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Long-Term Projects

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12458 No.12458
Official brainstorm thread for the medieval lesbians project, if you guys are still around. :) I like having this here, makes it much easier to keep track of.

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Purely accidental! He wanted to block it, but got overzealous.

If he were to tell it, however, he'd gladly say his sword was guided fair and true to split the offending arrow in twain as the sun bore down favorably upon his skill.

[Everyone else there knows it was total bullshit, however.]

Any progress on the next page? It's been a little quiet for the last week.

Also, did anyone actually decide on a historic period to set this in or was it just decided to set it in miscellanious medieval times.

Just to chirp in on that, you could consider the dark ages, since there were alot of kings knocking about then with they're own kingdoms, or one of the English Barons War's, since you've have alot of turmoil to fit the story in.

Oh and keep up the good work


My summer semester is wrapping up, and I'm going to be away on vacation, so hopefully I'll be able to do some new pages sometime within the next week. I'd like to have a page sketched and inked by Sunday.

As for a specific time period, it looks like we're going for general "medieval times." No specific era, as far as I'm aware.


I'm gonna be leaving for a week trip to Vegas on Monday, so if anything pops up in that time, I won't be able to work on it til Saturday.


I'll be sure to get started on it as soon as I can, then.

File: 12799870474.jpg-(67.33KB, 860x680, princessxsquiredraft09.jpg)
And here I thought I'd be doctor updates with all my layout posting, but a darn internet problem totally delayed me! Well, here are the next few layouts! So we continue right off from before (as I said, I'm focusing on scenes lasting longer and having as natural a transition as I can make).

p1 - S: Were you trying to catch us a dinner, M'lady? P: Oh! No! I mean, that is I didn't think...
p2 - S: I jest, Princess! We've more then enough supplies that any cute animals you find won't need to meet such a fate! P: I'm glad, though a bit embarrassed that I'm so unaccustomed to your jesting.
p3: Oh... yeah, I get a bit carried away sometimes. My deepest apologies for being distracted earlier. P: It is no worry, Squire. I am just extra unaccustomed to rowdy play, I hope I wasn't a bother by wandering off.
p1- knight in the distance announces that it's time to head out.
p2 - S: Well, let us be off. P: Alright.
p3 - S: M'lady.
p4 - P: Thank you.
p5 - knight: Your steed, M'lady.
p6 - knight: Apologies, I forgot your step, I'll go fetch it. S: Ah, there is no need for that!

File: 12799898329.jpg-(107.55KB, 887x675, princessxsquiredraft10.jpg)
Okay, on the previous layout, the full shot of them sitting on the log is probably something we can use later as a wallpaper or to somehow promote the comic (besides just making images for that purpose).

p1: S: Allow me to be your step!
p2: P: I-I couldn't possibly do that! S: Nonsense, M'lady! For one who holds chivalry in their hearts, it is both a duty and a honor to serve a lady in such a way. (p3 is silent, or P: ..., which ever you like better)
p4 - A-alright/O-okay (whichever is voted to be cuter). p5 is silent, but needs special mention. I originally drew a smile, since I didn't want her to seem sad by being stepped on, but then it felt like she was too smug, or at the very worst it could be seen as fetishy. I settled on a subtle look of revenance, as Squire is honestly happy to perform this duty, but her earlier scolding keeps her from being too full of herself.
p6 - S: There, that wasn't so bad, now was it? P: I suppose.
p7 - S: Shall we depart? P: Y-yes.
p2 - What is that there?
p3 - (maybe make it clearer that it's a tower) That's a fort left over fro, eh? (she notices the bit of rubble falling off the tower)
p4 - S: Father! C: Spread out. (p5 is silent)
p6 - P: What is it? S: One moment, princess!


Love these layouts. Also I vote for A-Alright. Sounds adorable

File: 128000625153.jpg-(91.22KB, 892x680, princessxsquiredraft09actual.jpg)
thank you, though I just realize I forgot a page!

This one goes before >>29690

I'll try to think of the dialog in detail later, but basically the Captain scolds Squire and teaches her that her duty to the princess is the most important thing for her. I thought I had uploaded it, but looking back it seems I forgot.

Back and ready to go


I'll be in tomorrow evening. Haven't even had the remotest chance to touch the project during all of vacation.


That's fine, there really isn't a rush or anything. It's not like we have a deadline.

