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384344 No. 384344
Fetish discussion thread. I don't know, I'm just interested in fetishes in general, even if I find some of them disgusting.

iPod has no relevant images, make sure to NSFW tag if you insist on posting examples.
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>> No. 386227
A safe word doesn't stop all play instantly and everyone puts their clothes on. It's just that during ds play, the sub may sometimes cry or beg the dom to stop, but not really mean it. The safe word is a way of saying "I really mean it".
Also sounds like you never found a good dom maybe?
>> No. 386229
Yeah, "just intuiting it" is a terrible idea, especially when you're discussing stuff like being tied up or bound or would otherwise leave you at the complete mercy of the Dom. Anytime you're going into those situations of lopsided power, you want to discuss what is and isn't a little too far, because it's really easy to get into high-octane squick territory without realizing it.
>> No. 386231
A safe word can mean "stop and put on all clothing" though. That's the thing, it's there to shut down whatever is going on because the person it's happening to is not comfortable with it. In certain cases, where the Dom and the Sub are very familiar with each other then yes, the Dom can probably get away with a few assumptions. But when your sexual encounters involve such lopsided situations, situations in which one of the people can be really hurt if it goes too far, it is not a good idea to just dive into those situations without discussing boundaries beforehand.
>> No. 386241
I was dating a guy, and we were both into D/s play, but I would never do it with him because he had this fucking thing against 'safe words': that the idea of having one was a turn off. It really pissed me off and made me break it off with him. He was kind of a manchild and never took no for an answer anyway, so its to be expected.
>> No. 386246
There can be different safewords too, like "yellow" for "cool it a little/ease up" and "red" for "full stop". That way, saying the safeword doesn't instantly end the fun.
>> No. 386252
Not in my experience, if someone uses a safe word it means they're uncomfortable with that ONE thing, not the whole experience ex. unwanted golden shower, but she didn't want the session to stop either. Generally continuing on and falling back to what you were doing keeps the party going.

No sub ever knows exactly what they're ok with, and subs are generally uncomfortable discussing those sorts of things. A huge portion of the joy a submissive gets in a D/s relationship is in having their personality sublimated in that of the dominant, and also having their boundaries stretched same example as above, after a few months she was eventually excited by piss play.

This kind of experience is damn near impossible with lists or discussions beforehand, you would have to keep the list handy and pause the session frequently to cross things out and add new things in. It's antithetical, only first-timers ever do it because they don't know any better, and the list gets thrown out after awhile.
>> No. 386260
File 138415211622.gif - (51.04KB , 600x450 , story542.gif )
I've got no experience in any of the BDSM spectrum, but a safeword is just an alternative to 'stop', 'no', or any other word that suggests you do not like it. They can be or represent whatever the fuck you want, but they are usually ones you wouldn't say during sex so you don't say it by accident. They can mean slow down, keep going, or I'm hurt. It is up to the users.
>> No. 386272
Yep, agree with that way up here >>386227
>> No. 386281
We were born too late for the exploration age.
We were born too early for the space age.
But we were born in time for THIS.


It is such a time to be alive.
>> No. 386294
Finally. Jeez.
>> No. 386303
File 138424538477.png?spoiler - (1.60MB , 1000x1499 , 575804_hi.png?spoiler )
I have a bare shoulder & bare arms fetish, especially if they're chubby. I often get hard from women wearing stuff like halters & sleeveless turtlenecks. I have to work pretty hard to find my fap material, even clothing models wearing said clothes is usually enough for me, pic related. I'm also into softcore lesbo/yuri, usually in obscure fetish JAVs. Even normalfag 3DPD porn doesn't really do it for me.

I even made these threads but no one responded though.
>tfw I've never told anyone this before

I'm into armpit licking too. Girly femboys like Bridget, Marty, & Rio are the shit too.
>> No. 386316
Plus4chan has a disturbing amount of chubby chasers.
>> No. 386317
File 138428398785.jpg?nsfw - (36.88KB , 423x401 , fat guy pretty girl2.jpg?nsfw )
More like, the rest of the world has a disturbing amount of skeleton chasers.
>> No. 386325

Can't I just tell the both of you to fuck off by saying that I like people who are in their ideal, natural weight-range? Though, with the West now over 30% obese, the bell-curve representing "normal", or at least "average", is probably now become "chubby", so anything less is considered anorexic. On the other side of the coin, obsession over weight is so prevalent that it could be argued that anyone with more than three (count 'em, THREE) fat cells is a total lardass and should go back to dieting.

