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File 139675726898.jpg - (631.05KB , 800x1119 , pony_gundam_unicorn_by_shepherd0821-d546se7.jpg )
225776 No. 225776
WHAT'S IN THE LAPLACE BOX err I mean in the 6 key box.

previous pone general: >>223439
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>> No. 226197
File 139769303691.jpg?spoiler - (137.47KB , 1192x665 , 602022__safe_solo_spike_screencap_hub+logo_officia.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 226301
File 139795889258.gif - (2.96MB , 500x281 , Spike-bump-into-Twilight.gif )
>> No. 226530
File 139827962410.jpg - (637.39KB , 1210x750 , pony_gundam_2_by_shepherd0821_d54f1gm.jpg )
Oh nice there are more of these!
>> No. 226531
File 139827967180.jpg - (600.72KB , 1210x750 , pony_gundam_3_by_shepherd0821_d556zqi.jpg )
>> No. 226532
File 139827987673.jpg - (611.09KB , 1210x750 , pony_gundam_4_by_shepherd0821_d566tj1.jpg )
>> No. 226534
File 139828006466.jpg - (671.39KB , 1210x750 , pony_gundam_5_by_shepherd0821_d5c0f0j.jpg )
>> No. 226535
File 139828014659.jpg - (828.26KB , 1210x750 , Pony_Gundam_6.jpg )
>> No. 226547
EZ8 Gundam, Heavyarms

Nu Gundam, Turn A Gundam

Arios Gundam, GN Archer

Devil Gundam, Knight Gundam

>> No. 226690
File 13985615439.jpg?spoiler - (279.64KB , 1200x880 , the_royal_princess_cleaning_brigade_by_johnjoseco-.jpg?spoiler )
The writing in the latest episode:

At least it was a setup for a joke later on in the episode. Also, ponies going crazy is always great and this was no exception.
>> No. 226766
Heh, guess green really wasnt her color.

Also IDW returns this wednesday!
Unless something happens.
>> No. 226844
So anyone else see the latest issue of the main comic? With the official twist of Celestia and good King Sombra being romantically involved, it goes without saying that this comic is not canon to the show.
>> No. 226857

pony romance... it feels so... out of place.
>> No. 226861
File 139887026469.jpg - (2.22MB , 1400x2154 , 016.jpg )
I CAN'T BELIEVE that was the issue end twist cliffhanger, it was so telegraphed last issue.
Eh, maybe the little girls reading this are hype as fuck.

Now if it would have be that Evil Celestia had taken Good Celestia's place that would been a twist.
Especially when you dont get a good look at her cute mark after she comes back.
Check yourselfs.

But hay, thats not why we read this.
Its for the laughts.
>> No. 226862
>Interdenominational talk
>Redhed twins.
>> No. 226864
I dunno, is there any word from Megan McCarthy or any other person from the series staff?
Also, I don't mind romance as long it doesn't looks like taken out from a badly written fanfic, and said relationship doesn't affect the rest of teh comic on a negative way.
>> No. 226866
Its definitively not canon to the show. Season 4 Ep 1 which took place directly after MMC got rid of the Elements of Harmony but in this story the elements are still around and are the key solution to saving Sombra's world hence Spike packing them.
>> No. 226869
File 139887965873.jpg - (2.32MB , 1400x2154 , 017.jpg )
It could take place during season 3-4 gap along that crystal heart book.
But the last arc had a season 4 reference...
Eh, they dont have to be published in order.
>> No. 226870

Princess Twilight Sparkle took place in the same day as Magic Mystery Cure given Twilight was struggling to get her wings to work (then again MMC had her fly with no issue claiming obnoxious "everything is going to be great!"). Its just bullshit really, enjoy what you can and trash what you don't like, says I.
>> No. 226875

The show may have turned to shit, but Discord is still the best character in the whole series.
>> No. 226878
But the elements (or atlest the magic one) weres in Equestrian Girls.
And this arc definitely takes place after that mess.

Fuck, where is the Timeline wiki page.
>> No. 226960
File 139914035049.png - (1.00MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-05-03-14h03m34s53.png )
Evil, I see no evil here
>> No. 226969
Discussion is seriously weak. I know this place is dead due to obscurity, but this is ridiculous.
>> No. 226972
File 139916777435.gif - (418.67KB , 431x203 , 139914695262.gif )
This week's episode was a bit underwhelming for all the hype they had going for the games. Gotta rewatch it to see if they show Derpy competing in the actual games.

Last week's episode was interesting, but I expected a better resolution. And the finale next week... the future doesn't look THAT promising, aside from the villain who looks like COULD be Tirek from G1.

I haven't followed the latest arc on the comic, so can't say much about it. Still gotta read a few other arcs too, though I'm hyped for the upcoming Trixie storyline.

As for EqG2, no preview this week I think. They're focusing less on background characters.
>> No. 226973
Also, I forgot to spoiler-tag the gif, don't click if you don't want any details beforehand from next week.
>> No. 227012
File 139920862473.jpg?spoiler - (247.61KB , 1920x1005 , HXcHjOh.jpg?spoiler )
From the perspective of the episode by itself, it was ok. Pretty good as Spike episodes go.

