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File 135139066179.png - (81.37KB , 400x304 , Pearlie1.png )
1733 No. 1733
1) Check http://rule34.paheal.net/ (when it's back) before requesting a series in general, and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (details, reference images, "me too" posts (limit those)) will be deleted.
2a) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2 will be grounds for a ban
2b) Complaining about your request not being filled fast enough/at all will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Shit, I just might delete your request, too.
3) Stupid requests (i.e. anything non-western) are grounds for a ban.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.

Can someone make some large insertion sex with Pearly?
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>> No. 8205

what is that abomination in the center?
>> No. 8207
Friday "Red" Lust.
>> No. 8238
I am inordinately attracted to their triple-amalgamated form.
And would love to see her with some /cod/-sized tits and ass, if someone was so inclined to draw that.
>> No. 8313
File 138565540974.png - (280.57KB , 500x1333 , 1385645367042.png )
Current Amalgam thread on /co/ is getting some stuff.
>> No. 8378
File 138609601885.jpg - (472.98KB , 595x850 , candace_and_stacy_at_beach_by_14_bis-d6o7d9g.jpg )
I'd like to request an "alternate" version of this picture where Candace and Stacy have shrunken out of their bikinis, and are crawling out from under their now-oversized swimsuits. For reference, they're both shrunk to about 4 inches tall.

* On a related note, the attached image is a "sequel" to this:


If anyone has a larger/uncensored version of the first sketch, or a larger version of the second one, would you be willing to post 'em?

Thanks in advance to any takers for my request, as well as anyone who could share those larger/uncensored drawings (if they exist).
>> No. 8394
File 13861982731.png - (865.52KB , 564x872 , 1372383875644.png )
Piper and Master Cyclonis as leather biker dykes.
>> No. 8420
Could somebody please finish this request. It was posted over a year ago, and it is still only half way finished.
>> No. 8426
Requesting a girl and fat guy going into a transporter, and coming out fused into one being. (Preferably being like an FtM tf of the girl)
>> No. 8663
File 138767219990.png - (2.94MB , 1164x1443 , pwr.png )
Requesting two images Power Girl wearing her white dress pictured, gently kissing a fat dick like in Ex.1 and giving armpit sex like in ex.2 (the ejaculation is up to you) and give her glossy lips similar to the ones hovering around Ex.1.
>> No. 8804
File 138895873516.png - (104.67KB , 245x400 , 1372890100484.png )
requesting som /34/ of the loli dean hardscrabble
>> No. 8967
File 138977456958.jpg - (399.98KB , 1580x2931 , 1325972761088.jpg )
Any/all of these would be super appreciated (Toph muscle drawthread ideas).
I know it used to be posted in Drawthreads as a troll, but this is sincere and anyone willing to take on drawing huge muscle Toph in any of these otherwise normal situations, it will be much appreciated!

If I had to pick a "favorite", I'd say the one with Suki or either of the two comparing her to Katara. Bonus points for clearly inferior (though still huge) brown muscles.
>> No. 9044
File 13902097368.png - (1.58MB , 1920x800 , vlcsnap-2014-01-18-04h47m33s42.png )
how about a pickle girl.
>> No. 9107
File 139082821110.jpg - (274.24KB , 1280x825 , crawler_from_worm_by_scarfgirl-d5au7x7.jpg )
I'd like to make a request for a Crawler/Piggot drawing. The attached image is of Crawler, a character from the web serial "Worm". Any sort of damage done to Crawler by any Cape causes him to mutate and change to better survive. Emily Piggot is a no-nonsense, overweight (thiough not morbidly obese) woman on a dialysis machine for previous injuries taken to her kidneys and lower legs.
>> No. 9188
HEY ARTISTS, in case you don't go to /draw/, I posted a thing about a PAYING GIG if any of you deviants are interested in drawing stuff and getting good money.
>> No. 9195
File 139158809342.png - (0.96MB , 1280x720 , 02 - Mabel_s Guide to Stickers - Gravity Falls - M.png )
Anyone want to draw Mabel after finishing that drum of jimmies?
>> No. 9200
File 139164051480.jpg - (96.02KB , 618x629 , charmcaster_2_by_fitzoblong-d31eldu.jpg )
Requesting Gwen and Charmcaster both breed with eggs by some tentacle monster. Here some story:
Charmcaster wanted revenge on Gwen so she found in other dimension tentacle monster that mind control female prey and lay eggs inside female womb.
She capture Gwen and open portal to that monster but she don't know that he is really fast, so she was taken by monster and fast mind controlled like Gwen. And no one see them anymore on Earth.
>> No. 9484
File 139310305395.jpg - (29.39KB , 485x362 , ursula.jpg )
Requesting Ariel having been turned into an older fat Sea Witch like Ursula.
>> No. 9488
File 139315790667.jpg - (270.35KB , 1200x1200 , she sees your poor unfortunate dick.jpg )
w/ursula colors
>> No. 9489
File 139315799569.jpg - (300.92KB , 1200x1200 , ariel the sea witch.jpg )
ariel colors
>> No. 9490
You are too kind, Draw friend! Two versions just for me! I thank you profusely!
>> No. 9494
You're very welcome! Glad you like it.
>> No. 9520
File 139334538120.jpg - (264.13KB , 1024x1081 , Queen TF.jpg )
Requesting any character of your choice undergoing a Queen TF. Pic related, it shows the effects of a queen TF.
>> No. 9521
File 139335568661.jpg - (606.00KB , 1161x1449 , _Tron_Bonne_Megaman_Legends___by_Megaman_Legends_C.jpg )
I kinda wanna see a Queen TF of Tron Bonne now.
>> No. 9529
File 13934518201.jpg - (237.41KB , 850x1202 , sample_81a189c9cec216eade5736e5fbba651c9e47228b.jpg )
Requesting Claire Wheeler giving a messy footjob.
>> No. 9538
File 139355275327.jpg - (74.33KB , 1280x720 , TDAS 2 - Evil Dread_mp4_snapshot_02_43_[2014_02_27.jpg )
courtney and zoey fingering each other in pijamas
>> No. 9651
File 139474727420.jpg - (52.45KB , 620x714 , Astrid2.jpg )
Could someone draw Strong fat Astrid?
>> No. 9652
File 139475341639.jpg - (1.45MB , 2354x1824 , lesbians.jpg )
Dude, there is like an entire fanfic universe about this thing in particular.