(Also, women are SUPPOSED to be a bit chubby. Men are NOT. Ironic how society has totally reversed that by making a hulking beer-gut on a man okay, while women are supposed to be tiny.)
>> No. 386327

Maybe it's because I'm 24, but I have never seen anyone thinking beer guts were okay.
>> No. 386333
Yep, where I live it's not that it's considered normal, it's just that no-one really gives a shit.
>> No. 386347
I like any bodytype as long as it's not too extreme in any direction.
Pls no anorexia, bodybuilders, or morbidly obese.
Thin, muscular, and fat are all good though.
>> No. 386348
I'm like this except no bears. They freak me out.
>> No. 386355
>women are SUPPOSED to be a bit chubby
I saw a documentary where thin women have 25-30% fat by weight. Like actually thin, model looking girls.

Apparently, for guys, more of our mass is muscles, which are also denser compared to fat.
>> No. 386372

That's true, yes. When women have healthy levels of body-fat, it tends to end up in all the "sexual" places: boobs, butt, and hips. Thus, the "barbie doll" figure is impossible without breast implants; as many women will tell you, when they start to lose weight, the breasts are the first thing to shrink. To the contrary, when men pack on body-fat, it all goes to the torso where it immediately starts choking the life out of the cardiovascular system. However, in both cases, a certain MINIMUM percentage is essential for proper health. It's around 20% for women and 10% for men.

You want to see a woman with 5% body fat? Look up pictures of female bodybuilders. It's downright grotesque.
>> No. 386383
I guess most of my fetishes could be described as "gentle sensual domination", or maybe just "normal". I like to be in control, but I like to know that the other person is enjoying it as much as I am. I like giving excessive foreplay, but not so much receiving. I like to kiss and lick and nibble and gently brush fingers across until the other person can barely stand it. I have a very specific fixation on deepthroat, and cum swallowing, especially when the other person is really into it as well. Long socks (anywhere from calf to thigh) and skirts really get me going. I am attracted to people that are naturally shy, submissive, and tsundere.

Earlier in the thread someone was talking about girly boys in girly clothes versus manly men in girly clothes. Personally I'm only able to get off to cross-dressers if they're sufficiently feminine and submissive, BUT if they have implants or have taken steps to modify their body to make them appear more like a woman I lose all interest. Not exactly sure why.
>> No. 386384
Nah. We got a decent amount of super-obese chasers, but not too many chubby chasers.
>> No. 386464
File 138470651485.jpg?nsfw - (68.91KB , 638x960 , -_--_-__.jpg?nsfw )
There's nothing better than macking on a tit.
>> No. 386518
File 138484254899.jpg - (28.78KB , 450x600 , 1384728326939.jpg )
Tomboys, androgyny and short hair. Small breasts and petite frames. Being fit(ish) as well. No real idea where these preferences stem from, but I know for sure that that's the type of woman I want to end up with.

I sit next to a girl like that in uni and we're pretty amicable, but I've got no idea how to escalate it into something more.
>> No. 386520
find common ground, always a good start.
>> No. 386522
Oh we do, which is why I'd say we're acquaintances rather than complete strangers. However, I'm a bit on the socially spineless side when it comes to matters such as this.

Just no idea how to transfer from "Guy you sit next to in class" to "Guy you'd spend your free time with", without it sounding awkward or creepy.
>> No. 386527
File 138486717071.png - (620.63KB , 760x1413 , prostitutes.png )
>Just no idea how to transfer from "Guy you sit next to in class" to "Guy you'd spend your free time with"
It's kind of like waxing. Pull the strip off quickly, without sparing a moments thought to what you're actually doing.Then, make sure to do it again and again until you get married, when you can finally stop.

Or, pic most definitely related, you can join the mass of people using depilatory gel.
>> No. 386545
Awkward can work in your favor. It can be disarming. Or just go full earnesty and see where that lands you.
>> No. 386551
here is a question since we are going on relations. If a girl is implying that she wants to go with you to lunch..does that mean she wants said person to ask them out? Asking since I've apparently fucked this up twice at two jobs from the reactions I get from others afterwards.
>> No. 386553

I don't advise this at all.

Just go in, ask, and stop making a big deal out of encounters with people you're interested in. The bigger of a deal you make before it happens, the bigger a deal it's going to seem like when you decide to go through with it. This will also probably have an effect on how long you decide to wait. Just get in, quit stressing, and get out. If it doesn't work, then who cares? Move on to the next person and don't fret about what didn't happen.

