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77863 No. 77863
Or, "I Did it for a Girl"
The last thread: >>73025

Even if you give it a fancy name like "Chaotic Dance of the Exploding Winds", it doesn't change the fact that Katon is still relatively useless in this universe.
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>> No. 79770
>Adult Swim, announced on Thursday that Naruto will run on Adult Swim's Toonami block on Saturday, December 1 at 12:30 a.m. EST/PST (effectively Sunday, December 2 in the morning).
>The anime will run uncut, starting from the first episode.
Gee, Adult Swim, welcome to five years ago. "Uncut" means, what, we get the Sasuke/Naruto kiss in the first episode and a bit more blood?

But then they're also running an hour of Inuyasha. Still. Oh well, at least they're kind of trying.
>> No. 79771
Dammit I was waiting for FMA:B to start another run so I could introduce my dad to it. This better not interfere with that like how the recent schedule change got rid of Ghost in the Shell.
>> No. 79773
>we get the Sasuke/Naruto kiss in the first episode
Not sure, but if the 10-years old memory serves right, you'll find out in the uncut anime there are TWO episodes before that one! So... profit? Kinda?
>> No. 79777

Hisoka always kicks ass, but Kuroro really hasn't been around much because the big focus in the last (major) arc was on Gon and Killua. So much so that, hilariously, neither Leorio nor Kurapika made an appearance for like 100 chapters. But it was an excellent arc, arguably the best of the series, arguably one of the best in the history of shounen manga. A lot of people thought it was a little... much... but that was possibly because it took like five freaking years to get through that arc with its length and all the hiatuses as well. Read all together, it's amazingly cogent and deep. A bunch of great new characters get introduced, too; and thankfully not all of them die! In all seriousness, I can't recommend it enough. HxH is like Naruto, but actually good, and seems to be getting BETTER with time, instead of worse.


You do realize there are like five people left on the planet that watch TV shows on the TV. There's a billion unofficial sites with anime sub streams; and because of FMA:B being so recent and popular, I'm willing to bet money that there's a partnership between FUNi and someone like veoh or hulu to stream the dubs in HD quality on the official site as long as you're willing to sit through a minute of commercials in the middle of the episodes.
>> No. 79778
Whenever it was, it's been ages since I watched stuff that early. It has to be really early on, though, because I remember watching the premiere on old Toonami and they took the kiss out; either Ep 1 or 2.

Why does it have to be an hour of InuYasha? Why not both InuYasha and GitS:SAC?

So do they have more than something like three recurring females now?

>internet videoz
Hulu did FMA:B subbed then dubbed; I think the dub is now behind Hulu Plus. Crunchyroll is supposedly good, but my Hulu queue is so large that I really have no need for any other site until the number of ads becomes too much.
>> No. 79779
File 135365424334.jpg - (119.38KB , 800x1163 , hunter-x-hunter-1310712.jpg )
>Chimera Ant Arc
>"arguably one of the best in the history of shounen manga"
>"seems to be getting BETTER with time, instead of worse"

Hahaha...okay then.
>> No. 79782
I can respect the argument that that arc was something great. It did some really interesting things, no question.

But it's clear the author was struggling to stay the course, HxH still isn't One Piece.
>> No. 79788

It started off really good, got pretty meh towards the middle, and then got profoundly, profoundly stupid at the end.
>> No. 79789
Yeah then I'm one of the five... Why the hell does it matter to you if I choose not to use online streaming and want to watch something on a weekly basis with my father on the big screen in the living room without having to buy more shit to view streams there.
>> No. 79870
So whats up with the latest chapter, 10 tails being a blob monster? Obito being tiresome?
>> No. 79882
It would be hilarious if Naruto was killed. His whole "I'll be Hokage damn it cause I am the main lead of this fucking manga!" shtick has made him way too damn annoying lately.
>> No. 79883
Hail, hail, the
gang's all here,
We're a bunch of
live ones, not a single dead one;
Hail, hail, the
gang's all here,
Sure I'm glad
that I'm here, too!
>> No. 79888
"Oh hey other people exist in this universe...and they do stuff too I guess."
>> No. 79897
this is going to be stupid hard to choreograph fight scenes. there's no way this is going to work out without bullshit no jutsu and a mile of over-powered everyone gets knocked the fuck out no jutsu.

naruto is going to cheer everyone up and save everyone. be prepared for hinata to be ignored as all fuck.
>> No. 79898
File 135416906039.gif - (461.50KB , 250x133 , tumblr_me60ocuk9s1qzzm3z.gif )
>mfw you guys treat Naruto like I treat Mass Effect.

