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File 134473951481.png - (197.49KB , 638x367 , Kanes.png )
187166 No. 187166
ITT: Motorcity General

Well, "Like Father, Like Daughter" was pretty much a perfect episode brimming with Action, Adventure, Drama, Character Development, Plot Twists and Sexy, Sexy Cars.
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>> No. 196691
But it would be so easy to make Motorcity a brand. I'm still bewildered that they didn't have tie-in merchandise at launch.
>> No. 196746
I really hate it when my gut feeling is right sometimes.
>> No. 196747
File 135226478937.png - (487.27KB , 929x945 , tumblr_mcxsnmTjHd1rk06ixo1_1280.png )
>Maybe next time we see titmouse, it'll be doing an Adult Swim cartoon based off Borderlands. And it'll have a plot! And it'll be the best thing ever.
Admitting it right now, Handsome Jack would be amazing as the weekly BBEG. (Anyone point out how Jack/Hyperion was basically Kane/KaneCo? He even had his own proto-Deluxe in the form of Opportunity, he just couldn't get anyone to live in it...)
>> No. 196748
Aw shit, if you continue the analogy, the logical conclusion is for Motorcity to end with Kane shooting Mike in the back after seeing Julie's lifeless body.
>> No. 196749
File 135226648577.png - (1.44MB , 1650x1072 , teamfortress.png )
Or TF2, because if Titmouse or the VB guys made a TF2 cartoon I'd have a constant boner.

Just don't get Seth Green to write it because apparently he thinks the terrorists from Counter-Strike are the BLU Team.
>> No. 196750
>> No. 196799
File 135233178084.png - (490.97KB , 851x479 , Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 2_25_46 PM.png )
It's just wishful thinking, except for the TF2 sketch on Robot Chicken. That was on this week's episode.
>> No. 197369
File 13527885004.png - (204.88KB , 530x634 , 1352428110432.png )
Found these, I don't know if I'm late to the party but whatever.
>> No. 197370
File 135278858344.jpg - (14.75KB , 459x75 , 1352499496884.jpg )
>> No. 197371
File 135278892152.jpg - (16.25KB , 460x82 , 1352499641210.jpg )
And moar repostan. Please, if it happens what I think they are thinking, Gabe will be my new god.
>> No. 197373
Also, some people opened an online petition, I don't know but it's better than not doing anything about it.

>> No. 197379
ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod please happen titmouse please

i took that survey you asked me to do and i fucking sucked Valve's cock
you listen to me you really do
>> No. 197691
>Disney ever giving up anything ever to anyone

Nope. Remember BOOM! ?

Or the Slave Labor Press fiasco?

Disney TAKES, it doesn't GIVE.
>> No. 197717
I thought there were supposed to be new episodes this week?
>> No. 198438
So are there no new episodes being aired or what?
>> No. 198442
Did anything ever come of the Gabe Newell visit?
>> No. 198480
It caused them to start operating on Valve Time.
>> No. 198668
I think it would be hard to write a plot that has to involve cars; that is a big part of Motorcity. But sometimes it seems like it is tacked on with some large battle where they need the cars.
>> No. 198980
I wonder if they would have brought to Chuck's attention that he and Claire have no common interests besides a love of safety in future episodes.
>> No. 199776
Motorcity: Race Wars (Red Band Trailer)youtube thumb
>> No. 201161
File 135580241751.png - (1.92MB , 1280x720 , 1355783192346[1].png )
Not shopped.
>> No. 201196
Julie and the Amazons looked like it was setting the stage for Claire to become a full Burner, so they wouldn't even have that in common.
>> No. 201759
File 135710496581.jpg - (66.63KB , 1280x720 , interdemensional armor ultra mega zombie texas.jpg )
It really is too bad that this isn't getting a second season. Especially since the two latest episodes were so good.

I wonder if they'll reveal Julie's secret (either to Mike or Kane or both) sometime in the finale.
>> No. 201760
>Especially since the two latest episodes were so good

that's what pisses me off about motorcity. Most episodes were basically just super formulaic and pretty forgettable. I'd have rather the first season had an actual arc or small overarching plot that was wrapped up to let us feel somewhat satisfied, but now it's not getting renewed and leaving us hanging.

damn you titmouse.
>> No. 201764
>>Most episodes were basically just super formulaic and pretty forgettable. I'd have rather the first season had an actual arc or small overarching plot that was wrapped up to let us feel somewhat satisfied

Seconding this.

I also wonder if Motorcity would have been better served to have just 12 or 13 episodes as opposed to 20. Usually, more content is better than less, but there's a lot of useless fat in this show that really makes it meander. There's also the issue of reasonable threats. After 19 episodes, The Burners have gone up against some pretty amazing foes: weather control machine, balls made of people, death race gauntlet, a fucking zombie virus... and they've always emerged victorious, sometimes with little trouble. So, how am I expected to believe that Kane's new weapon honestly poses a threat? Particularly when I have yet to even see this sucker in action?

