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>> No. 78411
Getting back into Eva while going through therapy is a very interesting experience.

That being said finding the same scenes in Rebuild feels funny. A good 40% of that Zeruel fight is EXACTLY the same scenes with better graphics.

Also kind of surprised the VAs can maintain the same voice after like, 20 years.
>> No. 78418

That's nothing; look at how well the VAs did for Dragonball Kai. Original Z aired like... 40 years ago, seriously.

Also, I'm currently re-watching Evangelion, too. Usually when I re-watch an anime, I do it ridiculously quickly (like several episodes per day), because I'm so impatient. But I've been really busy this year with, well, actual work and shit, so I don't have time. So this time around, I'm watching it like it SHOULD be watched: one episode per week; and it's a lot more enjoyable this way, with an entire week to think about each episode.

It never fails to amaze me how everything seems to be going pretty well for the protagonists, and then in episode 18, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING GOES TO HELL and keeps getting worse. I mean, seriously...

Episode 18: Touji (almost) dies.
Episode 19: Shinji quits in a rage. Later gets absorbed into Eva.
Episode 20: Shinji gets mindfucked by his own mother, then "dies", then comes back.
Episode 21: Via flashback: Yui (kinda), Naoko, and Rei-1 die. Kaji dies.
Episode 22: Asuka is destroyed every way but physically.
Episode 23: Rei dies, later comes back as "the third one". All the Rei clones die.
Episode 24: Kaworu dies, and Shinji becomes basically useless for the rest of the plot.
Episode 25/26: OMGWTFBBQ?!
End of Evangelion: Asuka gets better and wins the most glorious battle in the history of the series! and then reality kicks in, and she's eaten alive. Then, EVERYONE ON THE PLANET DIES, except for Yui who will drift presumably semi-conscious in space for all eternity. Shinji and Asuka get better... only not really... No, not better at all, actually.

And then we get to Rebuild, where everything is happening once again, except things get terrible much faster, because fuckyouthisispurgatory.

I'm surprised anyone can watch this without ending up clinically depressed, themselves.
>> No. 78419
So, apparently Seele had installed an entry plug sistem inside the angel that Mary kills at the beginning of the second movie aswell as other experiments to control them.

But I have not seen any screencap showing this and I can't notice anything in the movie.
Does anyone have the actual screenshot?
>> No. 78421

Between episodes 17 and 18 is when Anno went into therapy and so all his crazy-repressed issues got ripped out into the light of day.
>> No. 78422

Between episodes 17 and 18 is when Anno went into therapy and so all his crazy-repressed issues got ripped out into the light of day.
>> No. 78423

Between episodes 17 and 18 is when Anno went into therapy and so all his crazy-repressed issues got ripped out into the light of day.
>> No. 78470
>I'm surprised anyone can watch this without ending up clinically depressed, themselves.

Well, in the case of EoE, it really depends on what you choose to take from it. As Yui said, there's still hope that people might come back if they have the will to live in this world--I choose to be optimistic and think that will be the case, though not all of them may came back and definitely not all at once. Plus that interview that confirmed Shinji was only strangling Asuka at the end so he could make sure he wasn't still stuck in Instrumentality limbo, and Asuka's reaction to stroke his face instead of slap it. I like to think the kids, while in shock and pain, are actually going to make it through it together better than they did before all hell broke lose, now that they have a better understanding of themselves.
>> No. 78471
Two people does not a viable genepool make.
>> No. 78472
Hence my bringing up the possibility of other people coming back.
>> No. 78473
It does when there is a LITERAL genepool right there offland.
>> No. 78474
>Plus that interview
Link? Would be nice to get some official explanations of stuff, because I hardly understood anything when I watched.

But, but... Adam and eve! Direct reference, practically!
>> No. 78475
>literal genepool

Asuka: But mommy told me I couldn't get pregnant from swimming in the same pool as boys!

Also, it's less of a genepool and more of a deadpool, methinks. *rimshot*

Oh, and I second the request for that interview; I've never heard of it.
>> No. 78477
From here (wasn't an interview, my bad): http://www.evaotaku.com/html/evafaq.html

>Q) Why does Shinji strangle Asuka in the final scene of The End of Evangelion, 'I need you.' ?

A) The sequance is one of the most hotly debated in Eva circles all over the world. Until now there was no definitive answer to the mystery. However, Bochan Bird has recently stumbled onto the absolute answer, held within the Eva Carddass Masters Trading Card Game.


>The following presents the definitive answer to this question, as translated by Bochan Bird -
>Part II (movies) Drama card D-88
>Title: "Kimochi warui"
>Small print:
>"Shinji renounced the world where all hearts had melted into one and accepted each other unconditionally. His desire... to live with 'others' -- other hearts that would sometimes reject him, even deny him. That is why the first thing he did after coming to his senses was to place his hands around Asuka's neck. To feel the existence of an 'other'. To confirm (make sure of) rejection and denial."
>> No. 78485
>> No. 78869
Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 Q Yo…youtube thumb

I was not aware my nipples could get this hard.
>> No. 78870

I'm psyched for the movie, don't get me wrong. But this trailer is mostly just showing character's faces, and letting us know that Kaworu is gonna play a piano. That doesn't really get me any more excited for 3.0.
>> No. 78930
File 135084198530.gif - (385.97KB , 500x281 , 1350840456518.gif )
JRA補完計画 「馬の戦…youtube thumb
>> No. 78932
Aussenseiter and Fuun Seiki can kick its ass.
>> No. 79240
Evangelion 3.0 Q You Can (Not)…youtube thumb

>> No. 79262
Do my eyes deceive me? Did I just see two new characters at :44 and :48?

