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>> No. 78847
you can almost smell the fedora.
>> No. 78860
Is the movie going to be brought to America and dubbed by the same cast? The outtakes for the dub are some of the funniest things I've ever heard.
>> No. 78864
It already has been; it's on Amazon for like $17.

Guts, Casca, Griffith, Charlotte, Judeau, Rickert, and maybe some others have the same voice actors, but it seems most of the rest (including Zodd, Pippin, Corkus, and the King of Midland) were recast.
>> No. 78867
Are there bloopers?

There have to be. The old bloopers are legendary.
>> No. 78879
The Best of Berserk Outtakesyoutube thumb

This right here is what made me want to get into voice acting. I just want to sing show tunes in some animu character's voice or generally fuck around with other talent on slow days.
>> No. 78984

Its not Elfheim
>> No. 79009
File 135113355523.jpg - (55.90KB , 432x288 , Dammit.jpg )
Stop telling me things that are true.
>> No. 79010
Paperman Breakdown by John Kah…youtube thumb

Berserk's original series was in 2D and 2D is how it should stay. I want 2D theatrical high tier animation to in time become very affordable and further refined, thanks due in part to the technology that makes up the engine for Paperman. What I wouldn't give to see those new Berserk movies being done by this kind of in theatrical 2D (since hand drawn has become too pricey and 2D is now not popular and even resented) instead of those CG amateurs they hired.
>> No. 79011
File 13511357321.jpg - (350.06KB , 701x756 , 1351075350446.jpg )
>> No. 79012
Ahhh, good. And yes, those outtakes are some of the best pro-dub arguments I've ever heard.

Sadly that compilation is missing Griffith's singing (and Guts singing Metallica) and Caska's "suck my dick" running gag. And Sean Schemmel's "SIR DO YOU REALIZE YOU'RE WEARING A VERY FAGGY OUTFIT?" and "Hey, I wanna hug too!"
>> No. 79054
File 135130056497.jpg - (1.33MB , 1488x2820 , 1351291127657.jpg )
>> No. 79055
That computerized 2D animation is impressive, but needs some refinement. Still could you imagine the Eclipse sequence with that kind of high budgeted animation? It would be exquisite.

On a side, of Gut's current party who would you like to see get offed? My candidates are Shierke (so that Farnese matures as the defacto witch of the group) and Isidro (cause he's really just kind of annoying).
>> No. 79057
File 135131064436.jpg - (139.37KB , 300x348 , 1338947597109.jpg )
On a side, of Gut's current party who would you like to see get offed?
>> No. 79058
>killing off Shierke for Farnese
I'm shiggying AND diggying over here.
>> No. 79068
I never understood why Shierke has so many fans.
>> No. 79069
I like everyone in Guts' party.
It's just that killing off a little girl just so another character can have more screen time is both tasteless and pointless. It would be like killing off Puck so that Evarella can take her rightful place as team healer, or killing off the Band of the Hawk so that Griffith can realize his ambitio... damn...
>> No. 79136
File 13516281208.jpg - (197.84KB , 356x1768 , 1351624733792.jpg )
>> No. 79263
>> No. 79271
File 135229772747.jpg - (299.10KB , 800x1151 , berserk-3683579.jpg )
>> No. 79273
It took someone on /a/ pointing out who they were to realize they were Rickert and Erica (and I wasn't alone in that thread).

God damn but this release schedule is torture.
>> No. 79274
Rickert looks really...bishshounen... to put it gently
>> No. 79283
I could recognize Ericka right away, but it took me a while to be sure that was Rickert because the hair sort of threw me off.
>> No. 79334
....really guys? I had no trouble recognizing Rickert and Erika. That said, weak chapter. It felt like filler and I really dislike seeing the apostles act all heroic when we know they are anything but.

For fuck's sake even Irvine must have sacrificed someone innocent to gain his new form and powers. So he's a bastard just like the rest of them.
>> No. 79335
It's been way too goddamn long since we've seen either character.

Also the requirement for sacrifice isn't "innocent" it's "someone precious to you." Often this has been done right after such a person betrayed the would be apostle, as was the case with Lord Slug and Ganishka.
>> No. 79336
I guess. I was thinking about Griffith's own example of a sacrifice. Killing those who risked their necks to help him out of jail, who worshiped him, and were willing to die (by their own choice that is) for him makes him a colossal piece of shit.

