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File 139661638798.jpg - (47.54KB , 512x384 , 102.jpg )
391017 No. 391017
If you're in or around NYC this weekend (Apr 5-6), check out MoccAFest; only 5 bux to get in and plenty of indie comics & their creators inside.
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>> No. 391579
I sincerely doubt that the spambots are "targeting" this site for any specific reason. More likely the people behind them just cast a wide net, hoping to hit whatever sites they can. Most sites just deflect the spam, but this place isn't as well shielded.
>> No. 391580

Neither is TGFB, as /dammit/ has been getting pounded with this spam for about as long as you guys have.
>> No. 391584
File 139920275954.jpg - (242.62KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )

>> No. 391587
Then how are we getting posts on the new boards, which supposedly are different enough that they'd need to target us for it to work? Clearly the answer is that plus4 is targeted, you're in on the conspiracy, and I'm not crazy at all.

But do enemies still drop spirit tokens when you use it?
>> No. 391598
Either some moron is having a giggle or the spam has made its way to the new boards.

Any fresh ideas on what to do?
>> No. 391600
the spam is manual on both the old and new boards, the fact that it's not 100 posts a day is indication of that. they are probably targetting plus4 because the posts aren't deleted promptly, they hit dead boards and boards without consistent moderation
>> No. 391615
File 139936943461.gif - (833.81KB , 240x228 , 5147174.gif )
The spambot is posting full on CP now
>> No. 391616
Seriously. Just implement captcha alerady.
On another note, my new keyboard feels amazing. This is the first time I'm instantly feeling familiar with it. I usually need a bit of time to get used to a new keyboard, but I'm loving this one.
>> No. 391619
holy SHIT im SICK as FUCK
between the vomiting, the diarrhea, and the sweating from fevers, i'm losing a TON of fluid, generally faster than I can get it in. if I had money I'd go get IV fluids going, but I don't, so that sucks. I slept for 44 hours to try to get rid of it, for all the good that did, and because I feel so ass, I'm in a pretty bad mood all-around. This is the pits.
>> No. 391623
>Two days ago
>Sleep all of forty five minutes, scared out of my mind, confused as all Hell, and very turned on.
>Spend the remainder of the night wide awake.
>Last night
>Drop on the floor like a fucking animal before ten, sleep dead for almost twelve hours.
>rinse and repeat for the last week and a half.
I think I'm dying.
>> No. 391624
the posts are manual, it's not a bot and adding captcha would do nothing to stop it
>> No. 391626
wat. So I stop showing up to instead concentrate on bashing my head on study books, and suddenly I'm moved out in a hostel or something.

nope. never left. still in the same shitty situation, just haven't even been visiting this place.

>> No. 391627
Ram! Your not dead! I'm not dead ether!
And you can't stay at hostels for more than a week at a time.

Oh, so I'm back at the haunted house place, getting things together. It takes a lot of work to prepare for season comeing up.
I dug a trence for a electral line with a pick axe. I almost died.
>> No. 391628
pick axes are bullshit and so are shovels. eat carbs and drink water.
>> No. 391629
Well that's what Comrade told me.

>> No. 391638
Congrats on not being dead, Ram!
>> No. 391641
Hey, for what it's worth, I can help out with nuking the CP spam. I visit here at least twice daily and don't want to see this place get drowned in that bullshit.
>> No. 391643
Yeah, ditto.
>> No. 391645

If you know who is here, hire some janitors. If you're worried about power abuse, just give the janitors the ability to delete CP and spam and only CP and spam. Have one of the veteran mods look through what's been deleted to see if that person belongs on staff.

Or just hire someone here with a name that you trust to clean up. Just do something. This is one of the few places I have to chill on the internet.
>> No. 391649
File 139952397684.png - (735.23KB , 738x740 , slowpokeandsealofapproval2.png )
a name you can trust
a product you can depend on
>> No. 391652
Sure did just apply for my first ever Professional Job.

Adulthood is scary.
>> No. 391654
File 139954447544.jpg - (136.51KB , 738x492 , tumblr_n56qazCAhW1rn13u3o1_1280.jpg )
I love it when someone randomly comes out of left field with an invention that puts an entire stagnant industry on blast.

"Hey guess what, I just created a device that allows women to 3D print make up, DEAL WITH IT FASHION INDUSTRY"

Oh man thay's a feeling I know and am terrified of, the worst is waiting for the answer, I'm applying to the Bachelor of Education program to finally become an official teacher and I find out hopefully tomorrow.
>> No. 391655
I wonder if that 1guy1jar person is okay. He lives in Ukraine, afterall.
>> No. 391659
Just got a place in Albuquerque. Vegan roommates. New job showing off fancy vacuums.
>> No. 391660
I love you. Thank you for that laugh.
>> No. 391661
I GOT IN!!!!!


>> No. 391662
Any reason they'd need a fancy printer and not just something that mixes various waxes and whatever else before pouring them in a tube? Nice when that happens, though.

Sounds like a better idea than turning left.
>> No. 391663
Don't go beating up abusive parents or whatever. Call social services or whatever.
>> No. 391688
File 139957054734.gif - (1.89MB , 236x224 , sp.gif )
I guess I'm leaving /baw/, this is too much. Almost barfed when visiting the board. Moose really tries but he's just one guy with a life to live and can't catch everything all day.

I didn't contribute much but bawwwing so don't miss me.