To be fair, Finale: Vega did elevate some of the previous episodes by association. A complaint I'd been having about the show was Duke-centric stories. He's a great character, don't get me wrong, but his plots felt so predictable and pointless. Duke shows up, proposes a challenge or threat to the Burners, cool action scenes, they win, the end. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But Vega establishes Duke's longbrewing frustration with Mike/The Burners as important. It now makes sense why he'd thrown his lot in with Kane. Suddenly, Duke of Detroit Presents/Julie and the Amazons don't seem so pointless.

Still, the show was in desperate need of escalating tension and evolving characters. We know a ton about Dutch and Mike's backstory but next to nothing about the rest of the cast. Only in the second to last episode did we get some key hints about the outside world, and establish the fact that Kane keeps Julie's status as his daughter hidden from the general populace. That's... kind of a big deal... really could of used these factoids earlier in the series.

Episodes like Vega and Like Father Like Daughter are so great... but the show as a whole really isn't when it comes to writing.
>> No. 202134
Well... it's over

No one killed that stupid Red X guy, so that's a bummer. But other than that, it was pretty sweet
>> No. 202140
God. SO agreed.

The GENIUS visuals just need some better writing 's all I think.
>> No. 202141
Thirding, fourthing, whatever all this.

When you watch Battle for Motorcity, Vega, and A Better Tomorrow; they really feel like one continuous story. Moreover, they seem to have a level of polish and depth lacking from most of the other episodes in the series. They actually treat themselves somewhat seriously, there's genuine tension, and the characters really shine. I think, and this is pure speculation mind you, that this because these general concepts were always there from the Ye Olde Pitch folder from when they were trying to get this sucker on MTV.

But when it came time to flesh out the rest of the cast, expand the world, and just do general stories... we run into problems. Really, Motorcity needed a talented story editor like... Marty Isenberg or... something to give the season an overall focus and to make sure each episode was contributing some piece of character development or plot important information to the audience.

For example, Giancarlo Volpe (director of the Green Lantern animated series) posted a plot matrix of the first season on his tumblr account. It breaks down the arcs of each character episode by episode and highlights the key information, interactions, and developments they should go through as the story progresses

Motorcity doesn't have that. Some characters, like Dutch, get a lot of attention, information, and development focused on them whereas some get little or none. We've seen Dutch's parents and brother, he's gotten a girlfriend, Dutch learned leadership skills throughout the season which paid off in the finale. Meanwhile, we know nothing about Chuck's past, and he's still a goofy coward in the finale. A similar case with Texas.

Really, you need to have a plan. Great concepts, great characters, and great animation isn't enough. You can't throw the most expensive chocolate, best eggs, and premium flour in a bowl and magically expect cake to come out: you're going to need an equally good recipe to follow. Motorcity has no structure to follow and it feels half-baked.
>> No. 202465
To me, Motorcity really brought up a big issue I've been having with some cartoons lately...

How much do visuals and cutting edge animation really matter? If the story overall is poor, if episodes are lackluster plot wise, if character development is spotty... then does the latest and greatest flash/CGI/cellshading whatever really matter?
>> No. 202474
While the show's writing could have been more thought-out in places, I don't think it was an actual hindrance to the show as a whole. A big thing to consider is that this was only the first season, and the production crew was presumably hopeful that they'd have future seasons to work with. Many of the character developments we didn't see in this first season might have been planned for somewhere down the road. If the production crew had approached this with the idea of "okay, only one season to tell a story" in mind, character and plot development would likely have been a lot more tight and well-rounded. Even for what it is as a single season, I still think it's a great story, with an engaging cast of characters, in a grimly gorgeous setting.

And I'm still hoping against hope that another network picks this up. I'm befuddled why this wasn't on Cartoon Network from the beginning, given how many Titmouse properties are on [as]. This never felt at home on Disney, and they clearly didn't know what to do with it.

Of course they matter. That's not to say they're the only thing that matters, but visuals are equally as important as story. What good is a thoughtful story if the presentation looks abysmal? If nothing else, continuing to push the boundaries of animation techniques to create new kinds of visuals is important.
>> No. 202537
Yeah, first seasons are usually kind of awkward and, yeah, i don't think titmouse went into the show thinking they only had one season.

Also, I think CN would have fucked Motrocity way harder than Disney ever did. Although, they might have been more lenient on stuff like violence.
>> No. 202538
Of course its important.

