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Please post anything and everything related to our favorite /co/ acquisition - the Disney teen sleuths and their pals.

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Anyone save any of the lists/story ideas/etc.?
So glad all this is getting a home on here.

I only remember a few.
One involved Kida loosing her necklace and getting sick, Milo gets worried and teams up with the girls in order ot find it. Also, he finally faces Gaston and other bullies, since Kida is not there to protect him.

Another involved Arthur's pet squirrel going missing, or something.

Idea I had: Aladdin is implied to be an orphan/homeless or something, always hanging around school until forced to leave and never has school supplies etc. One day he's adopted by human version of Genie and Genie's prized lamp is stolen! Aladdin asks the sleuths for their help finding it. Cue heartwarming scene at the end where Aladdin almost gets seriously hurt getting it back, and gives it to Genie, saying something like 'I know how important this is to you.' and Genie says something like 'Not as important as you, kiddo.'

File: 123534770676.jpg-(54.30KB, 400x485, Uninspired_ID_by_innerabove.jpg)
Is my weird-ass crush on the artist thread related?
Seriously - he's balding, scruffy, but his eyes do funny things to my pants.

Sorry to sound like a tard, but who's the boy with the ponytail? And do all the girls fight over Prince Charming?

That's a young version of the Prince from Beauty and the Beast - before he got Beastified.

Anybody have the pics of the Teen Princess cosplayers from WonderCon?

Any chance for some of the animated show spinoff characters showing up? i.e., Cassandra, Icarus, Mozenrath...?

I know the artist involved some of the Tarzan characters ie. Princess La, etc.

For some reason I could imagine Pinocchio and Alice getting along.
Also, what about Treasure planet? I could imagine Dr. Dobbins as a science teacher who hosts the astronomy club, Captain Amelia as a gym teacher, and Jim as the misunderstood juvenile delinquent. I can imagine a tear-jerker episode where he meets and gets close to Long John Silver, who eventually has to go to avoid the cops or something. I dunno.
Also, Ichabod as that one homeroom and study hall teacher who never leaves the school would be funny. Like, kids put pebbles on his car tires to see how long they stay there. The record would be three months or something.

This concept is nuts!
Is there a place where fic ideas have been dumped?

I REFUSE TO ALLOW THIS CONCEPT TO DIE! We need more drawfags in here, especially ones who wanna draw some Hercules characters into this line-up! Come on, chop chop!

File: 124980020797.png-(18.58KB, 418x612, highschool_disney.png)
>reposted from /co/

"Hey, Quasi."
"guh.. Gaston? What do you want? I didn't bring lunch money today, I'm eating at the caf-"
"I don't want your money, hunchie. Actually.. us guys, we got a mission for you."
"a..a mission? What-"
"Yeah, we got something real important for you to do."
"Phoebus, um.."
"You wanna be part of us right?"
"Yeah, part of the guys??"
"Well I don't know, I.."
"It's easy, even a short stack like you could do it. Listen, the dance is tomorrow."
("is he even going"?)
"We need you to put this... into the punch bowl."
"B.. but Gaston, that's against the rules, I'll get in t-trouble, Mr. Frollo's gonna.."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was mistaken, you ARE too much of a deformed chicken to pull this off."
"No, I-"
"Esmeralda's gonna be there."
("Yeah, with me.")
"Think, if she loosened up a bit she might even dance with you."
"Yeah, REALLY loosened up."
"It's your choice, bell-brain, if you wanna be cool, hey, the opporitunity's there."
"I can't, I.. wait, don't go yet!"
"That. In the bowl. Tomorrow night. We'll know if you don't do it."
"Seeya, stocky."

"...o..okay :("

Thats pretty awesome
Now we just need Jane.

So were is Headmaster Frollo?

Malificent is the headmistress.
Frollo is the Law/History teacher if I recall.

Even more awesome.

Clayton is Gym Teacher?

This thread needs more Jane, she was my favorite. Kida was cute too.

Phil from Hercules and Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet were the respective boys/girls gym teachers.
Genie was the Janitor... uhh, Captain Hook was shop class, Frollo was law, Merlin was English,
Doppler was physics(or math??), Jafar was chemistry, Ursula was home economics, Mad Madam Mim was the crazy lunch lady, can't remember the rest...

I dunno about Clayton.


Seriously, stop lacking in Esmeralda.

BWAHAHA! Yay for drawfag/writefag!

This lack of Brian Blessed is a problem.

>Mad Madam Mim was the Lunchlady..


