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File 136636220024.png - (71.45KB , 241x963 , gaijinkun RAW.png )
82238 No. 82238
Hey has anyone read this cool new gag series?

I don't know the english title, I think its something like "The Misadventures of Gaijin-Kun"
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>> No. 82250
You're not fooling anyone. We all go to /a/ on occasion. Nice try, though.
>> No. 82251
File 136636395388.png - (86.26KB , 241x963 , db9fec2802a08484df437ac8745a3088237fc078.png )
>> No. 82252
File 136636408657.png - (88.21KB , 241x963 , 13e07945dfdb49c61d66aacb3e59f50d0d42d77d.png )
>> No. 82253
I wasn't seriously trying to deceive anyone, I just found the link to the gallery of them all and wanted to spread it to others and was gonna post the link when I had finished posting them. Might as well put it up now you've spoiled my fun you awful awful man : (

>> No. 82254
File 136636448230.png - (105.57KB , 241x963 , d71998d3ea94d4f28aa6913c30d641816c04681d.png )
>> No. 82255
File 136636458380.png - (235.53KB , 252x972 , 1345853419534.png )
>> No. 82256
File 136636468675.png - (78.93KB , 241x963 , 631c3ec71df5552889153cf3ca90febd39ed383b.png )
There's more around but that's me done.
>> No. 82260
That one made me laugh. Are Japanese schools really as clubs-obsessed as their media has led me to believe?
>> No. 82262

According to a friend of mine who spent several years teaching in Japan, belonging to a club basically defines your social circle and who you're friends with. It's not strictly necessary but not being in any club at all will make you seem weird and asocial.
>> No. 82268
500 yen ($5.02 USD) really is too much for a cup of coffee.
>> No. 82269
Can you change clubs second and third year, or are you just locked in for good?
>> No. 82271

My understanding is that you can switch, but it comes with the usual pitfalls of changing social circles.

Most third-years don't do much in the way of club activities anyway, although they still enjoy the social benefits of having belonged to one. They're too busy studying for the frankly insane university entrance exams or looking for jobs.
>> No. 82276
The glasses dude is named Honda right? Does the girl always hanging around Guy have a name though.
>> No. 82279
I was given to understand that university exams were cake compared to high school exams, in Japan. It's all about getting into the best high school, and then the Universities are all more or less the same, give or take a few exceptional examples. And that the sorts of students who would be trying to go ivy league in America try to go to college in America or England, instead.
>> No. 82280

Noooope. The high school exams are no cake either, but getting into a good university is hard as balls - and getting into a good university is really important if you want a good job afterwards. Like, everywhere has its elite universities but it's not considered a failure to not get into one in the same way as it is in Japan, and won't have as much of an effect on your job prospects.

Ironically, once you actually get in, Japanese Universities are easy street. You're expected to do way less work and studying, not only than you did in high school, but also way less than an American university student would be expected to. It's one of the few times in a Japanese person's life when they get to take it easy, and a lot of them get part time jobs or take up lots of club activities or hobbies.

(All this, BTW, is according to my Japanese professor and TA, both of whom have been there, done that. Also cultural notes and readings in my textbook)

This sort of thing pops up a lot in anime/manga. For example, a major source of conflict in Eyeshield 21 was that even though Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi were only second-years, because Deimon forbid club activities in te second semester for third-years so that they can prepare for these exams without distraction, they only had one shot at the Bowl and couldn't come back and try again next year if they failed.
>> No. 82281
This is Japan.

That's a CAN of coffee. They don't drink it hot nearly as often.
>> No. 82282

Although you can get canned hot drinks. It's a real trip.
>> No. 82313
but Japanese cans are hot. the vending machines are just that good there
>> No. 82314
with Japan quality of lifem not really. And it's not watered down American cofee too.
>> No. 82385
Japan here, confirming that hot-drink vending machines are literally the best thing on this planet.
>> No. 82386
For now, but the eventual rise of hot panty vending machines will dethrone them.

Or perhaps they will merge, and hot underwear in a can will become the next big thing.
>> No. 82388
>not eating your panties rare or blue

plebe gonna plebe
>> No. 82557
File 136748337119.png - (238.58KB , 564x373 , 1367480675089.png )
Japan is fucked up

>> No. 82558
When dancing is outlawed, only outlaws will have dance!
>> No. 82561
But coffee's better cold...
>> No. 82564
I'd bet money that has something to do with extortion.

And then get arrested for betting money.
>> No. 82688
I wish there was more
>> No. 83507
They should have a comic where the American guy has a cold and everyone around him panics and flees as if he had the bubonic plague.
>> No. 83510
You could ask in the /a/ drawthreads. The guy who made these probably still browses those.
>> No. 83794
You might as well be drinking a tall cool glass of crap
>> No. 83809
>And it's not watered down American cofee too.
I think you mean Americano coffee.
And its not and the main component is water, but it doesn't mean its "watered down" any more than latte is "milked down."

Its not beer. Coffee has several styles that can be good or bad based on preparation quality alone.

THAT SAID, I actually bought it for a few strips. Art was bad enough to pass off as an actual "battered author" strip.
The Club one was cool.
>> No. 83814
>That last panel
Fun new /fit/ reaction.
>> No. 83822
>> No. 83980
File 13739524902.jpg - (116.49KB , 780x877 , OcUkE.jpg )
you are clearly not AMERICAN!
>> No. 84225
File 137512396812.jpg - (53.36KB , 600x800 , kensama.jpg )
Tsk, Gajin-Kun is no Ken-Sama, he's lucky Japan is such an open and accepting culture to tolerate his behaviour!
>> No. 84937
Bump because I needed on of these comics
>> No. 84987
Men Without Hats warned me about this sort of thing.
>> No. 84988
>> No. 86284
I guess it would be nice on a cold day, just to be able to pop one out of a vending machine no hassle.

>> No. 86689
What do you mean when referring to the Japanese quality of life?
>> No. 86752
File 13910292608.png - (387.51KB , 550x1000 , 1369126628927.png )
>> No. 87032
File 139182994666.png - (1.24MB , 800x3196 , 1391825586380.png )
>> No. 87067
Hoho are haunted houses and maid cafes really as popular in highschool festivals as anime and manga seem to think

What stereotypes of japanese cartoon and comic media do you find annoying?
I was just playing an RPG and the whole 'love interest who is so bad at cooking it becomes a horrifying health hazard' joke popped up. I just feel its gotten really tired and overdone by now, its not particularly amusing
>> No. 87113
The worst anime jokes are the ones that overlap with sitcom bad jokes. So in addition to bad cooking there also bad singing and being craaaaa-zy over their favorite food.
>> No. 87117
>I was just playing an RPG and the whole 'love interest who is so bad at cooking it becomes a horrifying health hazard' joke popped up.

you forget the part where at least one other person in the team actually enjoy it.
>> No. 87118
Hot springs. God I hate hot springs.
>> No. 87119
I hope you guys aren't shit talking Deadly Premonition in here because it SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT.

Based on my talks with people who've taught in Japan it seems like it (well not "maid" cafes specifically but cafes in general at least). They're relatively simple concepts to understand and setup so they're actually the default choices for lazy classes. But that's all just anecdotal so take from it what you will!
>> No. 88098
File 139687070869.png - (1.24MB , 800x3196 , 1396866406726.png )
>> No. 88124
File 139699366010.png - (236.42KB , 241x963 , 139690869472.png )
white people in the hizzy
>> No. 88314
File 139821070857.png - (87.91KB , 241x963 , 1398210598043.png )
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