PS I hope someone is reporting this shit to a government agency or something? Like the images and everything in case it can help identify a child or an offender. I don't know how that works tbh but I want to at least feel like something is being done

Good luck in life fellow SYMers.
>> No. 391722
Part of my upcoming training actually.
>> No. 391723
It is gross but you can just hide it.
>> No. 391728
So I guess I can stay in this thread and just hit F5 every now and then.
>> No. 391729
Seriously though this is out of hand. We clearly need more staff to get this shit off of the page.
>> No. 391730
It almost seems like someone is just posting the shit via proxy to harass or incriminate the board.
>> No. 391733
Well, it's gone now, at least.

Now, then.
>Subcommander invites me over.
>Spend an hour and a half in the back yard, taking turns practising with this bow he bought shortly before that hernia.
>Head inside when it gets dark, take turns playing battlefield until the server crashes, fucking EA, etc.
>Switch to computer, watch him play a bit of Sleeping Dogs, before finally taking turns looking up videos on Youtube.
>Hey, you remember that poster you got me for my birthday?
>Look behind me, there it is.
>You want it?
What? Why, what's wrong with it.
>Nothing. I've just knocked it over a few times in my sleep, and I don't want glass in my bed or face, you know? So, do you want it?
Y...yeah, kind of. But that was a gift, man. You don't take a gift back unless it's busted.
>Well, either you take it, or my brother does. And we both know what'll happen there.
>Remember what happened to those Wavebirds you gave me for Christmas?
>Long story short, the poster hangs beside my TV.

I feel like crap taking back a gift like that, but considering what could have happened to it, I guess I could understand? I'm not sure, man. I'm still trying to get the idea of never returning/disposing of gifts thing out of habit.
>> No. 391734
File 139961147847.jpg - (609.02KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_20140508_223708.jpg )
Case in point.
>> No. 391738
To those that offered to help out:
1) Thank you
2) There's a janitor recruitment thread in new/baw/ (and it would only be for the new set of boards, not this current set). No fancy form like the motherboard uses, but you can toss your hat in the ring.

Hiding it doesn't remove the image from your browser cache, though; and, with the way our world goes apeshit over CP, having just that single image can land you in huge shit. Not that child porn isn't a serious and real problem, but if a community or police force gets a hint that you've seen any CP image they will turn against you now and forever. Even if you can prove your innocence, even if you were a blind man, you will forever be considered a pedophile and social pariah.

> I hope someone is reporting this shit to a government agency or something
Pfft. The FBI won't do shit unless you have something far more substantial than a single image, that has been partially-clothed half the time, to a URL that is almost certainly a virus. I'm sure they're already aware of it; the NSA has tipped them off if nothing else. If we tried to contact them directly they would just hound the hell out of us. At best we could give them a list (I already posted an image with some) of the IPs we've banned that are certainly proxies, compromised computers, or tor exits, and they probably already have everything on that list.

At best, with our cooperation they might be able to go after the URL shorteners used in the images, but those are a dime-a-dozen and can be used for legit purposes as well.
>> No. 391743
Wait, we don't even have to open the picture, and we're screwed?
>> No. 391744
You where screwed the moment you went on the internet.
It's a world where someone can throw damming evidence at you and you have no choice but to take the blame.

They'll ask "why didn't you just leave?". No matter what you say, they'll still blame you.
>> No. 391745
Potentially. Just a lone CP image in your cache can be enough for them to give you hell over. It wouldn't be enough to charge you on, I think, but they could still confiscate your computer for months (if you even get it back), drag you to court, the media would be happy to drag your name through the mud, etc.
>> No. 391747
I wonder who Anonex pissed off enough to keep posting CP virus stuff like this...
>> No. 391748
File 139979508085.gif - (389.49KB , 200x200 , 200x200px-ZC-85c4c1c0_robot-punching-grandma-nan-o.gif )
Happy mother's day, you abusive old cunt.

You've taken away from me everything I had, have and could've had. You will get nothing for the rest of your life.
>> No. 391750
Man, that sucks, sorry you had to live through that.

Mom is a wonderful, kickass person, and I am glad that she has been part of my life.
>> No. 391755
My mom was and is a mixed bag, but she tries.
>> No. 391756
File 139993891169.png - (168.08KB , 463x256 , ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.png )
>mfw new boards
>> No. 391758
File 140002924947.png - (132.47KB , 306x227 , Picard WTF.png )
>new boards
>Still unfinished and buggy. Look like crap. Nobody asked for this change or wanted it. They're forcing us to use it, anyway.
>MFW new!plus4 is Microsoft 8.
>> No. 391759
I have faith in Annonex. He said he's working on it so be patient.
>> No. 391760
if there's a bug report it in the feedback thread?
it's been working fine for me, it's certainly better than these boards
>> No. 391761
File 140006041438.jpg - (15.01KB , 364x461 , george-costanza-bald-hair.jpg )
>new boards
>Still unfinished and buggy. Look like crap. Nobody asked for this change or wanted it. They're forcing us to use it, anyway.
>MFW new!plus4 is Microsoft 8

>no bugs on new boards?
>fast posting
>mp3 and webm support
>moderators actually remove cp instead of it sitting here days at a time
>mfw people are defending the old boards that posting breaks on and takes forever and looks like crap

2/10 got me to respond friend
>> No. 391763




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