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File 138876653446.jpg - (1.36MB , 961x1357 , space-dandy-premiere-adult-swim-jan_4.jpg )
86211 No. 86211
A Tale of Action, Heartbreak and Vice in the Strangest Quadrants of the Galaxy

Dandy OPyoutube thumb

THE Spectrum-Saturated, Style Soaked Adventure of 2014
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>> No. 86901
This is part of why I enjoyed Futurama.
>> No. 86919
Awww that was danged adorable, she's gonna hunt him down.
>> No. 86920
Loved the zombie episode. Quite hilarious.

I like how they're pulling the standard sitcom trope of "Anything major that happens is forgotten in the next episode", but to extremes.

Oh ho~ I didn't pay attention to the lyrics and wasn't interested in the melody so I just skip it. I'll pay attention next time.
>> No. 87049
That was a lot of Star Wars jokes and a highly silly climax.

>> No. 87093
Saw Ep. 5. Super sweet, in multiple ways. I wouldn't have taken this show as my cup of tea, but I'm greatly enjoying it.

Sadly I also remember what doujin artists will do with Adélie.
>> No. 87100
File 139202723570.gif - (2.87MB , 240x134 , space dandy yankee.gif )
Toonami - Space Dandy Ep. 07 Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb

Next Episode:

A Spaceship Named Desire

Dandy Racers



(get it? Dandy-line, Dandelion? It's a Redline reference!)
>> No. 87102
File 139203247295.gif - (2.94MB , 342x170 , 1392002983163.gif )
That entire episode was worth it just for the ending.
>> No. 87218
Dandyline sure had an ending.
>> No. 87222
Yeah, wasn't expecting that. I'm not sure if they just decided to have a weird ending, or if this actually has something to do with why Dandy is apparently the key to the universe, or whatever it was that the space-fire-skull guy called him in the first ep. In a show like this you can't be sure, but I'm leaning towards the later.

Wow, I only just noticed that the Galaga ship and bee are in the OP's picture.
>> No. 87232
That ending was like 2001 and Eva TV had a baby.
>> No. 87235
File 139259555315.gif - (1.08MB , 245x139 , space dandy-moon slash.gif )
The Speed of Light Jackknife is a cut above the rest.
>> No. 87237
File 139259893140.png - (470.51KB , 768x576 , rf laughing cats 2.png )
And the moral of this episode is:

If two ships have gay sex in space you will travel billions years into the future and become Buddha.
>> No. 87241
File 139262853467.gif - (946.92KB , 500x281 , space dandy la kill.gif )
That, and:

Don't come between Dandy and Boobies.
>> No. 87263
File 139276564479.png - (701.94KB , 900x1018 , johnny bravo as space dandy.png )

Someone finally did it.
>> No. 87344
File 139313782942.jpg?spoiler - (51.68KB , 720x480 , Session11.jpg?spoiler )
Ah, so that's where that fridge landed.
>> No. 87349
That episode was all over the place. Wasn't feeling it.
>> No. 87353
It felt like two episodes cut in half and glued together. Altogether i don't think it worked out that well but it did have its moments. i kind of wonder if the first half was trying to be subtle parody to "the pet dies" kind of episodes or movies.
>> No. 87360
File 13932133209.png - (313.44KB , 498x570 , space dandy smile.png )
I think the hidden brilliance behind the latest episode of Space Dandy is that it completely upends the usual "initial comedic phase followed by a dark turn" formula (as seen in the second episode) by having the serious section of the story happening first, playing it straight with nary a hint of parody, and then having the wacky hijinks occur immediately afterwards; a complete reversal of the usual "very special episode" plots that most humorous shows employ.

Now this isn't the case of a comedy-based episode following a tragic one, or the protagonists dealing with the fallout from the initial incident with some jokes here and there; This is a case of a complete 180 degree tonal shift within the same episode and not in the manner that most programs do it when they want to be subversive. It's nigh-experimental.

