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>> No. 391526
All of us, or just Twister?

But seriously, waifu threads are stupid. Talk about the whole show, or don't make a thread on /co/ because it's gonna become a porn/cheesecake dump and get deleted sooner or later.
>> No. 391528
Great, my storytime thread went into autosage. I'd be okay with it, if I knew why.
You'd think so, but I couldn't post for 8 hours. Not so bad... except I was in the middle of a storytime thread.
>> No. 391533
I think moot gave /co/ the system that is on /b/ where you can not bump your own threads. That pretty much kills any storytimes that isn't popular, unless the OP changes his IP address after he makes a new thread.
>> No. 391538
Are the archives dead?

>> No. 391539
Nevermind. It's back up.
>> No. 391541
It's quite funny that the erection you were talking about does not even happen during "those" threads.

Although you have your right to not believe me. [/spoiler]LOL[/spoiler]
>> No. 391544
>all those unreadable llmlmlmnmnml + ink blot captcha

did something change today or what?
>> No. 391556
File 139894675225.jpg - (114.91KB , 478x630 , 01 (15).jpg )
So it isn´t just me that got about 3 readable captchas and then it was quantum cryptanalysis time?
>> No. 391564
Maintenance time are back? What the point of having a fucking cloud?
>> No. 391566
File 139903774351.png - (524.21KB , 1083x697 , 1398945707577.png )
4chan mod's literally from tumblr.

What's this thread for anyways?
>> No. 391567
(I've posted here abefore but my reply dissapeared, i hope this doesn't end in a doublepost)
Goddamnit /co/mandres
I know the moderation is terrible on /co/ but those posts aren't even on-site.

Check https://www.4chan.org/faq#whoadmin if you need help.
You should also probally ducttape something for him.

If that fails we might just be beyond salvation.
>> No. 391570
That pedo shit is against general 4chan rules. Only allowed on /b/.
There might be problems with that mod, from what I heard, but this one is a positive point about him. Suck it.
>> No. 391573
How can one man be so wrong and uninformed?
>> No. 391577
Mods are global and Redwood also mods /a/
>> No. 391582
Since when has Redwood been a mod? Going to require some actual, factual evidence because people have been claiming he was a mod and that mods were biased around him or some other shit for years now.


And I don't understand the significance of this image. The ban and post dates don't match up.
>> No. 391588
You missed the huge shitstorm 2 weeks ago when some Australian hacked 4chan and got into moot's account. He leaked a bunch of screen shots of /j/ (see >>391432) and the mod/janitor IRC.

>> No. 391589
I'm still not seeing it. What am I looking for?
>> No. 391593
File 139923804546.jpg - (119.16KB , 1024x622 , 4ClnCYM.jpg )
mod/janitor names
>> No. 391594
File 139923809735.jpg - (138.45KB , 1024x874 , NXfUBWR.jpg )
mod/janitor IRC
>> No. 391595
After the "$2y$10$"...are those just the trip codes or the passwords that generate them?
>> No. 391596


That other image still doesn't make sense, I think, because if Redwood is now a janitor, it had to have happened somewhat recently.

Also, whatever it's worth, I can't say that I mind fetish threads being removed. 4chan has boards for that, and /co/ isn't one of them.
>> No. 391601
I miss when /co/ liked shit.
>> No. 391604
I feel that's applicable to the whole internet. Remember all these geocities fan shrines? I mean they were terrible and all, but that shit hardly exists anymore. Everyone's a goddamn cynic these days and the internet is turning more and more colorless and spiteful.
>> No. 391606
I think you can blame the lack of fansites on things like free hosting sites shutting down or people moving over to blogs or whatever.

That being said, you have a point on people being positive about shit. There's a definite balance to maintain here. You don't have to show unwavering support to everything, but the idea that everything is shit and everything coming out will be shit is annoying.
>> No. 391608
>I think you can blame the lack of fansites on things like free hosting sites shutting down or people moving over to blogs or whatever.

Those sites were so messy, but you could tell people put a lot of heart into them. Found some really obscure stuff on those.
>> No. 391611
This is something I noticed about other people and myself as well:

The less of a life you have, the less you make real achievements IRL, the less you do actual positive work, the less productive you are... the more cynical and apathetic you become. Your mood is directly linked to how much you achieve IRL. It doesn't has to be a job, just some work you do each day. It doesn't matter what work that is, as long as you're busy doing something productive.

Basically, all the grumpy cynics on the web do not have lives.
>> No. 391612
>Your mood is directly linked to how much you achieve IRL.
yeah, no. Most people are extremely happy and proud to be unachieving consuming devices. And people who do great aren't especially more happy because most of the time they don't benefit from it directly anyway.
>> No. 391621
All the perpetual slackers I know became grumpy with age. Sure, there must be exceptions, but as a rule inactive people become cynics eventually.
>> No. 391631
Was 4chan always this bad or did it became a repository for human garbage only recently?
>> No. 391632
4chan was always a repository for human garbage but with that Chanology thing, the rise of Reddit, and other things like /b/ vs ponies, 4chan has become more popular. And popular means more people and more people mean more idiots, assholes, and whiny entitled bastards. And on top of that, many of the old guard has left and these new people tend to act like the Jerry Springer audience.
>> No. 391633
garbage changed with time, tough. Most people today consider aggressivity "garbage", despite it being a stapple of 4chan for half a decade. Same with memespam and stupid shoops. What people consider good was garbage not even 6 month ago, and is likely to become garbage again in 3 month.
>> No. 391637
I'd say it's recently.

