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File 133348319439.jpg - (85.28KB , 1280x720 , 1333481140015.jpg )
73372 No. 73372
Saint Seiya Omega OP.aviyoutube thumb
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>> No. 86442

I've been thinking about it for some time now and I see it plausible that Subaru might be a different god than the big bad.Which it means there might be four gods, Athena, Pallas, the big bad and Subaru.
>> No. 86501
I marathoned the last 6 episodes and I would aggree. This season puts enormous emphasis on duality, so there might be another pair to discover.
Things are shaping up really well to be honest, I'm surprised.
>> No. 86602
meh episode, the forbidden attack wasn't especially intense, and the villain didn't have much fancy tricks either. I really hope Titan's pulls a better match. but somehow I think he's gonna be siegfrieded. Like first to drop when the true bad guy appear to asset the power level of the match.
>> No. 86633
File 139066531877.jpg - (61.83KB , 611x458 , ss_ls.jpg )

And people bitched about Omega's cloths.
>> No. 86644
It's more about the generic faces and style than actual armour design I think.
>> No. 86647
In Omega? Nope, it's the fact they looked like they were wearing clothes at first instead of heavy, manly armor.

>> No. 86661
I liked episode 88 more than the last episode.

It kind of sucked that Hyperion survived Athena's Exclamation but at least Subaru kicked his butt.
Who could be this god Subaru saw. Is he the big bad or someone else
>> No. 86694
Modern Japan hates manliness
>> No. 86696
Saint seiya was always drawn with pretty boys and the graphical codes of shoujo manga. So this complaint is rather moot. Fuck, SS gay hentai may have coined the word "yaoi" by themselves.
>> No. 86802
loved 88 as well, if only because it shows that their last powerup didn't make the heroes invincible for the rest of the arc. As for Subaru, I don't know either. He's definitely a god, but he'snot the guy that Hyperion serves, or else he would have recognized his cosmo. and apparently subaru's god is also evil, so it's not a case a "evil god awakens means good counterpart awakes as well". It's confusing. 2 parts of the same god maybe? Zeus and Hera? Dunno.
>> No. 86807
File 139121030133.jpg?spoiler - (308.04KB , 648x1000 , sso_spoilers1.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 86824
true omega forms? Kind of losing its "saint seiya" feel imo.
>> No. 86882
File 13914002109.jpg?spoiler - (651.75KB , 1920x1968 , sso_yunaomega2.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 86889
Yeah, we full KamenCureSentai now.
>> No. 86893
I'm still mad at how utterly irrelevant Yuna was in that season.
>> No. 86897
Umakoshi's legacy, I guess.
>> No. 86939
File 139164404828.jpg - (310.37KB , 867x1250 , saintiasho_mayura.jpg )
This Mayura girl from Saintia Sho looks interesting. Her name means Peacock in sanskrit and she seems to be crippled, blind and mute but it is said that her cosmos is one of the most powerful in the sanctuary.

It would be cool if she were Shaka's disciple.
>> No. 86940
This reminds me of a parody image, that because girls being weak and helpless is so moe the perfect girl would have an absolute raft of various disabilities.
>> No. 87002
Definitely a Shaka "losing a sense strengthen your cosmo" inspiration.
That said, "crippled, blind and mute" seems rather limitation in term of story telling potential. How does she communicate? Cosmo-telepathy?

Also, watched Omega 89, it felt like an horror zombie story. "why don't you stay dead" was overdone imo, especially with the saints having no visible wounds after so many hits. Reminded me of old phoenix illusions trick. Except for real.
Also now that they reached perfect Omega, Titan is more or less a joke. Hope he fights against gold saints otherwise there will be no fight at all.
>> No. 87040
>How does she communicate? Cosmo-telepathy?

Kind of. She has a talking bird that she uses to speak through.
>> No. 87042
Wasn't there a girl like that in X by Clamp?
>> No. 87044
Princess... Hinoto I think? I thought of her immediately when I saw this as well.
>> No. 87095
File 139200841158.jpg - (173.25KB , 1440x810 , taurus_Harbinger.jpg )
Harbinger, the Taurus people are proud of you.
>> No. 87143
He definitely shined more than the others there. Taurus awesomeness shall survive even Omega.
Also shit are getting fucking real as fuck next episode, holy shit.
>> No. 87240
The catfight was kind of meh but that was kind of expected.
>> No. 87308
Too early in the plot, at this point it was just an excuse to get Seiya and Titan to fight. Pallas is probably not dying in battle anyway. More like backstab or sacrifice. Europa might show his true face soon after all.
>> No. 87362
Subaru is Saturn.
>> No. 87373
Called it!
>> No. 87400
it's funny cause it's pronounced Satan in Japanese.
>> No. 87401
dems wet eyes tears.
Dem petals.
Dat forbidden love.
So shoujo I'm gonna crie.
>> No. 87468
File 139371777556.jpg?spoiler - (294.50KB , 1440x810 , sso_saturn2.jpg?spoiler )
Are you a god?
>> No. 87478
There's no Subaru, only Saturn.
>> No. 87524
SSLos Trailer 2youtube thumb
New trailer for the cgi film.
>> No. 87526
File 139417119888.jpg - (310.76KB , 913x541 , sslos_kamyu.jpg )

I like it.
>> No. 87528
Weren't for the stupid redesigns of... well, everything, I'd be all over that.
>> No. 87540
So, since Saturn's minion are named after the planet moons does that mean we are up for a new season of 16 new villains or are they closing the show after him?
>> No. 87585
File 139440656488.jpg?spoiler - (217.77KB , 1440x810 , sso_yunikongalop.jpg?spoiler )
Gooo!!! Jabuuu!!!
>> No. 87600
His cloth looks like it was downgraded to Steel.
>> No. 87603
He was but that didn't make him any less awesome.
>> No. 87616
...Wait, REALLY?! They're downgrading Bronze Saints to Steel now?!
>> No. 87617
Yes but it's only the secondary bronze saints except for Hydra Ichi.
>> No. 87662
O god, a fucking Steel saint episode, why.
Also why do they still call the enemy pallasites? Shouldn't they be something like Mr Saturns?
>> No. 88012
File 13962214924.jpg?spoiler - (197.78KB , 1920x1080 , sso_seiori.jpg?spoiler )
Finally, it's over.
>> No. 88013
File 139622172428.jpg?spoiler - (180.42KB , 1440x810 , sso_seiori2.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 88020
He is the new pope now
>> No. 88021
over, for good? I was expecting them to milk it for another arc. I mean, the franchise is working pretty well atm.
>> No. 88027
Yeah I half expect them to milk it some more soon enough.
Personally I'd rather they focus on Next Dimension, or even trying to continue the Lost Canvas anime, but who knows. If anything there isn't a lack of better source material than Omega.
>> No. 88029
File 139639555068.png - (154.95KB , 414x350 , Kyoko.png )
Saintia Sho's still going on.

Kyoko became Eris new host.

Maybe Jabu will have some protagonism here.
>> No. 88075
o boy, just watched the finale, so many really fucking stupid shit. they weren't even trying to give excuse to why nobody fucking died. And habing europa job like that was just sad. And of course a budget lower than ever. That was a really half assed finale.
>> No. 88288
File 139804170121.jpg - (950.97KB , 1345x2000 , saintiasho-milo.jpg )

Up until now, the only thing I don't like is that it's too slow, and the spanish scanlators. "Caballeritas", really?

It seems like Milo will have some protagonism in Saintia Sho.
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