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C'mon DC, make a Flash movie, no one wants more Batman movies so soon, C'MOOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOON!

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Well, he did the voice for Barry in the New Frontier movie, and I basically figured: Everyone in the DCU is in love with Barry Allen, and Everyone on Earth loves Neil Patrick Harris, so yeah.

Though up until the Return of Barry Allen movie, he wouldn't be in the films for anything other than flashback sequences.

Yeah, but people love Barry and Neil Patrick Harris for pretty different reasons. He's hardly a "bro" type of character.

Yes, but if I were to make this movie, I would give a reason as to why everyone loved Barry instead of "YOU MUST LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE'S BARRY ALLEN AND THE GREATEST."
I mean, NPH is a likeable, charismatic guy, I think he could actually bring some depth to Barry's character.

But his character DOES have depth, and he IS charming aside from "YOU MUST LOVE BARRY HE IS THE BEST. (which isn't actually what DC does stop listening to /co/.)" He's a lovable slow, dorky, pure hearted white bread guy. He's pure pureness in its purest form.

>pureness in its purest form
Exactly. He's completely one-dimensional and I find him boring beyond belief.
And you can't honestly read Flash Rebirth and then try to deny that they're attempting to force the idea that BARRY IS TEH BETS on us.

Yes I can because some out-of-context comments aside it didn't paint Barry as the one and only Flash, and READ SOMETHING BEFORE REBIRTH.

File: 127366378135.jpg-(6.35KB, 400x100, the most retarded thing ever.jpg)
I have read plenty of Flash from before Rebirth, thank you. Which is why I find the ham-fisted retcons and shit in Rebirth to be so awful.
And it didn't paint Barry as the one and only Flash, but it sure as hell painted him as the Number 1 super bestest Flash, what with being the speedforce engine and all that bullshit.

And if you're referring to the "Barry Allen Made me the Flash" thing as being "out of context," I gotta say, it's Just as fucking stupid IN context as out.

It was dumb, but it wasn't "Barry is the only one and the bestest," it was just "he helped me in a way that canon pretty well supports." Stating that Barry is just constantly being wanked lately is ridiculous especially since most of the really great moments in Flash: Rebirth came from WALLY WEST.

I was more of a fan of the Wally West from Justice League cartoons. He just had the right mixture of stupidity, recklessness, bravery, and all-around niceness that I like in Speedsters. I like my speedsters to be impulsive, which is something I haven't really seen in the comics outside of Bart (who tends to be a little TOO impulsive and bratty for my tastes).

>equating the Flash live action show to The Adventures of Lois and Clark

I wasn't equating them in terms of quality buddy, just that they were DC live action shows that both aged somewhat poorly.

File: 127370242325.jpg-(94.10KB, 596x392, 1273532336645.jpg)
>Bart (who tends to be a little TOO impulsive and bratty for my tastes).

...have you read Impulse?

Wally in his younger days was impulsive and somewhat childish/stupid.

I shall now put forth my rough plot synopses for my Flash movie ideas.

Movie 1: The Flash
Basically the first movie would be all about Wally becoming The Flash. By the beginning it will have already been, lets say a few months to a year since Barry's death. I think I would have this movie be kind of like the Crossfire arc. See, it wasn't really until Johns' run that the Rogues statred being a team and stuff. So there's no way you could start this series out with them already like that. I figure it would go something like this: The Flash just died, and all that's left to maintain order is his sidekick.

All the bad guys think that now they can run wild because they don't see Wally as a real threat. However, Wally is doing an adequate job of proving them otherwise. So, it would show him throwing a couple of them in jail, and they'd all be sitting in the lunch room at Iron Heights telling their story how the new Flash thwarted them. Then they would be approached by Abra Kadabra who would tell them that the reason they always got pwnd by the Old Flash and why they continue to is because they are too weak or whatever individually and that they should work together. So they stage a breakout and a metric ass ton of villains escape.

The they'd start terrorizing the city and Wally would be desperately trying to stop them but failing at their combined strengths. This is where we would be introduced to Wally's feelings of inadequacy to Barry and how he doesn't think he can live up to him and whatnot.
At one point, there would be a scene where the Rogues are comitting some crime, and in the process some innocent bystanders get killed or something, and at that point Cold/MM/Wizard and Heat Wave all say we don't do this kinda work, and Abra puts them all under mind control, but Cold manages to escape. At some point in the film, there would be a scene involving Wally visiting Jay Garrick like Dan does with Hollis in Watchmen, asking him some advice and whatnot, maybe mentioning Jay coming out of retirement.

