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File 137315608217.png - (668.30KB , 973x1400 , 06[1].png )
83804 No. 83804
Mashima is continuing his crazy "3 chapters per week" thing next week apparently.
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>> No. 84808
I just got caught up on the show and am wondering what chapter of the comic to start in on
>> No. 84817

>> No. 84820
What's your problem?

At the start of the Grand Magic Games, maybe?
>> No. 85046
File 13814015624.png - (115.19KB , 772x338 , 08.png )
I love it when an author can poke fun at himself and his tired tropes.
>> No. 85048
Suddenly: everybody's naked.
>> No. 85067
I'm okay with this.
>> No. 85071
I really don't know how this series continues to shock me with its gratuitous fanservice. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but then it's like, "Nope, all the characters are naked in this chapter. But that doesn't stop them from having a touching moment where they reflect on the importance of trusting in their guild. Also, coed hot springs."

These cartoons mang.
>> No. 85091
The only thing that limits the fan service to me is that FT seems to have two female body types: "boxom (with slight variances) and slim" or "under 14". So when the fan service pops up it's "oh I've seen that already."

Probably why, despite the level of fan service, there is far less porn for FT than other comparable series...
>> No. 85097
Actually, I've noticed fanservice-heavy series generally seem to just have less porn in general in comparison to equivalently popular fanservice-light series. So your theory has credence.
>> No. 85137
I've noticed this, too; but while having fan-service probably turns off the imagination of some artists that would otherwise draw porn for it, I think it's more about popularity.

For instance, the various Tenchi series have lots of fan service--hell, full out nude scenes--but the amount of porn for the series is quite high. This is likely a combination of popularity and longevity (the more it stays in the limelight, the more porn it will get).

I don't know the overall popularity of Fairy Tail, but I would say it's not nearly as high as One Piece or Naruto who, at about this same point in their life, had far more porn (and of higher average quality to boot.)
>> No. 85140
Fairy Tail is really popular. The tankobon are regularly hitting the top 10 in the sales charts. However, most of that is apparently from the actual shonen demographic. As in 13-17 year olds. While the others also attract a lot of 18+ readers, which are kinda the ones you want, if you're selling porn.
>> No. 85148
Ah, that does make sense.
>> No. 86126
File 138824291057.jpg - (256.77KB , 800x1196 , 011.jpg )
I must say, the wait for the potential h-doujinshis might be frustrating.
>> No. 86128
I don't even read this series and that page is a rape-scene waiting to happen.
Maybe they won't do it though because with all the nudity teasing already there is less desire for it?
>> No. 86131
File 138824911145.png - (331.25KB , 889x1300 , 24.png )
>I don't even read this series and that page is a rape-scene waiting to happen.
It actually is.
>> No. 86132
I expect rape scenes more in Berserk, not little boy's fighting manga.

Well thats kind of fucked up.
Isn't she like the biggest badass chick on the hero team or such?
>> No. 86133
File 138825077417.jpg - (21.47KB , 218x221 , g010.jpg )
>this weeks chapter

How does he keep getting this stuff past editors?
>> No. 86134
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is the same with the not-quite-Porn, I guess when you have nothing else going for you then you try to draw people in with fanservice.
>> No. 86135

It isn't, but holy shit it's not far off. What the fuck, Mashima.
>> No. 86136
File 13882530375.jpg - (1.85MB , 957x1400 , img000003.jpg )
The issue I have with them still being adamant on teasing the fuck out of people, is that, apart from a select few like WSJ, shonen magazines already allow for much raunchier stuff. So why the fuck do they still insist on being cockteases? (This pic isn't an example, but the overall series is. Any example I'd post from it would be pretty much porn at this point.)
>> No. 86137

Well, there is a lot of fun to be had for the cockteaser, if not the cockteasee.
>> No. 86140
Sadly, Japan seems to have this thing where the more badass a female is, the easier it is to pin her down and rape her. It could be a female version of SSJ4 Goku and she would be pinned down by a fat, ugly middle-aged guy.
>> No. 86146
File 138826768427.png - (21.55KB , 226x223 , 1334965168539.png )
Everything terrible about Fairy Tail wrapped up in a single chapter. It's almost impressive how comprehensively bad that was.
>> No. 86503
>Latest chapter
>Natsu is thrown into a cell naked.
Well, at least it's a change of pace from the constant male gaze that you usually get from this seri-
>Lisanna is also in the cell. She is also naked.
Dang it to heck.
>> No. 86505
Why are you even reading this if you're using terms like "male gaze"?
>> No. 86507

