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File 134388211787.jpg - (21.19KB , 760x455 , Hentai Recommendation Thread.jpg )
77167 No. 77167
We now return to your fully Anonex approved porn broadcasts, now with Nurse Femdom!
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>> No. 84660
File 137793186283.jpg?nsfw - (821.15KB , 1099x1600 , page_001.jpg?nsfw )
Vanilla porn to the rescue!

Bitter Face - Umezawa Takeki

MC is worried about the face his girlfriend makes when they have sex
>> No. 84663
New Hentai Recommendation Thread rules:
1) Everyone shut up
2) If it would be allowed in /pco/ or 4chan's /h/, /u/, or /e/, it can be linked as-is
3) For everything else, mention the content briefly. Tags, synopsis, elegy, whatever.

Because nothing is more of a boner-killer than thinking you're about to see some yuri and get inflation or something instead.
>> No. 84666
So the exhentai plugin isn't working anymore. Anyone else having any problems?
>> No. 84667
Exhentai plugin isn't working for me anymore. Can someone help?
>> No. 84668
Use Chrome. My Chrome plugin still works.
>> No. 84670
Any other suggestions?
>> No. 84671
File 137806614546.png - (35.34KB , 491x598 , enter the fjords.png )

Its crazy easy to use a cookie manager.
I use Cookies Manager+

1.) download cookies manager+

2.) login to e-hentai.

3.) go to exhentai
you'll see the sad panda
close that tab

4.) now its cookie editing time:
open cookies manager from the tools menu
in the searchbar put 'hentai'
delete the 'yay' cookie
select the 'ipb_member_id' cookie
change the '-' in 'e-hentai' to an 'x'
do the same for 'ipb_member_hash'

and you should be in
>> No. 84694
So is exhentai broken for anyone else?
>> No. 84695
Thats okay because >>84660 is on fakku now.
>> No. 84697
Yeah, or you skip all that and use a Chrome plugin (I'm using Exhentai Easy, works great.)
>> No. 84698
Even more dont look at my face porn.
>> No. 84703
Holy fuck you do not need a plugin, extension, or any of that to access exhentai.
>> No. 84805
I never needed any of that either. But now I somehow can't get past it anymore.
>> No. 84813
Cookies can expire. If this is the case, you'll need to delete your old, relevant, cookies, and complete the process again. This time, set the expiration date to the far future.
>> No. 84815
I did. I still can't get past it. Exhentai simply won't recognize my cookies. Maybe it's some fucking bullshit with the new Firefox version or something.
>> No. 84819
Are you using private browsing mode? Because that doesn't work anymore, I can tell you that.
>> No. 84867
Whatever, fakku is a better site anyway.
Its Tomboy anal with silly dialog.
Yes please?
Also check out the artist other work.
>> No. 84919
Da tripping~
>> No. 84994
File 138101414287.jpg - (15.09KB , 300x281 , 1363672656058.jpg )
>fakku is a better site anyway
>> No. 84995
No sadpanda, layout is far better, sub-groups are better, and more. The URLs are also better (in that they're easier to understand at a glance), compare >>84919 to >>83816.

The only thing that exhentai is better is less popular or esoteric fetishes.
>> No. 84997

Honestly, I'm with the other anon. Fakku's selection is both depressingly vanilla and rigorously generic. In terms of actual website, yes, Fakku wins, but its library is so. boring.
>> No. 84999
So, you're expecting all kinds of forced/mindbreaking/disgustng sexual fetishes bullshit?
>> No. 85004

