers the pizza that would change his life: a large "Chocolate Lovers" pizza to Doc Louis. ("Someone tells you chocolate doesn't go good on a pizza, they're lying.") We see Mac and Doc training...and bonding, Doc Louis helping Little Mac build confidence, like the father Mac never had.

Finally, the last memory Great Tiger examines: Little Mac after beating Glass Joe. Little Mac could've left him: In fact, it might not have looked good for Mac to be hanging around a loser like him. But watching Glass Joe struggle to get up...Little Mac couldn't help but think of that poor, beat-up kid from the Bronx. Little Mac helps Glass Joe up.

Great Tiger gives his final analysis to Little Mac: he has drive. He has determination. He has heart. But that's not enough: he needs to bring it all together. He needs to decide why he fights."Almost there...good enough for now, I think."

Bell rings, and Little Mac and Great Tiger go back to their corners.

Aran Ryan begins drilling Von Kaiser, making small talk about Von Kaiser's new attitude, new haircut, and most of all, how quiet he's been tonight. Von Kaiser shifts a bit uncomfortably.

Third Round. Mac waits for another message from Tiger...only for Tiger to punch him in the gut. Soda, Aran and Kaiser are all seen entering the stadium and making their way to the ring, though Aran seems more interested in Kaiser than Tiger.

"This is your final, test, Mac: after all, you won't beat Sandman into submission with you 'heart!'"

Great Tiger levitates and shouts, "SALZAAAAAR!" going into his ultimate attack (from Title Defense). Blow after blow lands on Mac, who can barely manage to stand up. He manages to hold his position,find his center...and when Great Tiger returns to the ring, Mac lands a massive blow to his gut: Great Tiger staggers backwards, sending Mac a telepathic message as he begins teleporting erratically.

"(Urk!)...Yes...(teleports) that'd do it...You might make're a start, at any rate....I need to lie down a moment, Mac..." Great Tiger begins sending and receiving mental messages from everyone near the arena:

"Coffee c'est tres bien...I love dancing... You got 'im, Mac Baby, You got 'im...I wish I had brought my Soda....Does Aran Ryan know? He CAN'T know..."

Great Tiger finally relays one mental message into Mac, that he receives from Aran Ryan: "KAISER IS IN FOR IT!"...before falling to the ground and vanishing in a puff of smoke. The Ref, more than a bit baffled, begins a count.

Soda scrambles, looking for the vanished Great Tiger. Von Kaiser is about to follow him, but Aran Ryan grabs him and slams him into a wall, pinning him. He leans in and hisses in his ear.

"What do ye think ye're up to, Old Man?" Von Kaiser begins to stutter a reply, but Ryan cuts him off. "I don't know what ye're thinking, Kaiser: maybe ye're thinking ye can take me out. Maybe ye're thinking ye can topple Sandman, be the boss, or just do it out of (sneers mockingly) the goodness in ye heeeaaaart! (Aran Ryan clenches Von Kaiser threateningly.) Remember this: I can dob ye in any time. The Sandman already likes me more than he likes ye. Any time I want, ye can be gone. Vanish. Like ye never even were there at all! (Chuckles.) Heck, I'd ask Sandman to let me do it meself! ye just remember yer place now, eh? (Gently slaps Von Kaiser's cheek.) That's a good old man."

Aran Ryan drops Von Kaiser, who's noticeably shaken.

"10! Um....Knock-out?"
The Ref presents Mac with the Major Circuit belt. Glass Joe and Disco Kid run into the ring, patting Mac on his back, while Doc hugs Mac tightly before hoisting Mac up on his shoulder. Mac looks at the belt in his hands, then at his friends...and smiles.

Definitely love this portrayal of Great Tiger. Fits VERY well with him, as well as the bits with kaiser and ryan!

Thanks, man! I've got some big plans for Aran Ryan down the line. I want to sort of set him up as Mac's biggest (or at least most persistent) rival, as well as play up some snake-like attributes for him: "The Last Snake in Ireland" always struck me as a fun way to describe him.

Also, some voice casting ideas: let me know what you guys think.

Pizza Pasta: Al Pacino, channeling his performance as Big Boy Caprice.

Mad Clown: Kelsey Grammer.

