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File 13770558972.jpg - (249.31KB , 1280x720 , 1361618881159.jpg )
84511 No. 84511
So apparently Famitsu gave ASB perfect scores, but then again, it's, well, Famitsu. Still looks like it'll be a fun game overall. Hopefully the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly.
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>> No. 87813
File 139560180595.jpg - (233.89KB , 800x1214 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-part-8-jojolion-4857709.jpg )
Whoa, fuck, we've just gone FMA.
>> No. 87819
File 139563641217.jpg - (229.15KB , 599x850 , Joestar's Anus.jpg )
Eh, Fate/Stay Night and I'm sure a lot of other media used the exact same phrase before, "Touka Koukan" and all.
>> No. 87838
>"Touka Koukan"

I think the phrase's meaning is closest to the Latin "quid pro quo", which can be loosely translated into English as "something for something". It can also be called "equal exchange" or "tit for tat" or other such things. "Equivalent Exchange" is just the translation popularized by FMA that a lot of people think of, but it is by no means exclusive.
>> No. 88064
>> No. 88065
SC in like, two hours actually. Cr is doing some kind of subbed simulstream.
>> No. 88068
File 139664912739.jpg - (59.60KB , 1280x720 , 1396646118813.jpg )
Fuck yeah actual decent budget.
>> No. 88076

Kinda sad that the episode was too long for us to get proper opening/ending themes. I was really looking forward to that. Guess we have to wait until next week.

Also, I started reading Part 4, and I've read like half of it in the last two days... WHY IS THIS MANGA SO DAMN GOOD?!

(Anyway, it bothers me that Araki is seemingly unable to design a proper teenager. Koichi is supposed to be 5'2" compared to Josuke's 5'10", but he consistently looks four feet tall and about eight-years-old while Josuke and Jotaro look about seven feet tall and twenty-years-old. The other high school boys are the same. Either they're adult-sized or they're child-sized. In a manga with otherwise superb artwork, it's something that's always irked me.)
>> No. 88077
File 13967224749.jpg - (37.28KB , 500x667 , tumblr_n3ikcqiUhb1qc54cio1_500.jpg )
Did you read Duwang or is there a good version of part 4 now?

Awww yis.
>> No. 88079
There's a person redoing part 4 here http://donebetterelsewhere.blogspot.com/
Up to volume 44 currently.
Here a mediafire account with a lot of JoJo stuff on it http://www.mediafire.com/ArakiCollection#4gnihlcgwhw1p
>> No. 88082
IIRC, there's also the villain-to-friend guy who had the puppet-like stand - he started out like a short teenager, and as the series went on became a little munchkin like Koichi.

>a good version of part 4
>implying duwang is not one of the finest gifts to the jojo fandom
>> No. 88084

I think you're thinking of the magnet guy, not the puppet guy. I don't think puppet guy came back.
>> No. 88085
No, wait, it was a padlock, not a magnet.
>> No. 88086
No, he did. Checked the wiki, his name was Toshikazu Hazamada and his stand was Surface. He didn't appear much after his battle and generally sucked up to Koichi.
>> No. 88166
File 139724536889.jpg - (666.19KB , 1280x2259 , DPNeOPr.jpg )
Song's not as good but the OP itself rules.

Real ED is due out in episode 3.
>> No. 88167
Awww, yeah, OP is a letdown.

