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70419 No. 70419
We were in full autosage, friends and neighbors.
Previous thread: >>67018

Discussion topic while we wait for the next episode: P4 (game or anime) is, at heart, about the MC/Yu/Shouji coming to a small town and helping everybody he gets close to with their personal identity problems/mental blocks that keep them from moving forward and growing as people.

For instance, Yosuke always felt like an outsider. Chie and Yukiko were jealous of each other and had no confidence in themselves, so they were super-codependent and each hiding their unhappiness about it from the other. Kanji is super confused about where he fits in because he loves cute shit and is artsy but he looks like a brawler and has anger and abandonment issues. Rise subconsciously divided her personality to be an idol and then couldn't figure out who she really was when she realized she didn't want to be an idol anymore. Teddy has serious amnesia and literally can't remember why he's here or what his purpose is. Naoto is having an identity crisis because she's a she in a professional world full of mostly men and feels like she won't be taken seriously unless she portrays herself as male. And this is just the MC's/Yu's/Shouji's fighting party; this whole identity crisis/mental block theme goes for ALL the S.Links!
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>> No. 78605
Why is the peppy, cheerful cute pop star a sparkly magical girl, hmm I wonder.
>> No. 79916
So apparently, Persona 3 is gonna be getting a movie, and the MC is rumored to be named Gettarou Yamada. Thoughts?
>> No. 79919
>Gettarou Yamada
stupid sounding as fuck, and it was confirmed on Twitter as a placeholder anyway
I always thought the manga names were really fitting to the character designs anyway, so I'll be sad to see "Minato Arisato" changed
>> No. 79921
File 135427193089.jpg - (76.07KB , 680x460 , 1352092633959.jpg )
>kanji in op

feels. all of them.
>> No. 79933
After watching the story mode for P4:A for Yosuke, Yu, and Yukiko (y's...), i've decided that while original Chie is superior, the new Chie is managable. However Labrys is the greatest fucking thing ever and nothing you say will convince me otherwise. She's brilliant and she better show up in future games. Also the P3 characters interacting with P4 characters nearly had me in tears I was so excited just by the prospect of it. I didn't realize how much I missed the P3 cast until I saw them again sigh.

Gettarou Yamada is a dumb name by the way but I'm still stoked for the movie. Not... sure how they'll fit all of P3 into a single movie but... whatever I guess.

This is an AMAZING idea seriously dude well done!
>> No. 79934

> the new Chie is managable

Seriously. She went from sounding 30 to sounding 13.

That's not really an improvement or a step down. It's just kinda... different.
>> No. 79954
I loved Chie's original voice, it sounded so natural and goofy. Her inflections and tones were really genuine.
>> No. 79955

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.
>> No. 79961
Chie's new voice is slowly growing on me, it's just taking a while because her initial lines sound like she's making a voice, not just naturally speaking. She sounded a bit better in P4A, maybe that was recorded afterward.

Speaking of, has anybody heard how Kusanagi-Naoto sounds? (Question, if Mary Elizabeth McGlynn now voices Naoto in the animation, does she still voice Kashiwagi?)
>> No. 79967
I dunno how she sounds but all I know is this:

Johnny Yong Bosch still plays Adachi... and Yu. This means that episode 25 will basically be JYB talking to himself and that is literally the most hilarious thing ive ever heard in my entire life
>> No. 79970

You know. I like there being a bit of symmetry there...

since you can argue that Adachi is sort of Yu's shadow that we never saw. Think about it. He's a womanizing asshole who conquers 'bitches'. What else would the shadow of what is basically a dating game protagonist be?
>> No. 79971
except we do see yu's shadow in the anime

also its just gonna be confusing! i love jyb but seriously hes got two voices and he didnt use the second one for yu.
>> No. 79973
I have been told to play Persona because the Giant Bomb guys and many of my friends really enjoyed it. I will probably play 4 because I do not have anything newer than a PS2 and because Persona 3 is $70 on Amazon and I cannot afford it.

