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File 132103546727.jpg - (158.04KB , 1000x341 , team4starmainbanner.jpg )
68410 No. 68410
Well, since the last thread >>50094 is maxed out, here's a new one.

Here's a link to the last regular DBZ episode (ep 25) that was posted last thread:
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 25youtube thumb

Here's a link to the Lord Slug Abridged:
TFS Movie: Lord Slug Abridgedyoutube thumb

And here's a link to Team Four Star's site:
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>> No. 78810
Dub of the North St*r - Ep. 3 (Parody)youtube thumb
>> No. 78828
He did sound pretty demented near the end.
>> No. 78903
>"Yesterday it was tennis, today it's a duel giant, tomorrow it's Tarzan! This place is crazy!" -Jaden
>Next episode does in fact have a Tarzan guy.

Jaden can predict the future! We are all doomed.
>> No. 78905
>Knock Knock
Oh god I love this.
>> No. 79018
Saints.youtube thumb
>> No. 79026
None Piece - Episode 5youtube thumb
>> No. 79030
Purpleeyeswtf is proof that true art takes time.
>> No. 79032
It was going very strong until the party scene. Kind of lost some momentum there.
>> No. 79036
I lol'd. Specially at Shiryu's part.
>> No. 79038
I love how Tarzan guy sounds like the Cockney Hitcher.
>> No. 79040

I don't mind Purpleeyes doing his own thing and just kinda screwing the story over for continuity. But I think he took it a bit far here and the obvious copy+paste photo-editing doesn't help.

Also he skipped Zoro's back-story... why... why did he skip Zoro's back-story? Could he not come up with a joke for it?
>> No. 79071
It was a definite mixed bag this time around, though the good bits were pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 79074
The main problem is that he tried to do a None Piece episode and a Code MENT episode at the same time. Not that I blame him, fans can get annoyingly impatient.
>> No. 79156
Hell yeah purpleeyes as Barry the Chopper. Digging NullMetal. Really didn't quite care for YGXTAS until episode 15. I mean it was alright I just felt like it wasn't paced well until that one.
>> No. 79186
A Day With Dutch (Parody)youtube thumb
Oh Dutch, you card.
>> No. 79205
Well, here's something to watch until Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Ep 3 comes out (which should be soonish, as Youmacon is this weekend).

Infinite MENT Episode 4youtube thumb

>> No. 79236
TFS Special - Episode of Bardockyoutube thumb
Oh look at this.
>> No. 79237
>That Ocean reference at the end
This is magical.
>> No. 79238
*TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 3youtube thumb And now, look at THIS.
>> No. 79257
>>"Oh God I have two of those!"
That bit killed me

Haha oh yes it is
>> No. 79258
Bardock is my favorite DBZ character and now he's my favorite Abridged character. I'm sad we won't see more of him.
>> No. 79298
Not as good as episode 2 but so fucking good anyways
>> No. 79299
Episode 2 mostly just made me feel uncomfortable with shit like Jan's speech. This was more fun.
>> No. 79300
I must be a horrible person because I honestly cracked the hell up at that entire part because of just how horrible it was. It's so completely over the top that somewhere around "blood and semen" I lose it. Whoops bad feminist.

My only problem with Hellsing Abridged is that normal Hellsing Ultimate isnt half as cool or funny as it is
>> No. 79301
I like the rest of the series (sucks it only comes once a year), but I can't take that one phone call, I skip it every time.
>> No. 79304
I'm so glad for another Hellsing episode, and that Bardock episode was pretty great. I love how Takahata101 just owns the part of Alucard being both badass and ridiculous. Also, I'm digging the voice actors for Maxwell and Pip (GeneralIvan has a fantastically posh voice, no matter what accent he's doing, and jragoswin as Pip is growing on me, especially since he's not going for over-the-top "I'm French!", but it just pops up here and there).