Gabby Jay: Colm Wilkinson. I based him pretty heavily off of "Les Mis" to begin with, might as well go full-on.

Dragon Chan: Dante Basco.

Hoy Quarlow: Mako. ;_;

Giant Panther: Macho Man Randy Savage. OH YEAH.

I got no idea on Narcis Prince or the rest.


I have two suggestions for Sandman:

Kevin Micheal Richardson, who recently played Tombstone in Spectacular Spiderman and the basis of the choice.

Christopher Judge, while more famous as Teal'c, also played D-Mob and Magneto in X-Men: Evolution

Both would would be a damn menacing Sandman, I think. Links to both men's roles.


Doc Louis - Kenan Thompson

I'm serious.

I was thinking we'd keep the characters who appeared in the Wii game the same.

Which would probably be difficult, given that most of them probably speak no English.

Well, I'm kinda stuck on the next episode right now. I already know how the fight between Little Mac and Aran Ryan will ultimately go down, but I feel like I need a B-plot. I've considered doing a "Day in the life" bit with Sandman, try and develop him as a character a bit more, but that might make more sense near the season finale. If anyone's got any ideas, let me know.

Glass Joe stops an armed robbery completely by accident. He is made the daytime security guard of the bank. His standard issue taser, and perhaps his role in eavesdropping on certain "transactions" made by Sandman's crew, remains a Chekov's Gun to be fired later on in the series.

You know...I love it. You've got the gears in ym head turning now! Thanks!

Anything for mah boi Punchy.

Probably not to useful if next episode is also glass joe, but maybe could be used much later, or as filler in another season, Glass Joe, who is horrible at boxing but is actually reasonably in shape strong (consider how hard he can hit mac if he actually gets a hit in) is a pitiful boxer, but a masterful fencer, a talent inherited down his family line. He has no love for the sport, but it's what gave him his natural aptitude to see openings in opponents (and thus pass this on to mac). In some episode or another, he starts teaching mac fencing in order to help him develop this talent on his own. It's the one context in which Joe suddenly becomes competent, now it's Mac that needs the padding to keep from getting welts all over his body. Might also lead into a way to keep him alive if he ever has to fight by himself outside the ring, give him a light weapon with reach...

Not sure it works with the direction the characters now going though, should have proposed sooner.

You know...I was LOOKING for a plot for when Mac and Crew travel to France next season. I think you've given it to me! Plus, you've given me an idea for the final piece missing for Glass Joe's crowning moment of awesome in the series' two-part finale!

Glass Joe heavily exaggerates both his boxing career and his security job to his family.

"AND I'm a member of the American Royal Guard!"

"I'm so proud of mon petit garçon!"

Glad I could help. I was thinking whilst actually playing the game about how Joe could appear to be reasonably in shape yet be so bad, and the idea came to me.


In fitting with his motif, I'd always figured glass joe was kinda the black sheep of his family. Especially if he's got a sport he could actually be respectable in. France knows him as the Glass Jaw, I don't think he could hide his fail from his family easily.

I'm picturing one of those touching/kinda cheesy scenes where his family reveals that they knew about his failures all along...but they're proud of him anyway, because despite losing 99 times, he never gave up.

Hey. Sorry the next episode is taking longer than I thought. I'd been looking at how it turned out, how the last few episodes turned out, and how the rest of the season was planned to turn out....and I came to the conclusion that things were getting WAY too heavy. I don't want to lose the tenseness being built up, but as it was, it started feeling mopey. So I'm going to try and revamp it all a bit: I've already gotten the brutal fight with Aran Ryan to end with a bit of perfect Punch-Out style slapstick that I feel still fits into the context of the episode. Stay tuned!

Wow, has it really been a whole month now?

Wow, that really snuck up on me.

OK, long story short, I decided to work on Fillmore Noir a bit more, since there's been a larger gap in those stories (it also doesn't help that I was feeling a bit OD'd on Punch-Out: Title Defense Bald Bull is a bitch). I had an idea to expand it a bit, and it's sort of been ballooning from there... at any rate, P-O: TAS WILL be finished at some point: hell, it's half the reason I came to +4chan in the first place (the other half being, ironically, Fillmore Noir).

have you guys heard the song punch-out! by statik selektah? it's pretty cool, it should totally be on the soundtrack for this shit.

