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thread for the subbing of future episodes of Wakfu goes here

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To someone who already knows what the plot is, certainement...which I'm sure is nearly everyone on this thread to begin with.

You seem to be causing an undue amount of remue-ménage with your posturing, mon ami. Is it just something about this thread that brings up such hostilité?

Comment très terrible.

File: 125764915913.jpg-(108.28KB, 720x1008, eva-and-amalia.jpg)
Like so many others, I would also like to express my gratitude to every one involved in subbing this. Great work and much appreciated.

Not much to offer as thanks except my humble drawfaggotry. It isn't exactly graphic but just in case I'll tag it NSFW.

> Is it just something about this thread that brings up such hostilité?

Actually, yeah. Just letting off some pent-up rage at the sudden halt in subbing is all. Sorry you had to be the target.

actually, no, you were the bigger spoiler. Not everyone is a csi digging through the lines' deeper meaning, and in fact going AHA you do more harm than good. I'l quit whining now, but so should you

Bloody frogs.


FUCK YES I loves me some femslash. BIEN FAIT, DR. DERP, BIEN FAIT.


Here is a speed sub of 15 I did to hold you over until Paranoia gets done with the good stuff. I had started it with the hopes half way through he would release his like usual. Once we get Mini Wakfu started we should start a new thread. We should also work a bit on communication out side of the threads before the second half starts so we don't get another incident.

Also Paranoia if you still did subs for the last two episodes please release them so people making folders or discs of the episodes have the higher quality subs.

I guess 'middleman' doesn't really count as a job description, huh?

Kind of funny you bring that up. I sat there for a bit trying to think of what to put you as. I couldn't think of anything so just added the sorry if I forgot anyone. Probably should of just went with special thanks to and added you and a few more. It is just a speed sub though. If Paranoia wants to do a similar credit at the end we can make sure we get everyone.

I love this friggin' show. It's AWWWEESOME!

Thanks for considering it, but I really don't mind.

Maybe I should start editing the scripts before sending them on to you guys... Well, anyway, a couple weeks 'til it starts mattering again, so I'll see you all then.


Here's the hardsub for ep 15 (with checksum). I also fixed some minor things in the subs. Enjoy.


>should of


Thanks Ben. I have them done and I'll upload them here soon. I've been kinda busy with my family issues. A lot of waiting in hospitals tensely hoping that my father's test results turn out well. So far its been inconclusive. Esophageal cancer has almost been ruled out but they're still working on his neck biopsy. As to everyone else, yeah. Sorry I flipped out. Lotta bad stuff been happening here recently and the cancer thing was kinda the last straw.

I did get some server space reserved for the Wakfu episodes. Mhaddy over at said I could use his FTP so we aren't relying on MegaUpload anymore. I'll get all the episodes together and re-up them to tJY so we have a more permanent home for them.

Awesome episode!

Yes, yes it is.

Thanks for all the hard work and take all the time you need. Hope everything goes well with family business.

Thar's a second season?! :D

Does anyone know if there's an OST out for this yet? Or if there ever will be?

Actually, it does, and there's a very good and amusing (and sadly cancelled) television series about it.


Anyone else getting getting staticy sound from this? I am using CCCP and can't figure out what is causing it. The only thing I have found is in the Buffer Info, the Dur keeps fluctuating between 34 and 46 ms. Anything else I watch is at a steady 32 ms.


I copied the audio from the raw (no reencoding), so the static might have already been in the original. I will doublecheck it though.

Third part of gobball match WAS AWESOME!
In the other hand, many thanks for all translating Anon. You're doing it good!


Lovely, I tested out one of the episodes where it worked fine but, now this issue is happening with them. The only difference is that I DL CCCP again to update everything.

I guess now I have to keep playing around with the settings to figure out which one will fix this issue. Sorry for the alarm.

Thanks for the update. Hopefully, you can fix the problem quickly.

Thanks! This was a stunning episode with some really amazing fight scenes. I can see they're getting better and better with their animation.

File: 125819683159.jpg-(56.59KB, 700x390, epi1_4.jpg)
Which has to make you wonder...
How much has Ankama done on the series since the last episode was first aired? It's been what, almost a year now?

...I'm giddy to see what they have in store for us

so is there an episode 16? or issit rly cancelled :(

>or issit rly cancelled :(

No one's ever contemplated that it's been cancelled, so I don't know where you're getting this "issit rly" from.