Best way to pursue relations without going crazy, I'd think.
>> No. 386575
> If a girl is implying
Keyword is IF. Sounds like you aren't inferring properly.
>> No. 386579
maybe I was attempting to state a hypothetical that really wasn't. Situation has been around time for lunch break she states that she is going to join me for lunch (first I hear of this). And according to the response given (I don't intend to go to lunch since I don't eat till later and/or similar) and the Reaction from others..I made heel move or something. And I really don't know if this means anything but they were black girls both times and in general they've always flirted with me (black girls that is).
>> No. 386647
Template for dealing with that:
1. If a (straight) guy friend of yours would do something, it's not suggestive.
2. If it's something a (straight) guy friend would never do, it's suggestive.

Like, I can imagine a buddy of mine saying "I'll join you" when the concept of lunch comes up.
I can't imagine him saying that while resting his hand on my forearm and biting his lower lip. Oop, just imagined it and it's freaking me out...

From your story, there's definitely something there. Ask her out, worst case scenario she says no.
>> No. 386650

Yea I've made the notion to prep for the contingency next time it happens when I become employed again as that is the environment that my family always seems to form lasting relationships within. That and girls seem to be more keen on me when in a working environment. Turned in some applications and one said they'll be hiring soon so here's hoping. Its very odd that it was just about the same wording and a different girl years apart.
>> No. 386652
My biggest fetish is breastfeeding. I don't know why, but something about hugging a woman tight while I drink her milk and she strokes my head is something that makes me cum buckets.
>> No. 386689
Morning milk is a bit bitter but it becomes better with successive daytime feedings.
>> No. 386696
This has been a life-long fantasy of mine.
I think it was one of the first sexual fantasies I ever had--possibly due to the fact that I was a very early bloomer, and I saw breasts as something sexual at an age when I had no education or idea on what sex was, but still desired it very badly.

Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 386777
File 138567067434.gif - (493.40KB , 500x281 , coffee1.gif )
>Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 389155
Tangentially related, if anyone has wanted to join empornium (the best place for porn torrents), they currently have open registration. http://torrents.empornium.me/
>> No. 389171
File 139163016630.png?spoiler - (49.69KB , 1263x1472 , urineabus.png?spoiler )
>Just in general, I also like the idea of drinking from your partner.
>> No. 389267
Goddamnit lately I've been getting extremely fucking horny every day. Usually it would last half an hour and go away, but now it's lasting ALL day until I jack off. Pretty sure it's not puberty since I'm 21 at this point.
>> No. 389270
that. was.the. HOTTEST. thing. i. ever. read.
>> No. 389287
Fuck, I'm jealous.
>> No. 389329
So, uh, who wants to talk about sex toys?

I'm honestly thinking about biting the bullet and nabbing a fleshlight and a buttplug or something. I'm half asking for advice (mostly if any of you have used fleshlights in the past or have a particular buttplug you want to recommend me) and also because I'm curious as to what kind of toys you guys are into.
>> No. 389333

Fleshlight is pretty awesome. Better than just using my hand by far. I can't compare it to an actual orifice considering I've been the bottom in every sexual relationship I've ever had, but it's probably pretty close. Also, it's rather cheap as sex toys go, and lasts for a couple years even with regular use.

Also, what do you want a buttplug for? Something that fits right up there like an actual dildo might work better than something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey.

(Anyway, I don't have much preference for a particular anal toy. I'll stick pretty much anything up my butt, really...)
>> No. 389336
>Also, what do you want a buttplug for? Something that fits right up there like an actual dildo might work better than something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey.

Sometimes I like to play with it, but I also just like the sensation of having something there.

I'll look into the Aneros thing, though. Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 389337
>something that just sits inside you and is supposed to do magic to give you pleasure like that silly curleycue aneros doohickey
From what I know of Aneros, the idea is that it's shaped exactly to stimulate the prostate, and in flexing and relaxing while it's inside you, you repeatedly press it against the prostate.
Probably not as good as say, being fingered, but probably better than just blindly shoving a dildo up your ass.
>> No. 389343
A good buttplug can put pressure on the prostate, so all you have to do is sort of bounce your leg while sitting and it feels amazing. Aneros is just for people who want to self finger but can't bend their spine far enough.
>> No. 389402
All this talk about anal is reminding me of how more often I seem to see male assplay in porn now.

It's anecdotal as hell, but it seems like now I'm far more likely to run into a movie where a woman starts fingering a guy's ass at some point in the movie. Am I not paying attention to the types of movies I decide to watch and looking at niche stuff or is assplay for dudes just becoming more mainstream and accepted?
>> No. 389410
In the early days of the internet porn had to still be kept to the largest demographic of vanilla users. Now that the usage of the net has spread to nearly the entire population of the West, the more rare fetishes can still find millions of viewers.
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