I don't ever remember people going off on /pol/ tangents about blacks, jews, women, and gays back in the day. The jokes were there, but it wasn't this constant "derail everything and look at these charts" bullshit that persists today.

Also, whatever it's worth, that shit was mostly contained on /b/.

And you also have this new generation of Anons who try to treat 4chan as the wild west of the internet, a lawless place where literally anything goes. Now while 4chan is more liberal with their set of rules than other websites are, it's never been this complete "lawless" territory as people try to think it is. I assume this is part of the reason you have so much rampant shitposting and people posting things on the wrong boards intentionally, despite the fact the only two things you can't post anywhere on 4chan are CP (due to it being illegal) and pony porn (due to drama). There's a place for most (legal) things on 4chan but people are determined to put them in the wrong spots.
>> No. 391644
/v/ is in full homophobic mode today with the press rightfully slamming Nintendo over their terrible response on homosexuality in Tomodachi Life.
>> No. 391646
I'm gay and I don't think it's terrible at all. I think it's the most sensible way they could've possibly responded. You expect them to add such a feature for western releases outside of Japan?
>> No. 391647
File 139952099214.jpg - (99.77KB , 640x960 , BnEir66IgAEOuTO.jpg )
I respectfully disagree. Phrasing it like gay people don't like fun or how they're trying no to make a statement with the game (when excluding it is making a statement) isn't the best way to handle it. I know the matter is mostly out of Nintendo of America's hands, but they didn't really handle the situation right today.

And considering Nintendo said they're looking into Western trends to appeal to the outside market, adding gay marriage as an option would be nice. If they could pump out cash to censor games, then they could throw in a few more to add stuff in.

The whole situation is just a painful reminder how conservative and out of touch Nintendo is.
>> No. 391648
>(when excluding it is making a statement)

Excluding gay relationships in games is making a statement now? I thought that was just the default way of doing things.

The issue isn't Nintendo, but Japan itself. It's one thing if it's a game made in America, but in Japan, same-sex relationships are *very* frowned upon. This is the same country that treats women like total objects. It WOULD be making a statement and inviting controversy from their own country if they did this, and I don't think Nintendo is in any position to do something like that. Yeah, maybe they dance around the issue by saying "We just want to make fun games" like usual, but it's true. Changing the status quo when you're a Japanese country is a scary thing to do.
>> No. 391650
>I thought that was just the default way of doing things.

Therein lies the problem.

Hypothetically, could they have just gotten some Westerners to code it in and let it be in the NA version of the game? Keep in mind I say this as someone who doesn't know much about the game aside from what I've read and also someone who didn't help code it.

Also, yeah I ain't surprised to hear that about Japan. That place is pretty fucked up for a country of its status.
>> No. 391653
I think the problem is that options are options, and people should get in massive butthurt mode every time a game doesn't have an option they want, being relevant to recent life heavily mediatic and artificial buzz like gay marriage is jsut bad imo, it's like complaining a game from 2 years didn't have a gangnam style option.
>> No. 391657
So am I the only one to get a white screen after posting or something?
>> No. 391658
did your dumb ass just compare gay marriage to an internet fad
>> No. 391696
Jesus Christ can we get some new janitors for THIS site? /baw/ is littered with CP bullshit now.
>> No. 391736
the buzz around it was just that. Nobody was giving a shit before, and it's still a dying institution for straight people, but at the moment they involved gay people, peolpe acted like hipsters discussin a recent cape movie and pretended their whole life depended on it. The amount of slippery slope and non sequitur argument it generated was closer to a /pol/ thread than anything else. And now nobody gives a shit anymore because the buzz is over and the TV told people the new hotness is Ukraine and Russia.
People don't have values or opinion anymore, they just want to fit the current buzz to be cool.
>> No. 391739
Are you that same gay retard from the other thread a few months ago that projected his dislike of marriage to all other gay people?

Getting similar retard vibes from you.
>> No. 391740
>are you
>on an anonymous board
>as literally your only argument to insult people online

ok retard, too much internet for you, get the fuck out for a few years until you drop your balls.
>> No. 391741
>ok retard, too much internet for you, get the fuck out for a few years until you drop your balls.

Haha, you should calm down. Also, I didn't see an answer in your post.

>as literally your only argument to insult people online

Also wat
>> No. 391742
File 139966773478.png - (97.73KB , 685x325 , BnOHYsTIIAId125.png )
What Nintendo should have said in the first place.


/v/ will /baw/ about Nintendo caving into SJW and all the other boogeymen they created, but Nintendo did the right thing here.
>> No. 391746
/v/ being whiny little bitches? Surely not!

But yeah, I'm tired of SJWs being the boogeywomyn for every asshole who struck out in high school, or thinks GLAAD are totally a bunch of fascists for not wanting to be treated as second-class citizens.
>> No. 391751
Looks like moot just took down 4chan for the last time.
>> No. 391752
4chan is hell of unstable lately.
>> No. 391754
really? damn, I missed it.
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