The website is still updating and the game is still being released (or has been released, I've no idea). Ankama's just rerunning the episodes in higher quality, accompanied by "Mini Wakfus". They're up to Episode 14 of these reruns, with Episode 15 rerunning next week. See:

It hasn't been a YEAR, that's just ennui and entropy playing tricks on our minds. The last episodes (14 and 15) were broadcast on June 20th, and Episode 15 ended on a cliffhanger. Judging by the amount of time they're taking, Ankama's probably going to release the second season in January, or premiere it as a Christmas special or something. Regardless, it's definitely coming and it's definitely going to be gorgeous.

>the game is still being released (or has been released, I've no idea)

The game is in open beta. You can sign up for it on the french website. Some of it is translated in english, but very little.

« How much has Ankama done on the series since the last episode was first aired? It's been what, almost a year now? »
The last episode was first aired on June 2009, I let you do the count.
No announcement about the 16th episode. We will just see in two weeks if the episode will be broadcast or not.
appart from that : transcription of mini wakfu up to 7 done.
I also have raw of mini wakfu 6,8,13 (webcast) + 7,9,10+11+12 ( personnal home TV-recording).
Do I have to upload them on megaupload or... ?

>No announcement about the 16th episode.

My translating friend, who lives in France, said on Nov. 10:
>PS: Three weeks remaining and Episode 16 will be released on french TV !

Also, for a bit o' trivia, the network that's airing it has a poll going for 'favorite show'. The top three are: Code Lyoko (18%), Wakfu (17%), and Naruto (13%).

Great. Now I feel the same visceral need for Episode 16 as I did for 11 and 12.

I hate cliffhangers...

Sorry but I haven’t found any trace of official announcement about the airing of the 16th.
Forecasting concerning a release on 28 of November are just suppositions coming from the forum of wakfu. (even though I wish they were true)
The only thing we know about épisode 16 is the title :

Finnaly telling us what the hell Noxs cube is huh

Not really, no. It's just a thing he's pumping Wakfu into, and they've been pretty vague as to why.

I bet that he wants to reverse some tragedy that claimed teh wife and kiddies.

The Eliacube (lol) is now obviously some super-powerful Eliatrope artifact that somehow manipulates time and space in a way that normal magic can't, or on a larger scale, but requires an enormous amount of Wakfu to power.
Nox has some horrible tragedy in his past he wants to correct by using the Eliacube, but needs the full power of the cube to do it. So he has to feed the cube the power of a dragon before he'll be able to, which means going after Groug, since he's the only dragon he knows of.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Yugo sympathizes with Nox when he learns of his plans and his plight, and the story takes a turn towards Yugo trying to find a way to help Nox that doesn't involve killing other things... possibly at his own expense.


File: 12586949606.png-(248.51KB, 640x480, 1239420104406.png)
Great Googly Gobbals...
Episode 16 looks like it's going to be FUCKING AWESOME!!!

The link works if you just click on the first third that got auto-linked. Infact, the correct link is:

Appearantly, Sadlygrove will have a moment where he goes berserk. That's probably the most epic thing I'm awaiting for - I love it when comic relief characters have a serious moment, where they just ruin everybodies shit in seconds.

Thank you to the people working on this. I love this show.

File: 125879207037.jpg-(43.98KB, 700x390, Grovybadass.jpg)
Then I'm guessing the part in episode 12 when Grovy knocked Kriss le Krass into next week before he could score the winning goal was a real FUCK YEAH moment for you too.

Favorite character of the whole show. People may laugh at him and not take him seriously, but when Sir Sadlygrove gets the chance to prove himself, he will show them his true glorious colors.

Oh yeah, that was a nice one too.

But I also liked when he was touched by the team spirit of the game, and decided to break through every defense. It was a FUCK YEAH moment.
Then they showed that he scored against his own team, and I was like AHAHA OH WOW.


Fuck syes sadly is all man when it comes down to it.

New thread for this seeing as we are over 650 posts in this one and it is slow.


File: 126054665981.png-(274.21KB, 568x410, wasdasd.png)
I guess this mean that Ep 18 is already released?

>>20266 main page says:
Wakfu Episode 18: Tomorrow!
Join The Brotherhood of Tofu with episode 18 of Wakfu tomorrow on France 3 at 9:55!

Please use the other thread.

perhaps this needs a lock

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