Eventually Abra & Co take hold of the Channel 5 News building where Linda and some others become hostages. Abra then reveals his true intentions and uses the station just so he can broadcast himself across the nation so he can make a grand performance, some of the rogues get pissed and he turns them into puppets. Flash shows up and gets his ass kicked for a bit by all the Rogues, at which point Jay fucking Garrick shows up to lend him a hand.
They fight a few of the Rogues then Jay says he'll hold them off, Wally then goes and takes down Abra and busts all his technology and crap, reversing his magic and leaving him powerless. Once this happens, the mind controlled Rogues are fee, and they ditch, and the others who were puppets get captured.

The movie ends with the city being all happy, Linda and Wally getting together after he rescued her, etc. The escaped Rogues would be approached by Cold who would say basically the same as in the Crossfire Arc "time for the Rogues to get a real leader" or something.
And right near the end it would need to show Abra in prison weeping while trying to do petty card tricks like at the end of that one arc.

(Details: In this movie of course it would have to make mention a few key things about Abra's hard-on for theatrics, and some stuff about Wally wanting to honor Barry's memory and such, as well as Cold's views on criminal behavior.
I think during the opening sequence, Wally would be wearing one of Barry's suits, but after it getting damaged, he goes to STAR labs and talks to Tina Mcgee about getting a new suit, and afterwards he'd be wearing his regular design.
Also, it would make mention of Wally winning the lottery, and him using the bulk of the money to create the Flash Museum and the Barry Allen Foundation.)

My vision of a Flash movie:

The movie visuals will be flat and colorful and fast paced. It would be shot like Speed Racer, and there would be high speed chases in broad daylight instead of shakycam brawls at night, because this is the Flash we're talking about.

The movie would open with an Oceans 11-style heist by the Rogues (Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, the Trickster, etc). They'd look just as silly and colorful as they do in the comics, but the heist works with alarming efficiency even with the Flash's interaction and many people get hurt.

As they fight, it's clear that there's a respect between the rogues and the Flash, and between the rogues and each other, like in the comics. The rogues are a serious lot, but they are not trying to kill him so much as outsmart a bolt of lightning.

During the heist, there's a lot of flashbacks to various origin stories, of the Flash and his earliest battle with each of the rogues.

Flash barely makes it through, but he stops the heist. Afterwards, he steps outside and throws his mask off in daylight, to the adulation of all.

Then the rest of the movie is a high speed face off with the Hunter Zolomon, who is every bit as horrible as in the comics. He succeeds in doing horrible things to make Wally a "stronger hero", and there's a lot of brilliant high speed chases.

The rogues step in and help the Flash in the final battle with Zoom.

Wasn't Piper going to show up in the Green Arrow movie or something?

Film 2: The Fastest Man Alive
I'm thinking that after the ending of the first film, a good follow up would be something along the lines of Rogue War. Now that Cold has gotten his primary team of Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Capt. Boomerang and Mirror Master together, it could show how effectively they work together as a team. And you could include a bunch of stuff about their workings like Cold beating the crap out of MM and telling him no drugs. Meanwhile, another group of Rogues are terrorizing the city, and eventually the two groups duke it out, and have a full scale battle right in the middle of Keystone, and only The Flash can put an end to it.

There would absolutely need to be a secondary plot in the film, because just the part with the Rogues wouldn't be enough to fill the whole movie. I think I'd want to do something along the lines of Terminal Velocity, and introduce the speedforce into the movies, however, I'm not sure if I'd want to do that before the "Return" film.

Have some stuff about Wally feeling all weird from going too fast or somesuch, and possibly even have a scene where he turns all electricy and whatnot. It would also be a good way to get some development for STAR Labs, Wally could go in to get some tests run and stuff, and they could say how they also treated Barry back in the day and introduce some theories on the speedforce and so forth.
Could even say something about what's happening to Wally is the same thing that happened to Barry when he died, giving an excellent opprotunity for a Flashback to CoIE.

It could then have the same conclusion as terminal velocity, with some iminent threat to Linda's life, and Wally rushing to save her, he ends up breaching the speedforce in the process, and everyone thinks he's dead, but then he comes back all uber charged and sends the Rogues running.

Could be just like Blitz, the introduction of Zoom. During the terrorization of the city, Hunter gets his legs fucked up, and beseeches Wally to help fix them, yada yada, then during the final confrontation between the Rogues, Zoom shows up and starts beating them down and sets his sights on Wally and whatnot. Ends with either Wally forcing Zoom into the Speeforce like Savitar, then coming back like in Terminal Velocity, or ends with Wally Infinite Mass Punching Zoom, after Jay lends him his speed energy.

The movie would have to end with a scene where Barry appears at Wally's door, setting it up for the third movie.(Most likely an after the credits deal.)