Phantom Blood op still undisputed champ.
>> No. 88168
I like Bloody Stream the best overall. Sono Chi No Sadame is a slightly better song but not as good for easy listening and the animation isn't nearly as good.
>> No. 88169
3rd intro is good but nowhere near as fabulous as part 2
>> No. 88179
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out but when Jotaro got home, he didn't just take off his shoes, he took off Kakoyin's.
>> No. 88182
I dunno why people had such a boner for part 2's theme, I didn't think it had shit on
>> No. 88185
It's also the only good part of the song.
>> No. 88191
bad taste
>> No. 88194
File 139736679084.jpg - (613.75KB , 1280x935 , tumblr_n3iu1xovx11rq8vr4o1_1280.jpg )
I think I might actually like the Phantom Blood poster most. It's just so simple.
>> No. 88195
File 139736962151.jpg - (1.53MB , 1714x1252 , 1381106061535.jpg )
I liked this version of the Jojolion panel better, not as spoileriffic.
>> No. 88196
honestly it was the bright over the top colors and style of part 2s intro that I love more than the song
>> No. 88265
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Star…youtube thumb
Ending of the year.
>> No. 88266
>> No. 88267
this fucking show wont stop being awesome
>> No. 88270
I feel like I should have seen this coming. Or that anyone should have. But it seems everyone was stuck on Roundabout or a Dio song.

I love you Jojo.
>> No. 88271
Now that I think about Holy Diver it really should be saved for part 6.
>> No. 88272
I actually didn't even knew what to expect.

Funny that you mention it, a lot of people wanted Holy Diver as an ending, and I've been seeing their delicious tears.
>> No. 88290
It was the acid trip vampire hunter James Bond vibe and those sexy, sexy silhouettes.
>> No. 88308
File 139813911462.png - (1.84MB , 1220x675 , 1398114589233.png )
Funny you talk about acid trips.
>> No. 88315
The full version of Stand Proud is approximately four hundred and fifty six trillion times better than the intro version, to the point where I can't figure out how they fucked up the intro sample so bad.
>> No. 88325
File 139827599335.png - (92.94KB , 203x297 , 1398132909379.png )
>> No. 88341
File 139837289128.png - (76.03KB , 205x213 , dsjx82o.png )
>that translation
top lel
>> No. 88351
File 13984973722.png - (2.44MB , 859x991 , 1398461401463.png )
>this is only the third time I've crashed a plane in my life!
Well played Joseph.
>> No. 88353
I just finished reading Stardust Crusaders.

I'm kind of sad old man Joseph isn't as clever or witty as he used to be. He never once does that trick where he predicts the opponent's lines before they do. And the one time he does something clever, against D'arby, he actually gets out-witted.

Other than that, pretty good. The show is going to need a second season or cut out a lot of the fights.
>> No. 88354
It's 26 minimum, most people thing we're looking at 39.

SC's alright but it can't get over that Jotaro's the worst Jojo.
>> No. 88356
File 139858805585.jpg - (644.53KB , 685x971 , 40180940_p2.jpg )
And yet, he is one of the most popular JoJos.
>> No. 88358
File 139860489744.jpg - (7.85KB , 275x183 , Jotarwhal.jpg )
Gappy is the worst JoJo.

Jotaro is hilarious once you learn two things about him, his behavior is actually the result of being shy and unable to deal with attention well and that his greatest passion in life is marine biology.

The best Jojo is Jolyne.

>> No. 88359
Nah he stays pretty annoying the whole time.

Still a badass though, credit where it's due.

I blame SC's popularity on being the starting point for Stands and Jotaro's own is a combination of that and his cool look. Even compared to his costar in SC he's not as fun (Pol was my favorite in the OVA but it's been a long time so maybe I'll feel differently now).
>> No. 88366
Yes he did, against The Empress.
>> No. 88367
File 139863305046.png - (203.44KB , 298x488 , 1390781348150.png )
Giorno is still lamer. Jotaro might be an ass but he gets some pretty great moments and he's a lot more entertaining in Part 4.
>> No. 88368
Is there a way I can watch Stardust Crusaders free and legally the way I watch One Piece on Hulu?
>> No. 88369

I'm pretty sure you can watch it free on Crunchyroll so long as you're willing to wait until the week after it airs.
>> No. 88371
I'm down with that.
>> No. 88405
What's the best sub group right now? I was using horriblesubs but I can't handle then translating "zanzou" as "shadow clone."
>> No. 88406
Crunchyroll for saving me the harddrive space.
And the whole being legit thing.
>> No. 88408
I'm using some-stuffs, they translated it as "afterimages".
>> No. 88409

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