In the new series of TFS Podcasts on their website, Taka and Kaiser were talking about Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and Taka wants to do more than one a year, but at the same time, he doesn't want to overwork Kaiser, who is the one who edits everything TFS does. Kaiser loves the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs, and the whole creative process of making the scripts for the Abridged series, but hates to edit it, because there is always hair in front of the mouths so it makes it a bitch to match lip-flaps (and yeah, there are a LOT of stylized shots with a lot of movement where the characters are talking, so I can imagine that would be horrible to try and edit).
>> No. 79305
...The Aristocrats...
>> No. 79309
I really like the whole exhausted mom/excited kid interplay with Integra and Alucard.
>> No. 79322
Kaiser's bascially stated he has a mental breakdown whenever he edits a Hellsing episode.

Fun fact I learned at Youmacon: The original plan for whenever Alucard's coat opens was to replace the eyes with Popo faces, but it proved impossible to edit properly. But they said to basically go ahead and pretend you see Popo whenever Alucard opens his coat.
>> No. 79339
"I was minding my own business."
>> No. 79371
Wow, it's like they all give a damn again. Shame that other guy doesn-
Episode 57 - Reservoir Stevesyoutube thumb
>> No. 79406
File 135265367311.jpg?spoiler - (325.49KB , 792x1147 , [Max7]Hellsing_71_Illustration-07.jpg?spoiler )
I thought nothing could kill me harder than that gag.

But that Zoidberg noise. God, that Zoidberg noise. I still can't even handle that (plus the sound effect (plus the timing on the whole thing)).

By the way, the avatar we see for Integra's twitter account is a split-second in joke. Here's the full image.
>> No. 79413
I can't help but laugh every time at "JESUS WANTS A HUUUUG!"
The Zoidberg/Three Stooges noises were great too.
And as soon as I saw the Twitter bit, I went on Twitter and started following them. On Friday Alucard tweeted that he can't get through security at the airport in Brazil anymore...well, the legal way, at least.
>> No. 79465
Oh god, that riff on the "You're father was a brilliant scientist" line at the end. Goddammit, I laughed more than anything else at that. I love you, TFS.
>> No. 79481
That was indeed SO GOOD, yes yes.
(still have no idea why the people doing that dub felt the need to make up that little tidbit of misinformation?)
>> No. 79531
So this is kinda old, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it and it's pretty funny.

Metabridged 1youtube thumb

Metabridged 2youtube thumb
>> No. 79547
>FiM refrens
You and I have really diffrent ideas off old abriged series.
>> No. 79585
Dessert Bus 2012!youtube thumb
>> No. 79937
News on season three, some new merch, and a special guest appearance.

>> No. 79951
So this is still going.

Nullmetal Alchemist - Episode …youtube thumb
>> No. 79952
I'm fainlty hoping they switch to Brotherhood halfway through, just to get a complete story.
>> No. 80177
YGOTAS Episode 2 - The Vagina Monologuesyoutube thumb
>> No. 80182
File 135525612569.jpg - (26.98KB , 512x465 , tumblr_mcptgfoPNl1ra748co1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 80262
Now that's...funny? I guess
>> No. 80368
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 31youtube thumb
>> No. 80372
>that ending
Oh Popo
>> No. 80375
>the new opening and disclaimer card were just a decoy because they're getting through the whole Garlic Junior filler in one episode

Fucking knew it.
>> No. 80390
Not their best episode, but it's hard to top Goku and Freeza's interactions.
>> No. 80393
>Krillin gets money
>Immediately gets a girlfriend
No no no no NO, Krillin. When you get that much money, you are obligated to spend a solid week doing nothing but swimming in hookers and blow whilst drinking yourself absolutely stupid. Then with the money you have left, you can get a horrible gold-digging girlfriend, but you lie to her and tell her you only have 1/4 of the money you actually do prior to banging her. When you reveal the truth about how much money you've got, she will continue to have sex with you in hopes of becoming a trophy wife or your baby-mama (which is why you should always be in charge of your own condoms). Didn't Roshi teach you anything of VALUE while he was your sensei?!
>> No. 81115
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 32youtube thumb
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