But from the perspective that the Equestria Games have been hyped by three previous episodes over two seasons, the fact that the games was merely used as a backdrop for a Spike episode was a huge disappointment. The previous setup episodes have been hyping the games as an athletic competition (Rainbow Falls) or as a showcasing of nationalities (Flight to the Finish) or as a monumental event to host (Games Ponies Play) so you would think the climax would be about any of those. They could have made it a standard two parter, or multiple episodes of standalone Equestria Games plots. It could have served to better flesh out the other nations competing (Saddle Arabians, griffons, etc), they could have focused on Rainbow Dash and her team's competition against Cloudsdale, or bring back an old rival (Gilda) as a competitor, or maybe a focus on the mane6/princesses as they work behind the scenes to make it run smoothly. But nope, Spike needed another episode.

On the positive side, I really liked the anti-magic spell. It would explain how they could theoretically keep bad unicorns in prison/dungeon. I also liked the new leader ponies briefly shown.
>> No. 227021
I still keep, way deep down, a hope that they could be saving Gilda and the like for a future story. Though if the show focus changes as it seems from previews and stuff, I'm afraid there won't be a lot of possibilities for that.
>> No. 227022
this episode nearly killed me with second-hand embarrassment.
>> No. 227025
I'm not surprised, once EQ hit the popularity dropped like a rock. Its meme status is over and now only the true fans are left, which isn't a whole lot compared to the meme fans.
>> No. 227030
You seem confused. If that were true, /mlp/ would be dead for good. Actually most pony activity on the net seemed to diminish in the first half of the season, but seems to be rising again near the end. And I'm not talking good activity.
>> No. 227040
You meant Equestria Girls?

What do you mean?
>> No. 227047
Looks like the more cancerous types have been pretty active of late, is what I meant. Posting/making fucked up porn etc.

On a brigher note, though, there was a charity stream over the last couple days with a good portion of the show's VAs and writers as guests, being interviewed. As far as I caught, the only possible news were that Peter New (Big Mac's VA) is pretty excited about commercials this week. Not sure what this implies. Either way, some of the interviews were hilarious.
>> No. 227126

Well, they got to beat that old horse corpse after all....
>> No. 227128
PonyFu. I'd watch it.
>> No. 227151
This is actually a nice song.
>> No. 227152
I cringed because of its focus on pedestalizing Twilight because of her princess status. I really don't like that element to the character. The only character who it fits with is Rarity who since S1 during early eps said she wanted to be a princess. With Twilight it just reeks of both unfitting, random, and blatant toy selling excuse.
>> No. 227153
While it's obviously a toy selling element, remember that princess in pony universe means being of great power or with a promise of great power.
>> No. 227155
Also, holy shit!
New villain preview!
EXCLUSIVE: My Little Pony Frie…youtube thumb
>> No. 227156
Woah getting some old school G1 Villains up in here
>> No. 227158
Oh SH-...!
That's really him, nice!
>> No. 227218
He's so frail.
>> No. 227227
Hope he hulks up when he gets the magic juice~
>> No. 227239
I predict either Discord will join him OR Tirek will defeat Discord at the end of the first episode to show how powerful he is... ala Wolverine syndrome.
>> No. 227241
Its sad, but Discord is soooo going to job. If a mere common cold can fuck him up in Three's a Crowd, then he has zero chance against Tirek. Even King Sombra came back from his icy sealed prison without a case of the sniffles. And same goes to Luna (hey the moon is cold).
>> No. 227254
Colds are caused by viruses, not exposure to the cold. And he were sneezed on by an obscure supernatural creature. I dig the whole 'being of chaos' thing, but he only gets so much mileage in an orderly place like Equestria.
Could've been a case of weak writing in an episode (of a saturday morning kids show!? yadon'tsay) but Celestia's spell preventing Discord from interacting with certain things may indicate she's been using him to cut the mane6's adventuring teeth for a while. Girl was using all the elements herself a thousand years ago.
It's just as possible Discord tagged in Tirek to loophole around his position where he can't personally cause chaos there without retaliation anymore. Even if he "jobbed", what would happen? Ohnoes, more chaos. Don't. Stop. *munch popcorn.*
>> No. 227261
So... that was it.
Tirek and Scorpan, though changed a bit.
We got a glimpse of tartarus.
Discord being a serious, serious fucking douche.
DBZ scene.
New pony digivolution... welp, liked the Elements of Harmony a lot better. The new designs looked better in the promotional stuff.
Derpy closeups.
2 new songs, competently done.
So, yeah. A palace and everyone gets thrones.
Ugh, they really went there, didn't they... Discord courting Celestia.

I have... no clue where the hell this is going, now. Guess I should try rewatching soon, because overall Tirek DID look cool.

Oh yeah, and the Hub character crossovers during the commercials were interesting, but I guess Dan Vs isn't exactly a Hub property, so no appearances for him.
>> No. 227325
File 140059397978.gif - (1.69MB , 644x978 , 620085__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+.gif )
>> No. 227329
Mortal Kombat?
>> No. 227330
No Exalted.
>> No. 227331
Well damn, it's identical to the ending of the first MK movie.
>> No. 227596
File 140888312492.png - (524.56KB , 735x2011 , a_shadow_over_whinnysmouth_by_callmedoc-d7wgglz.png )
Posting this here, since this is where the idea came from, from Rametarin.

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTJ_eQbBtls
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