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File 139038537413.jpg - (296.91KB , 910x1300 , 1390372122345.jpg )
86560 No. 86560
Honestly, I would take a BAD END if it meant this series would just be over already.
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>> No. 88030
So are Naruto and Sasuke both Ninja-Jesus now?
>> No. 88032
I seriously laughed out loud when Guy was like "This isn't working, I better use my other other super secret final technique!"

Guy. Buddy. Sweetheart. You've already dedicated yourself to a technique that's GOING TO KILL YOU in the next minute or two. What possible fucking reason could you have in this situation to still be holding anything back? The clocks ticking buddy, lead in with that shit.

And Kishi, Buddy, sweetheart. I know you're trying to build some kind of excitement and tension with this Guy fight... But that's kind of tough when we, as an audience, are already well aware, what with is also going on in the narrative with Sasuke and Naruto, that anything Guy does is completely pointless and bound to fail. Showing us this fight has literally no purpose whatsoever other than to waste time.
>> No. 88046

Ah, but you don't understand. This is the part where Gai shows off his secret knowledge of the NINTH Gate, the Gate of Perma-Death. Opening of that Gate will kill you so thoroughly, that you can't even be brought back to life even by the various techniques discussed here: >>86714 and will also vaporize your body, so your beautiful student that you love (in a totally non-pederast way) won't even have a grave site to mourn at.

Also, the manga suddenly got really WEIRD. What with this reincarnation and Ninja Jesus and the Sage of Six Paths floating around hammerspace, immortal, talking to Naruto and— WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU JUST COME FROM, SASUKE?! GET OUT OF NARUTO'S MIND, YOU PERVERT BITCH! I mean, seriously, Kishimoto snorted something pretty fresh to start coming up with this sort of thing. It's even worse than humanity getting chakra from the freaking Forbidden Apple.

Also, I get the feeling the Sage is more like Naruto than he thinks he is, in a total bumbling dumbass sort of way. He wrote down instructions on how to gain the ultimate power and then hoped it would serve a warning to not try to gain the ultimate power. Oh, gee, guys, here's the plans for how to build a nuclear bomb; but don't ACTUALLY build one! It's just my way of trying to convince you that nuclear weapons are dangerous and shouldn't be built. Hey... why are you building nuclear bombs...?
>> No. 88048
i wonder if candlejack will ever make a post in naruto general that doesn't involve pedophilia
maybe one day
>> No. 88112

I wonder if Slowpoke will ever stop stalking CJ like he's in love with him and posting derailing, tsundere nonsense wherever he might have been.
Maybe one day.
>> No. 88122
Wait so this is real?

And I guess its Sasuke and Naruto getting their new power ups?
>> No. 88135
File 139704644830.png - (180.25KB , 825x512 , 15.png )
oh god
>> No. 88146
>Wait so this is real?

No, it's not. There isn't some secret organization that has access to manga chapters before they're released in Japan. They're released the same day they're available as scanlations, just maybe a few hours earlier. Anytime you see "leaked" images before Wednesday, it's fake bullshit.

As for what isn't fake:

So I guess Naruto has ALL THE HAX, seeing how he can apparently bring Gai back to life (I'll admit, for a moment, I actually thought Gai was really going to die — you got me, Kishi, you little bastard!). Also, the fuck is with Madara? Why can he literally regenerate?? He's not a zombie anymore. Does having the power of the Sage just... let you make any and all natural laws your bitch? From the way Naruto said that he feels he can "change everything", I get that impression. So, what's this fight between him, Naruto, and Sasuke going to be like if rules don't follow? All three are now essentially Ninja Jesus, with access to unlimited chakra and the ability to shrug off any injury. Are they to be three immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound, to quote Barbossa? Man, I am so ready for this manga to be over.
>> No. 88147

Actually there is a secret organization that has access to manga chapters before they're released in Japan (sorta)! It's thanks to them that we get chapters days before their official release. This week's issue of jump is actually the one that's going to be released next week!

