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File 13286224398.png - (2.44KB , 246x246 , sburb.png )
61356 No. 61356
Can we have a thread just disusing the game itself?
like what each of the classes can do or all the stuff the aspects mean
and anything else to do with just the game.
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>> No. 61715
...wow. Really?
>> No. 61719
heirs don't do anything besides let there powers grow stronger

if it was an active class john would have done more stuff during his adventure instead of just passively letting it happen
>> No. 61722
Are you aware of the definition of active and passive classes?
Active class -> powers that aid themselves. Combat class.
Passive class-> powers that aid others. Support class.

It has fuckall to do with whether or not the players "do a lot of stuff".

So, a Seer's powers allow them to provide other players with valuable information, making them passive. An Heir of Breath's powers allow them to summon fuckhuge tornadoes that tear their opposition to shreds, making them active.
>> No. 61893
What would happen to a player whose dream self is dead when they fell asleep?

The latest update makes me think that maybe, without the dream bubbles all they got is void, a black out. Nothing. Controlled by the horrorterrors.
>> No. 61931
>[S] Jade: Enter
They did go to the dreambubbles. But rather than having access to the ever-changing memory playground for the sleeping and the dead that Feferi asked the horrorterrors to create, players would be ruthlessly mindraped.
>> No. 62143
quoting someone else

I think I just figured something out! I've been thinking about the various classes, and I've come to an epiphany of what the Witch class does. Remember how the two witches used their element?

Feferi Pyxies, the Witch of Life, spoke with the Horrorterrors to create the dreambubbles. These offer a semblance of life to those who have already died.

Jade Harley, the Witch of Space, used her powers to shrink the planets and take them with her across the Yellow Yard. She also took her Genesis Frog from a doomed session to a healthy one, saving both it and the planets from the Scratch.

Therefore, the Witch could be "One who saves X from destruction, or restores X after its destruction". Does that make sense?
>> No. 62152
That sounds pretty smart actually.

I have an odd question; what can the knight of void do?
>> No. 62153
Void heroes obscure information.

Attacking through denial of information is pretty bitching. My first instinct is denying your opponents knowledge of the attack or even just knowledge of the damage.

My next thought would be blocking all information from your opponent, thus rendering them without senses. Effectively dead but thrashing.
>> No. 62160
So, a Bard of Blood destroys friendships? Hey, that fits me!
>> No. 62163
Well, UU said that the definition of a Bard is "one who allows x to be destroyed, or invites destrUction throUgh x,"

So a Bard of Blood could either (passively, mind you) allow friendships to be destroyed OR create destruction through friendship.
>> No. 62164
And then, at the final level; they can completely remove you from the universe?
>> No. 62167
Obscuring something from existence sounds like a neat trick.
>> No. 62450
Schrodinger cat powers. they can be literally EVERYTHING at the same time by obscuring themselves from everything. putting them into quantum super state.
>> No. 62525
While I'm having a hard time speculating without relying solely on imagination, after all of Roxy's various dreambubble shenanigans, the claim that she is very in tune with her aspect and the blackout-field all Void players seem to carry, I'm guessing that a God tier Hero of Void would be able to manipulate or perhaps even summon objects and people from the bubbles.

It would both link it thematically with both its canon opposite aspect Light, which seems to work by shaping or understanding the path of the living (remember how Vriska's luck ultimately didn't matter?) and Space, which seems limited to physical objects and which Hussie made a connection to by the similarities of their symbols.

And it would be just as amazing as UU believes it to be.
>> No. 63355
I been racking my brain trying to figure this out

is there anyway a bard would be a good thing to have on a team?
>> No. 63356
If they were pre-ordained by fate to be a factor that leads to the 'winning' session then yes.
Good or bad team setups don't matter in the end.
>> No. 63359
If the group could use a little destroying, sure.
>> No. 63369
Sburb is a game where, unless you're very smart about sidequests, success requires taking down an incredibly powerful being in a straight-up fight. In that context, a Class that makes their Aspect naturally dangerous and self-destructive can be a pretty big difference.

Gamzee did more damage to the Black King than anyone else on the team, God Tier Vriska included.
>> No. 63376
File 133221475122.png - (141.70KB , 1000x200 , hero classes explaned.png )

someones theories about aspects
>> No. 63377

>Pictures of italicized, curvy text with clashing colors making it impossible to read

Yeah no.
>> No. 63378
I can read it just fine. Get your eyes checked.
>> No. 64620
witch/sylph is one who brings there aspect to themselves/others
Jane brought the potential universe with here while kid mind fang offered to bring light to terezi
>> No. 64626
>Gamzee deal more damage than Vriska to the Black King

Actually there's no way to prove that statement, since it's only what Karkat think, and he himself said that it's pretty hard to judge since Vriska dealt the last damage using her 88888888 ultimate attack (that killed jack noir in a doomed timeline).
>> No. 64628
We never saw the conclusion to that fight, the text stated it was unclear wether she won or lost but you couldn't rule out her winning
>> No. 64630
Doc Scratch himself said, that while he does not speculate in off-shoot timelines, he "would not bet against her" in that fight. Make of that what you will, but at the very least she was powerful enough to fight her to a draw.

It's also important to remember how Vriska's luck works. It's not "become lucky enough to use the ultimate attack", but rather "become lucky enough to use the ultimate attack to the maximum capacity of all your accumulated luck within the boundaries of the timeline." Sucky description, but an important difference. Her attack against the Black King might not have been as powerful as the one against Jack, since Jack was stronger and thus required a larger "portion" of her luck in comparison to the almost-defeated Black King. She was also upset after the deaths of Karkat and Terezi, and had used her luck-stealing skill on several occasions after they arrived at the meteor, which should be at least some sort of increase in power.
>> No. 64631
Ok here is what Ive figured out so far in regards to classes.