Because perhaps it's possible to enjoy things along one level while being irritated along others.
>> No. 86508
Yeah, but Fairy Tail long since stopped being any other levels. Which is why I'm asking.
>> No. 86510
Is Fairy Tail even worse than Naruto and Bleach?
>> No. 86511

Not remotely.
>> No. 86512
>> No. 86514
Depends on what you like. It's got strengths and weaknesses.

I'd say the writing and plot equals out to average, because there are some fantastically cinematic moments and some pretty great twists, but also the plot is pretty slapdash and occasionally it's embarrassingly evident that Mashima is just making up shit as he goes along.
But the strength of the series was never the plot. It's really in its characters, who are interesting and fun and charming and, importantly, stay that way even when the plot goes mouth-breather stupid. And the charm of the characters is rarely sacrificed for the plot - I sometimes roll my eyes at Mashima himself while reading it, but the stupid plotlines don't snake out and poison my fondness for the characters by sacrificing what I like about them to further the dumb. (Bleeaach)

And the fights are well-choreographed, action-packed and relatively dialogue light, and generally wrap themselves up within a chapter or two. (Bleeeeeaaaacchh)

Also, the art is really good and ornate when it wants to be, with some jawdropping backgrounds included. Someone really likes drawing complicated cathedrals over there. (Blllleeeeeaaaacccchhhhh)
>> No. 86748
File 139102401613.png - (282.31KB , 900x1300 , 17.png )

Thanks Zero
>> No. 86856

Well, incandescent rage aside, I can't say I didn't see it coming.
>> No. 86873
It was great on alot of levels until... I think the last several years.
>> No. 87167
Ugh. This comics, mang. Sometimes it gets so dumb I just feel like dropping it. And then you get chapters like this one, where I'm pretty sure the author said to himself, "Who do I want to look awesome today? I know! Everybody!"
>> No. 87178

Ha ha, I know what you mean. It always amazes me how the characters bounce back from such dire situations. Dat Canna.

Also I'm hoping Elfman gets his own moment of awesome again after being laid so low by Tartarus.
>> No. 87186
I'm genuinely not sure whether to forgive him this time. I didn't think I could, but gah, for him to build up this much "what the shit" and then reverse it all at once...
>> No. 87767
File 139535058799.jpg?spoiler - (184.73KB , 800x1191 , qfairy-tail-4853261.jpg?spoiler )
I don't understand this.

But I like it.
>> No. 87768

She eats air like Natsu eats flame. The air around Face is supercharged with ethernano - basically, a huge clusterfuck of different magical energies mixed together. So she chewed deep and absorbed all that energy and used it to super-charge herself, like Natsu eating the Etherion way back when (among other examples).

She'll probably wish she hadn't tomorrow.
>> No. 87834
>> No. 87899
File 139597658089.png - (94.70KB , 500x500 , Logo_Fairy_Tail_right.png )
>It's a prancing fairy

How did it take me so long to realize this?
>> No. 87930
What... did you think it was supposed to be? A weird bird?
>> No. 87937
When I first saw it I thought it was some sort of bird on a sled.
>> No. 87946
Basically, yeah. Some sort of bird on an arrow or something. I didn't give it much thought, really.

Back on topic. How 'bout that Wendy, huh?
>> No. 87951
File 139603435029.png - (92.25KB , 553x584 , 139597658089.png )

I actually thought it was some sort of little devil with a tail. I feel kinda silly now.
>> No. 87983
File 13961099605.png - (232.04KB , 859x1300 , 019.png )
Turns out the Erza side story was a flashback.
>> No. 87986
I'm kind of interested in Biska's and Al's full backstory now.
>> No. 88083

Huh, that's actually cool.
>> No. 88372
So the latest chapter looks to be leading up to Lucy getting some time in the spotlight.

I'm cool with that.
>> No. 88562
File 140084514017.jpg?spoiler - (171.22KB , 913x1300 , 017st.jpg?spoiler )
... Huh. That's kinda neat. I wonder how long it lasts?
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