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>> No. 68611
Please yes thank you.

Little annoys me more than trolls constantly blushing from head to toe in fanart.
>> No. 68612
once again the homestuck fanbase proves its "maturity" and the "social justice" of our culture.

now go and rest our heroes.
>> No. 68613
Guys, guys, slowpoke here. What is all this fuss about changing Tarot art? Source of info?
>> No. 68614
I just dont think that stark white hair looks good with that dark of a skin tone.

Also the stickers just look kinda bad in general.
>> No. 68615
> I just dont think that stark white hair looks good with that dark of a skin tone.
grimdark rose
>> No. 68616
File 134818303876.png - (168.25KB , 299x300 , Populations_first_wawe_migr-299x300.png )
But grimdark rose's skin and hair were both devoid of chroma, and she was supposed to look cold and weird. The white hair next to the brown skin just kinda drains the warmth that's supposed to be there.

Personally, I think dark skinned dersekids look better when you color in their hair blonde. Non-white blondes are a real thing, and if we're going by the assumption that the kid's black and white lineart makes them coloring books, then that means it's perfectly ok to color in the dersekids' hair.
>> No. 68617
which is not a natural skin tone

yeah blonde would look a bit better.

Also races and skin tones or no, Dave's shades are supposed to be the same as Stiller's, so no hideous yellow frame.
>> No. 68618
That was from an AU where Ben Stiller is also black
>> No. 68619
File 134819222966.png - (332.88KB , 800x600 , Screenshot-Katawa Shoujo.png )
>> No. 68620
Sorry! I didn't intent to steal your name. I'm just oblivious.
>> No. 68624

Who would make a great developer for the forthcoming Homestuck adventure game?

My vote: Supergiant Games
Reason: Bastion. Play that damn thing. I dare you not to love it. It wound RPG elements with run-around crushing things gameplay, and did a stellar job integrating story telling into the gameplay.

Of course, the Homestuck game will not be too much like Bastion in all likelyhood, but I think they've got the chops to get it done.
>> No. 68626
it's cool dude, I know what the phrase means, I was joshin' around
>> No. 68960
>randomly selected shipping patches

There will be SO MANY crackships
>> No. 68961

EA Games
>> No. 68962

EA Games
>> No. 68964
So, counting the Paypal fund raiser that's going to happen after the official Kickstarter ends, do you think we'll hit the $2.5M marker when all's said and done?
>> No. 68965
I think it's very possible. There's often a sharp funding spike in the final days/hours. Plus yeah, paypal.
>> No. 68968
Ok, what does that 2.5mil perk even mean? Doesn't the digital copy come with the physical copy for some already?
>> No. 68969
I think he means a digital copy of the comic, not of the game.
>> No. 70766
So apparently some of the goodies have arrived for some people.

Anybody get theirs yet?

Anybody get a fun shipping patch?
>> No. 70767
FWIW, I bought in at a pretty high level and I've heard nothing since the backer survey.
>> No. 70768
I got everything that came with my Pak. Everything except the shipping patches. Damnit, I was looking foward to those way more than I was to the stupid stickers.
>> No. 73412
File 13885504221.jpg - (100.56KB , 900x506 , gameshots_photo_big.jpg )
New update just posted.

Confirmed for the game:

* No custom characters
* No multi-player
* No voice acting
* No player-controlled Sburb
* No returning characters
* Yes trolls

Pic related? Probably not.
>> No. 73414
So, what does /mspa/ think of the new info on the game? There seem to be some disappointment with the confirmed lack of Sburb in the title a long with excitement of the character concept art in other places where the fanbase hang out.
>> No. 73416
Some people have pointed out that the new kid looks a bit like Jake and Roxy's baby in the "pornography" Dirk drew Caliborn.