Considering this is an -animated- programmme, where its just so much more maneuverable visually, not to mention where "Show, don't tell" not only becomes king, it is GOD in the storytelling, visuals are very important to a product such as this.
>> No. 202546
Disney basically did to Motorcity what CN did to Sym-Bionic Titan. Motorcity might not have been better off on CN, but it couldn't have suffered much worse treatment (and I doubt CN would want to piss off an animation house they have so much stake in).

I think the ideal situation would be for the show to be handled as independently as possible, using a venue like YouTube or something similar. The guys from Titmouse had conducted a couple surveys during Motorcity's run, asking for opinions on various networks and other services, including Steam. Of course there's still the matter of IP, and if Disney has a hold on that, the outlook isn't pretty.
>> No. 202854
File 135856804195.jpg - (930.38KB , 1500x912 , mc119_3d_vega_car_v3_bc.jpg )
I have a feeling I know what Kane called his roadster back when he was still riding it in his young bachelor days.

He probably called it Julie.
>> No. 202867
I'd have figured he'd name it after his wife
>> No. 202870
Well The Hub did have that promo comic a while back showing a rebooting MASK that ran some similar lines to Motorcity in ways of tone, and while Hasbro does own the IP they aren't as watchful of it as their Crown Jewels. I'd say Hub executives would allow them a lot of leeway in production of a MASK cartoon providing it achieved competitive ratings (which is a lot smaller goal for Hub than Disney or CN comparatively).
>> No. 202871
File 135860798889.jpg - (830.21KB , 1500x912 , mc119_bg_c035_ext_junkyard_and_int_vega_car_angled.jpg )
Fair point. I'm just implying that he named his daughter after his car.
>> No. 202919
It's really too bad. You probably could do a really interesting MASK reboot with basically all of Motorcity's concepts, set pieces, and characterisations. Just switch the names around and there you go.
>> No. 207832
Does stuff like this ever work?

I voted but I'm not sure what good it will do.
>> No. 208223
The majority of online petitions never seem to amount to much, but on the off chance this is one of those exceptions...
>> No. 216483
File 137904679510.gif - (1.00MB , 500x281 , drving.gif )
Does anyone have access to the last three episodes of this? I can't seem to find anything reliable, and still haven't actually seen them...

Also, a damn shame this show was so short lived, here's hoping Titmouse does manage to relaunch it and Megas at some point like they want to.
And like a lot of recent action cartoons, it clearly deserved a toy presence it did not at all get. A MASK style toyline with the various wacky cars that the series was focused on would have been so damn cool.
>> No. 216545
Checking back on this, I thought it already got all the votes it needed before the site even officially opened, but guess it either reset or the number of voted needed was raised, unless it's just me misremembering. Looks like I better join and start casting votes.
>> No. 216608
I'm just wondering why the episodes haven't been on things like youtube or Netflix.
>> No. 225314
That does seem like a fatal flaw in Disney XD's airing shows. I just got done with Tron:Uprising and it was fantastic. But looking online, it's like they're completely failing to realize that afternoon timeslots are no longer the sole determiner for popularity. Damn shame, Motorcity caught the beginning of this but it seems like they might shuffle a few off the coil for their own error. Sad days, both this and Tron desperately need a second season and they'd probably get better numbers through digital distribution
>> No. 225321
They aired during the change over period when a whole lot of people started to disconnect and Online content became a bigger thing. Yea not having a deal with Netflix or similar for their content really hurt shows like Motorcity and Tron who's demographic reached into those that weren't and didn't want to be bound by the tube schedule anymore.
>> No. 225324
I remember the Titmouse guys had a poll and asked the fans to give feedback on various networks/distribution platforms, including stuff like iTunes and Steam. Gave me hope that maybe they were looking to take the show elsewhere if Disney dropped it, but I guess that was overly optimistic. Disney is a clutching, greedy beast and will probably hold onto this property until the end of time, letting its barely-tapped potential rot in a vault. Unless someone signs one hell of a check maybe.
>> No. 225326
File 139565819661.jpg - (57.50KB , 220x308 , Turbo_FAST_poster.jpg )
Seeing this thread just reminded me; Has anyone ever seen anything from that Turbo Netflix series that was done by the most of the same crew who worked on Motorcity? Of course, I'm not expecting it to be a viable replacement or anything, but I'd like to at least know whether it's good or not.
>> No. 225526
Its okay for what it is it could be a lot worse but they've done well with what they've been given. I hope they get the chance to do some other Dreamworks material that had been shelved due to lack of interest from the higher ups, mainly more Megamind.
>> No. 226516
The whole formulaic story-of-the-week style that left us with few actual developments came from Disney and Disney alone. They mandated this show to be episodic when Titmouses' original plan was to go full story mode.
>> No. 227575
This is annoying in some ways, though in others I do like a side story here and there instead of just main plot.
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