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File 139532300716.jpg - (0.98MB , 1988x3056 , She-Hulk (2014-) 002-018.jpg )
225163 No. 225163
So She-Hulk is my favorite comic out right now.
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>> No. 225694
Yea I do like the stories, I'll look into picking up the collections.
>> No. 225699
Don't Shulkie and Kristoff already know each other? Like, wasn't there overlap there, in terms of her association with the FF?

And even if there isn't, does She-Hulk work at FF with Scott Lang, who DEFINITELY knows Kristoff?
>> No. 225701
I have no clue.
Which is sort of the point. You cannot assume anyone picking up a new series is going to be familiar with the intricacies of characters that rank about... C in terms of exposure.
She-Hulk is either a low A or a High B, but Doom's son? C at best. Hell, most of the FF from that run aren't A list. Or maybe not, I didn't read the book, underlining the point again.
>> No. 225709

It's really quite good and, to be honest, I actually like the episodic nature the series seems to be going for. I mean, I know the big bucks are in the huge story arcs that last six issues before moving on to the next, but there is something to be said for these tightly knit little one-offs.
>> No. 225722
Even three years later, Bendis can knock a "Peter Parker is dead" issue out of the park.
>> No. 225837
File 139692349354.jpg - (56.85KB , 1100x617 , doom king.jpg )
I know that there's little love for the Avengers Assemble cartoon here, but you guys have to check out the Doom episodes at least. He pretty much has zero plot armor so he's all schemes, guts, and mad recklessness; getting in over his head while still being a force to be reckoned with whenever he shows up. A good thing to since he's pretty much enemies with all of the heroes and villains of the series.




>> No. 225843
>I know that there's little love for the Avengers Assemble cartoon here

What? No, no, no, no, no. You've got us all wrong.

There's no love for it. There's a "laughing at it" kind of like, but that ain't love.
>> No. 225845
I miss Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
>> No. 225847
So I watched the last episode you posted. The one loosely adapting the JMS (I think) story where Cap is Doom's bodyguard. And it was solid fair. It wasn't amazing or groundbreaking, but there were episodes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes I liked much less than this.

But man, the villains in this show? What the fuck?

Modok looks exactly like Arnim Zola, so I thought they were trying to streamline stuff to make it more movie-avengers digestable, but then Hyperion shows up in his classic costume, Red Skull has Iron Man Armor, DRACULA is a regular villain apparently and even Attuma shows up. Attuma, the guys no one remembers until he shows up to get killed by Namor every few years.

That's some nuts villain choices.
>> No. 225851
File 139694490370.jpg - (90.00KB , 1000x562 , Super Adaptoid.jpg )
Concerning MODOK, he's actually just remote controlling the Super Adaptoid that the Cabal salvaged while using its holographic projectors to make its face appear on its torso (could be a Zola reference though). The two can fight separately by putting the Adaptoid on auto pilot.

Red Skull's body is dying on him, with most of the stress being directed to his heart, so he stole a set of Iron Man armor and an Arc Reactor so the suit's life support systems could keep him alive while still granting him some mobility.

The Hyperion here was a superhero of another planet alongside this show's version of the Squadron Supreme. He's its sole survivor and came to Earth to continue his good work. It turns out though, that his strict brand of justice turned those under his protection against him and he blew up his own world out of spite in hopes of relocating to a more docile land. The Avengers uncovered his deception, defeated him, imprisoned him, only for the Skull to break him out.

(King) Dracula briefly aided the Allied Forces in World War 2 against the Axis Powers and HYDRA. In the present, he revealed that he had grown weary of living in the shadows and tried to coerce Captain America into letting him suck some of his serum-laced blood to hopefully overcome his weakness to sunlight. He ended up biting the Hulk instead, and while he briefly attained a boost in strength, the gamma radiation in what he consumed was enough like sunlight to severely poison him. He managed to flee, but not before the battle had utterly destroyed his ancestral home and ravaged his body. He soon joined the Cabal, despite initially desiring to crush it, the Avengers, and human civilization once he was immune to sunlight.