Also, how was your vacation?


San Francisco was gorgeous. Never ate better. I was miserable for half the trip due to personal matters [no one died, not a big deal], but it was enjoyed nonetheless.


Glad you had a good time! c:

Glad you guys had fun out of town. I have a few more layouts I'll post later, but trying to work my way through the fight scene. It's odd switching gears to it, so I'm letting my brain relax a little and focusing on just drawing everyday for several hours. The pen and paper rpg I'm helping with is finally getting work done as well, so I've been heading up art for that. But as usual, the comic is never far from my mind.

so uh, how's everything going?


The lagging behind's entirely my fault. My schedule's pretty tight at the moment, but my fall semester should be a little friendlier [five day weekend]. I'm shooting for a page a week at minimum hopefully starting this weekend, at least until I can get a good work schedule going.

No worries. I've been training my own art and working hard on illustrating a pen and paper rpg. Thanks to a webcomic Eli suggested I think I am finally really inspired to finish this fight scene!

File: 128242085435.png-(471.40KB, 800x1035, 005-sketch1.png)
Alright, had some extra time today. Here's my first pass. Something's off about the layout, though; fairly certain it's the third and fourth panels, something about the flow of it. I'll take a few more cracks at it, hoping to have a finished sketch by tomorrow night.

File: 128243099160.jpg-(68.35KB, 536x850, scan0035.jpg)
Sorry I took so long, I didn't see this til about an hour ago, and I've been starring at it ever since. This is my best idea so far, which will require redrawing panel 3, possibly panel 1 (depending on how you think adding the flowers will look best). I think the flow with the new panel 3 and the change of directions for 4 allows it to feel like a solid left to right pass from the assassin, while the princess stays in basically the same spot. There is probably something symbolism here about how events at first rush past her, but that symbolism is something I'll have to brainstorm to exploit later.

My only other main addition is to go back to the idea of her picking flowers. Girl loooooooves flowers. And having them all be destroyed and scattered by the assassin is much easier symbolism than the other thing. Tell me what you think.

Okay, I did think about that symbolism a bit, and I think in the end, when the Duke's plan is revealed, I have a few plans on how to make the Princess take center stage. She was already planned to be the one who figured out the peaceful solution, but I also want to highlight how determined she is. Another concept will be their roles as a Princess, a future Queen, and the Squire a future Knight. I'll explain it much more when I get to the layouts (which I might have to start skipping around on a bit, and I'll sort them later in a pdf or something), but there will be tension as they are wanting to escape their lives as such, but also run that along side the fact that, titles or not, they are who they are. The princess will always be 'royal', elegant and refined. The squire will always be a woman of action and duty (though to her personal Queen instead of the kingdom).

Also, I determined only one bandit will really be left alive at the final bandit fight where Squire is wounded (the fight before the whole castle adventure). And his defeat by the Princess will mirror the page we are not discussing, to show the Princess actively tackling events that come her way instead of being passive. Also, having only one (later) sympathetic bandit makes things alot easier, and this bandit will play aprominent role in the first bandit fight as well.

Every page, every discussion and every post helps me get a clearer picture of this all in my mind, so I'll keep hard at work!


I'll get to a redraw here in a bit, after dinner and all that. Your ideas work; I wouldn't have thought of enhancing that symbolism at all thanks to my delay between pages causing me to forget a few details.

As for the latter info, I can't wait to see how it'll all turn out.

woooooow. just wow. i was directed here from /u/, and can i just say, stranger and anderjak, you guys are my heroes. as a former drawfag, (its been at least 5 years by now) i know how hard it is to stay focused on one project. I cant tell you how many great ideas ive had for books/comics/graphic novels that ive had to completely scrap due to lack of motivation. anyways, keep up the awesome work!

Lol. I think Ander got really focused on this. Totally forgot my request from like.. months ago. =P


Sad fact, I actually got started on a couple of those requests til I found out first-hand I was one of the targets of the anti-drawfag flooding in /co/. I pretty much abandoned that thread in /draw/ because of it. Nasty state of affairs.


Don't discount Eli, who's still been putting out fantastic work on the color front.

Also, too many meetings in a single weekend; I'll tackle the final sketch page in the morning, during my comic-ing class [greatest excuse to do an outside project ever].