That's why spoiler providers and people that scan the manga are arrested sometimes.
>> No. 88150
Which means of course that the leak providers are people who work AT the manga companies themselves, and are therefore essentially involved in corporate espionage. Which is the real reason they get arrested for it.
>> No. 88154

Sometimes it's people working at retailers. They get the copies before the street date (although obviously not this early).

Those people don't usually get arrested, though. Just fired.
>> No. 88156

I think I've heard of some smaller stores getting shut down over constantly breaking street dates for stuff like this but maybe those were just rumors.

>> No. 88157
>> No. 88216
Naruto just reached a whole new level of awful stupid bullshit
>> No. 88238

Seriously. Naruto is literally ninja Jesus now.
>> No. 88242
Kishimoto over the last 30 chapters:

"Crap, I made Madara too strong. I'll have to give Naruto a new transformation.

Damn, I made Naruto too strong, I'll have to give Madara a new transformation.

Crap, I made Madara WAY too strong, I'll have to give BOTH Naruto and Sasuke a transformation.

...On second though, I think they're too strong. Better give Madara another transformation."

Hey, Goku, you at Super Saiyan 12 yet?
>> No. 88243
File 139769967225.png - (380.72KB , 1810x1300 , 14-15.png )
Close enough.
>> No. 88245
At that rate I'd expect him to just deus ex all chakra and they wind up just start beating the shit out of each other.

And then Rock Lee appears.
>> No. 88246
File 139772726872.jpg - (194.76KB , 800x1138 , 1397628257717.jpg )
The writing and needless power level escalation is so bad that I feel pain deep inside just from looking at it, this is really the worst.

And they've been fighting the battle with this cunt for years now to boot.
>> No. 88248
In a different world if this Naruto powerup wasn't what it was and the whole Sasuke thing didn't go down the way it did this would be hype.

Unfortunately this is the world we live in.
>> No. 88249
The absolute worst is that he had the gall relatively recently to pretend that this series is still about a plucky kid who overcomes adversity through hard work. And then gives Naruto (and Sasuke) godlike powers for no reason other than who they're descended from.
>> No. 88251
I thought it was reincarnation rather than descent?

(it's still shit either way.)
>> No. 88252

It's both, at least on Sasuke's side (I'm pretty sure on Naruto's too).

And even if it wasn't: what the FUCK ever.
>> No. 88310
I've actually been wondering. When is it going to be Lee's time to shine? Literally every major character has exceeded their "sensei" in terms of power. With that, Lee might be able to exceed Gai's strength when he opened the Eighth Gate, without doing it himself.

It would be funny as shit if Madara and Naruto and Sasuke fought to a standstill, and then here comes Lee and just Leaf Hurricanes Madara's head right off his shoulders after opening the Seventh Gate.
>> No. 88312

But Lee has his own manga, anon.
>> No. 88317
Kishimoto's really outdone himself in terms of coming up with a power he has no idea how to visually express. I can't make heads or fucking tails of anything Madara did this chapter.

Also what the fuck, wasn't Kakashi hanging out in the storage dimension with Obito? I don't remembering him going back. Why would he go back? That's pretty much the stupidest thing he could do.
>> No. 88318
Fight's happening in two dimensions.

Madara and Shadow Madara are fighting at pretty much the same time.

Sasuke can see and fight one, Naruto is fighting the other.

It's an interesting idea, but poorly presented.
>> No. 88320
That sounds like a Jojo fight.
>> No. 88321

>> No. 88322
Too bad the writing is complete shit and happens to include more asspulls than even a Jojo fight.
>> No. 88324

It's like a Jojo fight if Araki completely forgot both how to draw and how to convey weird and esoteric powers to the reader.

So basically it's nothing like a Jojo fight.
>> No. 88326
Well I mean I'm not defending Kishimoto or anything. I actually managed to finally break off of Bleach and Naruto when I just failed to catch up on the Big 3 for like, 6 weeks straight.

It's liberating.
>> No. 88329
Kakashi never went to the other dimension with obito. He only used his magenkyo on Obito to make him space out twice as fast but stayed behind as a result, then he got targeted by Madara but Minato saved him.