At least I have a place to talk about everything wrong with Naruto without rubbing elbows with hambeasts and madmen or being downvoted into the shadow realm.
>> No. 79903
Mass Effect is even worse than Naruto
>> No. 79904
Oh please, even with the shit dialogue, nonsense endings, wacky lore-breaking tie-ins, and general apathy of every writer involved, Mass Effect can never be worse than Naruto has been the past few yea-

Mass Effect 3 Omega - Aria Kisses Shepardyoutube thumb

>> No. 79908
File 135419446171.jpg - (219.08KB , 800x577 , image04308.jpg )
Hey Moe whats with all the swords in the later segments of the Mass Effect series, both energy blades and weeaboo?

Sort of odd for a game thats first entry was very sci-fi and tacticool with all its focus on guns and railguns that had lengthy backstory detailing from an in-game encyclopaedia.
It seems to have almost as many blades and ninja as Naruto does. (But will Naruto die at the end? At least Kishimoto can't force you to buy dlc to see the real ending eh?)
>> No. 79909
>Implying Mass Effect had any real ending
>> No. 79910
File 135420071191.jpg?spoiler - (12.56KB , 264x320 , ngbbs47e573a87103c.jpg?spoiler )
Hey now-
>>"All your efforts and choices up to this point through three different games were utterly useless, now choose the method in which the plot will crudely sodomise you"
sounds plenty real to me.

I guess you are just not DEEP enough to appreciate it.
>> No. 79911
"Knocked out" and there's the big problem with this fucking war. No one dies.
>> No. 79913
If Naruto turned into Gantz, I'd lose my shit.
>> No. 79915
File 135425101548.jpg - (132.69KB , 500x633 , plinkett.jpg )
I'm not really sure what that means since I've never seen or read Gantz. So I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. However, I will say that while I don't think anyone wants Naruto to become a Berserkish bloodbath of horrors. It does kind of take any and all the tension out of the story when your completely aware that there's absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Which was pretty much the precedent established during Pains invasion of Konaha, wherein everyone that died during the battle was magically brought back to life.

Losing characters in that conflict, especially fan favorites like Kakashi and Hinata, would have at least established the basis of some kind of consequence. Leading to a certain degree or tension in the main conflict of the war. If Kishi actually had the balls to off two fan favorites, then who the hell else is on the chopping block? But lo and behold, not only has no one actually died in this entire war (we keep hearing about casualties, but haven't seen a single one), but because of that, and because of the Pain invasion, I know no one will.

I'm always forced to go back to storytelling 101 with these fucking prequ... I mean Naruto comics. If I'm already well aware ahead of time that there's absolutely no sort of consequence's then there's no tension and no reason for me to care. This story is so flat and dry and uninteresting at this point that the only reason I'm sticking with it is because I feel some kind of stupid obligation to see it finished. I know it's gonna suck, but I still wannna see how it ends.
>> No. 79917
Though if those fan favorite characters had stayed dead, it would be a huge boner-killer. Fans would probably lose the interest on having favorites. I mean, Sasuke turning sides, Kakashi and Hinata dying, other characters becoming irrelevant or useless? Add it to the fact the big fights are focused on giant monsters, and there isn't much to look forward to.

Either way, everybody having resurrected didn't take away the emotional charge from the death scenes. And as far as I know, the former Hokage is still dead? (Sorry, I haven't read in a while)
>> No. 79918
File 135425705755.png - (458.30KB , 1021x597 , Naruto Onsen.png )
It's either my inner shotacon coming out, or thinking about Sai's jokes from early in his appearance, but for a few seconds in this scene I didn't think the boys were admiring Naruto's ability to stand on the water while staring at his naked front and being so amazed...

And once again, the damn filler sagas, no matter how poorly-composed, seem so much more interesting than whatever is going on in the canon. Perhaps that's because I don't already know what's going to happen from reading the manga, or perhaps Naruto is really gotten that bad. Dunno.

Is it just a perspective issue, or is the size-difference between the Juubi and Hachibi radically different between scenes in the last chapter? It seemed to me that when the Juubi blocked Hachibi's bijuu-ball-o-doom that he was the size of an insect compared to Juubi, but a couple pages later they seemed about the same size. I thought maybe it was because Kyuubi/Hachibi were in the foreground, but it's still weird looking because the featureless desert ground gives no sense of distance.
>> No. 79930
Kowtowing to fans is why Sasuke took over the series. Screw the fans.
>> No. 79931
Do you have to mention your pedophilia all the time?
>> No. 80012
>this is going to be stupid hard to choreograph fight scenes. there's no way this is going to work out without bullshit no jutsu and a mile of over-powered everyone gets knocked the fuck out no jutsu.