Personally, I think that's just a coincidence, and you have to squint to see the resemblance anyway. But it's a neat observation.
>> No. 73422
From what I can tell from >>73412:
>visible flow chart could be for anything and thus means nothing
>art shows there will be at least one human and some weird prototyped enemies, both facts which were obvious from the outset
>only other confirmation of inclusion is for trolls, which as a species don't grab my curiosity as much as SBURB mechanics and carapace people
>they also don't make that much sense in the context of going for a smaller, self-contained story
>on the other hand, no Lord English despite him being specifically built up as a cross-session threat, unless different instances don't count as the same character
>no assurance that there's going to be a fair amount of gameplay despite the general reaction to Namco High School
Somewhat glad I didn't fund this so far out of five, hopefully no custom characters doesn't mean you don't get to name the playable characters with a filter in place to have them reject things they wouldn't like, and maybe we'll get some FLARP action out of the trolls. The 3D art, while nice, doesn't seem that intriguing unless it's used to open up the possibility of parametric 3D stuff or at least some serious spacial/topological complexity. Range of objects one can prototype and the weirdness of their effects is yet to be seen.
>> No. 73423
>Range of objects one can prototype and the weirdness of their effects is yet to be seen.

no sburb means no prototyping. it's an "adventure game" which means point & click gameplay like myst or gone home; there likely won't be any fighting or customisation at all. unlike myst and gone home though, there will probably be a fuckton of dialogue and if the "games" in homestuck resemble what this game is going to become, most progression in the game is going to come down to talking to the right people in the right order instead of slow-paced exploration.

he said it's not going to be about sburb because "that's what homestuck was about" and i think that's funny because we never got to see anyone in homestuck play the game as it was supposed to be played. the parts where they did play were glossed over--sburb got crowded out for other shit pretty early on which was a shame.

if you paid money to back this game and don't like the direction it is taking, i don't feel sorry for you because you gleefully funded a project you knew absolutely nothing about, not even the developer (which he still isn't telling you), and that is an extremely stupid decision. it's clever on hussie's part to say nothing until he's got his money, knowing that the fanbase wouldn't pay out as much if they knew it would be like this, but it is a sneaky and somewhat dishonest tactic so boo on him too.
>> No. 73429
He actually said directly upfront on the kickstarter page that the game would only be loosely related to Homestuck and not a retelling or part of the story told in the comic, but its own thing in the same universe.

It's just that most of the backers were too retarded to read past the words "Homestuck Game"
>> No. 73430
It's more or less what I expected. He's said from the beginning that it'd be loosely related to the comic.

That being said, no recurring characters? No sburb at all? No customizable characters? Eh
>> No. 73431
Dead right. I feel awfully silly for contributing now. Next time I'm deciding whether to give this team money I'll have a lawyer present.
>> No. 73432
The Kickstarter page is very well designed to mislead people. It's genius, really.

First, there's a big spiel about what Homestuck is to preface the actual talk about the game he is going to make. The title of the Kickstarter? Homestuck Adventure Game. This stuff primes you and colours your perceptions about everything that is going to come after it. After he finishes talking about things you already know, he does say that it will be "minimally relevant" to Homestuck canon, and that he is going to make use of some elements in Homestuck that he finds interesting... which are honestly super meaningless phrases to everyone but Andrew himself at the moment, but since you've already got Homestuck on the forefront of your mind from reading all the shit that prefaced it you're going to read that as "it's still going to be stuff you liked in Homestuck." Everything related to this game is smothered in weasel words; there's a lot of sentences that sound like they have information to give you but they are completely hollow. By the time you get to this section, you are probably skimming instead of reading the text closely, because it's fucking long and you have just read through a bunch of shit telling you what you already know. You have to be looking for the red flags to see them. THEN of course he shows you all the cool stuff you are going to get if you give him money, and they're big colourful pictures, which bring your attention back.

There are two other "small print" type things in the FAQ that tell you, again, that this game isn't related to Homestuck, but they are hidden so that most people won't look at them.