To exemplify this, we have this nice, quiet character moment for Dandy. Alone and exposed after a particularly emotional episode, he looks in the mirror...and decides to smile, almost as if he's readying himself for his next big adventure. With what follows after, this apparently excessive bit of manservice serves as a bridge between the serious and farcical aspects of Dandy's show and universe; tears and smiles exist side-by-side in this cosmos and these genres can shift not just from episode-to-episode, but in the episode itself.

Amidst the explosions, vulgarity, and action, it's easy to miss such subtleties, even though they help to further elevate the show from being simple parody.
>> No. 87371
first part had me crying like a bitch due to my soft spot for dogs. Second part helped snap me out of it. also Dandy ass
>> No. 87404
File 139354656583.jpg - (67.73KB , 686x960 , 867593-tek4.jpg )
Please tell me I'm not the only one.
Who the hell would have the brass balls to dub Stephen Colbert?
>> No. 87423
Just watched the first two episodes, and I'm not all that impressed. Kinda slow, the gags aren't all that funny, and while there's some really great art and animation going on it's not all that interesting. Does the series get better later on?
>> No. 87424
Humor is incredibly subjective and it is a comedy series, so don't go in thinking you have to like it because a lot of other people enjoy it (or having to hate it because of that, you special little snowflake, you). That said, first episode is universally agreed to be the weakest episode.
>> No. 87435
>That said, first episode is universally agreed to be the weakest episode.
I don't know about that, but I would say the fourth episode is universally agreed to be the best.
>> No. 87439
Whenever I'm watching a new series, I try to watch to episode five, unless the first three really suck.

You absolutely want to do that with Space Dandy. Ep 1 was fairly weak compared to the rest of the series. Can't remember if Ep 2 was much better, but now it's a pretty great series.
>> No. 87447
Episode 2 is the phantom space ramen, which is a decent episode but still not quite as good or experimental as the others. episodes 4 and 5 are probably good stopping points if you're still not into space Dandy, I think that's where the show really hits its stride.
>> No. 87474
File 139375186970.gif - (1.02MB , 400x225 , Jojo Joseph.gif )
Dandy's Bizarre Adventure (Spa…youtube thumb

It's weird, but it fits.
>> No. 87475
My mind is so full of fuck. What was this episode even?
>> No. 87476
File 13938021058.gif - (2.31MB , 525x685 , 1387234159731.gif )
A truly alien enviroment. The likes of that could only be view in nature with a magnifying glass and way to much drugs.
>> No. 87483
File 139388471069.png - (159.67KB , 500x281 , what_nisekoi.png )
>Bye... bye...

jesus, this episode.
>> No. 87485
Toonami - Space Dandy Ep. 10 Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb
>> No. 87486
>"Hey you wanna shoot me in the face and see if I wake up tomorrow?"

That's... An odd thing to say, QT
>> No. 87567
File 139434200959.gif - (967.58KB , 380x262 , rf YES YES YES.gif )
>yfw that line
>> No. 87577
File 139439023898.gif - (484.25KB , 499x375 , teeheehee.gif )
>"I'm sorry, I thought you already knew. I'm gay."

Best Groundhog Day plot I've ever seen.
>> No. 87580
I'm not the only one who was thinking of Haruhi and Endless Eight that whole episode right?
>> No. 87583
It's an old set-up; I imagine people will think of whichever series left the biggest impression on them. I didn't think of Endless Eight because, by the end of it, I didn't want to rip my hair out by the roots.
>> No. 87588
File 139442560739.gif - (0.98MB , 500x251 , space dandy vs_ calendar.gif )
D'asting Calender gonna Romp with the Pomp if it ain't careful, swear to me space mum.
>> No. 87646
Space Dandy - Welcome to the X…youtube thumb
>> No. 87708
What an oddly horrifying episode.
>> No. 87710
I have no idea what this episode was about or what it was trying to say.
>> No. 87726
Dandy got his hands on an anti-book that steals from its owners instead of informing them at the behest of a living bookmark.