File: 127501197770.jpg-(568.45KB, 1857x1350, Wally Bitch Slapping Thawne.jpg)
Film 3: The Return of Barry Allen
The 3rd movie would be The Return of Barry Allen. I think that it would easily be able to follow the plot of the arc from the comic, with only a few alterations. Start with Barry explaining how he came back, and theorizing that when Wally breached the Speedforce, it somehow cause some space-time fluctuation that resulted in Barry's return. Have Wally and Barry going out, fighting crime and being pals and such.

Then just as in the comic, someone would deal a blow to Wally that would seemingly kill him, but he narrowly escapes, then as the bad guy is shouting "I KILLED THE FLASH" Barry would beat the hell out of him and respond with "I'M THE FLASH"
Eventually they'd end up in the shrinking force field, and after Barry escapes, he leaves Wally to die. And this would be the first time in the films Wally would ever successfully vibrate through something.

At this point, we could have an awesome tie-in with the Green Lantern movies because Hal has a fight with Barry in that arc. So Hal could substitute for Jay and Max and fight Barry as he's terrorizing the city. And that was around the time he was getting all white haired due to Parallax, and depending on how far along the GL films are at that point it could work quite well.
One key factor in this movie would be Linda's assessment that Wally is afraid to fight Barry because he's not afraid that he's not good enough to beat him, but that all along he's been afraid of surpassing Barry.

Then we'd have Wally discover the book belonging to Eobard Thawne, and the shocking realization that Barry isn't all that he seems. Then "Barry" threatens to kill Linda, Wally comes to the rescue, and cue the big final showdown at the Flash Museum. After a bit of a happy ending epilogue, the end.

Actually, according to a recent interview or something, we're getting both a Green Lantern animated series and a Flash movie. GL comes during the Green Lantern movie, I assume, while Flash has to wait for the Superman reboot, which happens after Batman 3, which comes out after the Green Lantern movie, which premieres after Jonah Hex.

I think that's the order of release.

Didn't they also say something about a Flash animated series?
Because if they did then, sign me up.

As long as it's well done, this could be just like Batman The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series back in the day.

And that would bring me no end of joy.
Until they get cancelled, I suppose...

Revised casting list containing new and or alternate choices.

Wally West - Jake Gylenhaal?
Linda Park - ???
Barry Allen - NPH
Captain Boomerang - Hugh Jackman/Hugo Weaving
Captain Cold - Hugh Laurie
Heat Wave - Michael C. Hall
Weather Wizard - ???
Mirror Master - Gerard Butler/Toby Kebbell/Cillian Murphy
Jared Morrilo - Benjamin Bratt
Fred Chyre - Mickey Rourke
Jay Garrick - Mark Harmon/Harrison Ford
Hunter Zolomon - Leonardo DiCaprio
Abra Kadabra - DDL
Eobard Thawne - NPH(While posing as Barry)/John Wesley Shipp(Regular Zoom)
The Top - Jim Carrey

Also, I had a thought today that I would want to touch upon Wally's womanizing, seeing as he was quite the Player in his early days.

Fuck no, do not have the Top played by Jim Carrey! That's a horrible choice.


I would pay good money to see Flash in theaters.

IMAX money.

So, after Batman/Superman Apocalypse, they're doing Batman: Year One.

I forsee them never doing a movie that doesn't feature Batman again.
Thusly, we will never get a Flash Animated Feature.

As much as I love the Rogues, I think having all of them in the movie wouldn't fly well with studios or audiences. It'd be better to follow the typical superhero movie mold with one or two villains instead of an entire ensemble of them, so instead of sticking them all in the same movie, maybe they could split them up and have the villains kind of illustrate each movie's theme.

For the first movie, an "outrun the elements" concept could be applied to the Flash going up against three guys who can control elements (Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave) and are committing crimes everywhere, etc. This is a basic superhero movie and could showcase some of the Flash's abilities, from running really fast to vibrating through shit and making things explode. We could toss in an origin story too. It'd be flashy and fun.

The second movie can introduce some of the others (this time with a different theme like magic or illusions- Trickster, Mirror Master, Abra Kadabra.... I'd like Double Down too, because I think he's cool as hell, but whatever) and push the "Barry Allen/Wally West" side of things (that is, their civilian identities, dualities, etc.). Iris/Linda could be introduced here. The main conflict here would be solved by a kind of contest (i.e- find all the bombs in the city before they blow up). It could be more character-based, but not necessarily grimdark and DEEEEP. Also, due to the nature of the villains, maybe some mindfuckery and perception-warping. It'll be fun to play with the effects of that.

Last one could be the Human Race, or something to do with Zoom. It'd be intensely personal.