Uh, no. Did I say that? Fakku just plays very close to a rather boring type whereas other sites have a wider variety. And I'm not just talking about fetishes here, I'm talking art style, body types, etc.
>> No. 85007
You implied that, considering the person you're agreeing with WAS talking about fetishes. Anyway you clarified what you meant.
>> No. 85015
File 138113024590.jpg?nsfw - (1.73MB , 998x1400 , 001 finally a real bush.jpg?nsfw )
You can totally find other body types on fakku if you look for it...
I found this on the front page.
Aman bra!
>> No. 85032
I'll give you that Fakku material tends to stand near the "standard" body type, in that it's rare to find someone with SUPERMASSIVE boobs, weird faces, and/or muscly-type bodies. But I thought you were talking about fetishes at first, too.
>> No. 85039
And how can you hate vanillla hentai with stuff like this:
But I guess this is fine to:
>> No. 85680
Got Project-H Ring X Mama book.
Its still censured...
Well I guess that makes it more authentic...
But if I have to got the hassle of needing two hands to read it I need more.
3/5 -will not speand more money unless they get better.
Because I got other shit to buy!
>> No. 85726
Well this was nuts.
>> No. 86046
>> No. 86096
That was amusing, my penis approved
>> No. 86275
Why does fakku seem to have popups that get around popup blockers?
>> No. 86353
>Tentacle Lovers Vol 1
Magical princess travels the world to learn about it and joins a Japanese class. Said princess tries summoning a familiar one night, but is interrupted by a classmate and screws up the spell. Doing so kills him, so she brings him back as a Lust-Beast, a small blob with tentacles that can change size/shape. Wonderful consentacles happen in spades. Well drawn and pretty funny, to boot.

The pop-ups come from mouse-clicks, which most blockers assume are "legit" pop-ups that you wanted to happen and so don't block them. That's why you just block any pop-up window period and allow only when necessary.
>> No. 86356
File 138919536915.jpg - (385.61KB , 860x1214 , 01_001m.jpg )

Yuasa's Remake (new art and additional pages) of Ninja Dependence Vol. 2 translated and edited by Kusanyagi.
>> No. 86463
Here is a topic for yah dude.
What H-manga would you like to see turned into a H-anime?

Mine is Drill Jill's Sperm "saga" because that shit is crazy yo!
>> No. 86531
File 139019159082.jpg - (496.80KB , 1101x1600 , kid icarus and medusa.jpg )
>> No. 86563
File 139040728840.jpg - (44.69KB , 400x299 , randy_marsh ultra jizz.jpg )
>> No. 87356
Four key words.
Trap-maid gets femdomed.
>> No. 87378
Wow. That just sounds like everything I don't want to read ever.
>> No. 87381
How does it feel to have such shit taste
>> No. 87382
File 139338717655.jpg - (482.97KB , 860x584 , NicchokuOshigoto_ENG_030.jpg )
Nicchoku Oshigoto by Inoue Kiyoshirou
Contains: public use, emotionless sex, a lot of semen
There are two more in the series.
>> No. 87470
Slowpoke, you're not really one to call people out on shit taste.
>> No. 87473
File 139374609634.png?spoiler - (159.88KB , 725x475 , slowpokeandextremelyhandsomegaymen.png?spoiler )
you're PROBABLY right but I stand by what I said
>> No. 87510
File 139411348832.png - (796.48KB , 1072x1600 , 03.png )
This is a pretty cute little thing.
>> No. 87529
Fuck, right in the feels for a while there.
>> No. 87655
File 139470598678.png?nsfw - (0.96MB , 1245x1800 , swimming 02.png?nsfw )
[KON-KIT] Ningyo ga Petto ni Natta Hi

A swim club has a very special problem with their temp-advisor
>> No. 87667
This was surprisingly good considering the tags. Lol'd.
>> No. 87668
File 139475759221.jpg?nsfw - (227.37KB , 500x702 , 07.jpg?nsfw )
Yeah, konkit may not be my favorite in terms of art style but they makes the most entertaining shit.
>> No. 88222
File 139752991018.jpg - (368.11KB , 1000x1368 , 003.jpg )
Chapter 1 of a pretty good series (9+Final chapters): Super-smart high school girl is in love with super-smart high school boy, but that boy only dreams of long-haired blondes with big tits. Said girl is quite small for her age in all areas and has short, black hair. So she creates a serum that will turn her into his ideal, but only for a short time.

It covers most of your "mild" fetishes. Main thing is bimbofication/transformation (except the intelligence; she keeps that), but you also have some genderswap, lesbian, ahego, loli/petanko/chibi? (I didn't bother saving those parts), and a few pages of futanari.

I actually don't care for the "Final" chapter at all; it undoes the regular ending.
>> No. 88295
File 139807510844.jpg?nsfw - (656.94KB , 1672x2487 , 0008.jpg?nsfw )
If you like exhibition check http://www.munyu.info/phpBB3/
Got this funny.
From Kumo no Michi (Road of Clouds) by the way.
Good stuff, very pro sex.
Because fuck that rapey bullshit.
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