The first part of the combo is based on the players personality, Vriska being a theif, Gamzee being a bard ect.

The second part is often but not always a role that they have to grow into that challenges them, chill Gamzee being rage, huge bitch and game doomer Vriska being light, Eridian being hope.

This kind of falls apart with Terezi being mind and Nepeta being heart.
>> No. 64634
Not necessarily, you could still be right. Terezi played her mind games yes, but I don't believe she ever realized the consequences of her own actions before. With Mind powers, she came to realize that every action one takes is important in not only their life, but the lives of others.

Nepeta had her shipping obsessions, but did she really understand the complexity of actual relationships? Was she presonsible for others, being a thief and all? I can't say as much for her as we know very little, but I don't believe she reached the potential the game made for her, like many of the trolls.
>> No. 64637
heart isn't about relationships
>> No. 64643
it could be you don't know
>> No. 64644
Uh, yes we do? It's already been confirmed that Heart = Soul.
>> No. 64647
it could have something to do with soul mates
>> No. 64656
Well in that case it supports my theory.
>> No. 64663
If every session supposedly has a 'troublemaker'. Who was the one in the Beta kids' session?
>> No. 64664
Rose. And without those troubles, no one would have survived.
>> No. 64665
I don't get that, nothing she has ever done has been counter-intuitive
>> No. 64667
She knocked Dave out with a ball of yarn. She went full Grimdark. She blew up her gate for no reason other than the game pissing her off. If there has to be a troublemaker, no one else comes close.
>> No. 64668
That's bullshit and you know it. Face it, Heart doesn't have any more to do with romance than Bards have to do with singing. The fact that Nepeta was a heart player into romance is probably just a cute coincidence and nothing more.
>> No. 64669
More importantly, who's the troublemaker in the alpha session?
I mean, Jane and Jake are obviously out. The only trouble Roxy has caused has been putting herself in danger while sleepwalking, and Dirk is actually trying to put up a fight against the Condesce. Maybe they don't have one, what with being an exception to pretty much every rule and all that?
>> No. 64670
making it Roxy feels like a cop-out, it would be easy due too her drunkeness. Another Lalonde, too, since Rose is supposedly the beta troublemaker (though, I am not convinced).

In all honesty, I'd say that Vriska and Terezi were the main troublemakers for the beta kids. They had more bearing on everything that went wrong than Rose did. Rose was actively trying to save her friends. Besides, going grimdark did jack squat and probably lasted all of 30 or so minutes in-comic
>> No. 64671
I wouldnt count out Jake. Hes got all those weird Lore English synchronicities lining up for him. Plus hes basically a male Jade, and Jade quite a connection to the "squiddles"
>> No. 64673
Troublemaker? What about Dirk? He seems to be the one sending killbots to Jake in order to make him "the perfect killing machine". And he claims that he wants to be the puppet master, attempting to mold Jane into a leader. He has ties to Lil Cal, a puppet that is bad juju. A few of his lines are callback to Vriska's. Hell even his full title, Prince of Heart pretty sinister.

Man even AR could be a HAL parody
>> No. 64675

it could have something to do with romance or nothing to do with romance saying there's absolutely NO WAY it can be related to something is a little silly don't you think?
>> No. 64678
I basically think that a "troublemaker" is someone who poses a very real threat, either to themselves or their surroundings, even if they aren't really "bad." The troublemakers of the trolls' session were Eridan and Vriska, and later Gamzee as well. Both Eridan and Vriska were more or less certain that what they were doing was the right thing, and despite how she wanted to help her friends, Rose was completely certain that her plans were both justified and correct. That she was trying to save her friends doesn't really justify some of her more questionable moral choices, even if we are able to understand and forgive her.

Then again, in Rose's case, there was one notable event which does give her a bit of an excuse; she was completely under the control of the horrorterrors. When her dreamself from the doomed timeline in which John and Jade died merged with her own, she gained some of the memories of that timeline, in which the horrorterrors had explicitly her and Dave how they should proceed. So not only did she have her initial interest in them, the power that the Thorns granted her and a wish to "break fate," she also had both trust and experience in dealing with them. I'm not confident to say that they are working with English, but either way, they did use her and from the looks of things those seeds were planted long before they actually contacted her.

So despite her noble intent, she acted very much like Eridan did during his quest. Rather than following the real path, she chose to wreak havoc in her search for answers. While it was inevitable, the eventual creation of the Sun and all, she showed just as little concern for her consorts (and land) as Eridan did.

In conclusion, while Rose's actions were vital and probably incredibly far-reaching (English has spawned in countless sessions, after all, and as far as we know there is only one Sun) on a larger scale, the fact that she was being manipulated, that her intentions were good and that their session deviates quite a bit from the norm, she was still technically the troublemaker.
>> No. 64682
Wasn't the troublemaker-in-every-session thing just something Kanaya was theorising?
>> No. 64683
If we throw out everything just because it's a character theorizing, we'd have like half the info we have now.
>> No. 64685
characters have been wrong about a lot of things. case in point, karkat and rose.
>> No. 64686
This isn't real life, Homestuck is a contained, fictional story where something a character theorizes has good chance of coming up again because the writer chose for the character to say it in the first place.
>> No. 64687
Exactly. I'm ready to be proven all the hella wrong at all times and to adjust my theories a full 180 degrees with new information.

There probably isn't a trouble maker in every session, but if there is one in the Beta kids, Rose is really the only contender. While everyone else was playing along with the game, she was out fucking shit up.
>> No. 64692
Dude, we've been told in the story that the trolls aren't reliable sources of information, since they are just making guesses most of the time.
>> No. 64783
trust the narrator but never the characters
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