I'll agree with you on that possibility of bullshit-no-jutsu coming up eventually, but the way the allied shinobi force used a perfect combination of like ten different jutsu to blind Obito and Madara's senses and then seal the Juubi (albeit temporarily) in quick-dry cement was pretty freaking cool. The best part was that none of these were jutsu we've not seen before, and thus they were not ass-pull techniques. And I can't wait to see a bunch of them basically Zerg-rush Obito for a span of five minutes until he exhausts his teleport ability. Madara still gives no fucks, however, so he's probably just going to spam Susanoo at everyone. For once, I'm actually looking forward to the next chapter. I'm glad the manga can still occasionally impress me; otherwise I'd probably just stop reading it.


Yes, as a matter of fact I do. It's a condition of my parole.
>> No. 80014
I agree, this week's chapter was nice.
So was Bleach's, really.
This week in Shonen Jump: Normally terrible things are actually pretty OK.
>> No. 80024
That actually sounds interesting I guess I'll give this chapter a read.
>> No. 80112
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth continues to be way better than the original manga.
>> No. 80199
>Last chapter

Well. Shit...
>> No. 80200

I am an idiot. That should be >latest chapter
>> No. 80206
i've always been a fan of the Nara clan characters
>> No. 80207
.....am I the only one who doesn't buy for a second that they died? Its a modern shounen and all modern shounens do wars where no one dies. They are soooo alive its not even funny.

And so what if they actually live through that? To tell you the truth the way it was done lacked impact and felt disjointed and impersonal. Its like Kishimoto is just bored with this arc.
>> No. 80208
good point. there was barely a send-off.

no-one-dies shippuden

still... i wanted to believe that kishimoto would care enough about his characters to let them go. ...

oops. my mistake. that's just me.
>> No. 80222
I'm sure Naruto will just bring back everyone who's dead at the end of the war with some Jutsu, to cement his messiah status.
>> No. 80224
People, people, keep that stuff in spoiler tags for a few days, would you?

Not for me (I know well enough to avoid this thread until I read the chapter...), but for others who might now know yet.

Juubi's one-winged angel transformation is pretty good. Much better than before, anyway. The hands on the ends of its tails reminds me of Gluttony from the FullMetal Alchemist movie. However, I also do not believe that the characters at HQ are dead (the main reason is because I know this manga is Naruto, and nobody had a flashback to their academy days). Probably, we'll find out in a chapter or two that some character protected them by either sheer badass or by sacrificing their life.

Come to think of it... this would be the perfect time for Sasuke to show up. He blocks the Juubi-dama with a perfected Susanoo, saying something Vegeta-ish like, "Nobody kills the people of Konoha... EXCEPT FOR ME!" and then he'll join the battle because only an Uchiha can beat an Uchiha... or some such bullshit.

>> No. 80227
File 135537492987.jpg - (82.18KB , 317x415 , Horror_Yankee.jpg )

>that spoiler-text
>> No. 80229
that certainly would tie up some ends
and possibly change the purpose of the moon illusion into something even more devious for no bloody reason other than to escalate the fight
>> No. 80246
File 135541083255.jpg - (28.44KB , 640x480 , naruto_shikamaru0003.jpg )
>Denial <------- You are all here.
>> No. 80248
I'm not in denial of them being dead (I could care less), I'm just in denial of Kishi actually having the balls to do it.
>> No. 80270

You 'couldn't care less', if you could care less then you could care less than you currently are.

I'm somewhat confused on how people mangle this phrase.
>> No. 80274
Maybe it's short for "I could care less, but it would make the Average Apathy Level of the Universe become so high that no one would ever able to be enthusiastic about anything again?"
>> No. 80279
The phrase is "I could care less". It's commonly accepted vernacular and as such its true meaning is clear to native English speakers. Regardless (and irregardless, which is just as valid so suck it) of its non-vernacular inaccuracy, it's here to stay. Language evolves and it evolves in roundabout ways. It is hardly the first inaccurate phrase to become accepted in to a language, and it won't be the last.

People who do the whole "weh weh i'm a grammar nazi and proud of it" act need to take their hands off their e-cocks for a while.
>> No. 80282
That makes you the nazi-squared

You're worse than grammar Hitler
>> No. 80287
>It's commonly accepted vernacular

YOLO is also commonly accepted vernacular. That doesn't mean it doesn't sound fucking stupid or mangled.
>> No. 80296
File 135551961928.png - (90.59KB , 432x673 , but sasuke it's taco night.png )
this fucking manga
>> No. 80297
File 135552196499.png - (193.82KB , 886x1300 , 604515b1fc24b5935a35a83fb62509b6.png )
I think they had fun translating this week.

Is it just me or were they going for that Creepy Sasuke face...?
>> No. 80309
Anyone else not able to enter the new thread or is it just me?
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