Attuma's surprisingly formidable in the show and is quite agile despite his size, even while he's on land. Thor once smacked him with Mjolnir and instead of getting smashed through a building, he reoriented himself enough to land on its side, and then launched himself at the Avengers from there.

Skull's been gathering troops, tech, and even freelance villains like Crossbones and Grim Reaper to fortify his new organization. He's even been doing his best to promote team synergy and diplomatically waylay the usual backstabbing that comes inherent with super villain team-ups.

Avengers Assemble - Uncooperat…youtube thumb
>> No. 226011
File 139723161282.jpg - (1.95MB , 1988x3056 , All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 002-022.jpg )
Oh shit he can actually talk with the Spirit of vengeance.

Also, his first villain is Hyde, which is shitty for him because if I recall he's an Avengers tier threat.
>> No. 226115
File 139748806874.jpg - (2.02MB , 1988x3056 , All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 002-020.jpg )
I had not realized how fucking completely Marvel NOW is making DC's New52 look like the hugest fucking morons on the planet in terms of way better sales.

Also Kavinski is perfect listening for the new Ghostrider.

>> No. 226126
Oh come on, Marvel!
>> No. 226147
File 139752793363.jpg - (46.37KB , 500x281 , image.jpg )
Everything now comes with a digital edition...FOR AN EXTRA DOLLAR!

Look at the bright side, homie. With these ultra jacked up prices, people have all the more reason to trade wait or simply pirate the comics in question.

All My Money! - The Aquabats!youtube thumb
>> No. 226220

>W-why do they keep trade waiting?! They must hate these books!

I don't understand why companies keep doing this. It's been over 20 years since this problem first started, they must realize by now that these things cause reader apathy and encourage them to wait for the trade.
>> No. 226223
Specially with those slow writers nowadays that take 6 issues to tell one boring story, or years on a same story arc.
>> No. 226225
So end of Superior
>MJ comes back into his life for all about two seconds, to tell him she cannot be in his life anymore
>With the moment being a homage to the "Jackpot" introduction panel and her wearing his old shooters he re-purposed for her.

Why do they hate her so much?
>> No. 226227

Because Joe Quesada's marriage dissolved a few years ago and he hasn't reconciled with HIS ex-wife, so why should Peter get to?
>> No. 226229
That's not really the writers' fault. The higher-ups push them to doing six-issue long story arcs. We heard something about this when they did Nextwave and flagrantly disregarded that edict to do everything in two-issue stories. Yet another reason why Nextwave is the best.
>> No. 226232
This, I hadn't heard about. It helped that Nextwave delivered in every issue.

Now, stuff like brubaker's? Superior Spider-Man (arguably, I suppose)? "Avengers" by bendis? No way, I think that's largely their "style". Maybe that's why bendis gets so many titles.
>> No. 226395
So, saw the Avengers Assemble episode that was the first appearance of the Super Adaptoid on Disney XD, and I thought it was fine.
Granted, we all miss Earth Mightiest heroes, but I felt this was pretty okay in my book. I should catch more of this show later.
>> No. 226422
File 139813445374.jpg - (46.57KB , 1280x651 , modok adaptoid.jpg )
MODOK gaining control of it is also a pretty cool shout out to Zola and builds upon the idea that by stealing one of Stark's suits, Red Skull has in essence become both a Captain America and Iron Man villain, thereby thematically facilitating all these really bizarre combinations.
>> No. 226579
>Ryan North
>Writing the Young Avengers
I mean yeah it's for a mini in the Original Sin event, but damn man.
>> No. 226618
File 13984024996.jpg - (212.75KB , 900x1366 , Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_10_Textless.jpg )
Well that was completely pointless.

Even for comic books, a medium where change can be a fleeting thing.

It was literally over two dozen issues of Otto playing with Peter's toys and being a dick about it instead of doing anything remotely new or interesting.