I am completely uninformed about the series and about visual novels (although I did read some of that Dangan Ronpa LP and it breaks my heart that I'll never get to play it). Fill me in, please?
>> No. 79974
Persona really isn't a VN at all, it's just a JRPG where you happen to be able to fuck people (offscreen). It's like the Witcher but with anime instead of stupid boobsball cards.

If you play P4 then that's probably all you're going to play since 3 will feel like a beta version in every single way while 1 and 2 are almost completely different games.
>> No. 79989
>If you play P4 then that's probably all you're going to play since 3 will feel like a beta version in every single way

This. P3 is, in my opinion, the superior game overall, but P4 made a lot of gameplay changes that make it run so much smoother and less FUCKING ALLY AI WHY DID YOU STOP HEALING YOU'VE DISRUPTED MY STUNLOCK WHEN I WAS ONE TURN AWAY FROM KILLING THE BOSSSSSSSS

But you should seriously play P3, and if you're going to, you should play it before P4. I played it vanilla, but the apparently improved FES version still goes for twenty dollars on amazon, as does the PSP version, which is also apparently improved (and lets you play as a girl).
>> No. 79993
You can get FES on PSN for $10
>> No. 79998
File 135465216783.jpg - (34.55KB , 450x460 , 1310087940139.jpg )

>i love jyb but seriously hes got two voices and he didnt use the second one for yu.

Assuming we're talking about the same voice, I can only thank heaven for that.
>> No. 79999
Aaah, okay. So the FES version is the same story, just with stuff fixed? It's really cheap on Amazon right now...I haven't played The Witcher, sadly. My RPG experience is limited to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and the first Dark Cloud. And a little of Star Ocean III.

I don't have a PS3, unfortunately, and my PSP is broken-- I got someone to hack in a couple games for me, but I can't play UMD's on it because it's second or third-hand.
>> No. 80000

Yeah, exactly. I think there may be some tweaking around the edges of some of the social links but on the whole it's just the same game with the rough edges smoothed out. P3P is changed a bit more, and let's you play as a girl which changes social links and dialogue but not the plot.
>> No. 80005

FES also adds a sequel chapter that takes place after the epilogue of the true ending of the original game. It ended up being canon to the story, so yeah, don't buy the original vanilla P3.

P3P is basically P3, with it's gameplay tweaked to play like P4, and the addition of playing as a girl (with the loss of the FES epilogue.) I have both, personally.
>> No. 80006
Kudos to Naoto's VA for actually trying to sound like a dude in the anime dub.
>> No. 80008

Is there a video comparison?
>> No. 80046
imo, P3P is the best version of 3 because there's no fucking Ally AI and Mitsuru's Marin Fucking Karin (seriously fuck you bitch). Of course, if you don't have a PSP, then yeah P3:FES is your best option. Ive said this a few times before but P3 has the better plot and P4 has the better characters. Persona 3's cast can be... sort of insufferable.

(They are so much cooler and more likable in Persona 4: Arena tho holy crap. Mitsuru, Akihiko, Aigis AND Fuuka are all way better. Fuuka is especially helped by the fact that she is now voiced by WENDEE FUCKING LEE how fucking awesome is that)
>> No. 80085
File 135490604822.jpg - (134.10KB , 574x773 , 1354862679563.jpg )

>> No. 80087
>bottom left
Accelerator is that you
>> No. 80088
>bottom left
Accelerator is that you
>> No. 80098

Gotta agree, at least gameplay-wise. You lose out on some things, though. The PSP can't render out the 3D overworld you normally inhabit, opting instead for an isometric point and click kind of approach (much easier for finding stuff, though, like the goddamn persimmon tree) and with no 3D models, that means all of the story is told like a visual novel (or dating sim...which is more appropriate, now that I think of it.) That includes any animated cutscenes, the only exception I can think of so far (I'm not that far into the game) was the near the beginning when the protagonist first gets Orpheus, which was done with the in-game battle graphics instead.
>> No. 80109
To be fair, my PSP could probably download it off the internet (it's the only way I can use it at all, it's at least thirdhand and won't play UMD's anymore, but I don't have any money), but if I end up liking it, I'd feel guilty torrenting it.