Great stuff I've been reading.
I just have one idea I'd like to shear.
It's about the ref.

I see him as a small character in the back ground for most of the time (popping up here and there for the fans) and doesn't even speak (instead resorting to making hand signals for "Fight" and "KO")

Until one day when a giant ape escapes from the zoo and the ref puts on a familiar red hat with a "M" on it.

Not a bad idea, but there's just one problem:
I planned on showing in the next episode how the Ref for the world circuit was taking bribes, meaning Mac can't rely on a fair ruling, intervention, or winning by decision any more.


Change of refs? Like Wario switches in for Mario and nobody notices the difference?

That could work. Maybe not necessarily Wario, but some other thuggish ref who tells Mac that "We do things differently in the world circuit."

What if we combine these? As in, Sandman Knows the Ref's past, and that he's untouchable (try to intimidate that guy and you will find your head jumped on). Won't rule against Mac, and can't just get him fired. So, the monkey is let loose, because he knows the Ref will have to go after it. That's what he does. Suddenly, new corrupt ref wario!

Try this:

The ref is never explicitly shown to be Mario, but one of his character quirks is that he enjoys Portabello mushrooms before every match. Sandman has the ref poisoned. Then we get a B-plot involving the referee's recovery. Alternatively, the B-plot is about finding out who was behind the poisoning. The arrest of one of his cronies could mark the beginning of the end for Sandman.


I think something along these lines could work. Again, I want to keep the Refs' true identities ambiguous, but we could definitely have some strong hints.

Biggest problem I'm having right now is with the Aran Ryan episode. It's been bugging me for weeks.

We need to have Glass Joe befriend Dr. Jones (from Star Tropics), along with Glass Joe trying to improve his situation in life. This leads into Mac's fight with Aran Ryan, where Aran Ryan taunts and belittles Glass Joe's efforts, possibly unveiling some information that makes them seem invalid. Problem is, I can't figure out any way to get all those threads to connect in a meaningful way. Any ideas?

I wish someone actually made a cartoon on this, it's got some real potential.

File: 126788629571.jpg-(25.08KB, 252x358, UrbanChampionCover.jpg)
I'm loving everything in this thread so far. I've already made this post on the original /co/ but I'd like to see what everyone thinks. I always pictured Little Mac being a wise-ass street fighter before seeing Doc Louis. Maybe he was involved with an underground fighting league and made it to the top. The only thing is, you can only lose three fights. After those three loses, you're jumped by the refs and dropped down a manhole. Mac is the champ but he's down to his last shot. He fights an up-and-comer, only to lose to him. Beaten, dripping in sewage, and now a humiliated outcast, Mac needs to get a real job and a normal life. He still wants to train, but no gym in the city wants to cater to riff-raff like Mac. That is until the day ol' Doc Lewis decided to make a house call.

I have a huge grin on my face. Pity this isn't real.

Oh! Oh thank God this is still here. I was horrified when the site died.

I've finally sorted out the issues regarding the next episode, if anyone's still interested. With that major block out of the way, the rest of the first season should be a snap! Anyone here still care?

Carer present. Eagerly anticipating the next episode.

>Anyone here still care?



Newfag (me), and yes


Narcis Prince... his VA? Oddly, I kinda imagine David Tennant (aka the 10th Doctor) giving his that right amount of brilliance and that same level of arrogance in a refined demeanor.

It's >>29491 again.

I can't wait to see what episode synopses you guys come up for the next bout. Since we had Don Flamenco early, will we have our fighting entourage head to "MÖTHER ROSSIA", to take on Soda?

I wanted to promote that "juiced-up" Soda he uses in TD for said episode, but... if you guys incorporate Title Defense episodes, we can use that afterwords... still... the thought of muscle tampering in "Russian Super-Science" (ala Rocky 4) makes it seem that the World Circuit fighters are beginning to get desperate to prevent Little Mac from getting any higher in the ranks...

...dunno bout Bald Bull; I think the fact that he's got his own agenda to take out Little Mac on his own, to rub the defeat in Doc Lewis's face (since Doc had beaten Bald Bull in the past). Maybe he's too dangerous to be indicted into the crime ring (he WOULD charge at anyone who'd look at him funny), but would be a good pawn in taking Little Mac out.

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