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File 13462324356.jpg - (66.72KB , 600x242 , c7b.jpg )
77646 No. 77646
why do I love this meme so much?
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>> No. 79510
Pretty certain "your mileage may vary" existed as a phrase before TV Tropes named something after it. I've been using it since before I read it, anyway, might've picked it up from someone who read it there before I did.
And I don't know why you're so caught up on the act of hitting, rather than the severity. I'm not throwing jaw-breaking haymakers, I'm basically firmly tapping someone on the arm with my fist.
Likewise, he may be slapping/chopping her, but it's pretty clear that exactly 0 effort is being put into trying to make it hurt. They're light actions.
You just see a moe moe kyuuun~ waifu being smacked and squeaking, and it triggers the white knight in you. Calm the fuck down little dude, it is gonna be OK. I promise.
>> No. 79514
"Your mileage may vary" is a term from gasoline commercials that has entered the lexicon as an easy cliché to be used when stating that individual experiences with particular stimuli are the result of numerous variables, and it can be depended upon that all people who go through those stimuli will have the same reaction to it. TV Tropes did not invent it, though I suppose they may have popularized it. You may as well get mad at people for quoting TV Tropes when they call someone a Mary Sue.
>> No. 79519
I've heard that phrase used since I was in grade school, it's been around for decades
>> No. 79533
I have never heard this phrase before the advent of TVTropes because I live in You Kay.

I generally seem to get a whole lot of orphaned punchlines and context-free references from US pop culture lately.
>> No. 79539
File 135297971243.jpg - (777.97KB , 1600x1148 , nyv0wo[1].jpg )

Oh boy, a fantastic new gay love story!
>> No. 79540
the art looks pretty nice, but I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty ugly and can't understand why he has so many fangirls am I? hell, the guy who played Loki isn't this popular and I think even he's better looking than him
>> No. 79541

No I agree, the Cumberbatch is pretty fug. This is actually part of why I like his Sherlock, he's an ugly, unattractive, personally repellent asshole hopped up on drugs most of the time.

Don't ask me to account for his fangirls, though.
>> No. 79542
File 135298881768.jpg - (261.04KB , 1280x720 , ur a faget rikka.jpg )
>> No. 79543
File 135298881764.jpg - (601.57KB , 2160x1664 , HOW_DO_YOU_SEE_RORSCHACH__by_EnvySkort.jpg )
He'll be pretty when they are through with him
>> No. 79544

I think he has nice eyes, but that's about it. Actually to be honest, I don't really find much about that show to be appealing.
>> No. 79546
You have got to be SHITTING me.
>> No. 79553
If you're an arrogant and intelligent man in fiction, real life girls will always want the d. Look how popular Rodney McKay and House are, despite the middling attractiveness of their actors (though Hugh Laurie has against all odds has somehow become attractive as he ages.)

And yet if you're arrogant and intelligent in real life, no one will ever touch you, unless you're, like, so blindingly hot girls can overlook the rest. Also if you're rich, and then a certain caliber of girl would touch you even if you were ugly and dumb and modest.
>> No. 79555
It's a fairly solid adaption so far, seems to be lifted word for word from the show. The little deduction blips don't transfer well into manga, which is a shame, because they were some of my favorite bits from the show.

Will never understand manga's fascination with taking Benedict Cumberbatch, David Bowie, and other people who are already bishounen and making them even more pretty, though.
>> No. 79557
Had a very interesting conversation with my brother today about why guitars come out of people's heads and how that relates to the alien conspiracy to remove all thought and capture the pirate king.

FLCL is pretty much his favorite anime ever.
>> No. 79563
It's a damn clever show, really. And proof that a kind of stream-of-consciousness narrative can really work.
>> No. 79567
File 135307710715.jpg?nsfw - (90.50KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Psycho-Pass - 06 [73D2A325]_mkv_snapshot_.jpg?nsfw )
Yep, this is written by Urobuchi alright.
>> No. 79570
reminds me of the corpses in Kara no Kyoukai
>> No. 79571
I think I saw this in Eternal Darkness.

I haven't bothered watching Psycho Pass because it got terrible reception when it first started, how is it now?
>> No. 79572
It's meh. If you like watching gory serial killer stuff it's alright, but not really special in any way.
>> No. 79590
File 135315963227.jpg - (292.62KB , 749x1125 , 1353156168903.jpg )
>> No. 79601
There's a Sailor Moon thread on >>74634
>> No. 79612
>I wanted to make a manga where everyone died at the end

She wanted to pull a Tomino in Sailor Moon? Not bad.
>> No. 79620
File 135325831899.png - (95.53KB , 247x231 , have some juusu.png )

I've seen some shit
>> No. 79621

>> No. 79622
File 13532592896.jpg - (6.59KB , 177x170 , 1332279074122.jpg )

It begins anew.
>> No. 79624
What's the big deal with Rozen Maiden?
>> No. 79625
File 135326047879.jpg - (41.41KB , 299x276 , toonaby.jpg )
>> No. 79627
As I recall it's the beast that spawned the DESU meme.
>> No. 79628
File 135326338947.png - (400.26KB , 908x1300 , 59416_NISE51_01.png )
I'm dead. My heart couldn't take it.
>> No. 79629
Just that joke?
Eugh, disappointing!
>> No. 79633

God its been forever

Suigintou is the best character.
>> No. 79637
It's a good series.
>> No. 79643
File 135329866853.png - (737.83KB , 774x705 , IMG_0232.png )

>> No. 79651
So I'm reading Birdy the Mighty and I'm left wondering why the hell didn't I start reading this sooner.

I've always seen gifs of the show but I had no idea what was going on so I never watched it.
>> No. 79655
File 135333439627.jpg - (118.97KB , 728x1106 , phachimitsu_scans_love_allergen_v01_c04_09[1].jpg )
Love Allergen is a hoot.
>> No. 79664
File 13533460744.jpg - (71.73KB , 434x464 , rnise050_012.jpg )

Shuu is the best character.
>> No. 79673
File 135335833554.jpg - (373.32KB , 860x1236 , img000007.jpg )
This might just be the best use of paneling I've ever seen.
>> No. 79674
File 135336134015.gif - (2.47MB , 400x287 , 1353357702389.gif )
>> No. 79675
File 135336144593.gif - (378.78KB , 300x216 , 1353358845747.gif )
>> No. 79676
>> No. 79677
What is this?
>> No. 79680
Holy crap, what is this?
>> No. 79681
It's Onepunch Man.
>> No. 79685
File 135336938115.jpg - (190.05KB , 728x1116 , copm_001_002.jpg )
Thanks this is fucking rad!
>> No. 79689
Yusuke Murata has always been one of the absolute masters of action paneling, imo. He didn't get to flex his skills that much in Eyeshield 21, but there were a few moments that I can remember that just blew my mind.

It's great he's now drawing a series where he can really strut his stuff.
>> No. 79691
Murata is just an amazing artist period, you should see that one spread where he's draws all the Shounen Jump heroes and manages to mimick their original styles almost perfectly
>> No. 79696
File 135339452246.jpg - (300.05KB , 850x598 , Murata.jpg )
Damn. Anyone got a full sized version of this?
>> No. 79725
Thread in autosage?
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