You can't even use the status quo excuse because Slott is still on the book and the Marvel universe does change its landscape with each big scale event (admittedly, to mixed success).

Thank god it came out every two weeks. Can you imagine how much of an absolute, worthless slog it would've been if it had only come out once a month?
>> No. 226772
File 139872772245.jpg - (701.83KB , 1284x2034 , 1398721654360.jpg )
It's amazing, I've often wondered why they've kept Mary Jane around all this time but I finally get it, all these years they've been trying to write her into a bitch in hopes that'd make us forget she was one of the coolest females in comics but it's just so jarring and forced to see her behave like this it's never going to work.

By fuck is it ever amazing they've kept the hatred for marriage and MJ burning this hot for, what is it 5 years now?
>> No. 226773
Joe Qs hate for MJ was shared by Slott it seems.
>> No. 226781
File 13987316353.jpg - (633.36KB , 1274x2034 , superior spider man nookie.jpg )
Van Halen - You Really Got Meyoutube thumb

"What? Fuck-no! It's finally over! It's tiiiiiiiiiiime!"
-Bro Team
>> No. 226790
Why was Otto able to browse Peters years of history yet Peter blanking on Ottos much smaller window of activity?
>> No. 226808
Its complete bullshit.
Derailing a major established character just to try and force the fans to hate her so they can move her away because they suck at writing an established relationship.
Fuck and it has been years hasn't it? They keep feeling the need to do it to MJ anew, they've been doing this shit to her over and over again to try and make it stick.

Why did they have stuff like them getting closer towards the end of Spider-Island after the whole magical retcon of their marriage? They can't even seem to keep it consistent which is why they need to restart the smear campaign over and over.

This whole thing with them is so fucked up and awful.

Also because Marvel loves shitting on spiderman more than anything else.
>> No. 226809
File 13987712831.jpg - (679.19KB , 1250x2034 , Electro is black.jpg )
Eminem - Without Me (Instrumen…youtube thumb

Guess who's black?

Black agai-um...uh,

Guess who's black?
>> No. 226816
Back in Blak baby. Though really none of this is making a licky bit of sense. Its getting worse as it goes and I dread what they'll do to poor Anna. Otto makes up that whole damned list to pop the question and then pusses out on life because Peter is the better man all along, ugh.
>> No. 226850
File 139884901190.jpg - (2.21MB , 2223x1728 , Ghost riders.jpg )
Everything about this is amazing.
>> No. 226853
I require SAUCE!

And White Shorts!
>> No. 226871
Jason Aaron's run on Ghost Rider. I'm suddenly interested in Ghost Rider now.
>> No. 227076
File 139933024726.jpg - (63.98KB , 560x850 , 534d50ae08733.jpg )
>You loved him in Ultimate Spider-Man, now see Miles in his all new series... Ultimate Spider-Man


This is like what, the third or fourth USM reboot?

>And Miles will come face to face with Peter Parker’s legacy in a way you’ve never seen before - with a last page so shocking that EVERYONE will be talking!

Sure they will.

Anyway, Miles is a great character. Shame he's trapped in the Ultimate universe. He really should take over for Peter Parker in the main universe. He fits the company's current successful direction of rebooting heroes as more diverse (Ms. Marvel, Ghost Rider).

It would also be better than what Marvel's been doing with the ASM comics; before and after OMD.
>> No. 227080

I'd be good with having Miles as Spider-man in 616 if only because 616 Peter is so utterly toxic to me that I don't WANT to read anything he's in.
>> No. 227084
Miles to be in a fun comic kinda like Ms.Marvel, tis a wish. I really hope we get at least one collection out of Ms.Marvel before they out her on the edge.
>> No. 227094

The Ultimate Universe has been a weight dragging Ultimate Spider-Man down for years. Marvel needs to pull the plug on the Ultimate U and let USM be its own thing like when they abandoned the MC2 Universe but kept Spider-Girl going.
>> No. 227103
I feel like I'm gonna have to drop Ms. Marvel soon, but I really want to like it.