> What will the game be like? Will my favorite characters be in it? Will there be trolls, and exiles, and the Felt and Squiddles and oh my god.
>This is way up in the air right now! Just about any element from Homestuck could be part of the game, but certainly not all will be. Andrew has some ideas for a story. These ideas will be refined as we get into the high level planning phase.

>What will the story of the game be? The visual style? Who will the characters be?
>Aside from what we've said in the FAQ and body text, we aren't releasing anything about the style or content of the game. You want to be surprised when it comes out, right?

I have no fucking clue whether or not he does this shit on purpose. It looks so calculated and it worked so well but at the same time I am not sure if he is actually thinking about how to wring the most cash he can out of unsuspecting people. He might just do it naturally and not think about it at all. Some kind of idiot savant maybe.
>> No. 73433
I'm not mad about any of this except for no multi-player and no custom characters/house/sburb stuff. The canon Homestuck characters have their own story to wrap up, and having fans retroactive take a part in it would wind up giving the game an extremely low ceiling, besides being unrealistic within its context. New characters and their own mythology within the Homestuck reality sounds good to me.

>* No returning characters
>* Yes trolls
I feel so bad for those two who dumped a shitload of money to get their fantrolls in Homestuck for one panel. Would it seriously be so hard to throw them a bone in the form of cameos in game? This is just a dangling carrot for them.
>> No. 73434
To prevent people from trying to read too much into my summary, I'm just going to copy/paste the whole update.

"Greetings, and Happy New Year. Welcome to the First Annual Homestuck Kickstarter Update of 2013!!!

Much progress has been made on the adventure game since the Kickstarter ended. The game design work is mostly complete, thanks to the gritty combined efforts of myself, the developers, and those who for now I will refer to as Mystery Friends. Please observe the graphic below for evidence of this fact. This is a behind the scenes look at the true nature of Professional Game Design. A rare glimpse if you will at what Top Dev Honchos refer to as "the big leagues".

Even though a lot has been done so far, there have not been many junctures which I have felt would make for good Kickstarter updates along the way. Primarily this is because I want to avoid spoiling stuff as much as possible, and without such specifics, there tends to be... not a lot to report! There has been high level planning. There has been legal shuffling. Some modeling. Gameplay mockups. Entire sketchpads filled with gibberish. All such material tends to fall into one of two camps. Either too boring to bug you with, or TOO HOT FOR TV! It would be cool to be able to drop some killer screenshots on you, from strategically vague and mysterious moments throughout the game, but the fact is, that kind of content won't be available until the whole thing is nearly ready for prime time anyway. So until then, I hope you will bring yourself to enjoy nigh-impenetrable offerings such as these.

I guess I could announce the name of the developer, but even that I would like to wait until just the right moment I have in mind. (My reasons for keeping them a secret are also a secret!) But for now I will say they're good at making games and it's been a lot of fun working with them so far.

So what can I say about the game for now? How about I start by clarifying what the game is NOT. I hope I'm not using too much vertical space to state the obvious here. But I've seen enough conjecture like this to think some selective debunking may be in order.

* You will not be able to design or customize characters. The game includes a hard wired cast of protagonists.
* The game will not involve Sburb. It won't be some crazy MMORPG involving kids playing Sburb and the insane number of things that would entail. For one thing, Sburb is a very broad and ambitious game concept which implies a project with a much bigger budget than the one this has. For another thing, that idea is not quite what an "adventure game" is. And besides, in my view, a bunch of kids playing Sburb is what Homestuck is about. This game will be about something different.
* Game will not be multi-player. Again, that's not really how adventure games work. - No voice acting. VA in this game sounds like a can of worms to me, and too easy to do badly. I'm personally not that big on VA in games like this anyway. I think it'll be a stronger product without it.

If you already knew all that, thanks for bearing with me! If you didn't, and are disappointed by those facts, I am sorry.

Now here are some things that the game WILL have!

