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File 134750383119.jpg - (84.18KB , 800x1288 , ibleach-3582875.jpg )
78049 No. 78049
Well, I like that his Bankai's a bit deeper than "my sword is supper hot and cuts everything." Kind of sucks for Hitsugaya, though.
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>> No. 80215
File 135535612017.jpg - (102.77KB , 800x1158 , bleach-3711069.jpg )

I thought it was obvious what he was hinting at when he ended up saying this to her.
>> No. 80216
File 135535697468.jpg - (131.76KB , 640x436 , Minazuki.jpg )
I figured he was just calling her incompetent. This puts a whole new spin on things.

Also, I wonder if her manta-ray zanpakutou has any hidden offensive properties.
>> No. 80218
Well we've always known that was just a shikai.

We've also always known that Kyoraku and Shunsui, who face a man whose full power literally melts Soul Society with mere grins and gritted teeth, are absolutely fucking terrified of Unohana.
>> No. 80219
File 135535772062.jpg - (102.88KB , 728x1149 , _manga_rain_bleach_ch114_12.jpg )
>Zaraki Kenpachi named his loli 'Yachiru' after the only person he ever cared about
...I really have to re-read Bleach again one of these days.
>> No. 80220
Well if she's looked at them with the face she made at the end of this chapter I can believe because fuck it looks like she's going to go ax crazy.
>> No. 80221
Still kind of annoys me Byakuya survived, he had like TWO pretty cool 'death scenes' in a row then it was like "Oh, nevermind..."
>> No. 80225

Too popular to die.
>> No. 80232
>Well if you read Homestuck I guess you have no taste to start with, but even then I would say no there is no reason to read Bleach

Then why the fuck are you still reading it, shitcakes?
>> No. 80236
Basically everyone who's reading Bleach is reading it because they have been for a long time and wanna see how it ends.
If you just want something ongoing to read for laughsies, I'd suggest Beelzebub. It's fucking fantastic, and is probably the only weekly ongoing manga I read because I really genuinely enjoy each chapter.
It's not even that long yet, you could catch up in a week or so.
>> No. 80242
File 135540111874.jpg - (357.03KB , 1000x1385 , 1355303633304.jpg )
>> No. 80253
Unohana being a powerhouse is old news. Her being a kempachi was predictable. Her being the Yachiru that inspired Kempachi? that was completely unexpected to me.
I wonder if Yachiru will call her "mom" now.
>> No. 80264
I cant stop laughing at that
>> No. 80343
New record?
>> No. 80345
File 135585400776.png - (159.08KB , 856x436 , PAAB[1].png )
>> No. 80350
File 135585728156.png?spoiler - (319.55KB , 905x1300 , 1519321d08148790d5091470f20f07a0.png?spoiler )
Oh my fucking god, this chapter.

I actually couldn't stop myself from laughing. Bleach really does shine as a comedy manga.
>> No. 80352
are they purposefully a whole training/recovery arc? it looks like they are.
>> No. 80353
It is, but it's a thousand times more entertaining than the bullshit before.
>> No. 80355
File 135586793045.jpg?nsfw - (215.92KB , 842x820 , 1355867867275.jpg?nsfw )
This character's breasts occupy significant volume
>> No. 80356
Like I said, new record.
>> No. 80357
File 135587838159.jpg - (174.69KB , 770x782 , 1355842674779.jpg )
Breasts always make Bleach better.

>> No. 80358
Kon really makes that page.
It's true.
>> No. 80362
okay so i caught up... despite my protests... and all i can say that tite should have been focusing on his strengths this whole time: fashion, comedy writing, occult/spiritual mumbo jumbo, bffs, and socially awkward and annoyed ichigo.

but we all know that... and we all keep reading... and i hate all of us. especially the writer.
>> No. 80365
Forgive me for saying this as someone who's never read Bleach, but it sounds like it's gone on too long.
>> No. 80366
You wouldn't be wrong.
>> No. 80384
this is correct.
>> No. 80407
Kubo has found THE HEART

>> No. 80439
Well he has that to fall back on.
>> No. 80440
I've heard this isn't his first marriage?
>> No. 80488
I need pictures of the bride.
>> No. 80524
I say this all the fucking time but I would've read the EVERLOVING SHIIIIIIIT out of the manga the first OP implied it would be.
>> No. 80642
File 135764791161.jpg?spoiler - (121.23KB , 324x476 , 1357639626353.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 80643
Well, at least I now know what my nightmares will be about in the coming weeks.
>> No. 80647
ten gillions hours in mspaint.
>> No. 80837
File 135833535268.jpg - (164.96KB , 1200x1000 , 1358327962583.jpg )
Fanart drawn by prophets
>> No. 80839
File 135834319498.jpg - (55.08KB , 890x1308 , lq_13.jpg )
>> No. 80840
File 135834366393.jpg - (34.86KB , 580x840 , you gonna git raped.jpg )
Bloody mangapanda and their obnoxious logo plastered everywhere.
>> No. 80841
More like Unohana Yandere.
>> No. 80848
>> No. 80850
File 135835343537.jpg - (798.37KB , 800x1143 , The_Unohana_Yachiru.jpg )
This is an exquisite piece, notice the way the eyes seem to follow you about the room then how it stabs you in the fucking face
>> No. 80852
File 135835683359.png?spoiler - (274.19KB , 910x1300 , e2a2092e0b030afbec95e1c4289c190b.png?spoiler )
Disturbed - Enemy/Conflict - w/ soundyoutube thumb

I don't normally like to encourage AMVs but man, if this fight ever gets animated, I think this song would suit it.
>> No. 80856
Finally some Bleach shipping I can get behind.
>> No. 80865
>if this fight ever gets animated
It won't. The anime ended with the Fullbringer arc.
>> No. 80876
If Captain Psycho Mom dies to just give Kenny a power-up that'll be hella lame.

Especially when we can get wanker's like Byakuya who can have multiple 'death' scenes and not die.
>> No. 80879
...Stop it, boner.
>> No. 80890
File 135843024676.png - (116.24KB , 843x787 , e2a2092e0b030afbec95e1c4289c190b.png )
No, it's just off until the manga ends. They got tired of paying writers to do filler because of Kubo's non-existent pacing.

Anyway, what's the deal here? Kenpachi and Unohana were just playing nice every day despite being mortal enemies apparently? What's with that? Was it just mutual fear of Yama's wrath or what?
>> No. 80895
A kempachi will die for sure. Because Zaraki will remember who he is and drop the title.
>> No. 80925

Kinda obvious only her 'Yachiru' personality/abilities will die and she'll be left happier as Ms. Healer.
>> No. 80933
Women should stay in the hospital, its the men's job to slaughter the enemy psychotically.
>> No. 80980
The way this fight is going makes me think of playing Super Mario Bros.

Everytime I die I shout "FUCK!"

But then I see my reservoir of lives and it's okay.

I'm guessing that's what's going on here, the secret power of her sword is people only die if she let's them?
>> No. 80991
New Bleach thread is up
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