But there's no discrepancy there.
>> No. 88330
Honestly, any connection to the Naruto universe that has been established has been tossed out the proverbial window. Kishimoto has gotten supremely lazy; he's just making up new shit every single week with absolutely no sense or precedent involved. It's disgusting and stupid.

I'm about the levy the worst insult I can possibly come up with: Naruto has become Bleach.
>> No. 88336
File 139830281932.gif - (1.00MB , 245x204 , GODDAMMIT.gif )

Worse, it's Bleach without the tits.
>> No. 88337

Yeah, looking back at that scene I either misread it or misremembered it or something. For some reason I thought they each sent each other to the storage dimension.

Still, it's pretty dumb of Kakashi to not send himself there as soon as Madara was busy fighting someone else. Keeping Madara away from that Rinnegan has to be priority one, and since Kakashi himself is the onl;y way to get into the storage dimension with Obito gone...
>> No. 88338
Naruto gets plenty of tits, they just don't get the screen time because Ninja Jesus needs all of it.
>> No. 88340
File 139834531888.png - (841.95KB , 905x1300 , Never fear breasts are here.png )

If they ain't on the screen, they don't count Autony! THEY DON'T COUNT!

Naruto hasn't even given us a decent sexy no jutsu in years! What happened, Kishi.
>> No. 88352
File 139854921028.jpg - (215.85KB , 800x1211 , 005 snake bikin lee.jpg )
May the ride never end.
>> No. 88393
File 139898022782.png - (247.78KB , 562x800 , captain_konoha_and_the_winter_shinobi_by_gabzillaz.png )
>> No. 88447
OH MAN THAT IS BAD, This is the most I ever laughed at Naruto.

In the new chapter they try to tie everything back into the start by comparing character growth and IT'S SO TERRIBLE since Naruto is the only one whose character has actually developed, FUCKSAKE with his uberhax healing he just eliminated Sakura's only useful ability while they point out her entire character is still about loving Sasuke while BEING CONFUSED WHAT SASUKE EVEN WANTS OR IS DOING NOW and then they are just like TEAM 7 FUCK YEAH it's SO EMBARRASSING TO THE ORIGINAL CHAPTERS TO TRY AND LINK THEM
>> No. 88452
Madara went full Aizen this chapter.
>> No. 88454
So... they are showing off just how hollow Sakura's shallow crush on/obsession with Sasuke is while at the same time trying to portray it as admirable love?

And Sakura being useless is no surprise, even if its at healing instead of fighting now.
>> No. 88457
God dammit Sakura. You had one job. One job! Literally all you had to do was stab an unresisting man in the eye. While he was asking you to do it! And you had a fucking eternity to do it in while Madara was fucking around with Naruto and Sasuke in the real world!

If there's one thing I'm utterly sick of in this manga, it's Kishimoto shitting on Sakura. After making her sort of useful post-timeskip he's gone back to infantilizing her and making her more intensely incompetent than ever.

So bad. So unbelievably bad.
>> No. 88471
i try pretty hard to like new naruto.
i do.
i ain't that good at it though.
>> No. 88497
Forcing yourself to like things that are awful is a bad way to be.
Its like the beaten spouse mindset, you keep dragging yourself back thinking "Kishi can change..." and "It can be good again like things used to be..." but its not going to get better, he's just going to keep doing it to you until you have the strength to walk away.
>> No. 88498
I still read this and Bleach because after more than ten years I just want to get to the end of it. I've realized they were bad for so long but I just can't stop.
>> No. 88545
You know. As bullshit as bleach is at least I like the characters. I want it to end and it's a bunch of bullshit because of the villains but at least I like the characters. I can't stand any main character in Naruto and most of the side characters are terrible or have no screen time.

ALso, the Jagan Eye. I was waiting for this to come in sooner.
>> No. 88546
Ichigo is also an awful main character who received pointless power up after power up for no reason other than he still happens to be the "main character"
>> No. 88547
Eh. He's likable enough but honestly the captains feel just as important and tend to get screen time except when he has to beat the boss for whatever reason. I do miss when it was before the SS though. Also, I have to say it doesn't blatantly crib shit like naruto does from Yu Yu Hakusho.
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