* New characters. All major characters in the game have never appeared in Homestuck before.
* New story. As mentioned, does not involve Sburb, but does take place within same fictional realm as Homestuck. Events of story have only a loose relation to canon HS storyline. It is not necessary to read HS to play game.
* Trolls
* See below
[Here's where he posted the image I had in my first post >>73412]

That does it for the First Annual Homestuck Kickstarter Update of 2013! I can only hope it was at least mildly frustrating for you to read, because that probably means you want to play the game. Thanks to backers for their ongoing support. Stay tuned for more news next year!

-Andrew Hussie

>> No. 73435
Ah, alright, I just interpreted "no player controlled Sburb" as meaning "you don't get to play around with the Sburb server.", which would just mean no manual tower building. I agree that Homestuck diverged too much from the session to be about Sburb. As for prototyping, though, the captchalog system exists in the universe even outside the game, and alternate Dave was apparently able to take advantage of the rules for how much item prototyping costs in regular manufacturing, so there's that. And if there's no Sburb, why is there a thing on the left that looks like some kind of chess monster?
>> No. 73436
I feel the same way. New characters are great, new storyline is great, really bummed out about no sburb and no customizable characters. Let's be honest, one of the reasons Homestuck got so huge is because people were able to immerse themselves in the story. "I'm a Knight of Life!" "I'm a Thief of Rage!" "My weapon is a giant umbrella!" "my fantroll is a limeblood and PSYCHIC AS FUCK" etc etc

I know I'm just speaking for myself, but I was really looking forward to playing sburb, even if it was with premade NPCs to be part of your session
>> No. 73437
Honestly, I think it's a good decision--you can recreate SBURB far better through a tabletop game than we could ever do through a video game at this point. Maybe when computer AI gets closer to human like, you could teach it to be creative enough to respond to alchemy and prototypings with appropriate graphics on the fly.

So get your SBURB through tabletop games. I've found FATE to be especially good for the purpose. This game will be more for the adventure game elements of Homestuck.
>> No. 73438
Ancient relics and other stuff referencing SBURB existed outside of the game for years in the past (but not many), so maybe they can be mutually exclusive. SBURB could be a single prong of a multi attack on reality for all we know.
>> No. 73439
>It looks so calculated and it worked so well but at the same time I am not sure if he is actually thinking about how to wring the most cash he can out of unsuspecting people. He might just do it naturally and not think about it at all. Some kind of idiot savant maybe.
In an interview Hussie actually admitted he has this weird ability to just stumble onto extremely conveniently toyetic ideas. Like having a cast of over a dozen characters dress in easily reproducible t-shirts.
>> No. 73441
Hussie doesn't seem to care about money for personal gain, just for maintenance and to pay all the people working for him. Or for humor like in the Kickstarter.
>> No. 73450
Damn it I want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it
>> No. 73470
You say this now.
>> No. 73484
yo guys what if mystery girl's strife specibi wasn't the flashlight but shadow puppets?
>> No. 73488
That would be hilarious
>> No. 73671
When it's coming hussie
>> No. 73700
File 140331249548.jpg - (114.53KB , 700x428 , ks1.jpg )
So new info!

* Looking at a late 2014 release
* Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics helped lay out the foundation of the game and the gameplay
* The Odd Gentlemen is the studio developing the game

We also got a look at some concept art.

Pic 1
>> No. 73701
File 140331257952.jpg - (122.23KB , 700x340 , ks2.jpg )
Pic 2
>> No. 73702
File 140331272380.png - (315.44KB , 700x543 , ks3.png )
Pic 3
>> No. 73703
File 140331276763.jpg - (25.41KB , 500x521 , ks4.jpg )
Pic 4
>> No. 73705
File 140331590056.jpg - (47.04KB , 500x293 , ks5.jpg )
This picture doesn't have anything to do with the game. It's Hussie's wallet, which contains a picture of Ryan North. How touching.
>> No. 73706
Guess we really won't see the clown kept down
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