What else should I know? I'm a complete newbie to the series.
>> No. 80136

It's also available off PSN, though it's 20 bucks. Sucks, it went on sale a few weeks ago for only ten.
>> No. 80144
Again, I'm sorry, but PSN isn't even an option right now. I can't even afford a PS3.
>> No. 80147

As in PSN via the PSP, you should be able to download and play it on either a PSP or a Vita.
>> No. 80226
Ahh, okay. I can see if it can run internet. I was handed the PSP by a then-friend, with no real instructions, and he was downloading the games for me from some torrenting site.
>> No. 80231
Play P3P and then play P4 (I know you say youre broke, but someday you SHOULD play P4: The Golden since it is about 10,000x better than the original P4). Try to avoid all spoilers regarding both games if at all possible. Play Persona 2 since it looks like the franchise is going back to the villains from that game-- P2:Innocent Sin Portable is on the PSN as well and it's never been available in america. Don't bother playing P1 it's utter garbage.
>> No. 80243
Except future Adolph and Naoto seriously worst spoiler I've ever seen.
>> No. 80245
I don't know if the Golden really is better than P4 or not. The two big additions I'm aware of are a bad ending where you can nonsensically side with the villain and a new character who sounds like she literally walked out of a fanfic.

But there's probably gameplay improvements and I can't really comment on those.
>> No. 80249
lol rodyle opinions Except there's waaaay more than that as well. Two extra months of gameplay time, extended S.Link stuff, costumes (aaah<3), combo attacks, new personas, two new slinks (aaaaaaa), and just a bunch of stuff and its all lovely
>> No. 80250
I stand corrected then.
>> No. 80251
But it does add an extra character that never needed to be there, and Nurse's opinion is entirely subjective due to her baby boy fetish (aka: Adachi)
>> No. 80252
1) dorky psycho fetish thank you
2) Yeah but other new character has a dungeon as well and its hard as balls and thus awesome. (plus the persona you get from maxing out her s.link is sweet as fuck)
>> No. 80257
Interesting. Man, I sort of want it but the fact that both Kanji and Naoto look different makes me not for the implications it has. Also Kanji looks retarded as hell now.
>> No. 80263
I could deal with Kanji if he had a better haircut.
>> No. 80265
my headcanon is just that his mom made him dress up since his senpai was back in town and she wanted him to look respectable and handsome

i agree with you on kanji, but can i ask what your problem with Naoto's is? Is it because she looks more feminine?
>> No. 80266

I'm gonna kinda admit that also kinda bothers me a bit. Kinda from a sort of "now they're normal!" kind of perspective. Though I keep thinking to myself that if Kanji shaved one side of his head, he'd look like a fashion designer of some type.

Also, I briefly fooled myself into thinking she was wearing his bullet necklace, why do I do these things to myself?
>> No. 80267
She is totally wearing his necklace.
>> No. 80268
Nurse what Jones said about their looks. I can understand why they'd change but I think the detective coat was a pretty cool thing about her. It was less that she looks more like that but that she changed herself that much.
>> No. 80273
I'm a little bummed that she wasn't wearing the coat in the Epilogue, but it's like May or something, right? It'd be a little warm! ah i just want them to stay as badass as they were when they were young forever gosh
>> No. 80278
It doesn't look like the same one at all.

It's an awesome coat. I can't see why she wouldn't always wear it.
>> No. 80291
Pictures of new Naoto and Kanji anywhere?
>> No. 80326

Sorry, I thought somebody would have helped ya out by now.

Kanji: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5s9ieL9Mp1qm5chko1_500.jpg

Best I was able to get of Naoto: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5x8bwjJFX1qjzf95o1_500.jpg
>> No. 80646
劇場版「ペルソナ3」…youtube thumb
TVアニメ「DEVIL SURVIVOR2 …youtube thumb
Oh yeah, this is going to be a thing.
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