Other apostles sacrificed amoral people. But in the end, I still find the basic concepts of an apostle to be deplorable. Which begs the question just who did Skull Knight fuck over to gain his new form? Never mind that Skull Knight is not like the others. He doesn't feel tempted into obeying the will of the God Hands like other powerful apostles like Ganishka.
>> No. 79337
Skull Knight is not an apostle at all. We pretty much know for sure that he's the Emperor of the lost Empire, and I at least believe that Void is the man the Emperor supposedly locked away who led to the Empire's destruction.
>> No. 79344
To me, that seems to be the point. Having dome something horrible doesn't somehow prevent you from doing something good. Right now, Griffith and the new Hawks really are a beacon of hope in a world gone mad for a whole lot of people.
>> No. 79345
>Which begs the question just who did Skull Knight fuck over to gain his new form?
He sure does seem to know a whole lot about the effects of overusing the Berserker Armor now doesn't he.
>> No. 79346
Something Griffith caused to happen?
>> No. 79347
File 135242094438.jpg?nsfw - (244.17KB , 756x1100 , berserk-1592142.jpg?nsfw )
Yeah I figure the armor ate him down until he wasn't human, a skull shape like his soul and now that Guts wears it it's turning him to a wolf shape like when the armor went from a skull to a wolf when Guts put it on originally.
>> No. 79359
It's more Ganishka's fault really. Not that Griffith isn't king of all assholes and didn't take advantage of it.
>> No. 79363

I personally think it's pretty clear that Griffith is going to save Midland, become the hero of the people, be loved by all... and then Guts, after changing into a horrible dog beast, is going to finally kill Griffith. Thus cementing him as a demonic beast/villain for all time.
>> No. 79367
Yeah, it's been obvious for a while that Guts is going to be seen as the villain by those who don't know how much of a monster Griffith really is. Not that Guts is going to give a damn, though.
>> No. 79370
The only way to complete the image of antagonism for Guts would be for Griffith to dehumanize him further. Like somehow Griffith forces Guts to be an inhuman monster.
>> No. 79388
>a film festival is screening the first movie at a theater less than two miles from my school a couple hours after class ends
>but tickets are $12 (only three dollars less than it costs to buy the movie on DVD)

Are these things ever interesting to go to?
>> No. 79389
If you have any Berserk-fan friends near you, I'd say get them and go for it. Movie outings are always a kick.

If you don't and you'll be going by yourself, it'll probably just be awkward.
>> No. 86543
Now the robots don't even advertise anymore. They just spam out of spite.
>> No. 88148
File 139709522368.jpg?spoiler - (226.88KB , 500x749 , Thegirlsofoldtown.jpg?spoiler )

>> No. 88149
BTW Movies were better than I figured.
>> No. 88162
Kind of an acquainting chapter getting us a look at how Falconia works.

It's REALLY obvious he cares again, towards the end of the "wild ride that never ends" arc his people were getting a little sloppy but it seems he's gotten over it.

Those saying he has NO IDEA what to do with Guts and crew go unchallenged for a while longer.
>> No. 88186
Translation's out and... oh my god. Stableboy Daiba.
>> No. 88187
All the people in the country gathering in a single giant city, which they have been led to in their dreams? Seems like another sacrifice is on the schedule.
>> No. 88188
I don't think another should be NEEDED at this point though. The world's fused. The God Hand have their own fantasy zones. Unless that theory that time in Berserk is cyclical holds true and the God Hand want to reenact the fall of Skull Knight's empire.
>> No. 88189
A sacrifice of a God, his people and his dream.

A thumb is not a finger.
>> No. 88190
My point was "to what end?" What would the sacrifice of all those people DO? Incarnate the IoE itself (assuming Miura brings that back, which I hope he doesn't)?
>> No. 88192

Wonder what's in that shed.
>> No. 88198
I also doubt they're being used for another sacrifice, but clearly something is brewing. I was putting my money on the theory previously posted (which I can't seem to locate) that Griffith was going get bored, fuck off to nowhere, and let the last bastion of humanity collapse. But then this meeting with Rickert seems to be going against that. Griffith has probably figured out something more that he wants, but he's basically at the ultimate "what now" stage.

> The God Hand have their own fantasy zones.

I'm still confused as to their motives in this whole ordeal: was that something they actively wanted or did they just have nothing better to do?
>> No. 88199
I think we don't have enough information about the God Hand and what they want to make even an informed guess as to their final motives. But it can't be denied that Fantasia was clearly just a midpoint in their plan, in order to let them manifest directly into the world, rather than a goal in itself. And all their plans do seem to revolve around sacrifices.

Still it seems more likely that by making Griffith a figure of worship by the people of Falconia, they're making him more powerful. What for? No idea, but there's probably some endgame they're pushing towards.
>> No. 88206
File 139742560677.jpg - (13.76KB , 400x271 , phantom.jpg )
In short though this is all going according to Griffith's musical.

>> No. 88590
Angel Beast!
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