Drawfaggotry request go!

What about that hunter from The Rescuers 2? He was an awesome villain

See, I thought the hunter guy from Rescuers 2 would have been a better gym coach.

...I just thought of this. McLeech could be the biology teacher, the creepy as FUCK biology teacher...yet most tolerate him due to being a mix of creepy and cool..

I can see it day in school, the door flies open only for the students to hear THIS..

"...WOOOAH! You get a line, I'll get a pole matey! YOU GET A LINE, I'LL GET A POLE, FRIIIEEEND-A! You get a line, Ah get a pole, we'll go fishin in da crocodile hole! Buddy, pal'o miiiine.."

I love this thread and everyone in it.

Probably won't be a popular idea, but how about Alameda Slim as the music teacher who tries to be hip, but it's just embarrassing?

Or maybe Truant Officer Sykes and History Teacher Yzma?

I wonder if this idea is any closer to reality with the Marvel acquisition? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

D23 is tomorrow - if there is no love for this idea, I'll be very surprised... and very disappointed.

File: 125403202240.jpg-(255.22KB, 1095x1650, hercal.jpg)
This idea can't be lost, and I don't normally drawfag at all but I thought I'd doodle up the best bros that this high school has ever seen, EVER.

Hercules and Aladdin - BROS TO THE END.

File: 125419003142.jpg-(60.58KB, 400x532, DH__Belle_and_Adam_by_vertiklychalingd.jpg)
Haha, cute drawing. I kind of lol'd when I saw that Aladdin, who canonically wears as little clothing as possible, chooses to rock a vest/collared shirt combo AND a jacket. :)

As a side note, it's probably indicative of Anon's attitudes toward school that all the heroes in this AU are students and all the villains are teachers.

>Capt. Hook was shop class

One hell of a way to drive home the notion of how important safety precautions around powertools is, huh?

Also, strangely enough, his class is one of the only ones without a clock on the wall. He says it's because it would be hard to hear the "class dismissed" bell over the sound of the saws and other tools, but one can't help but notice the odd little twitch he gets in one eye when someone says the word "clock"...


Not to mention when he starts to panic the moment any time a ticking noise is made.

I remember that one of the little ideas was that Clopin was the drama teacher and Esmeralda was his adopted daughter, and no one put two and two together until Clopin beat up Mr. Frollo and told him to stay away from his kid.

"We've got the same last name!"
"... You guys have last names?"

And Alice stays with her crazy Uncle Reginald, a slightly-off kilter fellow who makes hat using old-fashioned methods.Mercury poisoning? Bah! That's just a myth. Now then, do you like plaster or salt with your tea? They add quite a bit to the flavor, I assure you.


Bernard and Bianca

File: 125681352698.png-(17.67KB, 489x541, 1254901881703.png)
Well, I have some cool new art

File: 125681358267.png-(357.50KB, 570x1020, 1254904037175.png)

File: 125681361238.png-(9.58KB, 297x572, 1254903147579.png)

File: 126051133167.jpg-(448.79KB, 527x1083, esme.jpg)

I still think the idea of Phoebus and Razoul: Truant Officers! is a good idea.

File: 126222068883.jpg-(10.46KB, 300x318, Percival C. McLeach\'s troll face.jpg)
You guys are missing this guy, he should be the bus driver or something like that

I already suggested McLeech be the insane but evily charming Biology teacher here>>16782

any new work on this?

There was a thread on /co/ a while back where we incorporated some "Princess and the Frog" characters. There was consensus on Mama Odie being a guidance counselor, but we were split on Dr. Facilier. I wanted to make him a drug dealer, someone else wanted to make him the dance teacher, someone ELSE wanted him to be both, and it got a bit convoluted.

Why not Choir and head of the Dance Team? Except most other schools can't understand how a whackjob from the bayou got the position...

I'm willing to concede that maybe, MAYBE, the drug dealer aspect is a bit too "PG-13" for the original concept. But c'mon: the guy has such weird, creepy, predatory tones to him, that I feel like those NEED to be worked in somewhere. I feel like just making him a good dancer isn't quite enough.

>>22310 Well Instead of Drug dealer try con-man? Like he rids Naveen of all his money and stuff? I think that'd fit.

I think if Facilier is anything in this High-School setting, he'd teach something like entrepreneurship, or something like that. But instead of teaching the kids how to achieve their dreams, he tries to teach them how to cheat people out of theirs with voodoo and junk.


Business manager.


Err, business management. Sorry, forgot what I was typing near the end.

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