Damn, /co/ is attacking it's drawfags? I guess it's part of how trolls work: target something GREAT and tear the whole board down. It certainly worked on /tg/, where we are down to a handful of drawfags on a good day.

Also I'm sure Eli is ready and eager for another page, to apply that amazing coloring magic yet again. I don't think I've mentioned how awesome you both are in a while, which is shameful! You guys rock as hard as can be rocked.

Aw shucks, that's not cool of them. I guess it'd be rude if I still asked for it then :\

File: 128257975432.png-(434.44KB, 800x1035, 005-sketch1.png)
Here's a further pass at the sketch. Fifth panel's going to have more stuff falling down, more flowers and such, but outside of that, this is what I'm going for.


It wouldn't be RUDE, no. Just this thread isn't the place for it, ha. I still look at /draw/ pretty often, so I'll see if I actually have time to fill out a couple of the requests.

Awwwwww, yeeaaaaaaah! That looks damn good!


Great! I just need to figure out where exactly to fit dialog. In the redraw, I for some reason didn't account for them. I'll likely keep the dialog the same, including some dialog from your original layout in the last panel. I feel less awkward about the "One side, brat!" line's placement now, though I can't fathom why.

Oh wow, I haven't checked this in awhile due to also being extremely busy. That last layout look awesome!

It might take me some time to get the new page finished once the lineart is done. Mother just had surgery and I'm gonna be helping her out alot.

Well, best wishes for you and your mom. I think it'll be okay for a while. I know I certainly have alot to think about for the story, and will post as soon as I have some solid stuff.


Best wishes to your mom, then. Hope everything goes well.

I'll do my best to make sure you have some work to return to, ha.

Sonofabitch, I've been so busy, I hadn't even noticed it'd been a good week since I started inking the most recent page. I've got four hours free tomorrow, gonna get cracking then. This semester's already riding me pretty bad.


Though I'm not working on the project, I've been following it for a few months and I know how you feel. Though I'm taking only one more credit than last semester, I can feel the effects that the extra hour is taking on my body. I appreciate all that you and everyone else involved are doing.

Oh shit, this thing is still going?


File: 128399754466.png-(327.49KB, 800x1035, 005.png)

File: 128399757933.png-(2.47MB, 2550x3300, 005-hr.png)

I gave both the once over... 5 times, and can't see any problems at all! I like the look and flow of it, you never fail to impress!


I'm not 100% on it. Call it never being satisfied with my own stuff, but I'd really like to come back to these pages somewhere down the line, touch them up or redo them altogether. That's for somewhere near the end of the project, however.

Hey, while Eli is working through the colors, mind if I just stick with sketch pages for a while? I want to see if I can actually knock out multiple pages throughout the week, and just focus on getting the story told instead of the more pain-staking process of inking for just a little bit.

Quick question before I finish. In the last panel, is that the captain? or just a random soldier? Want to make sure I get the colors right.

Scratch that, I see he has no shoulder guards. My bad.


Ha, it's cool. I try to add what I can to discern everyone, but I'd undoubtedly miss a detail from time to time.

File: 128459030811.png-(5.13MB, 1785x2310, 1283997579332.png)
Sorry it took so long! As usual, tell me what you think.


Ha, it'd been so long since the first page that I'd completely forgotten the Princess's color scheme.

I love the chalky skin of the assassin, and the color choices [especially the milkiness of his crummy eye]. Your value work's fantastic, too. Honestly, the only nitpicks I have with this page are just my own lines. Fantastic job.


Thank you. My coloring "style" I guess has started to change and I'd forgotten how I colored the others so I was worried it would look too different from the other pages.


Does that count if it just gets "better"? Considering the nature of the project, we should expect certain levels of inconsistency as we progress. If we're lucky, the last bunch of comics will look significantly better than the stuff we're doing now.

Which, frankly, has me excited.


Oh, I agree. I love seeing progression in comics. I just wasn't sure if everyone felt the same way I did haha

Sounds like a plan. Focusing on the sketches will help the next pages have a good flow together, so it's all for the best.

Looks great!

I haven't been able to focus much lately, sorry. But I'll try to get myself sorted out and out of my funk. Thank you both, the great work you put in is always impressive and inspirational.


I'll get cracking on the next page and will hopefully have it up by next weekend. I'll see if I can do some other sketches too. Until I get my supplies, I can't begin my other comic project, so I still have a little extra time. Hopefully I can organize a little better!

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