Don't know what to feel about that.
>> No. 79264
:48 might just be some random background Nerv techie.

I have no idea who :44 is though. Popular theories on /a/ seem to be that it is a brand new character, a younger Yui, or Touji's sister after a timeskip.
>> No. 79266
File 13522859779.jpg - (67.48KB , 470x238 , 1352271787267.jpg )
>> No. 79267
File 135228604612.png - (305.98KB , 640x324 , rebuild cast.png )
>> No. 79435
why would anyone waifu any character from this series

barring Mari they're all fucked up
>> No. 79439
File 135272843163.jpg - (67.63KB , 640x480 , misato1ny6.jpg )
Because Misato.
>> No. 79564
>> No. 79580
Trust me, there's plenty of lonely loser otakus with no self respect.
>> No. 79583
There's a motherfucking date sim on the nintendo ds. It's that bad.

SO, Time to avoid the internet for spoilers, heh?
When can we expect the firt dubbed camrip?
>> No. 79586
>> No. 79588
There's a shitton more than just one dating sim, I don't know where you've been.

Hell, the raising project manga is based on a game where you actually DO raise him and get him sent to the showers with Kaworu.
>> No. 79603
File 135320346048.jpg - (689.68KB , 1150x800 , b5b66276227005ac513e9a7793f09d19.jpg )

How was the movie?
>> No. 79642
File 135329542678.png - (212.13KB , 508x403 , Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 1_03_45 PM.png )
To those frustrated at the lack of Shinji and Rei (II) in 3.0:

3.0 as far as those two are concerned is about the absence of Rei and how that effects Shinji.

In 1.0 she was distant
In 2.0 she grew closer to due to his efforts to reach out
In 3.0 she isn't there, and Shinji is striving for her all the while

The purpose of Rei Q is kind of like how in Asura's Wrath the protagonist met a girl with an uncanny resemblance to the daughter he wishes to save. This allows for the goal to persist, an anchor for his rage and the viewers to remember what he's fighting for despite all the time that have passed.

Shinji's failure to bring her back through colluding with Kaworu hints that he shouldn't want to bring her back or that he's going about it the wrong way. Rebuild seems to punish people for wanting to help one another or acting selflessly. However, there seems to be a silver lining to such things; Asuka's piloting Unit 03 so Rei could have her dinner party seems to doom her, but in that action, she spares Rei from that fate, some good comes out of it. Likewise, Rei learning to cook and Shinji giving her Miso are good examples of proactive action.

As for those that ship the two, Love might still result, Shinji and Rei could still get together. Shinji's saving of Rei in the first film is depicted as entirely positive, mostly because his tenacity and strength being driven by healthy emotions. His catastrophic attempts at saving her reflect the own efforts of his father, creating a parallel that didn't really exist in the original series, so there's that.

So maybe that's the key, for all the power Shinji has now, he needs to tap into that love and nobility from that climactic battle of the first film.

Kind of like the end of Asura's Wrath. His actions don't seem to change, in fact his solution to the ultimate villain's scheme is his basic response to everything, i.e. beating it up, as his primary motivation, but he's more focused, with his issues resolved and his grievances settled.

In other words, it's the thought that counts.

Or perhaps he won't get together with anyone at the end, but he'll have grown and succeeded in moving on where his father had failed.

Don't make a big fuss about Rei II not being in 3.0. It's more than likely that she'll play a significant role and have a larger presence in 4.0.
>> No. 79644
How many movies are there supposed to be?
>> No. 79650
Rebuild 4 will be the last one.
>> No. 80364
[Evangelion] You Da Man, Shinjiyoutube thumb
>> No. 80378
Ah, thanks.
>> No. 82206
So, the raws for the last movie are going to come soon, right?
>> No. 82222
So wait, I'm confused, I thought the movie came out months ago.
>> No. 82236
3.33 is the DVD/BluRay version, which also tends to have some tweaks to the overall movie.
>> No. 86526
File 139015464529.jpg - (242.61KB , 970x377 , 662195.jpg )
>> No. 86529
File 139017259846.jpg - (480.46KB , 800x1098 , astronaut angel.jpg )
>> No. 86598
>> No. 88044
File 139649584394.jpg - (2.82MB , 5000x1429 , what the fuck you just watched.jpg )
>> No. 88060
As silly as that graphic is, I more or less approve of its interpretation.
>> No. 88061
Man, what a Naruto ripoff!
>> No. 88067
That's a good explanation ...I guess.
But now I think I hate that ending a bit more.
>> No. 88078

I really can't argue with any of that. It's pretty spot on. Except possibly I've always wondered what part Rei played in Instrumentality if she was just there as a medium to fuse Lilith and Adam. Then, why did Giant Naked Rei not appear as Giant Naked Lilith? The way I saw it, it wasn't just the bodies of Lilith and Adam that were needed, but their souls, at least in part. Lilith's soul was in Rei, and Adam's soul was in Kaworu, therefore in the Mass Produced evangelions that... speared themselves with the fake Lances of Longinus while having orgasms.

Oh yeah, about that. WHY DID THEY HAVE ORGASMS?
>> No. 88080
Because Evangelion is as much about sex as it is about anything.
>> No. 88081

>use the Tang joke

>doesn't use the Kaworu/Pez dispenser joke

>> No. 88342
File 139843300778.jpg - (143.01KB , 636x848 , mz38syqwrfp2hepf4dap.jpg )
Thank you, Takara-Tomy.
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