Mainly, it's doing that thing I've come to hate in new comics, where they spend the first six issues or so establishing a character and take a really long time to get going. I mean, I know we're dealing with a new character, but come the fuck on. Get on with it already. I don't need Kamala to be a fully realized character from the getgo, but we should be further along than we are three issues/three months in. Like, I feel like I get where's she's coming from, now show me where's she's going.

I dunno, it's not like it's bad or anything, but I don't really feel like the series has grabbed me yet. I usually give a comic three issues to get me interested before I move on.

It's really a sharp contrast with Ghost Rider, where the first issue ends with him being Ghost Rider. Like, we don't know exactly how THAT happened, but it's happening, it's going on, and the comic hints at something more. That's the wort of pace I like, I suppose.
>> No. 227110
File 139937125861.jpg - (414.21KB , 1596x2423 , GHOSTR2014002_cov_col.jpg )
It's not your fault that it's slooooooooooooow. No hook, no drive, not even a possible arch villain for the first arc. For a book that's being praised as revolutionary, it isn't doing very much besides making the main character Muslim. As in, not much of anything, nada, nothing, zip. Slice of life is all well and good, but not for something that's gotten this much attention and hype attached to it. Things need to happen in it to justify this. That might seem unfair, but let's be honest: This wouldn't be a problem if this had been a webcomic or something as those do not explicitly add a 3 dollar price tag to watch someone do almost nothing.The word, Languid, perfectly describes this book.

As you said in Ghost Rider, stuff is happening, a lot of stuff, a lot of information at a speedy pace. We even have an antagonist for the first arc. Hell, there's even a decent mystery as early as the second installment: Why and how did this happen to Robbie? For new readers, that's a given. But even Ghost Rider veterans may be scratching their heads as the surface details of our protagonist's metamorphosis seem eerily dissonant to how Robbie's predecessors came to be.

Here's hoping it can keep up the pace in this week's issue.
>> No. 227125

You know, maybe if the supporting cast was a little stronger, and not quite so two-dimensional, I'd stick with it. It's a shame, because I really wanted to like this series, and I like the artist they went with, but I feel like I can't justify having this comic in my pull-list. I dunno, maybe if it gets better later on, I'll grab the trade.
>> No. 227127
Making the main character muslim is all they have to do to be praised as revolutionary
>> No. 227129
Kinda think it would be better if this had just been a limited series and she'd been folded into New Warriors. I mean family life is fine and all but she can't be doing all this hero stuff solo with nothing to fight and no powered friends to equal with. Now if one of those rich kids had gotten powered it would be something for them to bond with and expand her circle. Though her circle seems intolerant as fuck. Girl needs new friends.
>> No. 227181

To be fair, compared to other Muslim characters introduced in the last few years (Like that Gun-Wielding Green Lantern), and having her be an actual person is kind of revolutionary, it's sad to say.

Like I said, it's not a bad comic, but nothing is really happening yet, and it's frustrating. I thought SOMETHING might happen with that one blonde girl who she saved, but is constantly a bitch to her, but nothing so far.

Well I guess something DID happen, but not enough for me to want to continue.
>> No. 227182
Simon Baz appeared in 2012 where Johns finished his GL and tacked a bunch of shit to him to add to his importance, no one touched him again.

He appeared briefly at the end of Trinity War and was recruited for a Justice League or something and promptly fell off the face of the fucking Earth again.
>> No. 227201
>and promptly fell off the face of the fucking Earth again.

>> No. 227214
>> No. 227215
Wow, I had long forgotten the origin of that particular phrase.
>> No. 227240
File 139961156717.jpg - (421.05KB , 900x1384 , GHOST RIDER-MEET ELI.jpg )
>Robbie says yes almost right away

Based Rider
>> No. 227257
The illiest.
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