The order for the three could be swapped around too, so instead of starting with a fireworks-propelled movie, you could start with the basic concept of a guy who runs fast to save the world and then build up to a guy who can run fast AND vibrate through shit AND run through time AND make things explode. I dunno, just tossing stuff out there, since that's what we seem to be doing in this thread.

File: 12794635754.jpg-(13.60KB, 300x284, 326803-28884-jai-west_large.jpg)
Know whose going in a spooky direction in The Flash Family? Jai.

Kid had major issues before his powers up and fucked off, would not surprise me if the kid's somewhat comparable to a time bomb right now.

File: 12794648943.jpg-(16.54KB, 364x242, bh_devilinthebottle.jpg)
But we ALREADY have a «Batman: Year One» movie! It's called «Batman: Begins» for fuck's sakes. Or what, they decided that it was so good, that they'll film it two times in a decade? I don't care if cartoons count as a different medium or not, I love Bats, if it's either Flash movie or two Batman movies, based on the SAME GODDAMN COMIC BOOK, my vote goes to Barry, no contest.

File: 127948071982.jpg-(24.99KB, 258x277, gonna turn evil.jpg)

I really hope Johns is messing with us about Jai, because his eventual turn to evil is so unsubtly foreshadowed

Yeah, it's so INSANELY far from subtle the only thing to do that would shock me is if he bounced back and became a useful human member of the Flash Family.

File: 127948180844.jpg-(38.01KB, 383x600, turtle3.jpg)
Actually...I just noticed his T-Shirt and his lack of speed...jealousy of his sister, you don't think Johns would, do you?


If that's what happens I can't see it working out in a way that's not hilariously bad.

Maybe the twist is he starts as a villain but Wally talks him down and he joins the Flash Family, just not as a speedster.

He is so going to.

If Johns makes Jai into the new Turtle, that would be one of the worst things he's done.

I would much brefer if he just teamed up with Zoom and became the new inertia or something.
It would still be pretty droll and predictable, but at least it's not the turtle.

File: 12803635164.jpg-(1.01MB, 2560x1940, 06-07.jpg)

Jesus god, why do I keep visiting this site.
It's like the people who post there are the absolute dregs of the comic fandom society, and they all have the absolute worst opinions.

>it doesn’t matter which site, blog, or forum you visit, the consensus is that Matthew Fox is the ONLY “perfect” choice to pick up


File: 128219961716.jpg-(44.15KB, 500x500, awesomely drawn bowtie.jpg)
Even though, I am of the belief that Wally should be the Protagonist

>no one wants more Batman movies
Well, you know, except for everyone on earth who doesn't read comic books.
And most of the people who do.

He'll make a deal with Zoom and get his muscles made from GOESFAST again, and become the new Savitar.

I came when I heard of the Speed Force ongoing

File: 128526795027.jpg-(141.63KB, 626x929, Speedforce godmode.jpg)
So if we were ever so lucky as to get a Flash DC Direct movie, what would you want it based on?

I mean, it's not like we have a shortage at all of totally awesome Flash story arcs it could be done for.
If I had to narrow it down to a few options, I'd say Return of Barry Allen, Terminal Velocity, or Blitz.

And of those three Blitz is probably the most likely, seeing as it was written by Geoff Johns, so they'd want to market that as much as possible.
However of those three I'D like most to see RoBA, though that one seems a bit unlikely, due to the amount of backstory they'd have to give concerning Barry and Prof. Zoom and whatnot.
Your picks, opinons, etc?

Return of Barry Allen really wouldn't need that much backstory to make work. "This is Wally West. He's the Flash. There was another Flash before him, named Barry Allen. Barry died to save to save the world, but before he did, he killed a man called Professor Zoom. Zoom was a man from the future, who traveled back in time to change history by killing the Flash."

Anything else, like how Barry was Wally's uncle and role model, can just get filled in over the course of the story.

Clearly, it should just be an entirely original story.

Yes, but I just think that that may SEEM like a lot of backstory for people unfamiliar with this stuff.
But why?

Why not?

File: 128530854425.jpg-(27.72KB, 300x400, javier_bardem.jpg)
Firstly because all they seem to be doing with the DC direct films is adapting stories from comics. So instead of starting from scratch, they have a good foundation to go from.

And secondly, an original story could turn out to be really bad. Better to just go with something you know is good.

And also, to go entirely off topic for a moment, I was re-reading the Dead Heat arc recently, and I began to think who might make a good live action Savitar.
I came up with Javier Bardem. Thoughts?

>Firstly because all they seem to be doing with the DC direct films is adapting stories from comics.
Which has been my problem with the last few films.


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