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81118 No. 81118
Old thread was autosaging


TFS Abridged Parody Episode 32youtube thumb
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>> No. 85484
Dead Zone Abridged!

TFS Movie: Dead Zone Abridgedyoutube thumb
>> No. 85485
Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
*TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 4youtube thumb
>> No. 85486
>> No. 85487
Everything was perfect except Rip Van Winkle.
>> No. 85489
They decided to remake it to celebrate a million subscribers and for the sake of consistency.
>> No. 85490
Don't know what that Rip bit was about.
>> No. 85493
It's only even a "remake" in the sense that it's based on the same movie. None of the specific scenes, dialogues, editing, or voice work is the same.

I feel like such an idiot for taking like ten minutes to get the name Skygina, but I ended up finding it much funnier that way.

>that Alucard laugh at the end

Fucking magnificent.

>"I better not miss a damn thing."
>> No. 85494
So were the movies and Hellsing all there was or is episode 38 coming this week?
>> No. 85497
Seconding the Rip Van Winkle bit not really working most of the time. The joke was that she wasn't funny. Major monologue was also mostly just a weird lame version of his batshit "war is awesome" speech.

That said, the rest of it, holy shit. FYI, the canon plot point at this point in this story is that the entire carrier attack was to draw out Alucard (since Rip Van Winkle had a magic gun that was shredding everything else) and leave him trapped on a scuttled wreck in the middle of running water (which he can't cross).
>> No. 85501
>trapped on a scuttled wreck in the middle of running water (which he can't cross).

Oh, that's why. I'd just watched episode 5-8 recently, and was confused why he was stuck and could only get back by moving the ships himself.
>> No. 85504
>Ah, the return of the Y boner

Is there a single episode where Alucard and Integra aren't the best part?
>> No. 85511
The Queen was my favorite part of this one.
>> No. 85513
Queen Liz was too far. TOO. FAR.
>> No. 85545
Meeting PurpleEyesWTFyoutube thumb

Oh god, he IS real!
>> No. 85585
Not DBZ, but Team Fourstar-related nonetheless!

*TFS* Attack on Titan Abridged Episode -1-youtube thumb
>> No. 85586
I can honestly say this is the exact same level of quality as the actual series.
>> No. 85593
Hey, his eyes aren't actually purple, wtf.
>> No. 85640

Intensely overrated?
>> No. 85642
There's not nearly enough SJW throwing buzzwords around for it to be so.
>> No. 85643
I was just calling it bad. I mean SnK is awful but there's funny stuff made about it, I can't believe TFS would fuck it up so bad.

Also why is that drill instructor Patrick Warburton?
>> No. 85670
Yeah, I thought this was kinda lame.

Team Four Star is good at doing humor based on character interaction and riffing on the source material. This was mostly just funny voices.
>> No. 86023
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 38youtube thumb

Man. Vegeta's a jerk.
>> No. 86024

It looks like the Trunks/Vegeta conversations are going to be this arc's version of the Nail/Guru (excuse me, "Super Kami Guru") conversations. I couldn't be happier.
>> No. 86025
>Your secret project?
>No, he's in the basI MEAN YES, VERY SECRET
>> No. 86026

Goddamn Vegeta why're you such an asshole.
>> No. 86027
Also was I the only one kinda upset by Vegta saying 'I'm kidding who doesn't know what Marriage is?' like I get it's a dig at Goku but I just loved the thought that Sayan's had no concept of matrimony (which fits their culture) so whenever they hear marriage their first instinct is to assume it's food.
>> No. 86028
I noticed they stopped the bleeping for any the profanity. Actually, they may have done that a few episodes ago, I can't remember.
>> No. 86029
No, they still bleep the F-bombs for the most part.
>> No. 86031

>I don't listen to bastards.

Seriously, those are gonna be some great bits of dialogue.
>> No. 86494

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 39youtube thumb

I love how Vegeta's arrogance since becoming a Super Saiyan has been played up so much that it changes the whole tone of the fight from dire to downright cathartic.
>> No. 86495
Speaking of bleeps.
>> No. 86527
>> No. 87135
PurpleEyesWTF Channel Guideyoutube thumb

Purpleeyes is not meant for mere mortals to understand.
>> No. 87216
Purpleeyes is an artist. Anime is his canvas. Bad pop music is his brush.
>> No. 87492
Episode 61 - Muerte Pinatayoutube thumb

Still a thing, apparently.
>> No. 87494
Oh god it's almost over

You know I really hope he does the dragon arc. Sure it's a whole season of filler but it has some of the best moments in the series.
>> No. 87546
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 40youtube thumb

Krillin is still my favorite.
>> No. 87562
Oh my God, Popo.
>> No. 87563
File 139432863285.png - (734.91KB , 626x480 , EiVX4TL.png )
All these squares make a circle.
>> No. 87579
Danganronpa Abridged Thing - Episode 4youtube thumb

The Nullmetal Alchemist guy has been doing this apparently.
>> No. 88091
>> No. 88092
I'm going to miss the Android Comedy Trio.
>> No. 88097
This is not the right place to ask this, but does anyone know the music they use during the Kame House scenes?
>> No. 88161
Soul Whatever - "Third Earth"youtube thumb
>> No. 88225
PurpleEyesWTF is insane. I really respect that.
>> No. 88239

I don't know why but I really like the interaction Death has with his kid.
>> No. 88549

So I never watched DBZ. What can I expect from Cell?
>> No. 88550
You can expect him to get more handsome later.
Which is kinda sad because I forgot how neat he looked in his first form.
>> No. 88558
Episode 42 of DBZA was kind of great, especially the Piccolo/Nail/Kami scenes. Also, i have no idea why Cell was introduced that way, but HOLY SHIT...I think Piccolo may need an adult.
>> No. 88566
Return of Cooler
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