Dr. Gel's descent into madness implies that there's something abominable about the "power" Dandy possesses and to know the secret is to invite certain death due to how dangerous it is.

The graphical style was meant to evoke the weathered, uneven textures that even the smoothest of paper pages possesses. The backgrounds resembling the rough print B&W illustrations of old sci-fi periodicals.

Dandy kills a whole bunch of people with his awesome space laser.

And...I...what? What was I talking about?
>> No. 87737
what you're referring to is this:
>> No. 87743
I understood the story, I didn't get what the story was trying to say. It felt like there was a deeper meaning beyond what simply happens, but I guess not.
>> No. 87747
File 139512209694.jpg - (85.23KB , 477x759 , animal man gospel.jpg )
Episodes 10 and 11 were meta commentaries about how Dandy lives in a loop by virtue of existing in a form of media that can be replayed over and over.

Breasts help move the plot and Gel's calculations along because they are (so far as Dandy is concerned) what his adventures, and arguably the show, revolve around. Ergo, it is a central force in this universe that revolves around the whims and misadventures of a lecherous rogue. Also, they resemble an infinity symbol/the moebius strip from the previous episode.

The Great Librarian was a deconstruction on the very idea of knowledge as it cannot provide any of the secrets it purports to possess. Even if it managed to store every bit of information in the universe, it would still be useless as no one is capable of reading the damn thing (Gel doesn't even really need it to finish his equation). Kind of like how if cavemen stumbled across the Great Library of Alexander.

Gel's B-story was also meta as he actually managed to solve the mysterious equation. Usually, a plot point of this nature would have him perish as he was on the cusp of solving it, but even though he was able to subvert that, the knowledge he attained basically told him that he was going to die anyway as the information he now possessed was too dangerous and toxic to be possessed. In turn, he must be eliminated to preserve the secrecy behind Dandy's "power" because it isn't the right time (read: episode) yet. Notice that he is killed before he has a chance to share his new information with Bea. This is probably the reason he doesn't try to flee the Legato barrage as he knows that something will go wrong to ensure that he is unable to convey his findings to anyone. The sequence of events also plays completely against him: the book he sought to solve the mystery ended up being stolen by Dandy, the pursuit of which got him and the fleet to Legado, once there he is in a perfect position to be killed and get his knowledge stolen by the book itself. Gel briefly saw through this deception, only to recognize that he was doomed no matter what he did.

The design of the rock librarian aliens was meant to allude to the fact that the backgrounds of that episode resembled charcoal illustrations on paper. In a way, we are experiencing a "moving story book". It also references how our modern intangible media of today (movies, television shows, etc.) sprung forth from analogous displays such as cave paintings (rock) and stories stored in books or scrolls (paper).
>> No. 87748
File 139512323646.jpg - (32.54KB , 640x480 , Galactic Cyclone Bryger 22_mkv_snapshot_16_14_[201.jpg )
>> No. 87761
File 13953262014.png - (592.04KB , 1000x1000 , d8SO5nE.png )
>> No. 88053
File 139651382980.jpg - (104.10KB , 1280x720 , 1396202729703.jpg )
>> No. 88069
One would think a Betelgeusian would be playing a date-sim with a sexy lady Betelgeusian girl option.
>> No. 88071
Meow has had an eye for hot chicks of all species since the first episode.
>> No. 88072
I don't know about you, but if i lived in the future i would go after alien chicks over regular human women. Besides he got burned by that lesbian chick.
>> No. 88074
File 139668579545.jpg - (130.17KB , 600x578 , space dandy blues.jpg )
QT's Finest Hour-Farewell Season One Fan Cutyoutube thumb

I thought that the Season 1 finale could've benefited from a touching montage during the big fight. But that's just me. Please excuse the lack of Honey and Scarlet, as well as the unavoidable fact that QT never met half the people shown in this sequence.
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