Ranpunzel is there for some reason, but I do love the contrast between a really burly chick and a really feminine one.

Have a taste
>> No. 9659
Really? Know where I can find more?
>> No. 9664
File 139483523115.jpg - (781.43KB , 3098x1564 , the_biggest_debacle_ever!.jpg )
Behold The Biggest Debacle Ever!
>> No. 9734
File 139517426890.jpg - (149.91KB , 880x1000 , stronk astrid.jpg )
drew the HTTYD2 design
>> No. 9749
File 139519730734.jpg - (215.63KB , 789x896 , stronk astrid.jpg )
>> No. 9758
Looks pretty good. If you're still here, would you mind adding a bit of a pot belly on her to make her look a bit fatter? Otherwise, I really do love it and I appreciate you taking your time to do this.
>> No. 9761
File 139525837712.jpg - (214.14KB , 789x896 , how to tren your dragon.jpg )
>> No. 9764
Thank you so much, artist! You truly are amazing!
>> No. 10030
File 139629551420.png - (613.60KB , 506x674 , 1396288767755.png )
Here is one starting on /co/ J'onn's mom from the JL8 comic.
>> No. 10172
File 139683243772.png - (455.20KB , 639x481 , NatalieRugrats.png )
Requesting fat/slob art of this oneshot Rugrats character
>> No. 10231
Is there anyone out there interested in this request?
>> No. 10503
File 13993661301.png - (410.13KB , 623x640 , vlcsnap-2014-05-06-10h35m18s97.png )
Requesting ants attacking Jessica's body (from Scooby Doo: Camp Scare while she's asleep and unaware of them.
>> No. 10511
This may be a retarded question, but are we allowed to request fanfics?
>> No. 10685
File 139967385914.jpg - (281.44KB , 1692x1704 , 1381946164787.jpg )
Requesting Hulex (Space fleas from Ben 10 Onniverse) invading Gwen's scalp. From their perspective, they are inside forest (hair forest).
>> No. 10745
File 140014989125.png - (1.27MB , 1280x718 , 06 Match Me If You Can Organized Cri-1_mkv_snapsho.png )
Can we get some art of Kitty stuffed on Tammy's cakes?
>> No. 10805
File 140088337869.jpg - (265.75KB , 967x967 , Lottie-charlotte-la-bouff-28518649-967-967.jpg )
Charlotte La Bouff fat and messy please. :)
>> No. 10806
File 140088346843.jpg - (61.69KB , 900x639 , Carmen_Sandiego_by_Suggymoto.jpg )
Carmen Sandiego force fed
>> No. 10884
File 140174191910.jpg - (155.29KB , 495x751 , Tigra-Amanda-Conner-Variant.jpg )
Politely requesting Tigra giving a footjob. I would love to see this as no such picture exists yet. Ejaculation on her feet is optional but preferred.
>> No. 10885
File 140175260648.jpg - (5.57KB , 234x132 , DIRECTV_Marionette_Wife_Am_I_Pretty_Comm_169712523.jpg )
directv marionette wife
>> No. 10947
Overstuffed Aya from Green Lantern
>> No. 11031
Super Immobile Daphne Blake please?
>> No. 11111
File 140430124574.jpg - (236.91KB , 775x800 , 1404270416297.jpg )
Requesting Violet and Coraline as huge assed Milfs touching ass to ass
>> No. 11138
File 140477798344.jpg - (194.69KB , 900x1153 , 1398111752374.jpg )
Requesting fat Fionna, the same size as pic related, letting off a medium sized fart (not a "toot", but not a "BRRRHRRHHRRRHRP" either) and looking embarrassed. (Feel free to make versions with and without visible gas for the benefit of our less slob-loving fellow Anons I'd prefer the latter though)
>> No. 11193
File 140692376075.png - (10.44KB , 123x219 , S2Nicole.png )
Requesting BBW Nicole Watterson in ill-fitting clothes.
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